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Forge of Creation 5 - Group stages voting thread.

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » Forge of Creation 5 - Group stages voting thread. 20 posts - page 1 of 2
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Smuggels » June 15, 2015 7:10am | Report
OK we finally made it through the group stages!!! wooooo well done to all of you who were able to complete there ideas. :)

now on to the voting!!

This will be very simple and hopefully quick. Voting will be done thusly:

Group A will vote on Group B and group B will vote on Group C and so forth with the final group E voting on Group A.


this is how you will vote

Name: SMuggler
Voting on: Group B
Idea: Diggles the diggly digger of digside
owner: wulfy-samaaaa
orginality: 23/25
Reason: the idea of having a hero that doesnt have to deal with cliffs and blockades is wholly unique his q allowing him to set up a dig site anywhere on the map and travel to it is new and nice... blah blah blah
Viability: 16/25
Reason: once leveled up at 6 his ultimate makes him impossible to kill even with 5 heroes beating on him if you were to remove the passive hp increase of the skill he would be a lot more viable. his e can burst a hero down to half hp if used right at lvl 4 this is very broken and needs reworking. blah blah blah
idea: boko a pico
owner: kody
originality : 22/25
reasons: blah blah blah
viability : 24/25
reasons: blah blah blha

and so forth.

top two winners of each group will be shuffled and placed into the semi's.

im giving every one a week to get this done. also

ive added something to the prize pool the only hint you will get is this....




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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by TheSofa » June 15, 2015 2:03pm | Report
This will be PM'ed, right?


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Dimonychan » June 15, 2015 2:10pm | Report
TheSofa wrote:

This will be PM'ed, right?

Why would we need this thread then?


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Terathiel » June 17, 2015 10:33am | Report
So here are my votes:

Name: Terathiel
Voting on: Group E

Dimonychan - Magenta Sorceress

Originality - 19/25
Lore was lackluster, however well-compensated by the absolutely amazing presentation and the concept in itself, harking back to RPGs of ye olde days (god, I miss tabletop DnD).

Viability - 17/25
First, positives; it's an excellent idea which translates well into the game, and is reasonably balanced. However, it's extremely hard for a new player to grasp, and the Hero does a bit too much to be fully balanced. Will also be hard to lane - if a support, she's incredibly level-dependent, and can't offlane, and also doesn't make much use of mid. Perhaps there'd be a safelane carry build.

Swampmist - Knights of the Elementium Blade

Originality - 20/25
Swapping units in the midst of a game? Sounds sweet to me! Lore was meh, however, and there were a couple grammatical errors that I noted. However, this resonates to me as overdone with too much stuff going on at once. More on that in viability. I also like the item mechanics.

Viability - 15/25
There is too much going on. Swapping between two, or three, would be fine, but five is just too much. I like that your ultimate was the swap, which removes 5 spells from the equation, but that still leaves 15. Think on that a moment, and then add in all the items. Also, was that BAT a typo? Because 0.95 is, uh... insane.

Porygon - Polarshock

Originality - 23/25
Well-done lore, and an interesting idea. In fact, the only reason I could deduct points was a resemblance to Primal Split... but of course, the concept of that spell was taken up to 11.

Viability - 17/25
It's pretty imba, to be honest. White's constant ministunning is insane, and getting BKB/Heart goes a way to nullify his natural vulnerability. Cooldown management was a nice touch, and I like the synergy between the two. However... man, it seems way too strong.

ThePipersSon - The Northtown Gang

Originality - 16/25
While the lore was a unique and novel concept, the writing lacked detail and personality, and the presentation was lacking in all aspects. Nonetheless, the gang mechanics were amusing - never had I thought to see weaponised graffiti.

Viability - 18/25
I can see this hero in the game, however it is extremely similar to Meepo in form and function. The {e} seems weak, and lots of details are lacking from skills (ward duration? range?). On the other end, Lucky Pill is an interesting mechanic and this Hero can fulfil a definite support niche.

Califocus - Papa Yago

Originality - 20/25
I see this guy as playing something like Abathur from HotS and applaud you for it. The lore was well-written, albeit with grammatical errors. A note on presentation - please don't bold everything!

Viability - 18/25
While viable, he'd be boring to play, and some of the skills (eg the Q) are too strong. Throw that thing on a Tiny, or a Terrorblade, or a Shadow Fiend. GG we ***in lost. However, if balanced better, and some interaction with the puppet hands added, can easily fulfill the #4 role.

There, done.
There are two kinds of people in the world; those who can count, and those who can't.

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Smuggels » June 17, 2015 1:09pm | Report
PLease stay to the format in the first post.


i only did the 5 thing to show how i would THINK to vote but i would add them up and follow the format.

please do so...

no more of this 5 5 5 5 5 5



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Dimonychan » June 17, 2015 4:35pm | Report
Name: Dimonychan
Voting on: Group A

Idea: Equipment of the Masks
Owner: Scezory

Originality: 12/25
The presetnation was tbh nothing to look at - there was no lore, the main part which explains what item should do is not formatted enough IMO and is unclear. The core of this idea bears a very close resemlance to Lotus Orb, though it is different in some aspects. It is also not said which hero this item resemles, though I assume it's Juggernaut.

Viability: 16/25
1 second is just not enough, as well as 0.2 seconds given per stack. Unless whole enemy team hates you specifiacally and casts everything in you every single fight, you will not achieve anything significant. On the other hand, this item, this item can be OP if you happen to deflect stuff like Doom) the animation is long enough to react. Anyway, this item seems pretty gimmicky, and sometioes(even most of the time actually) I would prefer MoM active over this. Maybe number tweaking can help, I dunno.

Idea: Scree'auk's Span
Owner: pro_in_progamer

Originality: 15/25
Icons, formatting and lore are completely absent, but the idea itself is new to Dota 2 items.

Viability: 16/25
Wouldn't it be for obvious and huge balance issues in this item, this would be erfectly viable, but it just does too much for it's cost: makes you VERY resistant to physical damage, gives you razy movement speed(old MoM gave 30% for 12 seconds, and was OP, but you want to give a 25% on a constant basis?), and you get it all just for 950 gold! You have to nerf the values and make the price higher, at that point this item is just completely OP. Oh and imagine a huge piece of meat like Tide suddently fly up in the sky. How would you do this in the game without making it look silly?

Aaaand we're done!


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by TheSofa » June 17, 2015 9:30pm | Report
Name: TheSofa
Voting on: Group E

Idea: Lucy, the Magenta Sorceress
Owner: Dimonychan
Originality: 22/25
Reason: Very nicely done, it's hard to give low mark in Originality if you have 13 spells.
Viability: 15/25
Reason: However, it's not very viable, not mostly because it's overpowered, but because there are 13 spells. Although you could make the damage redirect a percentage and not all.
Overall: 37/50

Idea: The Knights of the Elementium Blade
Owner: Swampist1142
Originality: 23/25
Reason: Again, it�s really hard to give low originality for this group, you must�ve spent a lot of time on it!
Viability: 19/25
Reason: This is a well-designed hero. Well done.
Overall: 42/50

Idea: Grey, the Polar Shock
Owner: Porygon361
Originality: 25/25
Reason: I am never disappointed in you, Pory. Your ideas continue to amaze me, very well done.
Viability: 23/25
Reason: Very well balanced, maybe Shockwave and Electorcute could have a short cooldown?
Overall: 48/50

Idea: The Northtown Gang
Owner: ThePipersSon
Originality: 18/25
Reason: A good hero altogether, however, the presentation was lacking.
Viability: 15/25
Reason: Cannot give you high marks because a lot of info is missing.
Overall: 33/50

Idea: Papa Yago
Owner: Califocus
Originality: 20/25
Reason: Great work, however, the presentation was a bit lacking. It didn�t really match the theme, because the hero was supposed to be multiple units or like LD.
Viability: 20/25
Reason: We already have 2 micro heroes like that... so...
Overall: 40/50


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by BKvoiceover » June 17, 2015 9:40pm | Report
Name: BKvoiceover
Voting on: Group C

Hero: Alvian, the Black Cape
Owner: oldKainen
Nemesis to: Bounty Hunter

Originality: 19/25

Viability: 19/25

Father tracked down and captured by Gondar, wants revenge. I can dig this storyline. A lot of these skills look like a mishmash of capabilities from multiple heroes. Death Chain is pretty nifty for those clutch disables, but does the disable go through magic immunity? Silenced rage is basically the old Bloodrage on Bloodseeker before he got reworked so lost some points there. Trick taunt is pretty nifty, it gives him a powerful late game presence similar to Winter Wyvern and the synergy from Death Chain can throw two individuals out of a fight or set them up for some real punishment. Costly Fate is REALLY cool. It's useful in the early game as a purge and damage amplifier. Then adding on the buyback gold increase is just icing on the late game cake. This guy can be good throughout all phases of the game. Good Job

Total: 38/50

Hero: Millicent, the Archangel
Owner: ThreadofFate
Nemesis to: Doom

Originality: 22/25

Viability: 18/25

At first with his lore I thought his nemesis might be KOTL because of Millicent receiving free will and that he might rebel against his creator. I thought that would've been cool, but the lore was pretty nifty and I enjoyed it. Soaring Blow gives him a nice first blood disable, I would pair him with heroes like Rubick who can hold individuals in place for a long enough period to deal some nice damage and get first blood. Two-Pronged Strike gives him some nice burst damage, reminds a little bit of Moment of Courage or Geminate Attack. Intense Luminescence, ok this ability is OP. Increases Miss Chance and will force the miss percentage on someone regardless of Monkey King Bar's true strike? you basically just screw over any Agi. carry that tries to come after you. Especially if you combo that with your ultimate. I think remove the MKB bit and this will make it more balanced. However, the responses, lore, and originality are very noteworthy. I really like this hero as a whole and he has some true potential as a carry and an early game disabler. Good work.

Total: 40/50

Hero: Riftshade, The Crystalmancer
Owner: Blubbles
Nemesis to: Meepo

Originality: 22/25

Viability: 16/25

Ya know, I really like this lore. I could see him as a royal prince, but then his speech could have been morphed and muddied by his time in the caves. I personally like it. Crystal Bombardment seems very weak as a disabling spell. The stun duration is too little and the mana cost too high. Gem Excavation seems very interesting. It can provide a nice gold boost to a carry that may have fallen behind, or just help them snowball ahead. At first I thought it would be OP but the cooldown as well as the channeling aspect of the spells seems great. Chemical Crystal is a very powerful ability that can provide a disengage as well as crowd control spell. Shatter is just the icing on the cake. Just looking at this hero I can see him being in the middle of the fights and running rampant. But I don't see any statistics like strength, movement speed, armor, BAT, or things like that so it loses points in that regard. The spells however are very original and well thought out but his early game presence is a bit lacking due to weak disables. They just need a little polishing.

Total: 38/50

Hero: Shin the Desert Monarch
Owner: Yzreel
Nemesis to: Chen

Originality: 24/25

Viability: 21/25

Um... just... Wow... A hero that can take another heroes aura and use it against them? So many applications! So many combos! So much... GAWH! The lore is very fleshed out and interesting. It had me from line one until the last punctuation mark. I can't wait to see him beat Chen's ***. Ceremonial Dagger can be used in both offensive and defensive ways sort of like Fate's Edict, this can provide some much needed help for mana starved supports like Earthshaker and Elder Titan. I think that Sacrificial Rite makes Shin the best denier in the game, I mean dang. Fata Morgana is this heroes bread and butter. Counter Vlad's, Shiva's, Mek. Oh Desert Relics just makes this hero all the better. Being able to take in auras and reflect in an AOE is just so powerful. In conclusion this is an original, well though out hero with a powerful concept, interesting backstory, and one hell of a presence. good job and well played.

Total: 45/50

Well that's it for me, may the best hero idea win... Or move on to the next part of the FOC... Either on works :D

This is BK signing off



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Califocus » June 20, 2015 1:24am | Report
Item: equipment of the masks

Originality: it seems like a slightly weaker blade mail/ lotus orb combination. I can't really tell which hero this is for, and there is no lore. 10/25.

Viability: this seems like something of a niche purchase. If you're being heavily focused than maybe however if not it seems like a waste of gold. The very low duration makes this seem a very weak item compared to blade mail which will reflect all their damage regardless, and lotus orb reflects spells for a longer duration as well. Just buy both for a bit more and you'll get quite a bit more utility. 9/25

Scree'auk's span:

Originality: this item adds another decent escape while tying nicely into a hero's lore. Since I didn't see any lore I deducted a few points. 18/25

Viability: this seems highly useful not only for tanky heroes. It also seems useful for people like Sniper and Drow Ranger. It will help them grow tankier whilst also providing an escape and move speed. 22/25.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Swampmist1142 » June 20, 2015 2:48am | Report
Name: Swampmist
Voting on: Group A
Idea: Equipment of the Masks
owner: Scezory
orginality: 10\25
Reason: If Lotus Orb had not been invented yet, this would be a fairly original idea. Sadly, this isn't 2 months ago or so. As it is right now, with no lore or unique mechanics, the originality just isn't there.
Viability: 11/25
Reason: Literally only good if you can reflect a Doom, and Lotus Orb still does it better. You will never get more than a single proc off this outside of low level pubs, and even then it isn't great.
idea: Scree'auks Span
owner: Pro_in_Progamer
originality : 16/25
reasons: Very little description of the lore leaves me feeling unsatisfied, but I understand how it could tie into venge's lore. You DO get points for originality, however. A flight item is not something we've seen and could make for some funny interactions, a prime example being flying Tidehunter
viability : 13/25
reasons: OVERPOWERED!!! Even at that gold cost, this item does too much. 3.5 seconds of unobstructed flight, a large evasion boost and good armor makes this a pick-up on any low-mobility hero in the lategame who wants the stats over Blink Dagger. A lot of ways this could have been balanced, like trading the evasion for the flight rather than having it get a buff, but as of right now it's just too strong.


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