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September 1, 2017 by Phsc
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Build 1
Build 2

90% of the time go for this

DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

Hero Skills

Mana Break

2 4 5 7


1 8 9 10


3 12 13 14

Mana Void



11 15 17 18

Hero Talents

-50s Mana Void Cooldown
+20% Spell Shield
+250 Blink Cast Range
+0.1 Mana Void Damage Multiplier
+0.7s Mana Void Stun
+0.6% Max Mana Burn
-1s Blink Cooldown
+9 Strength


September 1, 2017


Hello and my name is phsc, I'm a 5k DOTA 2 player that really loves Anti-Mage, in my opinion, he's the best and most balanced hero in the game, and I feel like I'm a really good Anti-Mage player
Anti-Mage is a hard-carry, which is the best farmer in the game if played right, capable of outfarming an Alchemist if your team knows how to play this game, and also he's one of the best pub heroes.
I would put lore and stuff but nobody really wants to know about that, let's get into the hero guide.

How to play

Playing Anti-Mage isn't really that hard, you just need to be good at farming, Anti-Mage is about AFK farming, ratting, and carrying games alone.
First of all, you need to be great at last hitting, if you suck at it you can buy a Quelling Blade at base, if you're also really bad at not taking harass you can go for more Tangos, Salves or a Poor Man's Shield.
Anti-Mage needs farm, so a trilane is the way to go, you can go in strong dual lanes, and there's not really a hero that loves you, I like Crystal Maiden because she is able to root people and also gives mana with her passive so you don't need to go for something like Linken's Sphere in a great Aghanim's Scepter game.
Getting a good creep block, good pulls and stuff like that can help you in bad lanes, like versus dual lanes with only one support, or versus heroes with silences, long disables, or heroes that can kill you.
Farm the lane until you get at least Poor Man's Shield and Ring of Health, then while the creeps are advancing try to pull the next wave or just farm the big camp near the safelane you're at, search about that if you never played DOTA 2 before.
Get your Battle Fury after Power Treads as without it you're going to attack pretty slow and that's not good, I've see players like Arteezy going for another Quelling Blade after Battle Fury but I didn't test it yet.
Get your Battle Fury with boots around 12-16 minutes and go farm, if not, just get it, if you're being stomped just accept that probably you lost, but don't hit your items, try to get a few kills with your ultimate Mana Void, and now I'll talk about Anti-Mage's skills


Mana Break: This is the spell that makes you do damage, really great with Manta Style as the illusions also get it, it burns the target mana and deals a bit of damage every hit, if you hit a target without mana, it is not going to do the full damage, just a bit based about how much he regenered after the last hit or the last time he used the spell that burned all of his mana, really good as it is physical damage and heroes that like mana are squishy.
Blink: Your escape, initiation and farming tool, blink in, blink out, use it to farm, Power Treads switching maybe be good for this, and I do it and you also should but it's pretty hard for new players, don't think you're immortal as you can get perma-stunned or silenced, and that's another point of Manta Style as it removes silences and you can MANTA DODGE LIKE RTZ DID ON HIS STREAM a few stuns.
Spell Shield: Disabled by break, gives you magic resistance and also the Aghanim's Scepter Linken's Sphere Anti-Mage edition, one level is really great, more kinda of useless, you can also buy Pipe of Insight if you feel you're EE.
Mana Void: Is that a Storm Spirit with 30 mana of his 3500 mana pool? is his team near him? blink and ult, oh wait he has Linken's Sphere, activate some item and get an easy rampage, wait, it's just a dream, you're going to be solo-ulting a Invoker you just found in the jungle and got a lucky bash at, deals damage based on the mana burned, can be used to secure kills as you're the hard-carry.


LEVEL 10: 150 HP or 20 damage: Both are great, I like the 150 HP more but I feel that if you're freefarming you should get 20 damage, but you know, Anti-Mage has bad stats so the 150 will make a difference.
LEVEL 15: -1 Blink cooldown or 20 attack speed: The first one is way better, you're going for items like Yasha and Butterfly, attack speed isn't really a problem.
LEVEL 20: 10 all stats or 15% evasion: 10 stats is a lot, the evasion is pretty meh and you're going for Butterfly so yeah the first option.
LEVEL 25: Is their team composed of Invoker, Storm Spirit, Skywrath Mage, Dazzle and Leshrac? go for the Mana Void cooldown, if not, 25 agility is a lot, realy, a lot.


Power Treads: Stats, you need stats, and it gives stats, you don't need speed, you don't need regen, you don't need mana, you don't need a fast way to move around the map, so yeah, the perfect choice.
Poor Man's Shield and Quelling Blade: Laning isn't easy unless you got less than 1k MMR, so just go for it, the first also helps you farm the jungle and the second goes into...
Battle Fury: You got to get that 15 CS/min right? then go for it, it's the perfect item, gives health regen which you also need early on, also the cleave effect which allows you to farm really fast, and the mana regen which is really good.
Manta Style: You need a way to dispell silences and do damage, this does both, also helps you with stats and farming, another pefect item.
Skull Basher: There's an immortal of this for the hero, just get it, you need a lockdown, if you know what you're doing you can go for...
Eye of Skadi: If they can't escape, just slow them to death, gives really great stats which might allow you to get another big damage item without being squishy, also a great late-game item.
Abyssal Blade: Went for Skull Basher? get this, gives health, also good when you got destroyed on lane as you're going to have a Vanguard.
Butterfly: You need stats and damage, it gives both, you can also farm faster with it, yeah, just shut up and get it.
Boots of Travel: Are you ratting? you should be, then get this to quickly go into another lane, late game upgrade it.
Aegis of the Immortal and Cheese: You can do rosh by picking up some kind of illusion and putting it near him, letting it tank and hitting it, and you know, if you get an Aegis of the Immortal go push, don't farm, unless your entire team is dead because you were roshing and this means you suck.
Aghanim's Scepter: Do you need mana regen? is there a skill that will **** up the enemy team? if there's one, go for it, if not...
Linken's Sphere: The pro-players go for this most of the time, stacks with Aghanim's Scepter and isn't breakable, both are good, choose wisely, if there's an Legion Commander or Terrorblade just go for Linken's Sphere you will need it.
Heart of Tarrasque: Do you feel squishy? get this, you're going to be really tanky.
Assault Cuirass: Is their team 90% physical damage? get this, more damage, more attack speed, more tanky, pretty good late-game pickup, if your team has one just don't pick it.
Bloodthorn: Blink into Abyssal Blade or Eye of Skadi's slow into Bloodthorn into Manta Style into Mana Void, that person is dead, a lot of damage out of this, really good if you're dying for spells.
Moon Shard: Late game is fun right? don't be like me, use one on you and a few on your team, also don't be toxic like me.
Diffusal Blade: The best item for agility, you need agility, also good because of the slow, good mid-game stomping pick-up or if you think you're Abed playing Meepo, the pro players like it, I also do, your opinion.
Divine Rapier: One our game? Stomping? just get it if you need damage and you're immortal, easy rampage.
Hand of Midas: Are you RTZ or EE? if you're really greedy and a good farmer get this for an easy 900 GPM!
Monkey King Bar: Any king of evasion in the enemy team? Tinker? no? ok, ignore this.
Mjollnir: Is the game going late, really late? are you defending mega-creeps? get this, attack speed is nice, the proc not as much, not that bad tho.
Silver Edge: Are you miracle-? is there an Bristleback in the enemy team and your team is ******ed? get it, not a all-game, I mean, never.

How to farm

Blink around the map with your Battle Fury hitting creeps, all kind of creeps, ancients, lane creeps, big medium and small camps, clear the entire jungle in a minute, then go into the other one, do this for 30 minutes, get big, carry the game, if you need to fight go fight, if you can't farm... don't farm.
And yeah, that's it, not a hard hero to play, you just need practice, oh I forgot.

Pros / Cons

-Very stronk
-Solo game winner
-Pro players play it
-Counters magic heroes like Invoker, Storm Spirit, Skywrath Mage, Leshrac, Pugna, and also every support that isn't Silencer which uses Global Silence before dying for you because you just got hooked by a...
-Needs a lot of space
-Really a lot of space
-Countered by: Bloodseeker, any hero with a silencer, Bloodseeker, a good Invoker, heroes with long disables, Bloodseeker, Pudge and also ban Bloodseeker and always walk with a Teleport Scroll
And that is it my friends, Anti-Mage in a nutshell.

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