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Ultimate Monkey King (Sun Wukong) Guide

September 11, 2017 by Vindicator_Morty
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Build 1
Build 2

Core (Carry)

DotA2 Hero: Monkey King

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early Game

Core Items

Luxury Items (and item upgrades)

Situational Items

Other Items

Hero Skills

Boundless Strike

2 8 9 10

Tree Dance

4 13 14 16

Jingu Mastery

1 3 5 7

Wukong's Command

6 12 18


11 15

Hero Talents

+100 Armor Wukong's Command
+1 Wukong Command Ring
+50% Boundless Strike Damage
+400 Primal Spring Damage
+600 Tree Dance Cast Range
+75 Jingu Mastery Damage
+300 Tree Dance Vision AoE
+20 Attack Speed

Ultimate Monkey King (Sun Wukong) Guide

September 11, 2017


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Pros & Cons

PROS + Good roaming (and gank setup)
+ Very strong 1v1 potential
+ Very versatile carry
CONS - Your escape isn't reliable
- Ultimate is hard to land (especially agains teams expecting it)
- Can be seen on trees with flying vision.

Tip: Tree Dance is disabled for 3 seconds (similar to Blink Dagger) after taking damage.



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Amazing nuke and disable either when ganking other lanes or trying to finish off a fleeing enemy. It also works with Jingu Mastery (either adding a stack or applying extra damage).
Great movement ability allowing you to jump on trees and gain vision (800 during day and 400 during night time). It's a great ganking tool because you can be seen only with flying vision.
When you see an enemy you want to initiate on, use your Primal Spring near them. Try to use it to block their escape path. Slow depends on the length of the channel.
Great ability for 1v1. After getting the charges (after 4 hits) the charges remain until you use them (aren't on cooldown) so you can save them for jungling or ganking. (Boudless Strike works with Jingu Mastery)
Goofy ability that transforms you into a neutral object (depending on where you are). Enemies can still attack you.
Cast 14 soldiers in an area around Monkey King. Leaving that are ends the ultimate, so your (and your team's) job is to keep the enemies inside, Try to save Boundless Strike for disabling enemies caught in Wukong's Command. Summoned soldiers apply certain on-hit effects ( Mana Burn) but doesn't work with Jingu Mastery and additional damage from Duel.

Fun fact: Using Mischief in the Roshan's pit transforms you into Aegis of the Immortal. When Roshan respawns for the 3rd time it can also transform you into Cheese even though it drops after Roshan's 2nd death.


+12% evasion
+20 attack speed

Attack Speed scales very well with Jingu Mastery aswell as speeding-up your farming. If you want evasion you can later pick Butterfly.
+75 Jingu Mastery Damage
+275 Health

Health has better scaling with bonus armor from Wukong's Command. While bonus damage is good for 1v1, health is a better overall stat.
+20% Magic Resist
+40 Damage

Damage scales with Wukong's Command and Boundless Strike. Bonus magic resist should be picked only against teams with magic damage cores.
+100% Boundless Strike Crit
+25 Strength

Since your primary attribute is Agility, Strenghth provides no additional damage (only Health and Health Regen). Additional Boundless Strike damage the ability very strong even in the late game.



Low mobility, lack of hard disables.
Low mobility, lack of hard disables.
Low mobility, easy to gank in the jungle.
Death Ward channel can be disrupted with Boundless Strike.
Requiem of Souls channel can be disrupted with Boundless Strike.

Rocket Flare can reveal Mischief and Tree Dance. Hookshotcan hit Monkey Kingwhile on trees.
Firefly gives Batrider flying vision and destroys nearby trees. Flaming Lasso and Flamebreak can put Monkey King out of his ultimate.
Flying axes can destroy trees in an area. call of the wild:hawk can scout Monkey King while on trees.
Timbersaw has three abilities that can destroy trees (that [[monkey king relies on). Can use Timber Chain to escape Wukong's Command.

Starting Items

Provides early lane sustain with four charges (you have to use it on a tree or ward). Tangos can be shared with allies (use Tango and click on an ally you want to share it with).
Active consumes Healing Salve and restores 400 HP over 8 seconds (50 health/second)
The patch 7.04 removed Slippers of Agility from side shop. Buying them at the start allows you to get the Poor Man's Shield without calling the courier or returning to base.
Two Iron Branches provide you with additional stats and can be used for the Magic Wand later.

Tip: Iron Branch has an active that plants a tree. Consuming the tree with Tango provides additional duration for health regen.

Early Game

Provides you with active that restores your health and mana.
Gives you survivability against enemies trying to harass you.
Active restores your health and mana.
Good Boots of Speed upgrade for Monkey King because of his scaling with right-click damage ( Jingu Mastery) and their active that provides a speed boost allowing you to chase fleeing enemies.

Tip: Players sometimes overlook active items in your inventory such as Magic Wand or Faerie Fire that might allow you to heal for just enought to kill them instead of dying.

Core Items

Allows you to double-strike enemies that proc your passive Jingu Mastery 2 times and also slows them.
Armor Penetration scales with the ultimate, Q ( Boundless Strike) and Passive ( Jingu Mastery) allowing you to nuke enemies before they get durability items.
Damage and Attack Speed are both very welcome attributes on Wukong. (With changes to Wukong's Command in 7.06 this item is a bit more situational since it now gives armor instead of damage, making you more durable).

Tip: Activating Shadow Blade right after Wukong's Command allows you to get the full duration if the enemy team has no detection (which is pretty common in lower elo games).

Luxury Items

They make a logical upgrade from Phase Boots especially if you require additional mobility across the map.
Gives even more survivability with armor, aura armor reduction and attack speed that scales with your passive ( Jingu Mastery).
Upgrade from Shadow Blade. With more stats provides you with break(disable passive abilities such as Phantom Assassin's evasion or Bristleback's Quill Spray) and halves their attack damage for 5 seconds.
Gives A LOT of stats. Also provides passive slow on your auto-attacks allowing you to chase your enemies more easiliy.
Evasion can be great if you are the only one with it, but it doesn't scale as well since they changed his level 10 passive from armor to evasion.

Tip: Butterfly provides an active that boosts your movementy speed. However you need to be careful when using it because you lose evasion while the movement boost is active.

Situational Items

Another niche item that stacks with Wukong's Command, giving summoned soldiers mana burn. Active gives you slow and purge for chasing fleeing enemies.
Great survivability item that can block a targeted spell every 13 second (you can use in on your ally to give them temporary spell shield).
Another good item against teams with a lot of disables / nukes. (Note: BKB makes you immune to spells, but certain ultimates can pierce it.)
Item with balanced stats between damage and survivabiliy. Even though 7.06 removed bashing effect from Wukong's Command it can still be picked in certain situations.
Allows you to sacrifice some of the early stats to gain more gold and experience over time (good especially in long games).

Tip: With its cost of 2150 gold you need to use Hand of Midas eleven times for it to repay itself (11*200 = 2200). With active cooldown of 100 seconds that takes 18 minutes and 20 seconds if you always use it exactly when it comes off cooldown (11*100 = 1100 (sec) -> 1100/60 = 18.33 (min) -> 18min 20 sec).


All in all Monkey King can be a very fun hero to play, and doesn't require a ton of practice, to be good with him (unlinke heroes like Invoker or Meepo). It excels during early and mid game but you need to be careful because every mistake can be easiliy punished (if the enemies destroy the tree you are on, you get stunned for 4 seconds giving them enough time to burst you down).

Opinions on this hero are usually polarised. Some believe he's one of the most fun heroes to play in dota, others face-palm when he's picked in their games.

Regardless of which you are, I hope this guide has helped you at understanding the hero giving you that sweet +25 MMR in your next ranked match.

This is my first guide on DotA Fire and I must say that I had a blast. I have learned not only a ton of new stuff about formating and writing a guide I have also found out new ways to play the hero ( Monkey King).

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