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November 3, 2014 by Susan0
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

The True Way to Play Lyralei (PAS STYLE)

DotA2 Hero: Windranger

Hero Skills


4 6 8 9


2 3 5 7


1 10 11 12

Focus Fire

13 14 16


15 17 18

Hi this is my guide to Lyralei, Windranger!

Hello, I'm Susan0, better known as iLuvLyralei on Dota 2 Dev boards, and I'm here to impart you the PAS way of playing Offlane Windranger


PS my name isn't Susan btw so yeh XD

This is my first time making a guide so please forgive me if I do make any typos or errors.

With this, let's carry on

Spoiler: Click to view

Stats n stuff

Lyralei, Windranger

Main Attribute: Intelligence



HP: 435/ 1176 / 1955
Mana: 286/819/1352
Movement speed: 295
Turn rate: 0.6
Sight range: 1800 (Day)/800 (Night)
Attack Range: 600 (Ranged)

Strength: 15 + 2.5 p/Lv
Agility: 17 + 1.4 p/Lv
Intelligence: 22 + 2.6 p/Lv

Pros / Cons

+Great Last Hit Animation
+Ranged with good base damage of 50-60
+Pretty good strength & Int growth of 2.5 and 2.6 respectively
+Hard to kill
+Light of Heaven!
+Great Nuke/Farming tool with Powershot
+ Has a lot of juking potential with powershot and windrun
+Feisty & Redheaded!
+You'll never get tired playing as her :)
+Fantastic Sieging Tool with Focus Fire, towers melt with a deso
+Can be semicarry if built properly
+Can be played in a multitude of roles
+Many good hats =w=

-MKB counters Windrun
-Relatively squishy early on (Has low HP, ~500 with 3 branches)
-Low base armor
-Ult shouldn't be taken unless needed
-Requires good positioning to shackle effectively
-Nukes make Lyralei sad
-Silences and stuns/roots end your fun
-Requires good reflexes
-No longer called Windrunner


Q: Shackleshot
Mana Cost:90/100/110/120
CD: 12s
Shackle duration:1.5/2.25/3/3.75s
If missed tree or enemy unit/hero: 0.75s
Range: 800

Shackles the target to an enemy unit or tree in a line directly behind it. If no unit or tree is present, the stun duration is reduced to 0.75.

One of the skills that Lyralei is infamous for, it is either one of the best non ultimate ccs in the game or the worst ones, but it is really hard to land unless you are really good with your positioning (blink dagger ;3 ) or you have enough experience with it and can land it knowing where the enemy will go (Blinking QoP for example)

(Usually you would want to shackle a creep/unit to tie it to the enemy behind it, if there are no fauna to shackle to)

Shackle takes effect from where it lands, but not from windrunner's original position.

Also note that shackle can't be disjointed. So blinks and invis won't save you from the light of heaven/shackleshot.

Max this second if possible, having a higher stun duration of shackle opens up more kill opportunities, as each point of shackle increases the duration by .75s, as that ~1s may either net you a kill or save you from your demise in the offlane.

Mana cost: 90/100/110/120
CD: 9s


Windranger charges her bow for up to 1 second for a single powerful shot. The arrow deals damage to enemy units and destroys trees in its path. Damage is greatest on first target, and reduces by 10% for each target it pierces thereafter. If the channeling is cancelled early, the shot will still occur but deal less damage.

To basically summarize powershot:
Your farming tool
Your sniping tool
Your juking tool (it can destroy trees)

This is why Lyralei is listed as a Nuker by Valve, at early levels this does approximately 1/3 of an enemy's HP, and it also doubles as a fantastic waveclear mechanism on a short cooldown. Also, with sufficient levels, one fully charged powershot can leave the ranged creep at abt 10% (basically one auto) and reduce the melee creep to about 20%

Max this first whenever you can. Magical Nukes have more impact in the game earlier on, since autoattacks lack damage until items are bought.

PS: Releasing it at 0.8s or later does full damage.

Mana cost: 100
CD: 15
Grants 100% Evasion and bonus 50% movespeed for 3/4/5/6s

Enemy Slow: 8%/16%/24%/30%

Your bread and butter skill, and one of the reasons that Lyralei can offlane easily, with this, she takes 0 damage from auto attacks from both units and structures, enabling her to contest for last hits in the hardlane.

A simple trick to do if you're being chased by an enemy that relies heavily on autos to kill is to windrun then tp out, or Windrun and then use phase boots for maximum movespeed~

I usually leave this as a one point wonder until shackle and powershot are maxed out, as 3s usually is enough for you to reposition yourself, and the spell only scales in duration and slow

Max this after powershot and shackle.

R-Focus Fire
Mana cost: 75/100/125
CD: 60s (15s)*

Damage Penalty: 50/40/30% (30/15/0%)*

Spoiler: Click to view

Duration: 20s
(Targeted Spell, Attack Speed Bonus is only granted when you attack said target, can be used on buildings)

Gives you max attack speed for the duration, but penalizes you with a damage reduction on your autoattacks against the "stickied" target (includes orbs like Diffusal Blade)

Great Sieging tool and can deal sustained dps on an enemy hero.

As of 6.81 update, it is now absolutely ok to pick up an early point of Focus Fire due to its buff, and max it by lvl 16 (75/100/125 from flat 150 from 200/300/400), after you've maxed your other spells/when its needed

*Value after Agh's upgrade

Coupled with maelstrom and an aghs, focus fire enables windrunner to output significant dps to similar to that of a carry (with around 2-3 major items) in a short amount of time, while quickly moving on from target to target.

Take a point as early as possible if you are in a farming role, or hold onto your skillpoint if needed.


Starting items:

Standard Offlane Build

The Super Greedy Midas/Bottle Rush:

The 100% I will not die in the offlane start:

Seasoned Offlaner:

with any start, you should have at least 53 base damage to work with, and 4 armor


Why Ring of Protection?

You have extremely low base armor. Auto attacks literally destroy you and ruin your day. Also, it can be combined with a Sage's Mask (325g) into a Ring of Basilius at the side shop for 0.65 addional mana regen, +3 armor and +6 dmg boost!

If you feel that you don't need ring of protection, feel free to get extra regeneration items like another stack of tangoes or a salve.

Not only that you can disassemble the ring of basilius for the sage's mask which can be used for completing your orchid malevolence or euls.


Basically, if you managed to last hit well in your lane:

You should have (by mid game as an offlaner)
Phase boots (1350g)
Mekansm (2300g)
Magic stick or wand (200/500g)

I want to win my lane really badly


If really rich

Reasoning behind items:

Phase Boots: This item is great due to it giving +24 damage for easier last hits, and the item active is great since you have average movement speed- allowing you to get into position for shackleshots, also it synergizes with your ultimate once you skill it.

Mekansm- Lyralei is one of the faster mek farmers in the game, but, she is outdone by other heroes like Doom, Outworld, and etc, also, it gives all round stats, some regen and the armor she badly needs. Also it allows her to gain more utility outside of her shackleshot. Also, this frees up the support, allowing them to purchase other items

Magic Wand: Best item in game period. Burst regen from this item will save your life countless times.

Bottle: I get this item from time to time if I feel that I need the regen from it, its purpose is solely to get me through the laning phase, secure runes if my mid doesn't use bottle (e.g Invoker).

Oblivion Staff into Orchid Malevolence:
Gives a lot of attack speed, grants a silence
Also has a ton of mana regen and int, so your autos do hurt a lot.

Rule of thumb is, if someone has mek, you can either go Pipe of Insight or Force Staff. Two meks is extremely inefficient since the heal does not stack.

You've got your core and windrun is not enough?

Escape options:

Eul's scepter of divinity (2700g)

Like the Wind!

Spoiler: Click to view

Force Staff (2250g)

Use the force!

Spoiler: Click to view

Blink dagger (2150g)

Spoiler: Click to view


Late game-

Do I want to be a one girl wrecking crew?

Desolator (4100g)
Gives you +60 damage, and -7 armor is great, synergizes well with your ultimate , making you siege like no other.

Is there a Broodmother/Troll/PA/butterfly holder?

MKB (5400)
To land your attacks on those pesky dodgers

+88 damage, +35% chance to minibash, negates any form of evasion (bar backtrack >>) and gives +15 attackspeed
One of the best damage items you could buy on Lyralei.

Is there a QoP/Voker/Storm Spirit?

Scythe of Vyse or Orchid Malevolence
(5675 for Vyse, 5025 for Orchid)

To make them stfu, so that they dont kill your team with their spells, also this item gives you amazing solo kill potential

Scythe's buildup is expensive, but well worth it, it gives all rounded stats, increased mana regeneration and the wonderful hex ability

Orchid on the other hand has easier build up, but lacks in HP, and the active is more directed against spell casters

Do I need more Armor/Is there an enemy slardar/Did the enemy just pick 5 carries?

Shivas Guard

The -attack speed aura, active nuke/slow, plus the much needed armor, along with tons of int make it a great item on Lyralei situationally.

There's a Nature's Prophet/Broodmother/Clinkz backdooring?

Necronomicon 3
(2700 for Lv 1, 5200g for Lv 3)

Counter their creeps with your own. Also, they can't hide from you no longer :D,

This item enhances your push potential, and straight up counters most invisible heroes, and heroes that have bad mana pools or WK with his reincarnation (Melee N3 has the true sight effect), gives some HP and a lot of int, and a fantastic movespeed and attack speed aura.

There's a pub seeker and or space cow or doom/I need a reliable disable to stop TPs

Linkens or Euls
(5175g or 2700g)

:3 No Ult for you!

Pretty self explanatory why would you get these items.

Do I want to be a hipster?/Do I need HP and need help chasing my targets, while at cost effective price?

Rod of Atos

Extremely underrated item, even more than euls. Great slow, and allows for chasing, gives a lot of HP and INT

Want to shoot snowballs and need HP?

Eye of Skadi

Gives a 25 in all stats along with a bkb piercing slow, what's not to love?

Maelstorm/Mjolnir- Item is gucci now

Spoiler: Click to view

Other items to consider (I ran out of colors XD)
Spoiler: Click to view


Items you should not get:

Refresher-Your spells are on a short cd and aghanims exists for your ultimate.

Radiance-Most heroes that utilize radiance usually have a spell that allows them to create illusions, like Spectre, Naga and terrorblade to a certain extent, Windrunner however does not, and most int hero manta illusions are really weak, since they need more items to ensure their illusions are worthwhile.

Basher/Abyssal- 10% chance to bash for 1.4s
Spoiler: Click to view

Veil of Discord: You only have 1 nuke, as heroes that usually get this item have at least 2 sources of magical damage they can amplify, such as Sandking with his burrow strike/sandstorm/epicenter

Tranquils/Arcanes: You rely on autos to deal damage as well, and tranquils break at whenever you deal or are dealt any damage from auto attacks. There are much better alternatives to tranquils anyways.

For Arcanes, with the recent surge of popularity of Quas Wex invoker, it really doesnt seem as a bad choice anymore, due to how EMP drains every little last drop of precious precious mana you have. Once you're done wih it you can disassemble it and sell the energy booster.

In other situations, Phase outclasses arcanes in every way due to its active and the damage boost.

Bloodstone: Terrible item since it's expensive, the build up is bad (energy into soul booster) and it doesnt bring much utility, a Hex stick is a better alternative to it if you want Mana Regen and HP for a similar cost

Armlet: It's just that you don't benefit much from it other than toggling your hp to cheat death.

Butterfly: You aren't an agi hero, paying 6K for Agi, Attackspeed and evasion is counterproductive, when you dont benefit much from it. (or at all for that matter)

Sange and Yasha: This item is primarily for the strength and agility carries, you do benefit from the bonus movespeed and HP obtained from this item more than you do from the other statistics, and a simple sange would have sufficed or an ogre club into bkb.

Manta Style: Well, if only you were an agi hero, or had some of invisibility spell or ability or item, and if , if you were dusted you could dispel it. And something something about Int Hero Illusions being pathetically weak cuz something something about Illusions scaling off stats

Battlefury: It's pretttyyyyyyyyy obvious by now.
Spoiler: Click to view

Stout shield/Poor Man's Shield/Vanguard: Reconsider your life if you bought this on Lyra.

Also, for the crimson guard, yes, the item active is good, but it's pointless to get it since you have to get vanguard for it- its much better to have your melee tanky initiator to get it since they get more bang out of their buck for having it.


Explaining item & skill point choices in builds

Build 1:

Spoiler: Click to view

Build 2 :

Spoiler: Click to view

Build 3:

Spoiler: Click to view

item choice explanation coming soon tm

Laning Phase and Role in Game

Lyralei can fill any position (except the jungler ofc) in the game, due to this, you are able to waltz into any lane and do fine.

Of course, she does excel in some roles, the most obvious would be the offlaner role and mid laner.

(But if you aren't a core hero, and if there's already a carry please don't try to be one too, unless the situation calls for it and you can farm for damage items quickly)

Other Questions:

What does she do in team fights?
-CC the enemy carry and focus him/her down
-Peel for your carry
-Pop Mekansm and other item actives to ensure your team stays healthy throughout
-Prevent Initiators like Enigma or Magnus from using their ult (until their BKB)

Are there hero compositions she excels in?
Yes, an example would be a fast push composition that would look like

Pugna Solo Mid, Lyralei solo off/hard lane, Leshrac/Gyro/2nd support safe or Furion Jungle/Woods

Are there heroes that she synergizes with?
Of course, one such example would be Nature's prophet with sprout, Drow with her Aura, Elder Titan with a perfectly executed ult into perfect shackles.


OFFLANE, in general:

Keep your Lvl 1 skillpoint until you need it, and skill it according to the situation

Block your creeps, and try to stay close to your tower

If possible, burn as much regen from the enemy carries or support to make your trades worth while, as once the carry is out of regen, he/she will need to go back to base and will have to miss out on gold and experience. (1 tango charge for the opposing Spectre's salve is worth it, but that's the best possible situation.)

Powershot if you can get at least 2-3 last hits

Always keep 100 mana in reserve, just in case of a gank, so you can pop Windrun

Do not get greedy. Give up last hits if you have to. The main goal of the offlane is to obtain as much experience as possible without dying/feeding gold to the enemy carry.

Help secure runes at the 0:00 mark and 02:00 mark. And every 2 mins after. Maybe if you help your mid out, (s)he'll gank for you.

Use Observer Wards to block pull camps and areas where supports will traverse. This will ensure that you do not die and will get experience.

Examples of such

Hero matchups



Terrorblade:3/5, High Armor, but low HP, the problem is that he has great base damage and animation, ranged harass, and can kill you at Lv 2 with setup

Sven: 2/5 : He has mana issues early on and after two bolts he's oom, not only that, in order to do harass to you, he needs to get in melee range to do anything.

Wraith King: 2/5 : same as sven.

Chaos Knight: 3/5: I rethought about this. Although CK has mana issues, he has a relatively short CD gap closer which boosts his damage exponentially, and he really hurts.

Slardar: 1/5 : XD until blink dagger

Lifestealer: 2/5 : Although he has low armor, only has a slow, and his form of harass is through autos, but he has a great auto animation and high damage, along with his feast sustaining him a bit. Generally hard to deny cs

Bristleback: 4/5 : His early game is ridiculous and should he get at least 3 stacks of goo and quills on you, he's gonna crush you. Take caution

Gyrocopter: 3/5 : Gyro does high magic damage early on with his rocket barrage, and has a stun as well. But, his rocket requires him to be in melee range and his missile (stun) doesn't do much unless he maxes it out.

Phantom Lancer: 3/5: Relatively easy to harass once he uses lance. Delay his regen item (Vanguard usually) if possible. note that he has 4.2 agi gain and his base damage is quite good.

Troll Warlord: 4/5 : Troll is a lane bully, and is one of the worst heroes to duel against, due to him being able to shift the battle towards his favour with his blinding axes in melee form and slowing axes in ranged. Extended Trades against him are not favourable since he will get fervor stacks and pummel you. He has okay damage in both stances.

Luna: 4/5 : Easy set up with supports and hard to contest last hits with due to her passive, and great night vision + movespeed, also she can solo kill you with eclipse if you are out there in the open

Anti-Mage: 1/5 : He has no cc, needs to get in melee range to auto harass you, has extremely low amount of HP early on. Pushover. Just remember to gauge your mana, when he reaches 6, immediately leave lane if you're at 1/4 mana or below

Morphling: 2/5 : Morphling is a pretty strong hero, but his spells have hefty mana costs, with waveform and adaptive strike being in the high 100s, low movespeed of 285,and abysmal attack range. But his redeeming feature is the sheer damage that waveform produces and his improved base damage with his shifted stat gain via morph.

Delay his regen if possible, but keep yourself in good condition since Morph can kill you with a few right clicks and a wave.

Riki- 3/5- One of the most popular heroes in public games, its not rare to see him in the safelane (in pubs), he has a gap closer on a 5-10s cooldown and does quite a bit of damage with backstab. The only reason why I put him as 3 is due to the fact that smokescreen is really the one of the most annoying skills in the game due to it silencing/slowing/blinding you in it.

Drow Ranger-3/5: Drow has a really bad autoattack animation and low base armor, and it's really easy to deny her farm early on, but once she gets some levels in her orb and ult, she hits really hard, and her silence prevents you from using Windrun. :X She's also a natural shadowblade carrier, so get dust, if you see the claymore/amulet

Juggernaut- 2/5- His only form of retaliation is bladefury early on, but his Lv 6 is the worst since he can solo kill you under tower with ult. His base damage is mediocre early on. Windrun does not block Omni at all.

Faceless Void - 2/5 He really isn't a threat at all until his Mask of Madness/Attack Speed item and/or with Chrono. He also has great base damage as well.

Medusa-TBA (6.81 changes pending)

Spectre- 1/5, auto harass shreds her hp, and one or two powershots force a salve. You can kill her if you really want to. She's even weaker than AM.

Phantom Assassin- 1/5 This hero is a laughingstock, she can't do much besides throwing daggers and heavily relying on RNG to win a trade.

Weaver- 5/5 Armor Shredding, High Damage output, near perma-haste Insect pain train of death. Pretty much Powershot to get CS. Soul Ring is not a bad option here, if you feel that you dont want to deal with him.

Slark- 5/5 : Purges off shackles if timed right, and can trap you with his pounce, forcing a windrun, not only that, you lose stats in engagements. 6 and beyond he's unkillable

Sniper- 5/5 : Contrary to his frail appearance, Sniper is as ferocious as a Wild Mountain Bear (Kappa), and is one of the most aggravating heroes to lane against.
Bring extra regen, and try to keep yourself in tip-top condition. Headshot also goes through Windrun.



Omniknight- 1/5 :Minor Annoyance, but has no stuns/silences, feel free to contest the lane

Earthshaker- 3/5 : When against an Earthshaker, be wary of your positioning at all times, for if you stray too far, you may find yourself wedged between him and the enemy carry, not only that, he has quite some burst with enchant totem and may be able to hold you in place with his wide array of damaging stun(s)*

Alchemist- 5/5 : Remember when I said Lyralei has poor armor and will take a lot of damage? This yellow ogre is the stuff of nightmares, since his stun is physical, and his acid spray reduces your armor so, you're gonna take -a lot- of damage.

Ogre Magi- ???/5 Has a hard stun , slow all on lowish mana costs. At Lv1, he can cast fireblast for about 2-3 times, and once he reaches 6, he may kill you with multicasts. He's also quite resistant to harass even as an Int hero, with his surprisingly large health pool and armor.

Keeper of the Light: 3/5 : Here's the thing, KotL has one of the most painful nukes in the game, and most of them I encountered go for the 4/0/4/1 build, and try to illuminate at every possible opportunity. Basically hug the tower or bottle crow until he falls off

Jakiro- 4/5 : He hurts since most of his harass is amplified via his liquid fire, he has a large aoe stun, much like Earthshaker, but on a very cheap cost of ~90 mana, and he can set up very easy kills when he follows up with dual breath.

Lina- 3/5 :Kinda easy to dodge stun if you see the animation. Medium threat Pre-6, major threat at 6. Stun into Laguna Slave is your main concern here. She cant really deny your farm with her pizza making animation

Silencer- 5/5 : Cry as you will be drained, silenced, disarmed, and orb walked upon. This guy has anger issues. Get a Bottle ASAP/Magic stick and/or roam, since Silencer is terrible to deal with in the laning phase.

Shadow Shaman- 4/5 Rhasta may be slow, but he's one of the disable lords,tremble in fear as he polymorphs you into wildlife or binds you with his shackles! Keep sight of him with wards.

Rubick- 4/5 Telekinesis into a stun, mitigating your powershot with his aura, and if he steals anything that isnt Focusfire/Windrun,he's gonna be a major problem

Crystal Maiden- 4/5 :Medium to high threat all game, due to the fact that her R1 (rank 1) hard root that lasts half as long as a R1 Windrun, an aoe nuke/slow that hurts and along with her mana regen aura sustaining her to permit all that spell spam. Get a Magic stick

Disruptor- 5/5 He has okayish mana costs, and preys on your positioning, go too far out and he can trap you. If he can glimpse he still can trap you, and with his ult, theres pretty much no escape when he does 60-80% of your HP in 3 seconds

Bane- 5/5: You will learn to fear him, he can set up kills easily with nightmare into a stun, drain your damage and also heal off you with sap. And if you stray too far when he's 6, he'll grope you with his filthy fiends grip and you can't retaliate at all.

Dazzle- 2/5 : He isn't really much of a danger since he lacks damage and an instant stun, but he mitigates a lot of your harass with wave. Later on in teamfights he'll shred your armor with weave and that's it.

Warlock- 4/5. Fatal bonds is the one of the features that make warlock so annoying to lane against, and his shadow word mitigates harass you've dealt towards your opposition. At Lv6, they have great killing potential with golems, so take heed and prevent yourself from clustering up.

Shadow Demon- 5/5 Eredar has one of the best set ups for killing anyone early on in the game with disruption alone, with help ofc. In addition, he has one of the best steroids in the game (in my opinion), with soul catcher. Good thing to note that Eredar is rarely seen outside of a Tri Lane.

Lich-4/5 : Muh EXP ;_; and that endless Q spam is extremely annoying.

Ancient Apparition: TBA

Leshrac- 3/5 : Dont get caught by split earth and Edict. Other than that, you're good

Lion- 5/5 : He can and will cc you to death, or drain your mana, making you susceptible to follow up stuns/cc, and it gets worse once he reaches 6

Visage- TBA

Witch Doctor/Skrillex- Depends on how unlucky you are on the cask bounces.

Earth Spirit- Depends on how good the player is at landing boulder smash.

Abaddon- 1/5 : Easy Lane , he has no hard cc so... (please note that aphotic shield cleanses off your shackleshot debuff, and killing him will be a hassle later on)

Sand King- 3/5 : He has a stun along with the fact if he skills caustic, stay a reasonable distance away from the creeps

Nyx Assassin- 5/5 : Mana burn hurts, and it doesnt help that it's based off your int multipied by X integer, has a hard stun, and he has a defense mechanism which can set up for kills.

Other Possible Matchups

Clinkz-4/5: Natural Orchid holder, does high damage with searing arrows, nigh impossible to kill due to walk (although you can shackle into powershot before he completely becomes invis) He has a terrible, terrible attack animation.

Mirana-3/5: She has pretty low damage for a ranged hero, roughly about 49~50+ damage with a wraith band, but she deals insane magical damage and has a stun to boot. She's relatively hard to kill due to leap but she can't really contest you for cs and her stun is easily dodged unless she shoots it from fog.

(Detailed explanations may be added in the near future)

Guide Changelog & Acknowledgements

24/1/2014-Created Guide V1.0.0
26/1/2014- Added Images and Matchups
28/1/2014-Edited Focus Fire due to buff
7/4/2014- Added Stout Shield and Misc
X/6/2014- Changed Mjolnir and changed Focus Fire Mana cost listing
3/11/2014- Late Edit in response to the .82 buffs.

Spoiler: Click to view

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