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How to annoying support for enemy.

March 9, 2015 by vucklentine
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Support - Disabler

DotA2 Hero: Lion

Purchase Order

Starting Item

Animal Courier
Ring of Protection

Early - Mid item

Tranquil Boots
Force Staff
Observer Ward
Flying Courier
Urn of Shadows
Eul's Scepter of Divinity

Late Item

Boots of Travel
Blink Dagger
Scythe of Vyse

Situational Item

Rod of Atos
Pipe of Insight
Shiva's Guard
Aghanim's Scepter
Black King Bar

Rejected Item

Shadow Blade
Dagon 1

Hero Skills

Earth Spike

1 5 8 9


3 12 13 14

Mana Drain

2 4 7 10

Finger of Death

6 11 16


15 17 18

How to annoying support for enemy.

March 9, 2015


Hi, vucklentine here.

I want to share about my favorite hero, Lion.
I love this hero because Lion can support - disable - nuke - babysitting and stun enemy. Very usefull hero.
Now, i will tell you about Lion's build support - disabler style.
Anyway this is my first guide and not well for use english. So, i hope you can understand what i mean :D
Check this out!

Pros / Cons

[*] Finger of Death (ultimate skill) is one of deadly skill in Dota2
[*] Usefull 2 skill disable, can avoid from ganking or care allies
[*] Drain enemy mana for survive on lane as long as you want
[*] Can gank from level 1

[*] Slow movement speed
[*] Low maximum HP (Hit Point)
[*] Low Armor
[*] Low Base Damage


1. Earth Spike
2. Hex
3. Mana Drain
4. Mana Drain
5. Earth Spike
6. Finger of Death
7. Earth Spike
8. Mana Drain
9. Earth Spike
10. Mana Drain
11. Finger of Death
12-14. Hex
15. Stats
16. Finger of Death
17-25. Stats

Take Earth Spike at level 1, very usefull for ganking and take first blood or avoid from ganking. And at level 2, you can take Hex or Mana Drain.
You need Hex when you feel unsafe on your lane or caring your carry. You need Mana Drain when you feel need a lot of mana.
Take Finger of Death as soon as possible!
My advice:
1. Full Earth Spike until level 4
2. Full Mana Drain until level 4
3. Full stats
4. Full Hex until level 4


Starting item:

: role support must buy this! :p

: buy it for upgrade to Tranquil Boots, because Ring of Regen and Boots of Speed can buy at Side Lane Shop (Top or Bottom Lane)

: 1 set (4 tango) for survive on lane or give your allies one or two tango on lane especially carry

: buy one or two clarity after Ring of Protection, Tango and Animal Courier, you need it because on level 1 you have no Mana Drain

Early - Mid item:

: buy for needs your HP, because your mana have Mana Drain for fullfill it.

: usefull item for any condition, for me, better buy Force Staff than Blink Dagger. Example condition: when enemy will attack your carry, you can pull back your carry so the carry is save. Sacrifice your hero when enemy still pursuit. Better support die than carry die.

: buy it for upgrade Animal Courier. Don't let any role especially carry buy this!!!

: i choose this because healing very usefull for supporting your allies after ganking or war, your team not need back to the fountain for restore HP and increase your strength for maximum HP.

: cyclone can disable enemy. It will make annoying for enemy. Very usefull item. beside increase intelligence stats and regen bonus, +40 movement speed is good for Lion

: support must bring this item. Help your allies and back up them fast!

Late item:

: very usefull item for open ganking or avoid enemy comming

: double hex is very usefull for war or ganking. and increase maximum MP

: buy this for replace Tranquil Boots, very usefull in any condition.

Situational item:

: i choose this item, because your item healing for your allies NOT for you. Regeneration HP and Mana from this item very usefull. AND when you die, you can fast respawn and back on your team, because your role very important for war, for late game, every second is very important.

: buy this for increase your armor and stats and very usefull if you use it when your team fighting in war.

: buy this when 3 of 5 your enemy is magical attack or spell caster

: Cripple, can slow movement speed one target. So one enemy can not escape from you. Use this after Earth Spike and Hex.

: Arctic Blast, slow movement speed area target and deal damage for enemy. Usefull item when your team fighting in war.

: short cooldown of Finger of Death

: anti magic for while!

Rejected item:

Dagon : This item is too expensive and you already have Finger of Death. Use gold for another item.

: Do not buy this item for escape from enemy!!! and you no need attack speed or increase base damage. Use Force Staff or Blink Dagger for escape.

Team Work

1. Ganking with carry/allies:
usually i will roaming to ganking if i have force staff. If you want to ganking, go with Force Staff then Hex enemy first, then direct use Finger of Death, then let carry free hit to enemy until die, if enemy not die, use Earth Spike and use Mana Drain to enemy. SO, enemy can not escape from our gank.

ATTENTION!!! DO NOT KILL SECURE (KS) WITH Finger of Death except enemy will escape or carry can not kill that enemy

2. War 5v5:
Let tanker/initiator open the war, don't too far with carry because you must caring carry. If war start, Hex enemy's tanker or carry. Or "enemy" attack our carry. You must remember, Caring your carry! Let carry free hit. Use Mana Drain when Earth Spike or Hex cooling down.

3. Defense base:
Spam Earth Spike to enemy. Use Hex rarely because you need it when war start from defense base.

4. After war:
Use healing item ex: Urn of Shadow for allies that have low HP especially carry. If you have low mana, go to nearest creep jungle, and use Mana Drain to suck mana. You must always ready when our team go war again.

NOTE: You only can back to fountain, when die!


1. NEVER USE Finger of Death for Kill Secure (KS) !!! except we have no choice to fast kill

2. 3A: Always buy ward, Always ready town portal, Always look minimap!

3. Make the carry free hit until enemy die!


Please leave some comment on this guide. Thats very helpfull!

I hope my guide is usefull for everyone that try Lion

Thankyou very much!

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