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Basic BloodSeeker Guide

July 23, 2012 by PsychoDm
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Build 1
Build 2

Beginner build

DotA2 Hero: Bloodseeker

Hero Skills


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Blood Rite

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Hello! This is my first guide so stay with me here. I like Bloodseeker. He's a really awesome Hero but a lot of times when people pick him, they don't know how to use him and end up bringing their team down. I wanted to make a basic guide just for beginners that wanted to give him a try so they don't suck as much.

Build 1: Is a more standard build for Bloodseeker

Build 2: This is an experimental build for him and I must say I like this build a lot more. Give it a try and take screenshots. Id be willing to put you on the guide.

Pros / Cons

- Amazing GANKER
- Speed Boost from his thirst makes it easy to chase
- Good Lane duration
- Good escapes in team battles
- If done right, can output damage like a carry because of Bloodrage

- Squishy
- Smart players will bait you
- Early game is a little tough against ranged heroes
- Relies on farm


BloodRage (Q)
Using BloodRage at the right time can either make or break your game. At level 1 it is a good way to shut down Int Heroes. It silences them and does damage over time (but it also increases their damage). At higher levels though, Bloodseeker can cast this on himself (or on your carry) to give you a huge boost in damage (80% at level 4). Out of the 3 skills, I recommended getting this to level 4 last but if you are facing a good Int Hero that is still dominating late game, You might want to level this last even after attributes. This will insure that you have a way to silence them and then rape them as they run ;)

Blood bathBlood Bath (W)
This is an amazing passive early and late game that allows you to regain health for last hitting creeps and Heroes. That's why I choose to start with branches instead of tangos because you shouldn't need them if you are last hitting. Not much else can be said about this. If you are planning to jungle you might want to level this up faster than Thirst.

Thirst (E)
This just happens to be my favorite skill of Bloodseeker's. At early level's this isn't the best skill. But at level 4 anyone below 40% within 6000 range you gain sight of and you gain a 44% movement speed. Yes, you run like hell. This is GREAT for chasing and it can also be used as an escape mechanism in team fights if you are low on health.

Rupture (R)
Rupture is Bloodseeker's bread and butter. It's a Pub-Stomper. It does 350 initial damage BUT THAT'S NOT ALL (sorry too excited), the more they move the more damage they take. Combine this with your other skills and Bloodseeker becomes deadly in 1v1 or chasing down fleeing enemies.



Your starting items are basic. They the Quelling Blade helps you farm which is essential in helping you stay in your lane longer.

Core Items are also basic. You should get these when you return to base (I would say after level 6). Poor Man's Shield is nice to have and you gain some Agility.

I'll go through and explain when you should have situational Items.

I try to shoot for Radiance if I am doing really well and being fed early game. This item so amazing because of Blood bath. In a team fight, the HP boost you get from the creep that died because of Radiance might save your life.
Note: I am not too experienced jungling with Bloodseeker but I have been told that this is a better way to go if you plan on building radiance.

Generally I try to get Radiance at the 25 minute mark. If it doesn't look like that is happening, I end up going with Vladmir's Offering and Sange and Yasha. A lot of people don't agree with getting Vladmir's Offering on Bloodseeker but I think it's a great item if you can get it early game. You get damage, and armor. Don't forget that 16% lifesteal that will help you stay in lanes longer.

If the game is not going to well for me early on I just get Power Treads (or Phase Boots then Sange and Yasha. SnY is a great item to have and Maim is good when you are focusing on a fleeing hero. Also Strength give you a little more HP to make up for his Squishiness (which really isn't too too bad)

Assault Cuirass increase attack speed which I think helps you kill creeps fast to help you gain some health back and also armor is nice to have.

Blade Mail is good to have if you are going against a DPS head on. You activate it, run at him and once he sees that he is not going to win he might run which is when you either chase or Rupture then lolgg.

Edit: I also want to add that Force Staff is great when combined with Rupture. Just a little something to piss off people who think they're safe ;)

UPDATE: This is now the build I use when I play Bloodseeker. I rarely had a bad game.

So this build is all about late game attack speed combined with Bloodrage. That and amazing farm thanks to the Maelstrom and then eventually Mjollnir. Early game it is essentially the same as up top but instead of trying to build Radiance you go for a Maelstrom instead. With high enough attack speed, farming will be a piece of cake.

The reason I chose to go with Mjollnir instead of Radiance is because sometimes we need a little extra early game to gank and to participate in team fights. Mjollnir has a couple items that make it so it's nice to get them bit by bit so you can still be strong enough to fight.

Also static shield is a good way to surprise an opponent when you are fighting him near a creep wave and all of a sudden you are chain lightning and creeps. Blood Bath is your best friend. Don't forget the lifesteal either. Thats always something nice to have for high attack speed heroes.

After getting Mjollnir your farm will go up an insane amount. The rest is situational.

It wouldn't hurt trying to got for Daedalus for crit damage + Bloodrage. Your attack speed will be insane enough already because of Mjollnir.

Shadow Blade is also a nice plus which after testing out in a game I must say is a very nice escape tool after a gank (or if you screw up a gank). Its also a nice surprise in team fights when the team thinks there are only 4 people there and then bam Rupture'd as one of them tries to run away.

Black King Bar is a good late game item to get against int heroes (Like OD). But it isnt essential.

Desolator is one of those items you can't go wrong with especially when facing strength heroes and tanks.
Thanks! XenoMe for the improved item build

General Strategy

This is where I might rant on a little. Bloodseeker is NOT a Carry. He is a GANKER. Don't run straight into team battles and attack the person with the most health.

Early Game
The best place to be is middle lane with Bloodseeker. Why? So you can get to level 6 fast and start ganking. He has very little range so you have to time your last hits right so you can stay in the lane longer. Obviously do your best not to die and if you are middle lane with an Int Hero, use Bloodrage to harass them. If you do not last hit and deny creeps.....start to. this is essential for any hero to learn but with someone who is as farm-reliant as Bloodseeker it can make the difference between you getting Radiance or not.

If you are not middle lane, try to lane with a support or someone that has good disables. DO NOT LANE WITH A CARRY OR ANYONE THAT NEEDS FARM. If you do one of you will not be well farmed.

Mid Game
By this point you should have Rupture and be able to gank a couple of runaways or Solo Laners. Small team fights will start breaking out. Target anyone running away or on low HP. A good combo vs an Int Hero is Bloodrage, Rupture then chase them. Against anyone else you can also Rupture then Bloodrage yourself to give yourself more damage. Your passives are still active even though you are silenced by Bloodrage.

This is where you will decide what your build will be. If by the 20 minute mark you have 3000 gold, I would say go ahead, try to get Radiance (if you don't die and lose gold). If you are short on gold due to lack of last hitting or you got shut down once or twice, I would get Vladmir's Offering or Power Treads. Vladmir's Offering are good if you want to stay in your lane longer because of Lifesteal and HP regen and Power Treads if you plan on having higher attack speed and damage to burst gank people.

Late Game
Lots of team fights here and if you did everything right mid game you should have good enough items to gank almost anyone. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF Thirst. If you see it come on, look around the map to see who's low, chase them, and Rupture them. If you can't rupture, Bloodrage on yourself and chase. I never approach a team fight from the front. Sometimes I might wait in the trees for someone who has low enough health where the damage from Rupture might make them run back (only to realize they lost health because of my ult :)) If they are smart and don't move, quickly run in for the kill and take advantage of Thirst and gtfo before they chase you.

Who you focus on during your gank adventures (its what I call it) REALLY makes a difference. A lot of times, I like to take out their Supports like Omniknight and Dazzle so the team has no heals. Many times though, you will be asked to take out their strongest hero. For example, a well fed Ursa from the other team runs into a team fight. I will focus on taking him out before he wrecks my entire team. It's really dependent on the situation who you should focus on. Just remember not to charge in blindly and take out someone who is not a threat to the team just for an easy kill.

Take advantage of Thirst to chase down running heroes.

Counters to Bloodseeker

I was debating putting this section in but I feel like it is important to warn you about some of the things you will encounter. If you are unprepared for them, you will fail.

Hero Counters
Just so you know most ranged heroes on middle lane with you will give you problems. Int heros can be silenced but ranged heroes with high damage output can harass you and make it difficult for you to farm.

Viper is a tough mofo to lane against alone. His Poison Attack is a great harass that can really slow down your farming.
Burning Spear and Berserker's Blood make him a great harass early game and if he has lifesteal late game, he's tough to finish off.
Same as the other two. Great harass which ruins your farm because of low health pool.

If you can't switch out of mid the best option is to play smart and only move in for last hit if you know you will get it. They can harass all they want but if your health goes up because of Blood Bath.

Item Counters

These ******* scrolls
Smart players wont run away when you Rupture them. They will just teleport away. It's an easy counter to Bloodseeker which is why not many people choose to play him competitively.

Boots of Travel
Same as Portal Scrolls

Linken's Sphere
Surprise! Rupture didn't work. If you know your opponent has Linken's Sphere it's best to Bloodrage first then rupture. But the first time you find out someone is using Linken's Sphere it's a nice little "oh ****" moment. :P

[Work in Progress]

Final Words

Well, Thanks for reading my first guide ever! I might have missed somethings or am doing something completely wrong. I just basically wrote down what helps me win as Bloodseeker. I'm also still pretty new to the DOTA series so there are things that I'm not advanced enough to talk about I think.

I will update in the future if I learn anything new. Please Comment with feedback. If you disagree with something in the Guide let me know and I will add it and credit you down here if it is something really good.

Here's a screenshot of XenoMe rocking the newest version of build 2

Here's also a video by BloodSeraf! /dota-2/hero/bloodseeker-63

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