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Arc Warden - Heavy Support/Harder Carry - Most Enjoyable Guide

December 20, 2015 by GeRoCk
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Build 1
Build 2

Heavy Support

DotA2 Hero: Arc Warden

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Magic Stick
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Ring of Protection

Early Core

Power Treads
Urn of Shadows
Medallion of Courage

Pushing Power/Money Rain

Vladmir's Offering
Drum of Endurance
Manta Style

Crowd Controll Offensive

Rod of Atos
Orchid Malevolence
Scythe of Vyse
Abyssal Blade

Crowd Controll Defensive

Force Staff
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Linken's Sphere
Lotus Orb

Survivability Offensive

Sange and Yasha
Eye of Skadi
Solar Crest
Octarine Core
Black King Bar

Survivability Defensive

Shiva's Guard
Heaven's Halberd
Glimmer Cape
Pipe of Insight

Pew Pew

Ethereal Blade
Dagon 1


Hand of Midas
Boots of Travel

The New Items

Aether Lens
Dragon Lance
Faerie Fire
Iron Talon

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Magnetic Field

2 9 12 13

Spark Wraith

4 8 10 11

Tempest Double

6 15 17


16 18

Arc Warden - Heavy Support/Harder Carry - Most Enjoyable Guide

December 20, 2015


" Matter has been split from its intended form. These must be made to unite."

The Arc Warden

Heavy Support - Harder Carry

Hello and welcome guys to my 3rd guide on Dotafire, i decided the work early on this guide because i think this hero is gonna be huge in the new meta because he has so much going for him.
If u feel like pointing some mistakes of mine or just want a discussion, plz leave a comment or just send me a message on Facebook.

Now to Arc Warden , this hero will be huge since he is an agility carry, which can totatly abuse nearly any item in Dota with his ultimate Tempest Double.
In this guide we will see some funny combos and even a Rubick casting 3x Blackhole

His skill's are stacking with any role he plays on a rly decent lvl
and the variety of options his ultimate leaves us,
is making him a good third carry in your team.
He can start with a support role for example and transit into a semi carry in late game.

Or well u just buy a Scythe of Vyse and an Orchid Malevolence to **** the enemy team up.

You got Bloodseeker in your team?
Fine! Troll the enemie's, get a Force Staff use it twice and anyone is dead haha.

The Skill Magnetic Field is just ridicoulus.
100% Evasion for 8 seconds with 80 bonus attack speed is insane for pushing and defending.
Just think about how good u can support with this spell.

I can give a short example on whats possible with his ultimate if u are creative.

Shopping List:

Boots of Travel Manta Style Necronomicon
Refresher Orb Scythe of Vyse and a Divine Rapier.

You'll get 6 Manta illusions, 6 Necro Warriors,3 times a hex and 3 Original heroes which have bonus from Rapier. Base raze ez katka! Kappa Kappa Kappa

PA would say in an blink of an eye
, Tobiwan that it's a disaster.

By the way my German Guild Dota Planet, which also takes other Europeans wants to grow we are searching for members.
We got some tournaments with prices, some teams which want to play competive and soon an active german twitch channel and dota casters in german.

Teamspeak : IT-LOFI.COM

Here is my Dotabuff with Arc Warden --> Click

This Guide features 2 builds please click to switch.

Pros / Cons


+ Flux is an verpowered slow with decent damage.

+ Flux cant't be dispelled by Doppel Walk for example.

+ Flux Stacks with itself.

+ Magnetic Field Diving tower's or deffing your's isn't a problem anymore.

+ Spark Wraith , did u ever played vs offlane Techies?

+U can use nearly all items twice, abuse them.

+U can play support and carry very efficent and transit your role in late game.

+Since he is an agility hero he scales good with most items.

+Make the enemies face a tough time vs creeps.

+Nice HP in early game.

+Good Attack Range and speed.

+Good Last Hitting Damage

+You mostly dont need [Black King Bar]

+With Manta Style u turn into a clone army. :P

+You have fun.

+You win games.


-You hate pure damage or nukers in general, especially Earthshaker and Zeus.

-As Support your team needs to be a bit intelligent/communicative if u wanna win.

-Though he has nice starting stats, he has a rly poor stats gain.

-The turn rate is very slow.

-Mana pool and mana regen way to low.


The Guide is not 100% complete i'm working on some videos to show the skills in action
also i'll be adding some text to it in the next days.


  • If the target has allies or neutral creeps within a 225 radius, the spell temporarily stops slowing and damaging the target, until it is alone again.
  • Checks for unit presence in 0.5 second intervals and updates the slow accordingly.
  • Deals damage in 0.5 second intervals.
  • Can deal up to 90/180/270/360 damage.
  • Fully stacks with itself by applying independent Debuffs.
Click for more informtations

Skill in action

Magnetic Field

  • Applies an attack speed bonus to allies within the radius and grants them evasion.
  • The effects are provided by an aura. However, its buff does not linger.
  • Fully affects buildings. Does not affect creep-heroes.
Click for more informations

Skill in action

Spark Wraith

  • The Spark Wraith travels at a speed of 400 and cannot be disjointed.
  • Once the activation delay is over, it periodically checks for enemies and launches towards the first registered enemy.
  • If multiple enemies are within range after the delay, the closest enemy is targeted.
  • Provides 300 radius flying vision for its full duration. The vision does not linger.
  • The launched projectile also provides the same vision. Its vision lingers for 3.34 seconds after reaching the target.
  • The Spark Wraith is fully visible to the enemy.
  • Fully affects invisible units.
Click for more informations

Skill in action

Tempest Double

  • Tempest Double interrupts Arc Warden's channeling spells upon cast.
  • The Tempest Double is visually distinguishable for enemies, being darker than Zet himself.
  • The Tempest Double cannot copy Wards and Smoke of Deceit. Copied Refresher Orb always on cooldown and never refreshable.
  • The Tempest Double cannot drop items, including Gem of True Sight and Divine Rapier, nor activate runes or use bottled ones. Bloodstone death effects are muted on the Tempest Double.
  • The double itself is treated exactly like a hero, except that it neither grants gold nor experience to the enemy. It does not count as an illusion.
Click for more informations

Skill in action

Early Game

First off the most important thing again, he alone has in early game not a high kill potential
nor has he the ability to compensate this by farming.
Also as Carry he is very team dependant because when focused down he dies like ****.

Since u are a bit dependant on what hero is with you on the lane you should ask yourself:
Do i rly need all lasthits or should i let my support get some as well
in order to have a higher kill potential.

On the other hand if u ask yourself this question you should also quesiton these,

Does it make sense if i farm?
For example if you are on the lane with Medusa then well dude let her farm.
The only reason to go early carry is for example u got a Sven.
You are on the lane with him, stun and slow combo hits,
u kill ppl get nice gold so u can start ganking while Sven solo farms.

As i said you can transist into anything in the later stage on the game
so dont focus on being support or being carry.
Once u made the lane safe for your carry u can go farm and gank.
This is when u decide were to go with the build.

Why is that?
Because Arc Warden can ****ing counter almost everything
with his Ultimate.

You got a hero which can run away fast like **** on the enemy team like Luna?
If u go Carry youll never catch up to her but if u go Rod of Atos
and use Flux someone else or you will be able to kill her easy.

The enemy got an invincible Carry like Anti-Mage?
Forget to Carry hell eat you if he is as intelligent as u.
But if you go Scythe of Vyse , someone else can fight him good.

Youve got one Solar Crest ?
Use it on the enemy Anti-Mage and the hero he is attacking.

I could say much more like the Rupture Force Staff thing.
Or Ethereal Blade and a Blade Mail vs Huskar.
Enemy has Natures Prophet , just get Boots of Travel
and your Tempest Double can always farm the Treants.

So the Check List.
Do i alone have a high killing potential on this lane?
Is there another better Carry than me, i can support?
Is my Carry able to fight early?
Which items counter their team best if i have 2 of them?

Mid Into Late Game

The Guide is not 100% complete i'm writing something to any item i mention here.

Finding a hobby:
In the mid game you are going to gank and do some other stuff like
farming,pushing or trolling someone with the illusion.
That all sounds maybe a bit blurry now but well when u have a hero
who can do everything what should i say :D ?

Now it is the best time to aim for a final build, since u know what roles
the enemy heroes have picked.

Supporting Teamfights

Time to analyse the team fights and spot the problems:

If you have a Phantom Assassin in your team, then the problem might be
that she gets kited or the fights just take to long.
When Phantom Assassins can't stand the nuke of a Zeus for 20 seconds
while she is fighting a Troll Warlord you gotta be active.
Go for Utility , if u feel like killing Zeus alone because your team is dumb
go for agressive items, Rod of Atos , Orchid Malevolance.
If your team is good coordinated then go for a Pipe of Insight , Heaven's Halberd here.

Carry Or Pusher

If you have only a Dragon Knight as Carry you might loose the team fights
because he is not doing enough damage.
Depending on how good your farm is you should pick one Carry build which suits you well
this round.

If there is no hope left u are going for the pusher build
and try to extend the game as long as u can, to come to your Carry items.


Arc Warden is not always the best pick since u are team dependant.
Speaking of low skill brackets were you cast your Magnetic Field to save
someone and he just walks out of it because he is dumb, makes your hero useless.
You can win with this hero but if you want to raise your mmr or winrate
you should play hero that are not team dependant and can carry the game alone.

We learned the roles this hero can play and how is skills interact.
But yet we didnt learned the counter heroes or friends of him.
In my opinion counter are not always a big deal because u can just play around what makes them strong.
Let it be that you are not in teamfights or that u prioritise some specific item.
There is always something you can do!

Ok guys, well this is my third guide i hope you enjoyed it.
I tried a bit other formatting in the now following counter heroes.
Please leave some comments about this section :)

Friends And Foes

Anyone is your friend!

Just not Sniper pickers , they are noobs :3

It rly doesnt matter who else is in the game on your side.
Its just important to have something that is able to fight the draft of
the enemy team which means u need at least one good agility carry,
and by a good one i dont mean u Mr. you need way to much farm to carry.

Better semi carry or better play semi support or utility style,
i mean if the support or carry sucks it doesnt matter
because u got enough crowd controll with double Scythe of Vyseto stop the enemy
and enough skill to give your Anti-Mage a better chance in a fight.

But yea, the multiple ways u can play this hero makes him paring up good with anyone.
Exept Sniper because he is too far away from team fight in the new meta.

He will be in a bush behind a tree ho-ho-ha ha-ing with the Dragon Lance.
He's desolated and alone just leave him.


"You can't run from heaven" is what Zeus always says.

Why does he counter me?
Refresher Orb , Aghanim's Scepter this hero doesnt need
more to do serious dmg in a teamfight.
He doesn't need to be in the fight, which means that
even though u got a Scythe of Vyse u might have no chance getting to him

Dealing with it

This dude will make your early and mid game so much pain,
that even if u could comeback u are just too frustrated to try.

Step One: Grab a Black King Bar as Carry.
Step Two: Tell your team to focus Zeus.

Step One: Grab a Pipe of Insight if u are Support.
Step Two: Tell your team to focus Zeus.

There could be more to say but there isn't Zeus just ****s every lower hp hero.

If u play against a Zeus and he is annoying u while your team is aggressive,
consider buying an Orchid Malevolence to solo kill him.

Dota 2 Reddit


"Must resist, Echo Slam"

Why does he counter me?
This hero is excelent in starting or turning a teamfight.
Because of his ability, to appear out of the nowhere and do serious dmg
in less than a second, you as low HP hero might be afraid.
Also you can't fight with your team the math will show you
how you and other illusion heroes bring doom to their team
when they have got a picked Earthshaker

Algebra Tutoring

2 Manta Style , 2 Necronomicon , 2 Arc Warden
A good placed Echo Slam with Aghanim's Scepter will deal 1042 dmg,
because Illusions and Heroes will create 2 Echos. Ouch.

Without Creeps
270 Inital DMG+70*4*2(560 Manta Style)+70*2*2(280 Arc Wardens)+70*4(280Necro)*0,75

With Creeps
70*4(4 Creeps)*0,75 =210 Extra DMG

With your Team
70*4*2(4 Heroes)*0,75 =420 Extra DMG

If u stay in your team in a creep wave he does 1672 DMG.
Lets say he build's a Veil of Discord, then it deals 2090 DMG.


U know, i play Earthshaker mostly as a Carry Click,
but with a Refresher Orb playing vs Arc Warden rly gets me exited :D


Your Ultimate is one of the most powerfull in game. Rubick wants it.

Why does he counter me?
Dude seriously? Imagine 2 or 3 Rubicks with spell steal.
Rubick is one of the best team fight turner and you want him
to be mutliple times on the enemy team?
Of course not.


Has Icefrog gone to far?
I mean come on 3 BLack Holes?

Dealing with it

Method One: When still in picking phase avoid big ultimate.
Method Two: When still in picking phase pick Silencer
Method Three: Stay out of the fight and help with your clone till Rubick is dead.
Method Four: Don't be in team fight and pick the pusher build.

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