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Outworld Devourer: An Outworldly Adventure

November 5, 2014 by BlueBrick
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The Hard Carry Build

DotA2 Hero: Outworld Destroyer

Hero Skills

Arcane Orb

3 5 9 13

Astral Imprisonment

1 7 10 14

Essence Flux

2 4 8 12

Sanity's Eclipse

6 11 16


15 17 18

Outworld Devourer: An Outworldly Adventure

November 5, 2014


Welcome to my very first guide for Outworld Devourer. Personally, Outworld Devourer is my favourite hero in Dota 2, because he is very versatile and fun to play. He stacks INTELLIGENCE more than any other hero in the game, which is what makes him unique. I've watched many professional players play him, so I tried playing him myself one day and I eventually he became my most played hero in Dota 2. I rarely see Outworld Devourer getting picked in pubs and I don't know why this is the case. I think he deserves more recognition. Who doesn't like a super intelligent ranged carry? I hope this guide will help you understand and play Outworld Devourer better. Lets begin!


One of a lordly and magisterial race, Harbinger prowls the edge of the Void, sole surviving sentry of an outpost on the world at the rim of the abyss. From this jagged crystalline Outworld, forever on guard, he has gazed for eternities into the heavens, alert for any stirring in the bottomless night beyond the stars. Imprinted deep in the shining lattices of his intellect lies a resonant pattern akin to prophecy, a dark music implying that eventually some evil will wake out there, beyond the edges of creation, and turn its attention to our world. With his whole being focused on his vigil, Outworld Devourer paid little attention to events closer in to the sun. But at last the clamor of the Ancients, and a sense of growing threat from within as well as without, sent him winging sunward to visit the plains of war. Harbinger's place in our own prophecies is unambiguous: he must be considered an omen of worse things to come. But his arrival in itself is bad enough.

Pros and Cons

  • High Intelligence gain
  • Good movement speed (315 base)
  • High armor (5 base)
  • Has high damage with Arcane Orb
  • Effective against high armor targets
  • Short attack range (450)
  • Pretty squishy
  • Depends highly on intelligence
  • Getting silenced shuts him down

Skills and Abilities

Arcane Orb

Damage Type:

Pure Damage
Adds extra pure damage to Outworld Devourer's attacks, based on his remaining mana pool. Arcane Orb also deals bonus damage to summoned units and illusions.





Mana Cost




Mana pool to damage




Bonus illusion/summoned unit damage





  • Arcane Orb is a unique attack modifier, so it does not stack with other unique attack modifiers.
  • The mana cost is per auto attack, so it costs 100 mana per auto attack when set to auto-cast.

This is Outworld Devourer's first ability. It takes a percentage of his mana pool for damage. So let's do the math.
Let's say its late game, and you have 200 intelligence. 1 point of intelligence gives 13 mana, so you will have...
200x13=2600 Mana!

Let's say your Arcane Orb is maxed out.
2600x9%=234 bonus damage!

Since Outworld Devourer is an intelligence based hero, every point of intelligence gives him 1 damage, so
234+200=434 DAMAGE!

If this is the case, your normal attacks will deal 434 DAMAGE, 200 of which will be PURE DAMAGE! Isn't that nice? This is why Outworld Devourer can outcarry many heroes during the late game stages. And by the way, Arcane Orb is a unique attack modifier, so please... PLEASE don't buy items that have unique attack modifiers.

Another good thing about this skill is that once you maxed out Essence Aura, you can leave it on auto-cast FOREVER! I'll explain why later :)

Astral Imprisonment



Places a target allied or enemy hero into an astral prison. The hidden hero is invulnerable and disabled. When cast on an enemy Hero, Outworld Devourer temporarily steals intelligence from that hero.





Mana Cost




Intelligence Stolen




Imprisonment Duration




Cooldown Time




Intelligence Steal Duration





  • If used on an ally, no intelligence is stolen
  • Can be cast on self.
  • Cancels channeled abilities.

This is Outworld Devourer's second ability. You can use this ability on yourself to make yourself invulnerable and avoid death. That's why you should get this ability first, you can avoid first blood attempts, or even get first blood in some cases. Use this to imprison any enemies chasing you, so you can avoid death. You can even use this to save your allies, but PLEASE don't imprison the wrong person!

You are very low on health and you are running back to base. Suddenly, you here a familiar sound... Bang! Oh no! It's a Sniper trying to Assassinate you! What to you do?
Astral Imprisonment on yourself, of course! And laugh at Sniper's face after you survive his Assassinate.

Gyrocopter's Homing Missile about to hit you? Imprison yourself.
Clockwerk's Rocket Flare flying at you? Imprison yourself.

Notice that I only mentioned abilities with very long cast ranges. That's because if you Imprison yourself while close to the enemy, they can just catch up with you and wait for you to come out, and Boom! Free kill for them.

Also, this skill CANCELS CHANNELED ABILITIES. So you know what that means!
Pudge Dismembering your teamate? IMPRISON.
Your team caught inside Enigma's Black Hole? IMPRISON.
Caught Sand King channeling his Epicenter? IMPRISON.
Getting pounded by Crystal Maiden's Freezing Field? IMPRISON.

This skill has many uses. BUT USE IT WISELY. Imprisoning the wrong hero could end in DISASTER!

Essence Aura

Essence Aura Ability:

Allied Heroes

Whenever nearby allied Heroes or Outworld Devourer itself casts a spell, it gains a chance to restore a percentage of its mana pool. Outworld Devourer also passively gains a bonus to its base mana pool. Several skills with no cooldown and toggled spells cannot trigger Essence Aura .





Mana Restored




Chance to Restore




Mana bonus





  • Arcane Orb can trigger the aura.
  • Items cannot trigger the aura.

The third, and probably the most useful skill of Outworld Devourer. I always max this skill first, so I can keep spamming spells without having to worry about running out of mana. The chance to restore mana is very high, 40%! Once you have 1000+ mana and have maxed out Essence Aura, you can leave Arcane Orb on Auto-Cast and never turn it off!
So, if you have any intelligence nukers on your team around you, such as Lina and Zeus, tell them to spam their spells :)

Sanity's Eclipse



Deals damage to enemy Heroes in an area of effect based on the difference between Outworld Devourer and the affected Hero's intelligence. If the intelligence difference is under a threshold, the affected Hero loses 75% of its current mana. Sanity's Eclipse can hit units trapped in Astral Imprisonment. If an enemy hero has the same or higher Intelligence than Outworld Devourer , Sanity's Eclipse has no effect.




Cast Range






Intelligence Difference Multiplier



Intelligence difference threshold



Mana Cost




Aghanim's Scepter will increase the cast range to 700/750/800 and increase the intelligence damage multiplier to (9/10/11).

  • Sanity's Eclipse can hit units trapped in Astral Imprisonment.
  • Works on illusions.

    Ah, finally we get to Outworld Devourer's ultimate, Sanity's Eclipse. This is one of those teamfight winning ultimates. With enough intelligence, this spell can be the most devastating AoE spell in the game. Plus, it's the only thing that can hit enemies trapped in Astral Imprisonment! This spell works best against those strength or agility carries who don't even care about their intelligence, such as Huskar, who doesn't even need mana to get kills.
    This skill has a LONG cooldown, so try to use it on a whole team instead of just using it on one hero. Aghanim's Scepter can be picked up for this skill.
    So let's do the math! Let's say its late game and you have 200 intelligence. There's a Sniper on the enemy team who only has 80 intelligence. Your Sanity's Eclipse is fully leveled, so...
    The difference between you and Sniper's intelligence is 120. Since your Sanity's Eclipse is fully leveled, it will be multiplied by 10.
    120x10=1200 DAMAGE!
    In this case, your Sanity's Eclipse will deal 1200 DAMAGE to Sniper! So yes, cast this on him and watch him explode.

Skill Build

Now we move on to Outworld Devourer's skill build! There are many different skill builds for Outworld Devourer, and which build to use will depend on which lane you go to, and how well or how badly you are doing in the lane. The way you build your skills is important if you want to dominate your lane. But I must tell you beforehand - no matter what build you use, ALWAYS get Astral Imprisonment first! It can help to survive first blood attempts, trust me.
And like most heroes, always get your ultimate at levels 6, 11 and 16.

Solo Middle Lane

Firstly, solo mid lane. This is the preferred lane for Outworld Devourer.

Aggressive Build

Use this build if your enemy is giving you lots of harass. This build lets you play aggressively and harass your enemy back.

Get Astral Imprisonment at level 1, as I've said before, it can help you avoid first blood attempts. Getting Essence Aura at level 2 is so that you can use Arcane Orb a little more once you get it. Level 3 and 4, get Arcane Orb to be able to harass with more damage. Essence Aura at Level 5 allows you to use Arcane Orb more. Level 6, Sanity's Eclipse. By level 6, the laning stages should be over and everyone leaves their lanes to gank. But if it isn't over yet, get Astral Imprisonment at level 7, so you can steal some more intelligence to use Sanity's Eclipse. At level 8, the laning stages should be over, get Arcane Orb for that extra damage to gank.

Neutral Build

Item Build

The Hard Carry Build

This is the item build that I will be talking about - The Hard Carry Build. Personally, this is my favourite build for Outworld Devourer. The point of this build is to turn Outworld Devourer into a hard carry who can easily outcarry everyone. You don't have to use this build, but this is the build I always use and because of this build I always manage to get at least 10 kills in every game.
Anyway, let's begin!

Starting Items (1 to 10 mins)

Total Cost: 625 Gold

I know, it doesn't look like much. But really, all you really need for starting items are a few basic regeneration items. Intelligence? You can just steal it with Astral Imprisonment. Anyway, during the laning stages, intelligence can't give you a lot of damage. You won't even have enough mana to use Arcane Orb properly. The boots of speed are to be turned into Power Treads, later in the game. Also, a little extra movement speed is useful for both escaping and chasing down your enemies.

Early to Mid Game (10 to 20 mins)

Total Cost: 3970 Gold

You should have already gotten Power Treads before Level 6. The Staff of Wizardry and Vitality Booster is to be turned into a Rod of Atos. They can give you a little more health and intelligence before Rod of Atos is obtained. The Null Talisman is just to give you an early game stat boost. You can just sell the Null Talisman later on, because 6 intelligence can't do you much in the later stages of the game.

Mid Game (20 to 30 mins)

Total Cost: 5900 Gold

Rod of Atos
It's mid game, and you should have already gotten this. This item is great for Outworld Devourer. It gives you an extra 25 intelligence and an extra 350 health! This is good because Outworld Devourer is squishy, and 350 health means a lot. Also, its active ability, Cripple, will allow you to slow an enemy's movement speed by 60% for 4 seconds! Great for catching up with fleeing enemies. Also, the cast range of Cripple is 1200! So you can slow enemies from quite far away.

Now Rod of Atos is settled. Time to go for other intelligence pumping items, like Orchid Malevolence and Shiva's Guard! The Oblivion Staff here is to be turned into an Orchid Malevolence, and the Platemail is to be turned into a Shiva's Guard.

Mid to Late Game (30 to 40 min)

Total Cost: 18725 Gold

Orchid Malevolence
This item is just great. It gives you 25 intelligence, 150% mana regeneration, 30 attack speed, 30 damage, and it allows you to silence an enemy for 5 seconds and amplify the damage it takes by 30%!

Shiva's Guard
Another great pickup for Outworld Devourer. Provides 15 armor for more survivability. Gives +30 intelligence, which is much needed. And the active ability, Arctic Blast, will slow all enemies within a 900 radius around you! Also, its passive ability will slow the attack speed of all enemies in a 900 radius around you. Great for teamfights.

Hopefully you get Orchid Malevolence and Shiva's Guard before late game, because that's when the carries will dominate, and you have to outcarry them! So now the build is almost complete. Almost. The last things we need are - Scythe of Vyse! But we can't just build intelligence items, so I've added the item that every carry DREAMS of having - Butterfly!
The Ultimate Orb will be turned into Scythe of Vyse, and the Eaglesong to be turned into a Butterfly.

Late Game (45 mins onward)

Total Cost: 25000 Gold

Scythe of Vyse
Yes! The legendary scythe that can turn an enemy into a cute little goat and they can't do anything but move slowly for 3.5 seconds. It gives 10 strength, 10 agility, 35 intelligence and 150% mana regeneration.

This is the item that every carry dreams of having. It gives 30 agility, 30 damage, 35% evasion and 30 attack speed. Its active ability allows you to trade your evasion for 20% extra movement speed for 8 seconds. A great escape mechanism.

And the build is complete! Remember, it's up to you what build you want to use. Don't use this build if you don't like it. But this is the build that I like :)

Special Mention

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
You may be wondering, what about this item? My answer would be, DON'T BUY THIS ITEM. Yes, it provides 10 intelligence, and its active ability, Cyclone, allows you to make someone invulnerable and disabled for 2.5 seconds. You want invulnerability and disable? Have you forgotten about Astral Imprisonment? It gives 4 SECONDS of invulnerability and disable, you can steal intelligence if its an enemy, and you can hit trapped enemies with Sanity's Eclipse! Astral Imprisonment is way better than some tiny tornado. And 10 intelligence can't do you much into late game. So yes, buying this item for Outworld Devourer is pretty much useless. The 2700 gold is better spent on something else.

Okay, maybe Dagon is not that useless. Yes, a fully upgraded Dagon can give you an extra 28 intelligence, and you can easily kill someone with the 800 burst damage. But that's a Level 5 Dagon we're talking about. Upgrading 1 level costs 1250 gold, and you have to upgrade it 4 times. That's 5000 gold. Plus the original cost of the Dagon, that's 7720 gold! You're wasting 7720 gold just for 28 intelligence! What about the burst damage? Outworld Devourer is a Carry. Carries don't need this burst damage unless they want to killsteal their teamates. I've seen a Faceless Void buying Dagon before. Seriously? The only hero that should actually buy Dagon is Nyx Assassin, because that's his core item. So yes, I wouldn't recommend buying Dagon for Outworld Devourer.

Aghanim's Scepter
Ahh. Good old Aghanim's Scepter. Upgrades Sanity's Eclipse. This item, for obvious reasons, is great for Outworld Devourer. But unfortunately, you only have 6 inventory slots. So getting this item means you have to sacrifice one item from your build, so plan wisely.

Refresher Orb
Yes, now we get to my favourite item, Refresher Orb! The point of getting this item is to let you cast Sanity's Eclipse twice, which can deal MASSIVE damage, if you have enough intelligence, of course. Also, Sanity's Eclipse has about the same cooldown time as Refresher Orb, so you can use it when the cooldown is halfway done. But getting this means you have to take one item out of your build, so plan ahead!


Moving on to Gameplay! Outworld Devourer is a carry and should be played like one. Like all carries, he needs early farm to be effective. But he scales quite well during all stages of the game, so usually he can recover from a bad start.


There are 2 ways Outworld Devourer can harass - using auto attacks, and using Astral Imprisonment. He is a ranged hero, so harassing shouldn't be too much of a problem, especially against melee heroes. Just keep spamming your Astral Imprisonment whenever you can. When Astral Imprisonment is on cooldown, harass with your normal attacks. Once it is off cooldown, use it again. Eventually, their mana will be lowered to, well, 50. So, they won't have enough mana to use their abilities on you.
Thats when you auto attack the hell out of them.
They can't do anything about it because they have no mana to use their abilities on you, so they can only run away. This way, you are denying them of farm, so you can get more early farm than them. You'll have an advantage over them. This is how you harass in style :)


So you have managed to harass the living hell out of your enemies. You have hit level 6 and unlocked Sanity's Eclipse. Now, its time to leave the lane and gank! If you were in the middle lane, go gank the side lanes. If you were in the side lanes, you probably want to gank mid.
Wait, how do you even gank mid?
Yes, that is how you gank the middle lane! When the creeps and the enemy are on the river, follow the yellow arrow if you are Radiant, and follow the blue arrow if you are Dire. That is the only way you can gank mid, because if you come from the other side, you will be in tower range, and the opponent will see you coming.
However, if you follow those arrows, you won't be in tower range, and the opponent can't see you because you are uphill and he is downhill. So always wait until he and his creeps are all on the river! If not, your gank will fail!
If you are going to the enemy's side to gank, you might want to buy a Smoke of Deceit first, just in case they have wards.

Once you come out of the darkness and prepare to kill the opponent, use Astral Imprisonment on him first. This is to steal a little more intelligence for Sanity's Eclipse. Switch Arcane Orb to auto-cast. Once the opponent comes out of your Astral Imprisonment, whack him with your normal attacks. Once his health is low (preferably below 300), use Sanity's Eclipse to finish him off. If somehow he survived, just whack him a few more times.

Team Fighting

As Outworld Devourer, you must NEVER miss any teamfights! Why? Because you are the one with the teamfight winning ultimate, Sanity's Eclipse. Sanity's Eclipse can easily win you teamfights, as long as you have enough intelligence. You can catch a whole team inside the Sanity's Eclipse, and if you do, the win goes to your team. That's why you must NEVER miss any teamfights. If you miss a teamfight, it could end with all your teammates dead.


Now, as Outworld Devourer, you should NEVER push alone. The reasons are simple - you are squishy, and you have no escape mechanism. Also, you're not a very good pusher. So if the enemy team ganks you while you push alone, you will die before you realise what just happened. Push with your teamates. That's the safe way to play.

Friends and Foes


The Stuns and Disables
Basically, anyone with a good stun or disable is a friend of Outworld Devourer, because you have no stun or disable (in this case, Astral Imprisonment doesn't count as a disable, because you can't attack trapped enemies). Their stuns and disables can give you more time to whack your enemies with auto-attacks.

We have Sven with his heavy stun from Storm Hammer. Dragon Knight with his stun from Dragon Tail. Earthshaker, probably the best stunner in the game. Alchemist's Unstable Concoction can stun for up to 5 seconds! Vengeful Spirit with her, Magic Missile! How magical! Bane with his 5 second disable from Fiend's Grip. And we have Enigma, from his infamous ultimate, Black Hole.

The Slows
Anyone with a good slow is also a friend of Outworld Devourer. Combined with your high movespeed, it's a deadly combination. Drow Ranger can slow with her Frost Arrows. Viper, is all about slows. Bristleback can slow with his, nasal goo. Eww.

So yes, Outworld Devourer has a lot of friends :)


The Silences
Yes, here we are. Getting silenced really sucks. Doombringer with his Doom. Silencer, his name says it all. Riki with his Smoke Screen, not only will you be silenced, you will also be slowed and miss most of your attacks! This can be countered with a Monkey King Bar, however. Death Prophet has her Silence. Bloodseeker with Blood Rite.

The Magic Immune
These hereos can become magic immune with just a click of a button. Note that Arcane Orb DOES NOT pierce magic immunity. So yes, these heroes are not nice to fight against. Juggernaut can just Blade Fury his way out of your spells. Lifestealer can use Rage. Omniknight, can make his WHOLE TEAM magic immune.

Your Number One Enemy

Why is Nyx Assassin your number 1 enemy? Take a look at his skill, Mana Burn. This skill can tear Outworld Devourer to shreds. At level 4, Mana Burn will burn the opponent's mana and deal damage by 5 times the multplier of his intelligence. Yes that's right. His INTELLIGENCE. What does that mean for Outworld Devourer? BAD NEWS. Nyx Assassin hitting Outworld Devourer with 1000+ Mana Burn is not surprising. Also, Nyx Assassin feeds on squishy hereos, like Outworld Devourer. If you see him on the enemy team, you probably shouldn't pick Outworld Devourer at all.

Special Mention

Anti Mage
Not too much of a problem. Intelligence hereos absolutely fear this guy. But not Outworld Devourer. First of all, Arcane Orb deals PURE damage, which means it completely ignores Anti Mage's Spell Shield. Second, Essence Aura can let you regenerate mana after casting spells, so his Mana Void won't hurt you too much. So yes, when you fight this guy, just keep Arcane Orb on, so Essence Aura can do its work. You shouldn't worry too much about this guy. You're not like Lina, where getting hit by Mana Void can be like getting hit by a car.

This guy is famous for being able to steal spells. The reason why people fear Rubick is because he can steal their spells and use it against them. But you don't have to fear him. Outworld Devourer has a higher intelligence gain than Rubick. So even if he steals your Sanity's Eclipse, it has no effect on you, because your intelligence is higher than his. So what do you do? Laugh in his face, then use your own Sanity's Eclipse to finish him off!


So in a nutshell, Outworld Devourer is an intelligence carry who needs lots of intelligence to be effective. He is squishy, so you should always be careful.
Outworld Devourer is fun to play, even when your team is losing. You're almost guaranteed to get at least a few kills in every game. Outworld Devourer takes practice to play well, so if your first few games don't go well, don't be too disappointed :)

That's all folks!

This is the first guide I'e ever written. So yes, I'm new to guide writing. So if there are any problems with my guide, please understand :)
Well, that's all for now! Nothing much to say about a carry, really. What does a carry do? Kill, kill and kill. Simple as that. I hope my guide allowed you to understand Outworld Devourer better. I would appreciate your feedback, so I can improve in the future.

Bye for now!

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