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Ermahgerd Slardar

November 8, 2013 by Tyerker
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Build 1
Build 2

Whern Yer Ern Er Lern

DotA2 Hero: Slardar

Hero Skills

Seaborn Sentinel (Innate)

Guardian Sprint

5 12 13 14

Slithereen Crush

1 4 7 8

Bash of the Deep

2 3 9 10

Corrosive Haze

6 11 16


15 17 18

Sterterng Erterms

Slardar bernerferts from high Strength, so get him a Gauntlets of Strength
He erlso bernerferts from staying alerv, so Tango and Stout Shield
Thern a Clarity to cerst more Slithereen Crush

Stay close to your tower for the beginning of the game. Getting an early Bash to go close to your tower could secure a kill. Use Slithereen Crush sparingly in the early game as the mana cost is pretty high until you get some levels.

Earler Percherse

It dersn't take Slardar much to bercerm derngerers.
Boots of Speed herlps you gert arernd ferster.
Bracer merks you ervern strernger.
Orb of Venom keeps perple from rernerng erwer. Ernd more darmerge!

Orb is good on pretty much all slow-moving melee heroes. It's a shame it only builds into Eye of Skadi which is hella expensive. But If you're in a 2 or 3 role (which Slardar typically should be) you should have enough farm end game.

Der Merd Germ

Power Treads gervs atterck sperd and strerngth which are both gerd.
You can try Phase Boots for initiation, but the Attack Speed of Power Treads is honestly better.
Vanguard for regernerertion, herlth and blerck.

At this point you should be using Slithereen Crush whenever it will effect more than one hero, and any time you get into a right-click fight with a melee hero. You can also use it mid-game to farm your lane faster and potentially get some quick jungle farm. Sprint away if you get low and are already out of range for any significant attacks.


Eye of Skadi for more slow and sterts. Slow + Bash = the guy doesn't get away.
Satanic for lerfsterl and strerngth. Big increase in damage, HP, and big time Lifesteal.
Assault Cuirass for ermer and erterck sperd. Plus everyone on your team gets the Attack Speed boost.
Desolator for ermer rerderctiern. Helps boost damage against tanky heroes, and when combined with Amplify Damage even Tiny with Shiva's Guard will go down quick
Daedalus for darmerge and crert. Seems pretty obvious on a right-click-dependent hero.
Radiance ter hert ervererwern. Huge AOE damage can help in the team fight, plus a big time straight damage boost.
Heart of Tarrasque gives a nice strength / health boost, but is pretty expensive.
Monkey King Bar erf they derdge. Pretty much if they have dodgy heroes, or heroes using Butterfly, get this and you can't miss.
Orchid Malevolance ia nice for the attack speed, mana regen, and the active of even more damage amplifcation is nice. This way you can use Slardar's Amplify Damage on one hero, use the silence/amplify damage on another, and then you get two heros taking extra damage. Plus the nuke at the end of Orchid Malevolance can finish off anyone who manages to survive.

All of these items are very expensive, I get that. But the core you have:
Power Treads
Orb of Venom
Is a pretty good, and very inexpensive, core. You can make Drum of Endurance if you want, or sell the Bracer while you're building Satanic, Daedalus, or Desolator. You pretty much want to maximize your right-click damage, as that's his biggest asset. Satanic is good because it adds damage, strength (which equates to mroe damage), and a the most Lifesteal possible. Helps keep you alive, too.

Mid-Late Low Farm Items

Hyperstone should be top priority. The attack speed can be a huge boost for Slardar and increases his damage output big time. Plus if you do manage to get some farm it builds into Assault Cuirass or Mjollnir

Next would be Vladmir's Offering. I know that Helm of the Dominator builds into Satanic, but if you aren't getting enough farm, the aura / bonus damage / regen of Vlad's makes more sense, in my eyes.

Next would be Armlet of Mordiggian. I know a lot of people consider this core on most Strength right-clickers, but I honestly am not a huge fan of the life drain it has. However, this, in combination with lifesteal from Vladmir's Offering, Helm of the Dominator, or Satanic makes sense because the life drain gets healed back with each hit.

Skerl Erder

Slithereen Crush at lerverl 1 for cerntrerl.
Bash for 2 lerverls to stern.
Slithereen Crush at leve l4 for more dermerge.
Sprint at level 5 to gert erwer erf yer nerd ter.
Amplify Damage ert 6 bercerse.

Merx Slithereen Crush nerxt for merst dermerge.
Thern merx Bash for stern.
Amplify Damage ergern ert 11.
Merx Sprint lerst bercerse yer dern't rerly urse ert merch.

Use Slithereen Crush to farm the lane, or to hit multiple enemies.
Only use Sprint to help travel from the fountain to the river (or farther) or to escape AFTER you are out of range, or you'll end up just getting killed from the extra damage you take.
Use Amplify Damage on the following:
- Riki or Shadow Blade users to provide True Sight
- The carry
Then you want to help focus them. This also adds damage for Slithereen Crush so use that if you get within range. If you have a mic, announce who you're Amplifying if it's not obvious.

Gernkerng Berld

Stert werth 3 Gauntlets of Strength fer mer strerngth ernd ter berld, Tango fer herlth, ernd Calrity fer merner.

Berld Bracer ernd Urn of Shadows ernd Boots of Speed ter bercerm a gernkerng merchern. Cherse doods ernd rergern ernd do high erterck.

User the Bracer to make Drum of Endurance to chase even better and increase erterck sperd.

Thern Mask of Madness fer Berserk ernd lerfsterl. Good fer gernkerng, not so gerd fer teamfights. Also Power Treads for erterck sperd ernd mervmernt.

Finally, you want to have a Blink Dagger in most instances. You can Sprint around the map until you get close to range, Blink in and start wreaking havoc.

Two different ideas for end game.

1. Ethereal Blade + Dagon
- Erncerpercerterts a guy, and ermplerfers dermerge. Dagon does extra dermerge because of Ethereal Blade and a berg nerk when it runs out from yer strerngth stert. Plus Slardar has ni magical damage by default, so the Dagon gives him that option, potentially.
2. Daedalus + Butterfly
- Crit, attack speed, damage, evasion, ultimate combo. You just need to have the gold for it. These two items combine to make any character into a wrecking ball. And if you take the base attack of Slardar, plus his tankiness, these items can make him the ultimate carry.

If you choose to get either of these combinations of "Ultimate Weapons", you will need to get rid of an item to make room. You can get rid of Urn of Shadows if you don't have many charges, or if you have a healer on your team, or if someone has Mekansm. Otherwise, get rid of Vanguard as the damage block doesn't scale all that well into the late game. And think of it this way, if you end up with enough gold for Daedalus and Butterfly chances are you are either very close to the end of the game or the game has been going on for a VERY long time.

Gernkerng Skerl Erder
- More points in Sprint because escaping / getting around are a higher priority as a ganker
- You'll usually want to Amplify Damage, then Blink in, Slithereen Crush, Berserk, and right-click like there's no tomorrow. Once you get the kill, turn of Berserk and then Sprint towards the nearest tree-line to break vision if anyone on the other team found you.
- Have a good awareness of the lane fights going on. Don't be a kill-stealer but definitely be available if you're needed.
- You can also consider Phase Boots or Boots of Travel because Sprint is percentage-based.

Fernerl Werds

Slardar ers very fern. He ders lerts erf dermerge and cern ternk dercerntler. Hers dermerge cern ber perwerferl ernd yer cern gert er RERMPERGE!

He is best as a ganker, or as an initiator. But his right-click is powerful enough end-game, he can also turn into a team-wiper like Lifestealer or Night Stalker. Just get him a bit of survivability early, and then start building attack damage and attack speed, and he can wipe through even the tankiest of carries with no problem.

*note* I know this is a bit hard to read but it's all in good fun.
Yer Frernd,
I added in some normal English for more solid tips, and to get the guide up to the required length.

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