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Mace to Face - Guide to Faceless Void

December 17, 2012 by Discordia#306820
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DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

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Time Dilation

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Time Lock

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Mace to Face - Guide to Faceless Void

December 17, 2012


Welcome to my second guide on Dotafire,this time a guide on


Faceless Void is a late game hard carry,with good skills that can turn the tables on the enemy in teamfights.However,he makes a much more distinct presence in teamfights with his ultimate,which also makes him a harder carry to play than a Phantom Assassin or Sniper.

Time Lock is Faceless Void's free basher skill,having better a better percent chance of hitting than Greater Bash but losing out in damage.

Backtrack gives him stackable natural evasion that works against spells and Time Walk to escape or chase.

Finally, Chronosphere is Void's signature move,something to change the flow of the battle with - IF used wisely.


First of all,lets start off with the Pros and Cons.As I have stated in my first guide,I won't be listing down his stats.Instead,scroll over Faceless Void to see.

  • Useful escape skill that doubles as chasing skill
  • Natural bash
  • Rather balanced stat growth
  • Huge AOE disable
  • Free evasion skill which includes spells as well
  • Stronger late game than many carries other than the usual anti mage

  • Escaping tool has long cooldown as opposed to skills like Blink
  • Balanced stat growth growth means no above avarage stats
  • AOE disable affects teammates and can lead to the demise of the team
  • Item dependant;therefore needing farm
  • Low health and even lower mana pool


Time Walk

Time Walk is Faceless Void's inbuilt escape mechanism.When activated,it slows enemies in a small radius throughout the skill.While it is used like other Blink skill types,it has a very long cooldown of 13 seconds when maxed out.



Backtrack is a skill Faceless Void is hated for.With a level 4 backtrack,one can avoid,with a 25% chance,ALL DAMAGE SOURCES.Yes,even spell damage.

Time Lock

Time Lock would be one of the four available natural bash skills in the game.Level 4 Time Lock inflicts a 1 second stun(2 if it procs on creeps) and inflicts 70 bonus magic damage which is doubled in Chronosphere.


Chronosphere is your game changing ultimate.It is a 5 second complete disable that even Black King Bar can't stop and in a rather impressive 400 radius.Unfortunately,it DOES disable your allied teammates,so placement is important.Oh,and did I mention that you can't miss while in Chronosphere as well?

Skill Build

Basically,the focus of the build is to start off with a level 1 Time Walk,to either avoid early ganks,OR aid in early ganks.Backtrack is then taken then on whenever possible to give defensive prowess,in the form of higher chances to avoid taking damage.This is crucial as Void has a rather pathetic health pool early game.This will ultimately allow Void to sustain himself in lane. Time Lock is then taken after backtrack has been maxed out,and Chronosphere is taken whenever possible.

While I recommend getting backtrack over Time Lock ,it is possible to play him offensively using Time Lock to occasionally make up for his ****py dps early game.So it is really up to you whether you want to make up for his puny dps with time lock early game,or to give him more survivability in lane with backtrack.



Void's starting build will consist of a Quelling Blade, Stout Shield and a Tango or salve.

Quelling Blade is gotten,as while Void does have a decent attack animation and base damage,it will help with last hitting alot more,and when you start farming the jungle it will really show its worth in a 225 gold item.

Stout Shield gives damage block,stacking with backtrack and Void sustain himself even further.It can be built into a Vanguard if health is really needed,or even a poor man shield.

Tango or salve are self-explanatory standard regeneration items.

Total Cost = 565 OR 575 Gold


While many people belittle this item as a unorthodox item to buy on Void, Battle Fury IS helpful and I will explain why. Mask of Madness and Power Treads are also included in the core.

Battle Fury is an item not many pick up on Faceless Void.The reason why I feel that it is effective on Void,is that when building it,you can pick up a Ring of Health at the sideshop which supplies a good amount off regen.It will be then built into a Perseverance which then also offer mana regen to let Faceless Void have enough mana for Time Walk or Chronosphere.

Mask of Madness offers a burst of bonus IAS and lifesteal.The burst IAS synergizes well with Time Lock and Chronosphere allows him to avoid the bonus damage dealt to him when placed well.Finally it also synergizes with Battle Fury's cleave and bonus damage,allowing Void to net multikills with correct placement of his ultimate.

Power Treads are the boots to get on Void.The IAS granted benefits him alot as it may allow Time Lock to proc more.The fact that you can switch the stats on power treads allows you to survive sticky situations,or get enough mana to cast spells.

Total Cost = 7700

Core Extension

The core is pretty expensive as you can see,costing you a whopping 7700 gold.The Core Extension costs 9650 and just consists of two items,namely Daedalus and Black King Bar.

Daedalus is bought to increase Faceless Void's damage output with raw damage AND give the possibility of critical hits do shred away your enemy's hp.

Black King Bar is gotten to allow you to avoid most magical spells that may stun or endanger you and it also offers a small amount of much needed strength and damage.


The spoils of war,luxury items are for those who farmed greatly early game,or ganked till they became ridiculously rich.

First off, Monkey King Bar.Now people,this item is in almost every carry's wet dream.5400 gold for 88 damasge,slight IAS increase and 2 awesome passives?!Always almost a deal on this baby.The 1st of the passives would be truestrike,making you unable to miss any attacks,overshadowing an enemy Butterfly or Blur.As I mentioned above, Chronosphere prevents you from missing,this item allows you to fight without chronosphere against those annoying dodgers.And finally a mini-bash to seal the deal along with your Time Lock.

Next, Butterfly.More agility equals mode damage and armor.Then coupled with the damage provided along with the butterfly itself.Even more IAS.And then evasion that stacks with backtrack.This item synergizes so well with Darkterror that it makes other agi carries look stupid.

Assault Cuirass offers 10 armor and a rather big boost to your IAS plus an aura that buffs your allies with IAS and armor and debuffs the enemy's armor.Better choices for luxury but definately possible to pick up as a luxury.

Mjollnir is a unique UAM or orb effect.It works with other UAM/orb effects,only overshadowing them when it actually procs.This item gives you a ridiculous amount of IAS coupled with slight damage increase.While the IAS is what you're aiming for,its passive proc of lightning can be as good as a battle fury cleave,either to farm or to decimate enemies caught together,with Mjollnir's better chain lightning range.Finally,its active ability allows you to put a 'shield' that has a small chance of punishing enemies attack you or an ally you buffed with this ability.


Aghanim's Scepter.As this item does not offer a reliable amount of damage or survivability at its cost,it is considered by many a bad item to build on Darkterror.I have to say that I do agree with it.However,people tend to overlook how his ultimate is buffed considerably with it.With a scepter, Chronosphere can last up to 6 seconds,and when used properly,is more than enough time to decimate the whole enemy team.And finally,it brings the 100 second cooldown down to 60 seconds.

Vanguard is a situational item for the early game.Darkterror can use it much like other carrys such as Viper or Anti-Mage - to improve the early game survivability rate with block and health.

Necronomicon is one of the more superior yet overshadowed items for Void.The intelligence and strength gained from building this item boosts his health and mana pool slightly.But what truly takes the cakes,are the summons from necronomicon.As stated in Chronosphere's description,ALL units under Faceless Void's control are able to move within it.Therefore,the necronomicon warriors will burn through a target's health along with Faceless void AND their mana whilst under chronosphere.

Hand of Midas is currently one of my favorite items to get on certain carries(actually I buy it on every hero I play,but thats besides the point).This is item can be bought at a cheap 1900 gold,same as Mask of Madness,to grant you IAS and make up for farm lost early game,or exp if you use it on a larger neutral creep.

Hood of Defiance is obtained when facing nuke heavy teams,as while backtrack does its best to avoid some spells,unless you have the luck of the devil,you tend not to be able to dodge every spell thrown at you.

Heart of Tarrasque is also very situational.A much more expensive but more reliable way of warding off nukes,and with superior health regeneration,this could be purchased instead of hood when you need it.

Rejected Items

Arcane Boots is an item you won't be getting.You will barely have enough mana for your whole skillset early,and your mana problems drop off mid game anyway.Let the support get this and get Power Treads.

Diffusal Blade along with Helm of the Dominator and Desolator are generally items you don't want to get.These UAMs don't stack with Mask of Madness's lifesteal and thus makes the cost of these items redundant.

Manta Style grants you good agility,attack speed and dmg,and units controlled by you can move in the Chronosphere ,which includes illusions.Woah,3 times the dps?Definate item to go for ,right?Well it ain't all that good.Illusions do not have your bash,and have ****ty AS and DMG making them weak and its cost isn't all that pretty as well.

Refresher Orb is not such a bad item.2 chronospheres,2 timewalks and 2 of whatever active equip abilities.But why is it so bad?Well,the regen and stats it gives are wasted on Void,and the ability you buy it for costs way too much mana for Void to sustain,and just like the other rejected items,cost quite a pretty penny and not viable enough for Void.

Friends & Foes


Dark Seer

Pretty much everyone's best friend,Dark Seer can Surge you to allow you to chase down an enemy,and Ion Shell to help you damage an enemy. Vacuum allows you to place Chronosphere rather easily,and when that happens,he can drop the Wall of Replica and when chronosphere ends,the illusions will make quick work of your enemies.


Sven a fellow bro who doesn't show his face(okay well you don't have a face to show),Sven's Storm Hammer can crush foes in an aoe,giving you a chance to use your ultimate.If you're able to position your ultimate in the way that the enemies are stuck at its border,Sven can crush them with Great Cleave and God's Strength.

Witch Doctor

Not only is Witch Doctor one of the good babysitter's to help you when laning,he has a deadly synergy with you.Once you unload the Chronosphere,he can use his ultimate, Death Ward, to devastate all stuck within the blisters of time.Enemies not dead afterwards?He can quickly followup with a Paralyzing Cask.And then to secure kills, Maledict makes it so much more easier.While Witch Doctor is a good babysitter who synergizes with Void, Crystal Maiden is also able to help you out during laning stages and her ultimate, Freezing Field does synergize in the same way as well,albeit a much larger radius and if you're lucky,even more damage than death ward.


Shadowfiend is one of the special mentions here.If the Shadowfiend user is reliable,all your enemies caught in Chronosphere should eat 900 damage from Shadowraze,not to mention damage from Requiem of Souls and his basic attacks which hurt too.


Fuzzy Wuzzy may seem to be weird to get a special mention for synergy with Faceless Void,but thats because it is weird.This combo requires a ridiculous amount of practice with Chronosphere,to land a perfect one so that Ursa can beat the living **** out of your enemies.Its pretty self-explanatory how he will kill enemies who he can attack that are stuck in Chronosphere.I do have several screenshots of pulling this combo off which I will post below.


Huskar is here with the same reason with Ursa.However Huskar is ranged,making it easier.But Huskar needs low health to work his magic via Berserker's Blood.Because of this,with Chronosphere disabling the enemies,he can feel free to strike at them even with very little health left.



Centaur along with a few heroes such as Skeleton King and Omniknight are enemies of Void with just 1 reason,they can survive within Chronosphere.Skeleton King will reincarnate within it,Omniknight could use his ult before you trap him and Centaur's Return works within it.


Axe is an honourary mention here,as not only is he able to tank Void's damage in the early and mid stages of the game,his Counter Helix works within Chronosphere,and will rip Void's health to shreds with ease.

Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer is simply an annoying foe to face off in a fight.Even if you trap a bunch of illusions,you have no idea which is the real one,or if he saw the Chronosphere coming he may have even dopplewalked away.Without chronosphere,he can utterly rape you with all the illusions hitting you at once.However,with a battlefury,Void will easily defeat Phantom Lancer with ease even if both are equally farm,due to Void's nature as a harder carry.


Early Game

In the early stages of the game,you're going to be fairly weak,but also quite impossible to kill with Time Walk and backtrack.At level 2,you will make the decision whether to go on an offensive build and pick up either Time Lock or backtrack.To make this decision,just know whether or not the opponents on your lane will be able to harass you,or will they be other melee heroes that you can dominate with occasional time locks.Upon level 6,you are able to gank,or just save Chronosphere for escaping reasons.

Mid Game

A crucial point in your game,the mid game is where you can gank,or farm(You ARE a hard carry afterall).However,personally,I like to mix in a little of both.I do this by checking whether Chronosphere is in cooldown in between farming.If it is ready,I tend to go and gank rather than spending my time farming.And when Chronosphere is on cooldown,I will take the chance and go farm.While this is not really very effective without TP scrolls on you,this shows why TP scrolls are really important to have at all times.

Late Game

This is where you truly start to shine.As a lategame carry,you should be picking off easy kills without your ult and saving it for teamfights.Needless to say,while Chronosphere is viable for solo fights from early to mid,at this point of time,you should NEVER use it on just one person.Try to always have Mask of Madness on cooldown to use inside Chronosphere,if you are still carrying it around.Most importantly,if you still have your battlefury,USE IT WELL.Look for opportunities to grab 3-4 ppl stuck together(a job made WAY too easy with Enigma or Dark Seer) and then on Mask of Madness and dominate all of them.When opportunity arises,ask your team to push with you,and force a teamfight with your ult,that disables even towers to clench a victory(ONLY if you use it properly though).


This is the end of my Faceless Void guide,I hope that you have learnt something from reading this guide.I am planning to update this guide soon after posting it with screenshots on how to use timewalk and chronosphere well,and the screenshots will be taken from my own matchmaking games to show how easy it is in matchmaking games,and how badly I failed in some cases.

Once again,thank you guys for reading this guide!

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