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Vengeful Spirit Standard Item Build 2016

July 16, 2016 by BooM_ShAkAlAkA
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DotA2 Hero: Vengeful Spirit

Hero Skills

Magic Missile

1 3 5 7

Wave of Terror

2 8 9 10

Vengeance Aura

4 12 13 14

Nether Swap

6 11 16


15 17 18


Vengeful Spirit is one of the most popular Heroes of Dota 2, because this hero is not hard to play with, and is very effective at fights. She has one of the longest and strongest stuns, her passive ability increases potential of DD and pushers, and with Nether Swap our hero can initiate fights and save lives of team mates.


What I Should Do?

First we should decide which lane to go. It’s better to go to place where we will be most efficient, so we will go on easy lane with carry, to make his farm safe. What items should we get? Here are those items: Animal Courier, 3x Iron Branch, Tango, Healing Salve, 2x Clarity. With that pick we will have enough regeneration for both us and our carry on lane, and Iron Branch will give us stats.

If we play with hero that has great DPS like Gyrocopter, then we can do FB. We should get Boots of Speed as soon as we can, then we upgrade Iron Branch to Magic Wand. Now Vengeful Spirit is mobile enough to gank and we become not easy to kill.

When we have 6th level and got Nether Swap, we can try to kill our enemy on lane (with our team mate), or continue defending our carry. Next items that we will need are Ring of Aquila and Arcane Boots. Ring of Aquila is for faster farm, and Arcane Boots , will give us mana regeneration that all our team need.


What I Should Do?

On this game stage we should control the map, so our carry will have the farm he need. In fights we should swap enemy’s initiator, caster or DD to our heroes, so they will kill him easily.

Another important item for us is Mekansm. It will give great AOE HP restore that helps a lot in fights.

Later we can buy Force Staff to push our hero out of enemy team after swap. But we should not forget about push with our passive, and Ring of Aquila we destroy towers very fast. After midgame we should have all the enemy towers (tier1 and 2) destroyed.

Upgrade Arcane Boots and Mekansm to Guardian Greaves, So our support more effective.


What I Should Do?

On this game stage we should aggressively swap enemy’s heroes. Late item for us will be Scythe of Vyse. With Hex, we become very powerful disabler that will deal a lot of troubles for enemy. We should not forget to scout territory with Wave of Terror before we swap.

We also can swap enemy from high ground and push our hero back with Force Staff.

Buy Aghanim Scepter to improve Vengeful Spirit Ult. Nether Swap cooldown decrease so we can swap anytime in short time. We also can swap creep to survive.

Shiva's Guard increase our armor and survivable. Also, this item have passive aura to reduce attackspeed enemy's heroes and active aura to slowdown movespeed enemy.

Last slot , ur can fill it with Observer Ward , Smoke of Deceit , or Town Portal Scroll.


Magic Missile

- Magic Missile is one of the shortest stuns in Dota, but a very strong damage will allow to make a kills at the lane or do successful gangs to the other lanes, or jungle.

This is interesting
-Can be evaded Puck’s Shift.

Wave of Terror

-Quite good spell that gives some damage and reduced armor. It is mostly used to scout the area and push.

This is interesting
-Vision range equals 1400 dotameters

Vengeance Aura

-Great aura that will increase potential of melee heroes, and also this aura is very effective during push.

This is interesting
-Bonus damage is based on base damage of hero, added damage from items does not count.
-When Vengeful Spirit is slain, her killer is inflicted with a negative Vengeance Aura, which decreases the damage of her killer and their nearby allies, until she revives.

Nether Swap

-Spell that lets us initiating fights or save life for our team mate, by giving our life instead. It can be used to cancel channeling spells.

This is interesting
-Spell can be used on Black King Bar.
-Destroys all the trees that are in radius of Nether Swap.
-If target was swapped on impassable area it has buff of freely move during 5 secs.


Vengeful Spirit and Earthshaker

-Swap enemy to your creeps/tower/team, magic missile him, and then even a bad Earthshaker player should manage to hit a good blocking fissure. No Escape, gg

Vengeful Spirit and Phantom Assassin

-Stun, armor reduction and bonus damage, what else do you need as a Phantom Assassin? Vengeful Spirit starts with a stun + Wave of Terror, PA blinks and uses slow after the stun. This should get some easy kills early on or pick-offs later on.
-Get a Medallion of Courage (as of 6.84 you can even upgrade it to Solar Crest) on Vengeful Spirit, making opponents weaker or if your early game didn't go well, you can guard PA with it. And if a fight goes wrong you can swap PA away!
-Both heroes are vulnerable to burst/magical damage; in this case, be wary with teamfights and get a BKB first.
-Melt you opponents' armor and watch those crazy crits!

Vengeful Spirit and Sniper

-Vengeful's Wave of Terror significantly reduces enemie's armor. Sniper deals more damage using Shrapnel and also directly with Take Aim. So in this combo it is important to max Wave of Terror and Shrapnels.
-Before the enemy realizes what is going on, Assassinate can be used to finish them.

Vengeful Spirit and Shadow Fiend

-This works well when venge has her passive and her stun up as it'll provide SF the bonus damage at the start of the game during the time SF has low damage without souls. It'll also combo well with Raze when the enemy is stunned by Magic Missile.

Vengeful Spirit and Wraith King

-You have two stuns two auras. Armor reducer they try running swap with the enemy. Have veng stun first then wk then after vengs stun armor reduce them. Youll melt them.

Vengeful Spirit and Legion Commander

-VS to swap an enemy to LC to Duel. Use Wave of Terror to reduce armour, and the damage buff aura will help too. You can also use your stun at advantage. LC's crit passive will be benefitted by the armour reduction and damage buff aura. LC attack speed spell will also benefit the fight.

Vengeful Spirit and Chaos Knight

-Chain displacement, and chain stun

-When you need to break the enemy team formation you can initiate wiht Reality Rift, then let venge do the Nether Swap. You can Follow with Chaos Bolt (CK will be closer to the target after the swap) and Magic Missile / Wave of Terror if needed.

-I use it for Stale Situations for initiation, or to pick someone who separated a bit from the rest of the group and you need it taken out of the team fight before it starts at all cost.

-I is a risky maneuver, and a Force Staff or some sort of area control ( Fissure, etc) is sometimes needed to secure venge/CK's escape after the Chain Swap.
Normally in Teamfights, this double swap can put the targeted enemy in the middle of your buddys, to get a heavy beating. Just remember not to bring someone dangerous like Tidehunter, or Earthshaker to the middle of your team, if you cannot deal instantly wiht it.

Vengeful Spirit and Techies

- Techies places mines,then Vengeful Spirit stand on the mines and uses Nether Swap on an enemy hero.

Vengeful Spirit and Slardar

-Two armor reductions
-damage amplification by VS
-two stuns
-powerfull at all stages of the game

Vengeful Spirit and Troll Warlord

-This is slighty situational as you need to be able to predict the opponents lanes to some degree. The combo begins with a slow from troll followed with the Wave of Terror and stun from Vengeful Spirit. once up close troll has a further nuke in melee and the bonus damage gained from his melee form and the above spells means a easy gank from level 2 onwards. Moreover If vengeful takes 1 lvl in her aura at level 4 this coupled with trolls attack speed attacks up to respectable damage early game and phenomenal damage in the late game.

Vengeful Spirit and Bloodseeker

-Classic Combo from the times of Dota 1. Bloodseeker casts Rupture on the enemy and then Vengeful Spirit uses Nether Swap And Wave of Terror. As a result enemy will get the damage for distance travelled and armour reduce. It would be great to swap the enemy so he would appear close to Bloodseeker, that will use Bloodrage on him, silence him and will start finishing him with attacks. If the enemy will be too fat and he will try to run away, then we will use Magic Missile on him and we still got the kill.

Vengeful Spirit and Drow Ranger

-Drow's "Precision Aura" + VS's " Vengeance Aura" = a lot of damage boost. Add Venegful's armor reduction and you should be able to melt anyone.

Vengeful Spirit and Sven

-Classic pair Sven+ Vengeful Spirit gives a good stable result at lane. Starting from level 3 you can kill your enemies using Storm Hammer + Magic Missle. Vengeful Spirit is also able to reduce the armor with Wave of Terror and increase the damage with Venegeance Aura that works great for Sven. The disadvantage of this pair is that efficiency will reduce as time goes, but at the beginning you can get a nice boost by doing additional kills.

Vengeful Spirit and Alchemist

-If your team mates can pick heroes capable of soloing their lanes, a roaming Vengeful Spirit and Alchemist can easily get first blood mid, or in the enemies jungle due to the double stuns. As Vengeful Spirit's Wave of Terror gives vision in a surprisingly large line in front of her, Alchemist should never be stunned from his unstable concoction due to losing vision from fog of war in a jungle setting. Both heroes are very versatile, so won't necessarily give away any tactics upon picking the heroes. Remember to pick up Observer Ward, Smoke of Deceit, and as many Clarity potions, Tango's and healing salves as possible at the start of the game.

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