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FoC - Group C

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Smuggels » May 27, 2015 1:06am | Report

Group C



    Submission threads are for SUBMISSIONS ONLY, if i see any comments that arent submissions on them you will get one warning then the whole group will get docked 5 points from there scores... for the rest of the FoC.

    you will be given a scheme/parameter/guideline/base idea to create your idea on. please adhere to this as your score is directly attached to how well you have worked with what you have been given. if it says create an item ... dont create a bloody hero.

    any questions about your idea please post in the main questions thread. any questions or comments about anyone else's . post there. questions .... go ... there.

    any unrulyness will be dealt with by the forge enforcer!(wulfy-samaaaa) *AHEM* good? good!

Create a hero that is the nemesis of an existing hero.



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by oldKainen » June 3, 2015 2:06pm | Report
Alvian, the Black Cape

Dire Agility

Hero Explanation

The Black Cape is nemesis of Gondar, the Bounty Hunter.

I feel like this concept is quite balanced, comparing with some other heroes I have done. Image by SalvadorTrakal. Again, the image isn't 100% the hero I imagined, but is fits.


STR: 20 (+2) >> 68 at level 25
AGI: 27 (+2.75) >> 93 at level 25
INT: 20 (+2) >> 68 at level 25






Attacks / Second







16 *












  • Base Health Regen: 0.25

  • Movement Speed: 310

  • Turn Rate: 0.65

  • Sight Range: 1800 / 800

  • Attack Range: 128 (Melee)

  • Attack Duration: 0.43 + 0.57

  • Missile Speed: Instant

  • Base Attack Time: 1.6
    * Level 16 with one level of Attributes
    ** Level 25 with ten levels of Attributes


When the White Cape arrived in Highseat, he knew his capture was close. At least, he would have a chance to see his son for the last
time. Right after arriving, The Legendary Thief set a safe place to talk with his son for some hours, explain his situation and to say goodbye. The White Cape told to his son about his story: how he got his name, how he established his fortune and why he was so difficult to catch. Alvian's father was a master escapist, a trickster, a man who stole from the rich kings and nobles, punishing their corruptions. During 20 years, The White Cape shaped his reputation as a fearless thief. He chose to retire, but his crimes wouldn't be forgotten and his head was still wanted. On that night, Gondar tracked the Thief and captured him, the last time Alvian saw his father.
As the years went, Alvian was growing a sentiment of rage, an increasing will to punish those how planned the capture of his father.
After the fifteenth day of his name, Alvian started his path to avenge the White Cape - however, he didn't choose to follow his father footsteps, but instead make his own way. Alvian trained for years, learning tricks and spells on how to deal with multiple enemies, how to channel his own rage (and their rages too), how to turn the enemies' allies against him. After 10 years of preparation, Alvian chose the Black Cape as his alias, beginning the hunt - his first target was obvious: the man who captured his father; Gondar, the Bounty Hunter. The Black Cape knows that his first target is only the first step of a lifetime journey.


[Q] - Silenced Ra[g]e

Target Unit - Units - Pure

Releases the inner rage of a unit, increasing its attack damage but making it unable to cast spells. Deals minor damage over time.
Cast Point: 0.35+0.67
Cast Range: 750
Damage per Second: 25
Bonus Attack Damage: 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%
Duration: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 19 / 16 / 13 / 10
Alvian transfers his rage to his targets, potentially using it against his enemies.


[W] - [D]eath Chain

Target Unit - Enemies

Alvian chains the target enemy with the closest unit nearby, prioritizing enemy heroes. Chained units share non-damaging debuffs. The chain breaks if both units are 900 range apart, stunning both of them for some seconds after breaking by distance.
Cast Point: 0.15+0.45
Cast Range: 650
Search Radius: 500 / 575 / 650 / 725
Duration: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
Mana Cost: 150 / 140 / 130 / 120
Cooldown: 22
If Alvian can deal with Gondar, he certainly can deal with his allies.


[E] - [T]rick Taunt

Target Unit - Enemies

The Black Cape taunts an enemy unit into attacking a nearby allied unit (priorizing heroes). Targeting a unit under the effect of Death Chain will make the chained units attack each other, independent of the Radius.
Cast Point: 0.35+0.67
Cast Range: 800
Search Radius: 650
Duration: 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5
Mana Cost: 75 / 90 / 105 / 120
Cooldown: 25 / 22 / 19 / 16
If Alvian can't fight directly with Gondar, one of Gondar's allies will.


[R] - Costly [F]ate

Target Unit - Enemies - Pure

The Black Cape dispels the target enemy unit, removing positive buffs and amplifying any damage it takes. Units that die under the effect of Costly Fate have to pay a higher buyback cost. Costly Fate instantly destroys illusions and summoned units.
Cast Point: 0.35+0.67
Cast Range: 800
Increased Damage Taken: 20% / 25% / 30%
Buyback Cost Increase: 275 / 375 / 475
Amplification Duration: 7
Costly Fate Duration: 15
Mana Cost: 175 (75*)
Cooldown: 60 (30*)
As his father accepted his fate, Alvian taxes his enemies' fate to the same path.


Prepare yourself for a wall of text!

Hero Explanation, Construction and Analysis

Voice Responses

That's all, good luck to everyone.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by ThreadOfFate » June 3, 2015 4:03pm | Report

Milicent, the Archangel

Hero stats

Radiant Agility
Base strength: 21(+2.1)
Base agility: 23(+2.4)
Base intelligence: 19(+2.0)
Base damage: 57
Base armour: 4
Movespeed: 300
Attack type: Melee
B.A.T: 1.5


The story has been told in legends since the dawn of the legendary first day, where light first spilled across the lands, expelling the creatures of the night from the world that the human race may finally flourish without fear.

But of course, everybody knows that story. What most people remain blissfully unaware of, however, is what happened afterwards. The great fundamental Ezalor had expended a relatively large portion of his power to chase away most of the night's evils, leaving the strongest of the demons fleeing to the Underscape from whence they came.

The Keeper of the Light was well aware of the dangers these fiends posed to the world, yet in his current state was unable to pursue them. Completely aware of what this would do to his mind, Ezalor took a portion of his mind, experience, and a very large part of his power, active or not, and formed a being of the purest light, with its own free will, but a large amount of imbedded respect for his creator. The consequences of this were apparent in the psyche of the Fundamental. In severing parts of his mind like that, his wits were dulled, and his appearance aged. Having neither the power nor time to stay any longer, Ezalor left the current plane of existence.

As it was, the newly-born creature was stuck in a body that was much older than his actual age, as a reflection of his mind. He floated for a long while, not entirely sure of his purpose. His wings itched to be used, but were pointless in space. He looked at the planet he was spawned next to, and felt an inexplicable drive to see its safety assured. His existence, he assumed, was pointless at this time. He was just about to allow his mind a few centuries rest, when he felt something at the edge of his mind. A small noise, yet he could feel the urgency in its call. He also, with sudden clarity, felt the demonic presence following closely behind it.

The winged creature looked over his armoured form, dual-ended halberd clipped to his back.' Surely this', he mused, 'must be my purpose? What use is all the power I know I have if not to defend with it. It is after all...What Father would expect of me, in any case.' mind filled with resolve, the figure soared towards the planet, ready for whatever lied ahead.

She was exhausted. The forest was still looming for as far as she could see! How could she have gotten lost this deep? A heavy footstep behind her shook the ground slightly as a tall, hellish figure burst through the treeline, scorching the woodland as it ran. Finally, it halted its charge and lifted a mighty greatsword from its side, pointing the flaming edge at the woman. It spoke in a harsh half-whisper, only terrifying the girl even more. "Your name has been tolled from the great bell. Your soul is tainted with crime which you attempt to justify with having offspring to protect. Thievery, murder and blackmail are charges against you, and for this, you. Are. DOOME-" the speech was cut off as a blinding light filled the clearing, forcing both the demon and the woman to cover their eyes.

He landed, tactical mind already analysing the situation, completely unaware of the constant harsh light he was emitting. He considered himself powerful, yet he hadn't even displayed any power¦But the demon was backing away slightly, hissing at the air as though his very presence burned. The angelic figure said nothing, filled with a deep unexplained hatred for the creature before him. Disgust at his very existence.

Finally, the light from his landing calmed enough for both parties to regain the age-old ability to stare dramatically at one another, like a calm before the proverbial storm. Suddenly, the demon charged forward, crossing the clearing at a rapid rate. Sighing, the angel drew his weapon for the first time in decades. Speaking with a voice with multiple tones layered upon it, he spoke one thing before engaging with his first of many confrontations with the fiend in his view. "Come then, Demon. Face your demise with some dignity."


Q: Soaring blow (target ground / AoE)
Milicent opens his wings and flies upwards, becoming untargetable for
a few seconds. After the duration is up, he returns to earth at the target
location, dealing damage and a slow to enemies. This ability does trigger
Delay: 2/1.8/1.6/1.4
Damage: 125/150/175/200
Slow: 35%
Cast range: 950
AoE: 230
Cooldown: 18/17/16/15
Mana cost: 110

Though he retains a deep connection to the ground,
Milicent still feels most at home in the skies above.

W: Two-pronged strike (Active)
Upon activation, Milicent's next attack will strike twice,
dealing two basic attack's damage and gives a bleeding effect
to enemies. Both hits of this ability can critically strike, but
the second strike can only crit for 120%. Bleed damage is pure.
Bleed damage: 5/10/15/20
Bleed duration: 5
Cooldown: 10
Mana cost: 100/95/90/85

Milicent is proficient in fighting with both ends
of his signature weapon, to the dismay of his foes.

E: Intense Luminescence (Passive)
Every attack made upon the same enemy grants them a stack of
'Luminous'. Each stack raises their miss chance, regardless of
Monkey King Bar, and increases Milicent's damage dealt to that enemy,
including Two-Pronged strike. Each hit refreshes and adds a stack,
up to a cap.
Max stacks: 1/2/3/4/
Stack miss chance(%): 3/4/5/6
Extra damage dealt per stack(%): 6
Stack duration: 5

The light that emanates from Milicent's body is
known to severely cripple enemies during battle, growing
brighter the more he fights.

R: Righteous Lance (Target enemy)
Milicent focuses his might on a target enemy, leaping to them from relatively short range.
Leaping on a target marks them with "Vulnerable". When attacking a marked target,
Milicent's abilities are boosted when used, and he gains bonus attack speed.
Mark duration: 7/8/9
Bonus attack speed: 30/40/50
Two-Pronged cooldown when used on marked enemy: 9/8/7
Soaring Blow extra slow(%): 4/6/8
Intense Luminescence bonus miss chance per stack(%): 5/6/7
Cooldown: 80
Mana cost: 150

"Face your death with some dignity!"


- The Archangel arrives
- The first day was my cradle, war is my playground.
- Immortal day, into the fray.

- Wing beats.
- Movement at last
- Wings stretched and weapon bared.
- I am ready
- I was born for this

Last hitting
- All that glitters...Is lost to time.
- Penny for my thoughts.
- Coin, more valuable than raw power here.

Killing a Hero
Doom Bringer - And now, there is no coming back for you.
Doom Bringer - You had potential. Keyword, had.
Doom Bringer - I almost hate to see our rivalry end. Almost.
Keeper of the Light - I...I'm sorry...
Skywrath Mage - Not worthy of the wings.
Skywrath Mage - Shame. I liked you.
Oracle - You knew not what darkness you unleash upon worlds.
Chaos Knight - Take a message to your other incarnations: lay off my father!
Chaos Knight - I can kill you over and over again. This will be fun.
Io - ...This is a hollow victory. This just upsets me.
Templar Assassin - There are no mysteries surrounding my victory.

Getting an item

Boots of Travel - I really hope that isn't a feather of mine.
Butterfly - The subtle wings of this blade bring swift victory
Aegis of the Immortal - Life just casually thrown away, with no consequences...
Manta Style - The world has tripled its defenders, what hope do they have?

This took me far too long!


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Blubbles » June 3, 2015 11:07pm | Report

Riftshade, The Crystalmancer

Nemesis : Meepo

Dire / Intelligence / Carry - Ganker - Nuker - Support


I used to be a prince you know. Ruler of this big palace, lots of art, lots of crystals. And we had some dark things go on in that palace. You hear the screams when the crystal shatters, and all of the sudden you got these beast banging on your doorstep. A guys gotta protect himself, ya know? I tried a sword, I tried a bow, I tried all this magic but nada. Wasn't really my forte. And then I saw these crystals everywhere, and I said to myself "Hey... I can do somethin' with this ". Now I got all these crazy crystal powers. But then my kingdom went to hell, so I had to live in a cave, things got bad. And then this creep showed up with his little rocks, calls himself Meepo. Takes my crystals, my runes, my art. Nobody steals from Riftshade. Nobody. I'll stick a shard in him myself.


(1) Crystal Bombardment - AoE / Magical

Riftshade raises dark crystals form the earth, and bombards an area around him with them. All units in the area will be mini-stunned for .45 seconds and will take heavy damage
Mana Cost : 125 / 140 / 165 / 190
Cooldown : 15
AoE: 350
Damage: 120 / 175 / 225 / 285
Cast Time: .4


(2)Gem Excavation

CHANNELED - Riftshade uses his control of crystals to extract precious gems from the earth. Riftshadow casts a talisman onto the ground and channels gem out from the earth. The longer he channels, the more gold he will receive when he stops channeling. Both allies and enemies can right-click the talisman to take the gold.
Manacost: 50
Gold per Second: 9 / 11 / 13 / 15
Channel Time: 30
Cooldown: 70 / 60 / 50 / 40

(3) Chemical Crystal - AoE / Pure

Riftshade smashes a crystal and covers a large area around him in a black chemical cloud. All units in the cloud (including allies and buildings and excluding Riftshade) have their vision reduced significantly. Enemies will be affected by Choke, which slows the enemy and does damage over time if the enemy remains in the cloud for more than 3 seconds. Enemies affected by Shatter will also be affected by Choke damage.
Cooldown: 50
Mana Cost: 120 / 135 / 150 / 165
Cast Time: 1.2
Vision : 200
Duration: 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8
DPS: 10 / 13 / 16 / 20
Slow: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35%
AoE: 900


(Ult) Shatter

Riftshade shatters heroes in an area round him, and divides them into "Fractals". Fractals appear in a small radius around the original heroes location. Fractals interact just like heroes, but cannot move or cast skills and items. Any damage or effect taken during the duration is applied to the original as pure damage at the end of the duration.
Cooldown : 120 / 110 / 100
Fractal Count: 3 / 4 / 5
Cast Raadius: 600
Mana Cost: 350 / 425 / 500
Duration: 2 / 2.50 / 3.25
Cast Time: Instant


Skill Application

(1) - His main nuke. Good w/ his ult and cancels TP's. What more could you ask.

(2) Amps up gold, keeping him strong with items all game. Can also be used as support ability to give a hard carry additional gold.

(3) Gives him the ability to wreck the opposition in a AoE. Works well with his other AoE.

(Ult) - This skill makes Riftshade's AoE nukes insane. See, the nukes will be applied to each of the Fractals, and the damage they take is applied to the hero. So that makes a 100 damage nuke do 150 / 225 / 300 damage. Yeah, thats what I thought. I don't feel that its WAY overpowered, and I tried to make it less OP with a huge mana cost and a fairly long cooldown.

Item Cores:

(Built like Magic Damage Mids, ex. Puck, Queen of Pain)
Veil of Discord - Do I really need to explain.
Glimmer Cape - Maximum potential in cloud, where he can dash around and hit enemies while invisible, plus gives him magic resistance for if they try to AoE in cloud.
Shiva's Guard - MORE AOE DAMAGE AND SLOW. THATS AMAZING. Plus the mana pool is good.
Aghanim's Scepter - Read Agh's Upgrade in Notes
Octarine Core - Reduces his long cooldowns, gives regen, and sustain from his nukes.
Power Treads - More Mana pool
Bottle/ Soul Ring - Mana items. Bottle for if you need HP and Mana, and dont have to share runes. Soul ring if you want fast burst mana, and more regen. SR is also not reliant on runes.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Yzreel » June 7, 2015 3:28pm | Report

Shin the Desert Monarch

Hero Introduction

Shin is made with a single idea in mind: Aura-breaker. The basic idea is to make enemy "aura-carriers" useless and causing CC as well as long-term damage by reversing the effects of auras. There are numerous ways to play this hero, but it was initially intended for this hero to be a lane-support/jungler with his 2 skills that can help sustaining lane a lot (Ceremonial Dagger and Sacrificial Rite), especially with the last-hitting potential in Sacrificial Rite that is used for denying creep. The disable in Ceremonial Dagger is also very useful in laning stage.

However, Shin's real strength lies in late game, where enemies' position 3/4 are slotted with numerous aura items, his ultimate can use their items for his team's advantage, even after his death. In teamfight, his power shines through the Sacrificial Rite health regeneration, paired with Fata Morgana auras, to deal huge damage in long-term while sustaining his allies in the same time.

Overall, this hero is very strong in a way similar to Necrophos, but this hero comes with many drawbacks as well. This hero is a strength hero, which is actually a good point since he need to tank lots of damage, but all of his skills take a tremendous amount of MP. Even his MP sustain skill doesn't replenish his MP until level 3, while the Sacrifical Rite requires 30 MP/cost, which is not a low amount of MP.


The ground was permeated with blood, the air with sanguinary stench of thousands of carcasses scorched by intense heat of Hazhadal Barrens. Silent aftermath of the battleground felt so forlorn, even the crimson hue of sun seemed as if gods were angered by the merciless assault of those fanatics clad in arms. That day, countless waves of armored Knights of the Fold scoured the desert clan, one wave slaughtering their enthralled dragons, another massacring their warriors, and yet another torturing their kids and elders. It was unthinkable for anyone to survive such genocide.

Shin, however, was not mere anyone, this sole monarch of the outlaw tribes was not quite dead. Not dead, but his pain was unbearable and his pride untenable, his shape unrecognizable and his body unmovable. His prided longevity and durability obtained from sacrificial rituals had met their purpose well, but what kept his soul burning was his greatest suffering.

This suffering came in the name of Chen, his most loyal knight. Chen sold his faith unto the very same people who slaughter his entire kind, and with this realization Shin felt a strange emotion. Betrayal was unknown to Shin, all of his subjects had been worshipping him as the only transcendental being in that godless region, and they would never betray him. This bore such an intricate blaze in his heart, the kind only understandable by gods slain by their most loyal worshipper. Such great emotion coursed throughout his body, and his motionless body started to move.

He crawled through the piles of corpses gnawing, nibbling, and devouring every scrap of meat he could get to his mouth. In almost a week, he regained his vitality, and something more. He had eaten too many desert locuthi that their blood, meat and even their capability to melt sand into glass is now his. It was not long until he was known throughout the battleground as Shin the Desert Monarch, longing vengeance for his clan and punishment for the traitor.


Faction: The Dire
Primary Attribute: Strength
Attack Type: Ranged

Str: 82 at 25 (22 + 2.5/level)
Agi: 50 at 25 (14+ 1.5/level)
Int: 75 at 25 (25 + 2.2/level)

Health: 1708 at 25
MP: 975 at 25
Armor: 13.5 (6.4 base armor + 7.1) at 25
Movement: 290
Base Damage: 72-76
BAT: 1.8
Range: 400
Vision Range: 1800/1000


[Q] Ceremonial Dagger: Shin throws his ceremonial dagger that immobilizes a unit and manipulates that unit’s reserved spiritual strength. In the duration bound, all units within radius from that unit (including self and targeted unit) will receive increased MP regeneration that ticks every quarter second and receives spell immunity. Can be casted on all units including units without MP, but doesn’t work on mechanical units or buildings.

- 1.5 second duration (90 MP recovery)
- 2 seconds duration (120 MP recovery)
- 2.5 seconds duration (150 MP recovery)
- 3 seconds duration (180 MP recovery)

Type: Target Unit
Affects: All units
Pierces Spell Immunity: No

MP cost: 120
MP recovery: 15/quarter second
Cool down: 20 seconds
Radius: 600
Cast Range: 600

A ceremonial dagger forged from the fangs of desert locuthi is said to be able to drags out even impossible spiritual reserve.


[W] Sacrificial Rite: Shin sacrifices a unit in battlefield to grant him unbelievable longevity and endurance. This skill can be casted on all units (including allied creeps and heroes as deny) and deal bonus damage. Whenever this skill kills a unit, grant Shin a stack of Rite that gives extra bonus health regeneration and armor aura to all heroes within radius, and refresh the cooldown of this skill. If the killed unit is a hero, Shin gains 4 stacks of Rite at once.

- 15 bonus damage, 2 health regeneration, 0.5 armor
- 20 bonus damage, 3 health regeneration, 1 armor
- 25 bonus damage, 4 health regeneration, 1.5 armor
- 30 bonus damage, 5 health regeneration, 2 armor

Type: Target Unit / Auto-Cast
Affects: All Units
Damage: Physical
Pierces Spell Immunity: Yes

MP cost: 30
Cast Range: 400
Aura Radius: 600
Maximum Stacks: 10
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Duration: 10 seconds

This ritual is the reason Shin managed to survive the relentless genocide, now it finds a new meaning on the battleground.


[E] Fata Morgana: The Desert Monarch’s flesh of desert locuthi enshrouds itself with glasses of molten sands, creating a mirage of another beings’ presence and redirecting attacks. This skill can be casted on enemy heroes and neutral (including ancient) creeps to copy positive auras they own. These auras are then emitted from Shin precisely as it is and affects all units, including enemy units. Can only copy auras from holders of the items or skills that generate the auras. If casted on self, refresh the duration of all copied auras.

- 10% evasion, 1 maximum aura
- 20% evasion, 1 maximum aura
- 25% evasion, 2 maximum auras
- 30% evasion, 3 maximum auras

Type: Target Unit
Affects: Enemy Units or self
Pierces Spell Immunity: Yes

MP cost: 120/120/160/200
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Duration: 100 seconds
Cast Range: 1200
Radius: 600

After beholding the power of Knight of the Folds’ armors, Shin subconsciously shaped his body into the shape of armor, imbued with his homeland’s traits.


[R] Desert Relics: The Desert Monarch disintegrate materials into sand and melt it, creating a glass relic that gathers auras and emitting back the polar opposite of them. This skill can be taken in the level of 3,10, and 17. These relics cannot move nor attack and have different interactions with all of Shin’s skills, and have Yin and Yang toggle skills. If maximum number of relics is achieved, the earliest relic is destroyed. Shin’s skills can be casted on the relics.

- 3 maximum relics
- 5 maximum relics
- 7 maximum relics

Type: Target Points
Affects: None

MP cost: 60
Cooldown: 20/14/8 seconds
Cast Range: 1200

What once used to collect water is now used to collect auras in the battlefield, and Shin can manipulate it to his will.


[D] Yin: After 2/1.5/1 second cast time, change all Desert Relics’ state into Yin. All enemy units within 400 points radius from the relics will then receive all positive auras as negative auras.

[F] Yang: After 2/1.5/1 seconds activation delay, change all Desert Relics’ state into Yang. All allied units within 400 points radius from the relics will then receive all negative auras as positive auras.





Level Up

Last Hitting

First Blood

Killing a Hero

Using Ceremonial Dagger

Killing unit with Sacrificial Rite

Failing Sacrificial Rite

Casting Fata Morgana

Casting Desert Relic

Killing with Desert Relic



Killing a rival

Dying to a rival
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