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Grimstroke Guide (DotA 2)

October 5, 2018 by Vindicator_Morty
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3


DotA2 Hero: Grimstroke

Hero Skills

Ink Trail (Innate)

Stroke of Fate

1 3 5 7

Phantom's Embrace

2 4 8 9

Ink Swell

11 13 14 16


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+70% Stroke of Fate Speed and Travel Range
+150 Ink Swell Radius
+3 Hits to Kill Phantom
+75% Stroke of Fate Damage
+12% Ink Swell Movement Speed
+25% Soulbind Spell Damage
-4s Ink Swell Cooldown
+65 Phantom's Embrace DPS

Grimstroke Guide (DotA 2)

October 5, 2018


Spoiler: Click to view


Spoiler: Click to view

Pros & Cons

PROS +Long cast ranges
+ Multiple slows and disables
+ Very strong combo potential with Soulbind
CONS - Mana hungry
- Very reliant on abilities (weak if silenced)
- Relies on team coordination

Tip: Spells cast on a hero affected by Soulbind are also cast on the other hero giving your teammates great value from targeted spells (like Reaper's Scythe or Chain Frost)


Spoiler: Click to view


Strong nuking ability with 5 second cooldown at level 4. It deals more damage if you can hit more enemies in a line while also providing a movement speed slow. It can hit units up to 1560 (2160 with talent) range away.
Force fleeing enemies to either deal with the phantom or suffer huge damage if they fail to get rid of it. The phantom instantly dies if the target turns invisible or spell immune.
This ability can either be used as an initiation tool that stuns and nukes enemies in area around the target unit or to save an ally from a gank since it provides up to 30% movement speed bonus and auto attack immunity (while silencing and disarming the target).
This ability makes some great combos with Doom, Chain Frost, Laguna Blade, etc. The more the chain gets stretched, the slower the affected heroes can walk away from each other, eventually coming to a full stop (it directly affects movement speed).

Fun fact: even thought majority of single-target spell cast on a hero affected by soul bind also cast on linked hero, there are some exceptions. Spells that don't work are: Omnislash, Static Link, Charge of Darkness, Nether Strike, Focus Fire, Shuriken Toss, Paralyzing Cask, Soul Assumption.


+90 Gold/Min
+30 Movement Speed

If you are playing as a support you'll probably want to take the GPM talent. If you play as a core, movement speed can help you chase/escape from enemies.
+125 Cast Range
+12% Spell Amplification

This choice mostly depends on your play style. While more damage is a strong option, additional safety provided by increased cast range allows you to stay safe in fights.
+2 Hits to Kill Phantom's Embrace
+600 Stroke of Fate Cast Range

If you rely on Phantom's Embrace as a nuke, more health for Phantom may be nice, however additional range allows you to hit enemies further away.

+50% Stroke of Fate Damage
+200 Ink Swell Radius

Another decision between damage and utility. If you have strong initiatiors like Centaur Warrunner increased stun radius may be a great idea. However if you're a carry, increased damage is a no-brainer.



Soulbind can target both Io and it's Tethered ally. Phantom embrace can stop Relocate channel.
Stroke of Fate gets increased damage from spiders. Phantom's Embrace provides vision if she flees into the trees. Ink Swell can save teammates from Incapacitating Bite's slow and help them escape.
Lack of escapes makes it hard to escape from both Ink Swell and Stroke of Fate. Phantom's Embrace's silence prevents Terrorblade from casting Sunder.
Ink Swell prevents Clinkz from attacking his target.
Stroke of Fate gets increased damage from illusions. Ink Swell in combination with Phantom's Embrace prevents Phantom Lancer from escaping wihth Doppelganger if properly timed.

spell shield reduces Grimstroke's magical damage nuke. Mana Void deals a lot of damage to Grimstroke because of his large mana pool.
Repel negates effects of Soulbind and protects against Grimstroke's high magic damage.
Unstable Current dispels Ink Swell making it inefiffcient disable against him.
Cloak and Dagger destroys Phantom's Embrace when Riki becomes invisible. Smoke Screen's silence prevents Grimstroke from escaping with Ink Swell.
Global Silence makes Grimstroke usless for the duration. Arcane Curse punishes Grimstroke for spamming abilities.


Starting Items

Provides early lane sustain with four charges (you have to use it on a tree or ward). Tangos can be shared with allies (use Tango and click on an ally you want to share it with).
As a support you should provide vision for you team. You can give it to the mid laner to make his lane a bit easier or ward one of the rune spots.
Animal courier is a must buy at the start of the game. If you play the support you should buy it and make life of your carries a bit easier.
Active consumes Healing Salve and restores 400 HP over 8 seconds (50 health/second)
Two Iron Branches provide you with additional stats and can be used for the Magic Wand later.

Tip: Iron Branch has an active that plants a tree. Consuming the tree with Tango provides additional duration for health regen.

Early Game

Provides you with active that restores your health and mana.
If you play support, Tranquil Boots provide a lot of mobility and sustain through their passive.
Another Boots of Speed upgrade option if you need mana more than survivability.
Magic Wand is a great item (especially against heroes that frequently use spells) that can save you or guarantee a kill if you need more mana.
Soul Ring can solve you mana issues if you don't choose Arcane Boots.

Tip: Players sometimes overlook active items in your inventory such as Magic Wand or Faerie Fire that might allow you to heal for just enought to kill them instead of dying.

Core Items

Increased cast range along with mana and mana regen makes Aether Lens a great overall item for heroes that rely on casting their spells.
Active provides a solid nuke that works with Soulbind.
Veil of Discord's active decreases magic resistance of enemies in the area which compliments other magic damage nukes.
Another strong item for spell casters that increases spell amplification and decreases mana cost (which is great because Grimstroke's spells are relatively mana expensive.

Late Game Items

Provide additional mobility around the map.
Very strong item that provides cooldown reduction and spell lifesteal (spells heal you for percentage of the damage they deal) along with many usefull stats.
Another strong late game item for intelligence heroes. Active tranforms an enemy for 3.5 seconds making it a strong disable against enemy cores (you can Hex two targets if you use it on Soulbinded enemy).

Tip: Remember that items that target enemies (like Dagon 1 and Scythe of Vyse) get additional value from Soulbind so don't use them before unless really necessary.

Situational Items

Provide a lot of mobility and possible initiation tool in combination with Ink Swell.
Poor man's Blink Dagger.
Active can combo with Ink Swell stun.
Active works well with other crowd control from Grimstroke. Armor and intelligence are also welcome.
Strong active that increases your nuke damage. It can be used as an escape tool, if enemies rely on physical damage/lack disables.
Strong item if you need magic immunity. Damage and strength don't scale well with Grimstroke's kit.

Tip: Meteor Hammer's channel lasts 2.5 seconds. If you time it correctly you can chain stun enemies for up to 6 seconds in combination with Ink Swell (2.2/2.8/3.4/4 stun duration/level).


All in all Grimstroke is a very strong hero that works best in well coordinated teams. His abilities provide a many different disables (silence, stun) as well as huge burst potential. Soulbind is a very unique ability that can amplify abilities from your team. Unfortunately his mobility isn't great so be careful when playing against mobile/invisible heroes (if they catch you, you're most likely dead).

Hopefully this guide helps you understand the hero and his play style a bit better and if you have any suggestions/opinions/ideas please comment and I'll try to address the issue when possible.

Cheers <3

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