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Lady Naga: A Guide to Naga Siren

September 24, 2013 by enderarms
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Build 1
Build 2

Carry Naga Siren

DotA2 Hero: Naga Siren

Hero Skills

Mirror Image

4 7 10 14


1 3 8 12

Rip Tide

2 5 9 13

Song of the Siren

6 11 16


15 17 18


Naga Siren is a fearsome hero in teamfights and is a very underestimated hero.

Item Justification : Carry Build

Early Game

Quelling Blade makes up for her TERRIBLE starting damage, 49.
Ring of Aquila is great because it gives her all the stats she needs, and the ring looks a bit like her too. The regen and armor will help a lot during the early game. I get Power Treads rather than arcane boots because although you need mana, I feel that Power Treads can help with other problems like tankiness and last hitting. I get a Bottle instead to take care of my mana. The first item I get is a Yasha later made into a Manta Style.

After the Yasha I get a Diffusal Blade which is very good in a 1v1, and against heroes who hide behind their passives like Omniknight. Then I get a Vanguard to tank up and get regen, and finish off with Manta Style. Great item for all hard carries, and gives good stats and now you have 7 Illusions :D A Linken's Sphere or Crystalys will give you tankiness, so choose one.

If you need a huge damage output, go for a Daedalus. A Linken's Sphere is good against stuns. A Radiance is good if you are doing very well early game. Vladimir's Offering offers lifesteal. Orchid Malevolence is good against Weaver and other invis heroes like Clinkz or spammers like Skywrath Mage. Heart of Tarrasque or Butterfly should be bought if the game carries on for at least 50 min.

Skill Justification : Carry Build

All of Naga's Spells are good so I even out the leveling. Ensnare should be leveled at 1 and 3 to help ensure a kill. This skill goes well with your 2 other skills. Rip Tide should be leveled as a damage ability and to flash farm. Use this skill sparingly early game to conserve your low mana pool. Mirror Image should be leveled at 4 to provide pushing skills. I usually try to even out my leveling, since all of her spells are equally important.
Song of the Siren can situationally be leveled at 9,11, and 16 if you are farming and not ganking with your team. If you are in teamfights level this, but if you are mostly 1v1 then dont get this until 8.

Item Justification : Support Build

Naga Siren ? A SUPPORT?
Yes that is very right. Naga Siren is commonly played as a support these days because of her initiation and teamfight presence.

Early Game

Get wards for your team, especially if against Pudge Spirit Breaker and Broodmother, or other ganker or invis heroes. Then get Urn of Shadows for the heal and stats.

Arcane Boots and Urn of Shadows make you kind of a fountain for your team. I get a Mekanism or a Blink Dagger. Blink increases your initiation range with Ensnare and Song of the Siren. A Medallion of Courage synergises well with your extremely high armor.

Vladimir's Offering - Team stats
Pipe of Insight - Enemy has huge nukes
Drum of Endurance - Good ganking tool

Skill Justification : Support Build

Ensnare is the first thing you should level up. This gives your team a huge advantage against the enemy. Riptide can be leveled as an armor debuff, but dont use this to farm.
Mirror Image can be used to confuse the enemy. Song of the Siren work together nicely, and opposed to the carry build, you will need it in your teamfights.

Read how to properly use her ultimate below.

How to Use Song of the Siren

Song of the Siren is like Chronosphere because a misuse will cause your team the fight.

-Use it when the enemy is escaping
-Use it to gather your team
-Use as an escape
-Gather your team to defend a tower

-Use it during your team channeling [ Freezing Field, Death Ward
-Use it during a nuke[ Wall of Replica, Call Down, Chaos Meteor, Epicenter etc]
-Use it on a single target unless you are level 16 and the cooldown is only 60

The End

I hope this guide was useful!
Many more additions coming!

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