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Forge of Creation 5 - Group stages voting thread.

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » Forge of Creation 5 - Group stages voting thread. 20 posts - page 2 of 2
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by MrLocket » June 21, 2015 10:38am | Report
Name: MrLocket
Voting on: Group E

Dimonycan 35/50

Swampist1142 40/50

Porygon361 48/50

ThePipersSon 27/50

Califocus 25/50
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by ThePipersSon » June 21, 2015 11:12am | Report
Voting on group A

Idea: equipment of the masks
Originality: 11/25
I don't think it brings anything truly new to the game considering the most reasons major update.
Viability 20/25
The idea might be kind of boring but that doesn't stop it working in the game

Idea: Scree'auks span
Originality: 19/25
Sounds good but ur formatting was lacking
Viability: 21/25
Probity OP but I like the idea and would love to see it in the game


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Unscathed » June 21, 2015 11:25am | Report

First of all im not a story writer or expert, but im taking lore as a point in originality.

Name: Unscathed
Voting on: Group C

Alvian, the Black Cape, nemesis of Bounty Hunter
Originality: 21
Viability: 18

Im not a story writer but i feel something lacking in the lore. I dunno. Anyways, this hero seems like a combination of multiple existing ones. Silenced Rage being old Bloodseeker's Bloodrage, and some other spells reminded me of other heroes. On to the balance. Rage is VERY similiar to Bloodrage, with the duration 4/5 of the cooldown. This is massive against spellcasters or for allied carry, but on allied carry they probably lost their mobility spells so there's that. Thank goodness its dispellable though. Another thing is the Chain, Primal Roar, Demonic Purge, Abyssal Blade, Scythe of Vyse, they are all now semi-AoE. But I suppose there are worse abilities, but this is still crazy strong! The ulti is like a watered down Reaper's Scythe, its also strong, especially with chain, but carries can recalculate BB cost and farm a bit more. I can only see the enemy team being DESTROYED by his Blink Dagger-Chain-Taunt-Rage-CostlyFate combo. This is basically a 16 sec support removal, or even a 16 sec semi carry removal. This is incredibly strong on an ability on such a low cooldown, it needs higher downtime. And, this is reliable as hell. Just use chain on a carry, they wont break it anyways because taunt prevents them from moving. Doesnt matter if you chained a support with a carry, its basically removing it with a 16 seconds cooldown.

tl;dr, originl, spells need some nerfing

Milicent, the Archangel, nemesis of Doom
Originality: 22
Viability: 19

There isn't much details on his lore as to why doom is his nemesis. Just one encounter like that, i feel, is lacking the emotion. The spells are pretty original, the flying thing looks really cool too, the twice attack looks neat and bleeding sounds really cool. The miss chance and amp damage on attack is a good concept, while the ulti being a buff to all his spells. Now here's the deal. First, the free semi-blink is fantastic, i like it. The twice attack, however, i feel doesnt gives him enough damage. It basically grants him 200% attack damage for the next attack on a 10 seconds cd, incomparable to most crits, and the bleed is incredibly weak. Sure, it can crit, but you need to spend 2k, or even 5k for that. However, it does synergises with the W. The damage amplification is good and the miss chance is strong, and it goes thru MKB, and i'll discuss it later. The ulti though. So weak in some spot yet so strong in the other. Okay, it has poor scaling on the slow increase, attack speed bonus, and the 2attack cd reduction, while the miss increase is nuts. HOWEVER, the downtime is waaaay too high. You could have spread the bonuses better and reduce the miss chance and CD, the steroid aren't really fancy tbh but yeah the miss bonus is crazy but i'd prefer the reduced cooldown and better buff spread. Still, he has an early gap closer that is also a slow, and thats worth mentioning in a lane. A rotating support can stun an enemy and he can followup with his gap closer and kill the stunned idiot. The Q allow him to have a good kill potential in lane, and with this hero you want to dominate lane and snowball early. Get a quick Desolator and wreck your enemy. If he reaches lategame, though, he seems scary with the MKB piercing miss, but its also worth mentioning that he has a really high downtime with his ult. I dont understand why you make two-pronged has a really high cooldown though, that ability is supposed to be your consistent damage source, 7/6/5/4 and with ulti reduced by 1/1.5/2 seconds is nice, besides you already used mana for it.

tl;dr, original, weird balance spread in his abilities, high downtimes

Riftshade, the Crystalmancer, nemesis of Grim Patron Meepo
Originality: 22
Viability: 16

The lore was not presented well i feel. I would expect.. nobler language from a man who owns a palace. The abilities are quite unique unalike many i've seen. BUT, the abilities.. woah. The first AoE skill is quite weak actually..for roughly the same amount of mana you can use Split Earth.. And this one is centered around you, so youre leaving yourself vulnerable. The second skill, wow. At level one, it gives your carry 135 gpm (270/2). I feel like this is crazy strong, but with 30 seconds of chanelling it may just be balanced, a well timed gank can certainly kill him. The next skill is simply overpowered, the radius is just waaay to large for it to be balanced. The ulti i have a problem as well, the stun is almost like RP and the radius is waay too high. 3.25 seconds of stun PLUS all those damage amplification is nuts, pair him with QoP and its GG 20 minutes in.

tl;dr, quite original, spells too strong

Shin, the Desert Monarch, nemesis of Chen
Originality: 24
Viability: 19

The best presented hero in the group no doubt. The icons are neat and shiny o_o. The spells itself are unique and strong he is a problem in lane, i think i'd put him as a support the auras is strong a gank from a rotating support will be great too he have a root ability and it restores mana, he can easily turn a ring of basillius against his enemy and the early ulti as well meaning he is an insane laner. Might be too strong though, with Rite he is an insane denier, another fact is that the relics are invulnerable! I mean yeah turning the aura is a great skill but man yzreel you need to make the relics killable! Its insane with strong aura heroes like Necrophos, Shadow Fiend, etc. However he needed time before he have the good auras and need breaks for teamfights, kind of like a downtime of some sort. Also, he's not going to be a routine pick I think since, with the invulnerable relics, the enemy have no reason to go for aura items and he is reliant on enemy auras, kind of like a Rubick, which is pretty cool. Still, there are maybe 3 or 4 auras to take in the jungle.

Lets also go to the possibility: Shiva's Guard increasing your team's speed, vladimir's offering making the enemy take a small amount of damage they dealt, stealing necro units aura, Heartstopper Aura heals instead of damages

tl;dr, original, bit too strong, situational (subjective)
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by armc3j » June 21, 2015 11:48am | Report
Name: armc3j
Voting on: group C

Hero: alvian, the black cape
Owner: oldkanien
Originality: 20/25
Viability: 23/25
You did a good job of making a hero that's relevant throughout the game, isn't overpowered, and is original. Congrats.

Hero: Millicent, the archangel
Owner: thread of fate
Originality: 22/25 nice hero idea
Viability: 17/25 I feel this could work. All of his spells, while being great, are counterbalanced by... Not a lot. Maybe nerf his starting intelligence a bit more to give him a lower mana pool?

Hero: rift shade
Owner: bubbles
Originality: 23/25
Viability: 19/25
I feel that his spells work well by himself, and even better with a significant ally. Think about rift shade jumping in, ultimate, and then earthshajer follows him with echo slam.

Hero: shin
Owner: yzreel oh god why do I have to vote on yzreel :(
Originality: 24/25
Viability: 20/25
He seems like a very strong hero if allowed time, since mid game he will be able to survive pretty much everything with his spells, while dishing up damage/auras and tanking up damage himself.

Well, there is my noob opinion, feel free to disregard it
when a thing is done, it's done. Don't look back.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by porygon361 » June 21, 2015 3:40pm | Report
Name: Porygon361
Voting on: Group A

Idea: Equipment of the Masks
Creator: Scezory
Originality: 15/25
Reason: As some have already said, a deflection item has already been created, which is unfortunate because I'd have to deduct some points for that.
Viability: 16/25
Reason: There is no mention of how this item would tie in to a specific hero's lore. I am just going to assume that that hero is Juggernaut. Gameplay-wise, it feels very weak and gimmicky. Unless the enemies are bad, they will immediately stop attacking/casting/doing anything once they see their projectiles bouncing back and your duration ends in 1 or 2 seconds. Granted, it gives a bunch of movement and attack speed when activated at the right time, which can be really strong on the holder, so I will still give a decent score.
Total: 31/50

Idea: Scree'Auks Span
Creator: Pro_in_progamer
Originality : 22/25
Reasons: I like the idea of an item that makes you fly, that's quite something. Additional points for that!
Viability : 10/25
Reasons: Waow, OP item you got there. At this point, the passive movement speed bonus of 25% is greater than that of an active Mask of Madness without any downsides. The armour and evasion provided also makes tanky heroes into, well, walking racecar tanks. Scratch that, flying racecar tanks. Max-movespeed flying Bristleback incoming B O I S.
Total: 32/50

armc3j, don't put yourself down like that. Your newness does not put you at a disadvantage. It's easier for you to think up new ideas than those who have already created many ideas and are struggling to come up with new ones. Don't get discouraged, you could still win, and even if you don't, it doesn't mean that your idea is bad, because it actually looks very interesting. Keep going at it, my friend!

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by oldKainen » June 21, 2015 4:54pm | Report
Name: OldKainen
Voting on Group D

TheSofa - Starlit Cape

Originality - 24/25
Well, this item is very unique - touching points that only Hand of Midas does, experience and gold. The build-up is good (I think it needs a recipe, anyway), but I would like to see something even more unique - Sage's Mask is included in half-dozen items already. Something like Mantle of Intelligence + a 275 (cost) recipe would be nice too.

Viability - 23/25
Well, it is viable. It gives things that every offlaner needs - resistance to nukes and mana regeneration. And it gives a powerful toggle passive. What took off some points here was, again, it's build-up, you've got a new passive that comes with no-recipe at all. Few items give a new passive without having a recipe, but they are very costly ( Octarine Core, Aghanim's Scepter). For an item of laning stage, I feel a recipe is needed. Overall, it quite balanced and the toggle has a cooldown that prevents overuse of it. Well done, man!
Terathiel - Svork's Lucky Gubbins

Originality - 25/25
Unique build-up, unique passive. And it touches gold income too! The "story" line of the item is very nice too. The fact that I like the most of this is the passive, that leads the enemies to enter a mind game - I deny it and give him a bit of gold? Or I give him more experience? Good job.

Viability - 23/25
So, similar to Sofa's item, it gives things an offlaner needs too - sustain and a bit of damage. I'll go straight to the point on what I don't feel balanced - 5 armor is a bit too much (4 would be nice) and 900 radius is a little bit too much. Most offlaners have enough tools to stay that close of the creeps. That's it, good work.
KoDyAbAbA - Psi Blade & Shield

Originality - 20/25
Well, here we have a fusion of two items totally focused on laning stages. Their passives and toggles revolve around it, so isn't that new, like Tera and Sofa items, for example. The good thing here is that you took advantage of the new mechanic of Wards (the toggle between actives) to do it.

Viability - 18/25
It is viable? Yes, that is. Not that much balanced though. You've got the ability to increase your attack range or to block crazy amounts of physical damage. 20% of damage reduction on top of +5 armor is damn too much. Add this on a hero like Bristleback and he's immortal to physical damage. Needs some tweaking - the fact that the passive is nullified during the active helps, but the active values are strong.
MrLocket - Sacred Dagger of the Woods

Originality - 22/25
Well, while the other guys focused on an item for laning stage, you did an item for when the offlaner needs to initiate. It is unique, gives an upgrade for two dead-end items and uses the new toggle mechanic. Well made.

Viability - 17/25
Again, coming to viability, an item like this can be made into the game? It can, but it needs some tweaking. The new active, Nature's Transmit give you 1800 initiation range with little detriment - your body stay frozen and vulnerable, yes, but there are a lot of situations of where the enemies will have no idea of where your original is. You tried to make some things to make it better balanced - shared cooldowns and etc, but 1800 is damn much. Is like having Blink+Force in one inventory space, the only cost is to wait 12 seconds - something that you can prepare with in advance. It is pretty cool, but needs changes.

That's it, good luck for everyone.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Yzreel » June 21, 2015 5:09pm | Report
Name: Yzreel
Voting on: Group D

Idea: Starlit Cape
Creator: Sofa
Originality: 23/25
Viability: 19/25
Reason: I love the basic idea of this item, and you’re very right on the mark about position 3 needing EXP more than gold. Your presentation is also clean and neat, showing what you want to show where you want to show them, which is good in originality. I only find using in-game icon slightly distracting from the original idea, it might be better if you can google a picture to fit your vision of this item, it doesn’t even have to be pretty or clean.

This item is actually very viable as a whole, because you’re correct that an item to boost EXP is needed in the game other than Hand of Midas. However, the problem lies in the pricing and EXP gain amount. For 875 gold, you gain practically FIFTY percent EXP, which is utterly huge (compared to Hand of Midas that costs 2k+). I know that it is at the cost of gold, but the toggling essentially makes that point invalid, especially in solo-offlane. I actually think a cheaper version of this item (about 600+) that grants as big 20% EXP boost will be more viable, even with less protection given, especially since it’s cheaper it means it can be taken straight off the bat. By the way, changing it so that it “does not give bonus EXP if the bearer kills an enemy unit within the last second, including EXP from that unit” would probably be easier than toggle.

Idea: Svork’s Lucky Gubbins
Creator: Terathiel
Originality: 23/25
Viability: 17/25
Reason: The idea to trade off bad lane experience with some bonus is particularly interesting, and I really like the item build-up. All-in-all, nice presentation and original item, but I’m let down with the fact that you don’t particularly explains who Svork is other than the flavor text. There’s also that problem I have about the icon, but that’s more of a less-important thing.

I thought that this item is actually viable, until I did some counting. The fact that this item pays off for itself after (950/3) = 315 denies makes this pick up quite useless, since no matter how bad the lane is I cannot imagine your enemies denying more than 100 creeps in laning phase. This is also increased by the fact that the 5 HP regen bonus for 4 seconds is a measly 20 HP. I don’t think I’d want to pay 950 gold that for this effect, despite the very useful stats.

Idea: Psi Blades / Psi Shield
Creator: Kody
Originality: 18/25
Viability: 15/25
Reason: Although the idea of having sacrificial toggle is interesting, to say the least (I think it’s based on the new wards effect, eh?), your lack of formatting and icon is visible, which becomes a huge minus. You also use in-game skill name for an item, I don’t think that this kind of thing is okay and I suggest changing it, especially since the effects of this item is so much like Psi Blades and Refraction, which is more minus in your originality.

Although viable, the fact that this item only costs 825 is sort of overpowered, since the Psychic Blades grants scaling damage, which becomes huge in medium stage of the game, while the Psychic Shield grants scaling protection and +5 armor (as big as Mekansm). This also leads to another problem, you’re supposed to create a core for position 3, but I see that with these effects that this item can also be very darn useful for early item of position 1, especially since Quelling Blade and Stout Shield are quite a common pick-up on core heroes. Therefore, I can’t give you too high of viability, sorry.

Idea: Sacred Dagger of the Woods
Creator: Locket
Originality: 23/25
Viability: 20/25
Reason: Nicely presented, and the idea is quite original. I love how you try to find out a new way to create mobility item with an effect similar (but is an upgrade) of Blink. The numbers itself are well thought-out, creating a nice regeneration item for both clash and roaming purpose (which is common in heroes with Blink Dagger as core). All those added up with the precaution to add an alternative to Blink, as well as giving a chance for enemy to disrupt it makes this item overall a very good item. A slight comment would probably be the fact that you’re right, 1140 more gold for all those effects are too good (especially the 1800 range initiation), I think it’ll be good to create a recipe that costs about 400-800 gold for this item.

Well, that’s that. Since this is still the first stage of the game, I don’t intent to put in too much of an in-depth, but I hope this much would make you all content with my vote. Great job all of you, best of luck :D

P.S: Thanks for everyone who had already voted on my idea, I ensure you that I learned a lot by reading through them and that there’s no such thing as “noob opinion” on this kind of thing and I sure as hell won’t disregard it.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Pro_in_progamer » June 21, 2015 9:25pm | Report
Voting on group B
Idea: Deigar, the mad inventor
Owner: Unscathed
Originality: 16/25
reason: The only problem I really have is with his global presence ability, BOTs are already a thing and as far as a teleport goes natures prophet would beat him out at that point
Viability 19/25
Reason: A very viable hero, he seems very balanced but i would think he would fall of in the late game more useful as an early game to mid game support
Idea: Kaldamu, the Ashen Eldwyrm
Owner BKvoiceover
Originality: 20/25
reason: His global presence is not an idea previously done although it could be a little to strong but no where near broken because to be incredibly effective one must be good at micro
Viability: 19/25
reason: this character is very strong and balenced it has great abilities to protect team mates and setting up kills although many people would be having lots of trouble using his great global ultimate


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by RazeMage » June 22, 2015 3:28am | Report
Name : Razemage
Voting on : Group C

Hero : Alvian, The Black Cape
Owner : oldKainen
Nemesis to : Bounty Hunter

Originality : 18/25
Viability : 20/25
Total : 38/50

Most of his skills seems a bit similar to some other heroes (q-bloodseeker, e-mini winter wyvern, R-amplified bh). Though, i found his W to be very unique and i like it. However, in term of viability, it is kinda scary, considering that he is a carry, and if he has good allies, can pretty much makes most support skills semi-aoe.

Hero : Millicent, The Archangel
Owner : ThreadofFate
Nemesis to : Dooml

Originality : 22/25
Viability : 18/25
Total : 40/50

I like the uniqueness of the ability. However, the blind is super scary with the double hit.

Hero : Riftshade, The Crystalmancer
Owner : Blubbles
Nemesis to : Meepo

Originality : 21/25
Viability : 16/25
Total : 37/50

He feels original mostly, but i feel that he is useless after using E and R, making her a big creep during the 50-100s.

Hero : Shin, The Desert Monarch
Owner : Yzreel
Nemesis to : Chen

Originality : 23/25
Viability : 21/25
Total : 44/50

It feels super original. However, i'm worried mostly about lifesteal thing, super scary against wraith king and fully kills satanic user.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Pro_in_progamer » June 22, 2015 6:52pm | Report
Name: Pro_in_progamer
Voting on group B
Idea: Vala, The Shadow Spirit
Owner: RazeMage
Originality: 21/25
reason: A very original idea it seems like a mix between brew ult and beast master animal summon although because of that it draws a bit to much from those things and does not have that great of a global presence
Viability: 13/25
Reason: I dont believe that this hero will be very good because at one point there are 4 different units she controls all with different spells, mana, and health and they all have a full set of spells. i just think it is to much almost a spell overload
Idea: Genzelan, Body of the Fog
Owner: armc3j
Originality: 16/25
reason: Fogged is to much like night stalkers void ability and fog travel is simply to much like keeper of the Light relocate but the basis of the character is solid and his other abilities are balenced and original
Viability: 18/25
Reason: He seems like a good character he has a effective damage and slow, his passive is interesting but not the most effective in some situations, Fog travel is very effective for saving a team mate being ganked bringing a team mate close to gank or counter or just to get the carry back to lane quickly after having to go to the fountain


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