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Yurnero - The Unstoppable Juggernaut Guide

July 23, 2016 by Nubtrain
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Build 1
Build 2


DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Hero Skills

Blade Fury

1 3 5 7

Healing Ward

8 10 12 13

Blade Dance

4 9 14 15


6 11 16


2 17 18


Will update once I'm done updating SF guide

Hello and welcome to Nubtrain's guide to Yurnero, the Juggernaut, one of my classic favorites of all time. Yurnero is fun to play and deals a lot of damage early - mid game while being able to stay relevant late game through sheer prowess. Honing his way of the sword, Yurnero spins his blade to a great extent, dealing deadly damage while blocking most magical threats coming his way. Under extreme pressure, Yurnero summons a ward of cleansing to cleanse the body and with years to master blade, Yurnero is able to critically injure his opponents with precise skill. Finally reaching the peak as a Blademaster, Yurnero unleashes his omnipotent skills upon his enemies, dancing around the battlefield as the unstoppable Juggernaut.



No one has ever seen the face hidden beneath the mask of Juggernaut. It is only speculation that he even has one. For defying a corrupt lord, he was exiled from the ancient Isle of Masks; a punishment that saved his life. The isle soon after vanished beneath the waves in a night of vengeful magic. He alone remains to carry on the Isle's long tradition of ritual and swordplay. The last practicioner of his art, Juggernaut's confidence and courage are the result of endless practice; his inventive bladework proves that he has never stopped challenging himself. Still, his motives are as unreadable as his expression. For a hero who has lost everything twice over, he fights as if victory is a foregone conclusion.


Heard any jokes about Jugg? Or not...

Pro and Cons


  • Versatile Builds
  • High Damage Abilities
  • Fast Attack Timer
  • Above Average Movespeed
  • Great AGILITY gain
  • Adjustable Playstyles


  • Pretty Squishy
  • Mana Hungry Spells
  • Situational Ultimate
  • Stat Gains Aren't Great
  • Somewhat Item Dependant
  • Low Starting Base Damage

Ability Showcase with Tips and Tricks

Causes a bladestorm of destructive force around Juggernaut, rendering him immune to magic and dealing damage to nearby enemy units. Lasts 5 seconds.

Type: Magical
Radius: 250

110 30 / 28 / 26 / 24

Deals a lot of damage during the laning phase so a recommended lane partner would be a hero who has slows or stuns to lock enemy units in place. Blade Fury deal instances of damage every second so it's pretty good against Refraction and Living Armor. If a nuke or stun is thrown at you like Magic Missile or Dragon Slave, use Blade Fury before it hits you to avoid the damage/stun. See "Tips and Tricks" below for more information.

Here is some basic math:

Damage = DMG
Magic Resist = MR
Seconds = s

Level 1: 80DMG x 5s x .25MR = (80 - 20) x 5s = 300 DMG
Level 2: 100DMG x 5s x .25MR = (100 - 25) x 5s = 375 DMG
Level 3: 120DMG x 5s x .25MR = (120 - 30) x 5s = 450 DMG
Level 4: 140DMG x 5s x .25MR = (140 - 35) x 5s = 525 DMG

Blade Fury deals a ton of damage at all levels so you're able to get kills rather easily if there's a disable or two. The amount of damage you deal with Blade Fury equals to how long you can stick to an enemy so a rather quick boot purchase is acceptable.

Juggernaut technically cannot auto-attack when spinning but that only applies if they're not magic immune. If they are magic immune, Juggernaut will be able to deal right-click damage to them. This mechanic is useful when you want to buy a few more seconds to destroy a tower before getting stunned.

All heroes have a base 25% Magic Resist and it's further amplified by abilities and items that provide more Magic Resist

Summons a Healing Ward that heals all nearby allied units, based on their max HP. The Healing Ward can move at 300 movement speed after being summoned.

Heal Per Second: 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%
Radius: 500
Cast Range: 350
Duration: 25 seconds
80 / 100 / 120 / 140 60 seconds

The amount healed is more than it looks and it's very noticeable at level 4. Since the ward has 1 HP, bind Healing Ward to a keyboard button. Every time you summon the Healing Ward, it'll immediately be ready to move. See "Tips and Tricks" below for more information.

Gives Juggernaut a chance to deal double damage on each attack.

Critical Chance: 20% / 25% / 30% / 35%
Critical Damage Bonus: 200%

Passive Ability

The highest percentage chance to critically strike someone in the game but it's also the lowest damage multiplicator out of the rest. Blade Dance lets Juggernaut scale rather well from mid-late game with items like Mjollnir and/or Monkey King Bar.

Remember that critical strike passives scale better with more attack damage and attack speed you have.

Juggernaut leaps towards the target enemy unit with a damaging attack, and then slashes other nearby enemy units, dealing between 175-250 damage per slash. The fewer units available to attack, the more slashes those units will share; if a unit is alone, it will take all of the slashes. Juggernaut becomes invulnerable upon the first strike and mini-stuns the initial target.

Damage per Attack: 175 - 250
Number of Jumps: 3 / 6 / 9 (6* / 9* / 12*)
Cast Range: 450
Search Area: 425
Damage Type: Physical
200 / 275 / 350 130 / 120 / 110 (110* / 100* / 90*)

Very deadly and many players avoid fighting Juggernaut 1v1 when his ultimate is off cooldown. Try to clear as many creeps as possible before using Omnislash because the more units that are around the less deadly your ultimate becomes. When you have enough attack speed, you can also make one(
possibly 2 apparently, see below for more information
) regular auto-attack inbetween jumps which also applies orb effects from items like Desolator. You can also use items when you're Omnislashing!
  • Initial cast has an mini-stun to stop channeling spells
  • You make one auto-attack per slash which depends on your %IAS
  • Orb effects and critical strikes work with the auto-attacks

Source: Please read, there are slight differences between DotA1 and DOTA2 Omnislashes

Spoiler: Click to view

If enemy is alone, they'll take 525-750 / 1050-1500 / 1575-2250 (1050-1500* / 1575-2250* / 2100-3000*) damage. This is not including enemy's armor so you must take consideration of that.

All Skills in Action

Tips and Tricks

Trick #1: Move Button
If you click the move button and select your attack, you will follow your target as closely as possible without any stops. If you right-click or attack someone while you spin, your hero will attempt to auto-attack. This cause Juggernaut to "stutter" his movements.

Trick #2: The Invisible Spinning Blade
Helps escape during tricky situations like getting stunned or nuked down by powerful spells

Trick #3: Blade Fury Gettaway

Clarification on Juggernaut's Playstyle

Juggernaut is a very aggressive hero and should be played so. The amount of damage Juggernaut is able to dish out during the early - mid game should be capitalized and focused on. That is why getting Battle Fury is very situational because you're basically trying to be a late game carry. Juggernaut is a mid game type of carry that starts to lose potential late game so buying items that strengthens his mid game is highly recommended.

Another important note... HAVE FUN! Juggernaut is an incredibly fun hero to play regardless if you're winning or not. No matter how many times I have played Juggernaut, I never get bored. Juggernaut's skillset promotes heavy aggression and you can pull off very risky moves thanks to the nature of the abilities. I'll definitely post some videos of me playing when I can to show just how much fun he is!

So remember:
  • Juggernaut best potential is during the mid game and begins to drop off late game
  • Play aggressively since Juggernaut's skillset enforces this playstyle
  • Buy strong early - mid game items that strengthen Juggernaut's strong points

Early Game Items Explanation

Extension A good defensive item that helps Juggernaut take more damage while giving an extra boost to your base attack damage. Juggernaut tends to attract a lot of aggro from both creeps, towers and heroes so if you're diving, the amount of damage blocked might save your life. Good early game item, increases your effective HP.
Core Fantastic pickup after buying Poor Man's Shield, it increases your damage and provides a burst of movement speed on a low cooldown. Remember to active Phase Boots AFTER you've used Blade Fury or the speed buff will be removed. The increase in movespeed helps you catch up or maintain close quarter distances for the use of Blade Fury.
Core Amazing cost-effective item that boosts the overall stats of your hero and helps Juggernaut "be online" faster. Drum provides the essential boosts in HP and mana while increasing Juggernaut's overall dps by a decent margin. Juggernaut is a stronger early-mid game hero so playing to his strengths are the ideal make-up anyone should do when playing Juggernaut.
Extension Very powerful early-mid game item, helps you survive during those dire moments. Since Juggernaut usually gets into the enemies face quite often, racking up stacks of charges are a breeze. Juggernaut will be immune to most abilities with Blade Fury and Omnislash so getting up close shouldn't be a problem... initially.
Early Situational Items
Buy this if you plan to push often, the extra amount of mana Soul Ring provides is incredibly useful. Incase you were out of mana during a gank or teamfight, the mana Soul Ring provides can be the turning point you need to win. It's often the case you're out of mana so Soul Ring is a good choice if your team lacks Arcane Boots.
Buy this if you're playing in the middle lane or if nobody else is going to purchase one. Juggernaut often runs lane to lane to gank someone and the extra regeneration helps Juggernaut stay in the battlefield as long as possible. Highly recommend checking the rune spots every 2 minutes starting from 0:00. Be extra careful since the rune spots might be contested but if there's a lone hero, you might as well try and kill him. If that fails, Blade Fury and TP away! (See "Tips and Tricks" below for more information)

Alternative Boots

I'd buy this if mobility isn't an issue or if I want to push often. The stats Power Tread provide is great, especially if you "Tread Switch" and the attack speed scales nicely into late-game. Helps take down towers faster especially when paired with Desolator and increases the threshold for more auto-attacks to strike when Omnislashing. Great alternative to have!

I wouldn't buy Boots of Travel so early unless you're somehow dominating the enemy team. Saves you an extra slot during the late game when you need that extra mobility and teleport to defend or destroy an enemy. Recommended buying as a 5th or 6th slot item, any sooner is risky to buy since you don't get stats to help you deal more damage or survive in fights. It's also pretty damn expensive so there's that point!

Mid Game Situational Items

Juggernaut has many builds that work well due to his skillset. Each item fulfills a certain style of play to a degree but ultimately they serve one purpose, to kill.

Popular item that is bought by many players who view Juggernaut as a hard-carry. Farming becomes easier and provides good regeneration to sustain yourself throughout the game. The cleave works when using Omnislash so if you're going for the fun build, teamfights will be highly amusing. Although if you're not going playing the "Hard Carry" role, other items are better for pure dps like Desolator. If you plan to get Battlefury, you need to get it before the 20min mark.

    Good damage increase
    Nice regeneration rates
    Cleaving attacks
    Moderate Item Buildup
    Negligible item

Highly Recommended I'll sometimes buy this after Drum of Endurance since it does help with pushing and increasing your overall dps. Maelstrom improves the rate of farm with Chain Lightning while slightly furthering the frequency of Blade Dance strikes. During Omnislash, you'll be able to swing more auto-attacks as Juggernaut's attack speed increases when jumping target to target.

    Decent overall damage
    Good farming and pushing item
    Scale-able with more items
    Unreliable proc chance

Another surprisingly good item that offers a decent overall damage increase and a great boost in health when you activate Armlet of Mordiggian. Toggle the armlet before using Omnislash or Blade Fury for full affect. You'll get increase damage during ultimate and slightly beefy when you're spinning your blades around but when you're using Blade Fury you'll still lose health from the degeneration. This can be offset by keeping the Healing Ward alive and close-by. Armlet of Mordiggian can be a life saver if you can time armlet toggling since you'll temporary gain increased 475 health. I'd get this if you didn't buy Drum of Endurance.

    Good survivability increase
    Abuses toggable bonuses
    Good HP regeneration
    Great for short-burst use
    Crazy degeneration
    Bad for long-term use

A good situational item that I highly recommend buying against heroes like Omniknight and Warlock. The purge active will remove most temporary buffs like Guardian Angel and instantly kill summoned units like the golem from Chaotic Offering. The stats are pretty good and the mana burn is fantastic against high cost spell users like Lina or low mana pooled heroes like Tiny. The slow from the Purge effect is quite strong so you should hae no problems chasing down an opponent.

    Good Mana-Burn damage
    Strong active that slows movement
    Able to remove temporary buffs
    Can use on both allies and foes[/list
    Very situational item

Recommended Great and somewhat affordable damage item to increase overall output. Fantastic at taking down towers and bringing heroes like Axe down a notch. Squishy supports like Lion will die as quickly as buttering bread and will work while you're Omnislashing. Quality pickup if nobody in your team has a Desolator or if you need an affordable damage increase if you weren't doing so well.
    Quality damage increase
    Inexpensive Build-Up
    Minus Armor Effect
    Unstackable "Orb" effect

Incredible and versatile item that I recommend everyone to purchase or at least try out for a few games. You basically increase the effectiveness of your ganks/aggression and the stats that Shadow Blade provide is very exceptional. You'll be able to split push safely and has a great synergy with Desolator. The mobility and invisibility you receive from the active is quite useful at saving your life or chasing down heroes. If you decide to get both Shadow Blade and Desolator together, get recommend SB first.
    Decent Damage Boosts
    Become a Ninja Warrior
    Good Escape Tool
    Forces Enemy to by detection
    Countered by Detection

The jack-of-all-trades item that's NOT that bad on Juggernaut. SnY provides a decent boost in hp and increases your overall agility. Although it doesn't provide a lot of damage, the hp, agility and bonus movement speed is fantastic. I recommend buying SnY for certain situations like if there's a team composition of little nukers or very immobile heroes. Sange and Yasha is NOT a bad item for Juggernaut... it's ok :P! The orb effect "Maim" is a stackable orb effect.

    Decent HP increase
    Exceptional Damage Boost
    Nice Bonus Movement
    Stackable Orb Effect
    Very Negligible Item

A good item that I recommend buying as a 4 or 5th major pickup since Skull Basher will scale with the more attack speed you have. Effectively makes Juggernaut's 1v1 prowess a bit stronger. Juggernaut innately swings very fast, thanks to his "Base Attack Timer" so couple that with +IAS and bashes; Juggernaut is a force to reckon with.

    Decent Damage Increase
    Basically a mini-disable
    Shuts down 1v1 situations
    Pretty Easy Item Build Up
    Not a strong 2nd/3rd item
    Actually Pretty Expensive

A good pickup if there's a lot of strong heroes who rely heavily on their spells like Storm Spirit and Invoker. The +IAS is very nice to have and effectively fixes Juggernaut's terrible mana pool/regen. The bonus damage from the active silence will boost all the damage you deal on a single unit so it's not a bad trade off for the damage you could of had with other items.

    Good attack speed increase
    Exceptional Damage Increase
    Pretty long silence
    Fantastic mana/m.regen boost
    Pretty Situational Buy

Highly Recommended A decent item that improves your overall stats and Omnislash. You become much beefy thanks to the amazing stats that the scepter provides and the increase in slashes is actually pretty damn good in teamfights or solo kills. I highly recommend buying Aghanim's Scepter if you plan to do a lot of teamfighting or when facing off beefy heroes. Even tanky heroes like Slardar or Axe will die or be fatally wounded when being struck down by Omnislash.

    Fantastic Overall Stat Boost
    More Effective Situational Ultimate
    Moderately Priced Item Buildup
    VERY Situational Buy

Late Game Situational Items

During the late game, Blade Fury becomes a simple ability to avoid disables since you cannot auto-attack while spinning. To be able to deal any right-click damage late game without getting chain-disabled, you seriously need Black King Bar. Juggernaut is innately squishy so if he wasn't able to Omnislash before the stuns are thrown out then he's a priority target.

    Better Magic Immunity Option
    Cooldown Gets Better With Use
    Duration Reduces With Use

A very powerful item that has a magic piercing stun that lasts for two seconds. The only downside to the stun is you having to be at melee range to use. Although very costly, the damage and the stunlock is worth it. You'll be able to fight through heroes who rely on mobility and Black King Bar to survive any occasion. Highly recommended item on any melee carry, simple as that.
    Very High Damage Boost
    A Magic Piercing Stun
    Possible Stun-Lock
    Scales Well With More +IAS
    2nd Highest Cost Item In The Game
    Has One High-Cost Item Buildup

A good and situational item to buy during the late game. Although it's heavily countered by Monkey King Bar, the item provides a good amount of damage and a great amount of attack speed. Not only you get a decent chunk of armor from the agility you also gain 30% chance to dodge income auto-attacks. Couple this with a Heart of Tarrasque and/or Black King Bar, you'll be pretty hard to kill regardless if an enemy carry has an Monkey King Bar.
    Good increase to damage
    Great boost to attack speed
    30% chance to dodge auto-attacks
    Syngergizes well with more HP
    Countered by Monkey King Bar
    Pretty Expensive

If you've picked up Yasha then Manta Style is the next possible choice. You'll be able to push a bit harder thanks to the additional illusions and if timed correctly; you can dodge incoming projectiles. You can use Manta Style when you're dancing around the battlefield with Omnislash. Overall the stats Manta Style provides are very useful and the illusions are great to have when you need to push/teamfight.

    Remove debuffs like silence
    Can Dodge Spells if Timed
    +Percentage Movement Speed
    Great for Pushing and Teamfight
    Causes Slight Confusion
    Stronger With +Base Items
    Lackluster Without Items

Highly Recommended A very strong item that scales better as you have more items so buying Mjollnir as a 4th - 6th item is totally fine. Mjollnir offers the highest static bonus attack speed in the game to increase your dps. You might say Mask of Madness offers more but it's only when MoM is activated so theoretically in the long run, you'll be doing a lot more dps with Mjollnir. Unlike Mask of Madness, you'll want someone to attack you to force more Chain Lightnings hitting them. Overall very strong item that scales with more attack damage, more hp and any modifiers that benefit from more attack speed.

    Highest Static Increase to Att.Speed
    "Thorn-Like" Active, Sparks Up Attack
    Scales Really Well With More Items
    Basically a stronger Maelstrom
    Same Problems as Maelstrome

A strong item that helps deal with those annoying channeling abilities like Black Hole or players trying to flee with Town Portal. Monkey King Bar shuts down carries who buy Butterfly or any hero that has evasion and effectively increases your overall dps thanks to that mechanic; 'True-Strike'. However... Monkey King Bar is pretty situational and should be bought according to how the game has played out because if you wanted to break a channeled spell, Omnislash can do so. Still a good dps increase though!

    Good Overall Damage Increase
    You'll Never Miss Evasion
    Mini-Bash to Break Channels
    Situational Mechanic

A fantastic item to increase your overall survivability in all situations. Juggernaut is incredibly squishy so buying a powerful HP boosting item like Heart of Tarrasque should be considered core. Combine HoT with Butterfly and your Effective HP skyrockets. Highly recommended item to increase your overall survivability.

    Highest Increase to HP
    Massive Out-of-Combat HP Regen
    Scales with Armor and Evasion
    Has one expensive item build up

With proper item buildup, Assault Cuirass is an insane item to have in your arsensal. If you wanted to you can try and rush Assault Cuirass but I recommend getting one AFTER you've had a 4th core picked up, like Shadow Blade. The minus armor is an aura similar to Shadow Fiend's Presence of the Dark Lord so it'll synergize really well with Desolator's unique attack modifier. With the ton of armor, the att.spd bonus and the minus armor aura, Assault Cuirass is a very powerful item by itself that gets stronger as you have more items.
    Powerful defensive and offensive auras
    Tons of bonus armor
    Synergizes well with many builds
    Lots of attack speed
    Very expensive item
    Costly buildup items

If Desolator is already bought, the lifesteal and the lovely HP from Satanic will do a lot of service for Juggernaut. Although I don't recommend this unless someone else has Desolator or if your enemy team has a lot of beefy heroes who has Blademail. Satanic syngergizes really well with attack damage and speed since if you're not being kited; you can basically restore all your HP with the active use. Pretty darn expensive but is needed when fighting against heroes who can outlast you without it.
    Great alternative UAM to
Lots of HP and good portion of armor
Scales very well with att.damage and speed
Situationally life saving active
    Incredibly expensive item
    One very costly buildup item
    Useless if kited/locked-down

Ideal Partners and Enemies

The Ideal Partners

Juggernaut is a very aggressive and squishy hero so I highly recommend picking heroes who can play along or against his unique traits. Since Juggernaut is an aggressive hero, I highly recommend picking supports who are also aggressive or has disables/setups. Although Juggernaut should be played aggressively and has high kill potential, strong defensive heroes who can fight back the aggression is very valuable. Heroes who can pierce through the magic immunity are highly recommended at shutting down Juggernaut since the they'll easily catch the blade before any counter-play can be done (Meaning, catching Yurnero off-guard and killing him before something happens.

Aggressive Lane Partners

What all these heroes share in common is their skillset being able to easily get kills by setting up stuns or dealing a lot of damage like the Lina + Shadow Demon combo. Each of these heroes possess an ability or two to disable an opponent long enough letting allies and Juggernaut to deal as much damage as possible.

Teamfight/AoE Heroes

Heroes like Queen of Pain and Puck help alleviate the problems Juggernaut has. Although Juggernaut is strong in pseudo teamfights and ganks; he lacks any real power in teamfights until Aghanim's Scepter is bought. Juggernaut also has no form of CC in battle so he's heavily reliant on landing a good Omnislash.

The Initiators

A lot of the initiation herores can also be considered teamfight and vice-versa but these are just examples of the point I'm making. Juggernaut is very squishy so he simply cannot be the one to go in first and hack'n'slash. There might be the occasional chance that initiating could work if Juggernaut was able to Omnislash before being disabled but it's way safer to let someone else take the initial threat.

The Enemies

Beefy heroes and those who can heal through Juggernaut's damage are a pain to deal with. These heroes will only become harder to deal with since a lot of damage that Juggernaut does in the earlier stages come from his abilities. Juggernaut needs a decent amount of farm or kills to buy items like Desolator just so he can rely more on his auto-attacks.

Here are a few examples:

A very strong hero that heavily mitigates a lot of Juggernaut's damage. Abaddon can negate most of Blade Fury's damage with Aphotic Shield and Mist Coil. Abaddon is also near impossible to kill unless you're incredibly farmed or if the enemy player uses Borrowed Time too soon. Since Juggernaut is reliant on his skils for damage in the early-earlymid game, Abaddon is a pain in the arse to fight against.

Chen is very strong and frustrating to deal with since he'll be able to mitigate a lot of potential damage with Hand of God. A Chen good will be able to time Test of Faith on a friendly ally, saving them and possibly waste your Omnislash. He's also able to control up to three units so that's 3 wasted slashes from Omnislash; indirectly lowering your damage output.

You might think, what? Why is Meepo considered a good hero against Juggernaut? A good Meepo is incredibly hard for Juggernaut to go up against. An equally farmed Meepo during the mid-late game will take on your Omnislash and render you useless unless you're able to deal a lot of right-click damage. You won't find a lot of good Meepo players so you won't see the problem often but he's surprisingly hard to deal with since Meepo got the numbers to counter you and the stats late game to kill you.

Strong hero that can take on any lane by himself since Weaver is incredibly hard to kill thanks to Shukuchi and Time Lapse. Unless Juggernaut has detection and a lot of stuns, a good Weaver player will avoid any potential to get himself killed. The only way to get Weaver at the early game is to catch him by surprise with Sentry Wards and a lot of disables. Weaver also starts to do a lot of damage as the game progresses so not only will he be able to deal a lot of damage, he's also very hard to kill.

Very beefy and has a slightly stronger late game potential than Juggernaut. Dragon Knight can handle a lot of damage thanks to his good strength gain and Dragon Blood. With enough farm Dragon Knight can deal a lot of damage to both towers and in teamfights thanks to the sheer amount of AoE damage DK can dish out. Dragon Knight can retaliate with strong defensive heroes like Keeper of the Light who can supply constant mana for Dragon Breath harassment and then go for the kill with Dragon Tail. IMO, one of the harder heroes to fight against as Juggernaut.

This is only a small sample of the heroes who can take on Juggernaut. There's a clear pattern here. One of Juggernaut's weakness is that he doesn't do a lot of right-click damage and is heavily reliant on his abilities during the early - earlymid game. Until Juggernaut has the right-click damage from items, any tanky hero will be hard to fight against without Omnislash.

The Ultimate Hard-Counter

If any player is able to buy Ghost Scepter then you're going to have a bad time. Ghost Scepter effectively shuts down any physical damage Juggernaut can do. If the enemy player can time the activation of Ghost Scepter or the equivalents, you can potentially waste Juggernaut's ultimate and avoid the slashes.

You must buy Diffusal Blade to purge the banish or your attacks will be delayed and possibly wasted.

However, it can actually strengthen Juggernaut's ultimate if there are two or three heroes grouped up together. If one player uses Ghost Scepter then Omnislash ignores the ethereal target and targets only the two non-ethereal targets.

Things to Add

  • Middle Lane
  • More videos featuring Juggernaut
  • Expand on Allies and Enemies
  • Find more tips and tricks


DATES: Year/Month/Day

2014 / 01 / 02 | - - - - - | Added two items ( Assault Cuirass + Satanic ), explanations and updated builds to reference or use.
2013 / 11 / 30 | - - - - - | Fixed skill build and added some missing information.
2013 / 07 / 29 | - - - - - | Re-added builds, was cleaned off. Added a few more things in the to-do list.
2013 / 07 / 23 | - - - - - | Updated info on how Omnislash works in DOTA2.
Also fixed some grammar mistakes, if you see some let me know!
2013/ 07 / 17 | - - - - - | Released Guide!


So that's it for now, if there's anything you want me to add suggest below!

Special thanks to Atlas and Wulfstan for helping me making some videos!

Check out my channels if you want to help support me, I sometimes stream and would appreciate if you said hi!


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