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Troll WarLORD

April 2, 2015 by RudeNess
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Troll like a Boss

DotA2 Hero: Troll Warlord

Purchase Order

starting items

Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Healing Salve
Stout Shield

early game

Poor Man's Shield
Phase Boots

mid game

Helm of the Dominator
Shadow Blade

options late game

Monkey King Bar




Heart of Tarrasque
Eye of Skadi

BKB when needed

Black King Bar

Hero Skills

Berserker's Rage

1 12 13 14

Whirling Axes (Ranged)

2 3 5 7

Whirling Axes (Melee)

2 3 5 7


4 8 9 10

Battle Trance

6 11 16


15 17 18


IM thnking for my friend hbui282 for helping me writing this guide i couldnt do that without you bro :D

about the writer

hello guys , i decided yo write a guide about Troll :D
so im saw many people play him and as much as op he is as much as noob they were!
so im trying here to give you some tips and advice and even something that a lot of people know!
i dont have so good english so please dont say things about our english

So for pro troll there is nothing new here but if your not familier with this hero watch this video and read this guide

about troll

Troll warlorde is a range hero that can turn into melee hero with the Berserker's Rage abilty.
Troll Warlord is an ailty hero that based on the role Carry!

Lore:[dont have to read this thing]
It's an easy thing to offend a troll. A prickly and contentious race, trolls thrive on argument and strife, missing no excuse to raise their voices in dispute. Males grow to maturity in subterranean chambers beneath their matriarch's domicile, feeding and amusing themselves while contributing nothing. Often they stay for years beyond the age of maturity, while the matriarch provides them with sustenance. When young trolls are finally pushed from their sub-chamber, they gather with others of their kind, forming roving gangs of malcontents who complain loudly about all manner of vexation.

As much as trolls love to argue, imagine how rare it is for a troll to be driven from his own kind for being too difficult to get along with. Such was Jah'rakal's fate, a monger troll from deep in the Hoven. So deluded was he, so bitter and abrasive, that even other trolls found his company intolerable. After one particularly vitriolic outburst in which he claimed the lion's share of loot from their latest raid, his cohorts finally snapped. They turned on him, beat him with clubs, and drove him from the encampment. Enraged at his banishment, he returned the next day, armed with steel, and slew them all, one by one. He then swore a blood oath: he would ever after be a fighting force unto himself. Now he roams the world as the Troll Warlord, bitter and angry, the Imperial high commander of an army of one.

[took it from dota Wiki]*

troll is a carry role hero whch mean's he will be much more effective late game if he have a good early\mid farm game!
troll is also a great pusher because of his Battle Trance and his Fervor
which grant him a huge amount of Att. speed which can be really useful Vs towers [and also on enemies]]


Troll Warlord has 2 active 1 passive and 1 active skill but he is passive effect :D

Berserker's Rage
this skill turning Troll Warlord into a killing machine...
you can turn yourself from melee to range and from range to melee
this skill also turn Whirling Axes (Ranged) into Whirling Axes (Melee)
when you playing as a melee you have a chance to bash your enemy for 2 sec.
the chance to bash the enemy is 10%
with a bonus of 50 damage
so its preety good when ganking someone...
but when playing against range hero you need to concider playign as a range hero for the farm and when you can get close enough just change yourself into melee and hit the enemy a few hits! [more about gameplay will be in the rest of the guide]
remember to turn it into melle when your ganking its much stronger but there is some spaciel sutations that being range is better
1.facing axe-when you attack axe from close distance with a Att.speed like troll has you will die fast!
2.attacking someone strong from secret spot-you can turn yourself into a range type and attack your enemies from the bushes or from a place they cant see you so well adn you can hit them a lot of times until they will come to you and then you can turn yourself into a melee and gank them fast.
Another important thing you need to know if you buy manta style [which is not recommended by my guide] the illusians wont have bash.

Whirling Axes (Ranged)
this skill is the range version of Whirling Axes and this is the effects and cause of the abilty:
Cast Time: 0.2+0
Cast Range: 900
Axes Travel Distance: 945
Axes radius: 100
Axes Spread End Radius: 206.17
Damage: 75
Move Speed Slow: 30%
Slow duration: 3/3.75/4.5/5.25

you can use this skill to slow down enemy and then run to him and turn into a melee then you can use your Whirling Axes (Melee) and deal a great damage to the enemy and just hit him until he dies!
another thing you can do its slow the target and shoot the target from ar away if you facing a close stunner like slarder and you dont want to be disable.

this is an impotrant thing to know:
this skill and the Whirling Axes (Melee) block by [black king bar]] and purge by Diffusal Blade so when someone active Black King Bar go back and hit him when your on the range type of troll without using your skills.

Whirling Axes (Melee)
this skill is the melle type skill of the Whirling Axes skills
here is the effects and cause of this skill:
Cast Time: 0+0
Spin Radius: 350
Axes Radius: 100
Damage: 75/125/175/225
Miss chance: 60%
Miss Duration: 4/5/6/7
Whirl Duration: 3
this skill is so awesome when you hit an enemy with it ots giving him a 60% miss and you can hit him fast without being hit so much...
you can use this skill right after using Shadow Blade or taking an Invisibility rune
this item will help you survive faster in team fights thank's to the miss chance and its can deal a preety sick damage to the enemies!
another cool things about troll is that if you max Whirling Axes you can waste 100 mana to use Whirling Axes (Melee) and Whirling Axes (Ranged) on a stack of creeps and its will kill them all "the more the merrier
this item is also useful if you speed enough and you see Faceless Voidcomign and you use it right when he use his Chronosphere and then he will have a 60% chance to miss you itsworks on Legion Commander when she use Duel you can use this skill to turn the table and she will have a 60% miss chance this Move can give you the winning Duel bonus.

this skill is giving you a lot of Att. speed
this is how its works:
every hit on an enemy will give you one stack another hit at the same enemy will give you another stack and that how its goes up to 4 stacks!
when you hit a diffrent enemy all of the stacks gone and its starting back from the beginning
skill effects:
Max Stacks: 4
Attack Speed Bonus per Stack: 16/22/28/34
MAX Attack speed bonus per stack 64/88/112/136.
so in this skill ther is no much to say but you need to know how to use it on an enemy and dont move from one enemy to another because the stacks will reset.
if you reach level 6 and you level the Battle Trance and the Fervor dont use the
Battle Trance after the Fervor reach to 4 stacks... you first need to active your Battle Trance and then go to an enemyand drain your Fervor stacks...
why? the anwer is simple you will get your stacks much faster thenk;s to the bonus attack speed
this thing can make the diffrent between death and life!

Battle Trance size 30 Battle Trance Battle Trance size 30
this skill is a good killing and pushing skill
Cast Time: 0+0
Radius: Global
Attack Speed Bonus: 60/120/180
Duration: 7
this skill can use you to push and to gank

PUSH - if you push with this item and you do it well in the middle lane you can get 2 towers in 5 min. and its one of the bets push you can do!
after you doing that thing by wating for the lane to get clean from enemies and push safely you can change the lane you are and push some other lanes!
also the Battle Trance effect is global so you can use it if your team push without you! that will also be a great push to your team
when you use this ulti on tower dont active it right away you need to attack the tower a little bit and w8 for the enemies to active the tower immunite after its end use your ulti and push hardcore

Gank - is you using this item to gank you need to use [shadow blade]] or hide and gank someone from his back so he cant escape!
also so not use that to gank an escape hero like Queen of Pain and Storm Spirit because they can escape form you and you use your ulri for nothing.. even if its dosent have a long cool down you can use it to push and its safer use for your ulti

what i think?
i think you need to use it for pushing most of the times and when you face a tank or some one trong you can active that to gank him safely

Items [long chapter]

this item is a great start item the effect is:
Proc Chance: 53%
Blocked Damage (melee): 20
Blocked Damage (ranged): 10
so as you can see its not helpful agains range hero at all so you can just give up on this item if the enemy team have 0\1 melee and you can save the gold for the next item!
you really need to get this item if you face a melle hero in your lane cause its gonna save you and help ypu get some last hits cause the enemy wont kill you fast!

this item is the only boots troll need dont let someone confuse you this boots giving you Extra Damage and a very Movement speed:
+24 Damage
+50 Movement speed
you can use this boots to chase people and kill them or chase them and use your Whirling Axes (Ranged) to sloe them down then you can gnak them in your melle type.
this boots prove her speed on Ursa already so you wont be disapointed form this boots!

this item is a "must buy" item without it you will be a little bit lost and unfarmed
this item allow you to jugnle kill the creeps fast and heal your self and push the tower hardcore by killing the enemy team creeps before they hitting your creeps and heal yourself during doing that!
this item will even make you be undying man thank's tou Troll Warlord attack speed you can heal your self fast even against a strong enemy hero!
this help of the diminator can take a control on an jngle monster or an enemy creep here is the active and passive of the item:
Take control of a non-hero, non-ancient target unit. Dominated units gain 500 bonus health.
Cast Range: 700
Max Units: 1
Health Bonus: 500

Lifesteal: 15%
+3 HP regeneration
+20 Damage
+5 Armor

a cool thing to do with troll to farm fast:
you will steal a none hero mosnter from the natural camps but it have to be trong one likethen you take it into the ancient monsters you hit them when the clock show X.54 then you send your monster our of there they will chase her and theyll stack do that a few times and then fo to there there will be like 20 Ancient monsters in there use your Battle Trance and kill them all that will make you really fat for the mid game and help you be a better carry!

this item is another "must buy" item for Troll
i see many people who said that item is in the late game but its not!
that the item which will help you can so much all over the map..
the prblem with troll is that when enemy see you he wont face you he will run bacause he know he wil lose that lead you to chase him and you may die doing it... so the sulotion is simple buy Shadow Blade get close to the enemy and now the Move split

low Hp hero if its Low Hp hero you can just go close when you on your melee type and hit him he will die fast [Remember turnning your type from range to mele and from melle to range will cancel the Shadow Blade ]
an Example for Low HP heroes:
Skywarth mage

Hige Hp heroes when you face that type of enemy you need to get lose to him and use your Whirling Axes (Melee) and your Battle Trance both fo those skils have 0.0 cast time so you will cast them at the same time then you need to auto attack the enemy and you will deal him ahuge amount of damage if he keep hiting you you will kill him cause troll is a beast one vs one hero but if he is running away you can just use your Whirling Axes (Ranged) and slow him down and chase him.
its can give you some easy kill so you can buy it even before Shadow Blade if you think its better for you.
DO Not buy Smoke of Deceit because troll need Shadow Blade to get close the the target and Smoke of Deceit can allow you do that.

this item is the first DPS [Damage Per Second] item you need to buy...
stat passive effects of the item:

Proc Chance: 25%
Critical Damage: 240%

the illusian you can make from Manta Style dosent have the same crit. damage to your actually hero.

thank's to Troll Warlord massive Attack speed he will attack the enemy preety fast and with the 25% its semms like 1 from 4 attack is actually a crit. hit that mean that troll warlord will bcome a great carry\DPS after buing this item.

after buying it you need to pay attantion to your Shadow Blade moves...
when you use Shadow Blade you need to attack with a hit and not with some skill so the bonus damage of the Shadow Blade may happen with a crit. hit!

this item is a good item for you thanks to troll massive attack speed and damage you will heal yourself fast after using it!
passive and active:


Increases Lifesteal by 175% for 3.5 seconds.
Lifesteal Bonus: 175%
Duration: 3.5


Gives lifesteal on attacks.
Lifesteal: 25%

this item is very nice on troll and you can buy it if you have some survive problem...
you can use it wise or you can fail the fight...
how to use it and when?
so do use Satanic wisely you need to use it after hitting with shadow blade then active it only if you attacking 2 or more heroes!
if your not attacking 2 or more with Troll Warlord your not really need to active this satanice Its correct that Satanicdosent cost any mana but you really need to save that for later is has a 35 sec. cooldown and you may ot into truble and if you have your Satanic ready you can survive a lot of time in TEAMFIGHT or just alive after facing strongs heroes...
Satanic is an unique attack modifier.

this item is preety good on troll just because of his Amazing damage and his mini bash
Gives a chance to minibash and deal bonus damage.
Proc Chance: 35%
Damage: 100
Stun Duration: 0.01
+88 Damage
+15 Attack speed
this item is a nice DPS item and its "must buy" if facing some miss hero like
Phantom Assassin Broodmother Brewmaster ot some one with butterfly!
this item will give you "true strike" that mean you can hit evasion heroes with out miss..
its a sure item to buy vs some hero like the heroes i named or you wont be able to kill and farm!
without your farm your not so god carry at all!
if you want to turn yourself into a better DPS you may consider skip on [satanic]] and go straight to buy Monkey King Bar .

Offensive items

lets start with the Butterfly this item is a nice pick on Troll Warlord thank's to the evasion its giving to you :D
its can save you sometime and when you has Satanic and Butterfly you become very hard to kill so its a very defensive Attack
the Butterfly can save you but the damage and the agilty its giving are better then the evasion:
+30 Agility
+30 Damage
+35% Evasion
+30 Attack speed

Move Speed Bonus: 20%
Duration: 8

so the PASSIVE is awesome but there is nothing to say...
its giving you 60 damage and 60 attack speed + 35% evasion
the ACTIVE is a important thing on Troll Warlord its trading the evasion to movement speed for 8 sec.
this skill is helpful in many ways...
team fight or just facing some one strong:
when you facing someone strong or few heroes you dosent need to turn it into movement Speed because your Evasion gone and the enemies can use that for there on adventage and you can die fast without this evasion...
luckly troll is strong enough player to survive without this evasion thank's to his massive damage and Att. speed!

chasing an enemy
when chasing an enemy you can turn it on active so you can chase him and kill him fast...
as ive already told you when you chasing an enemy you need to use Whirling Axes (Ranged) so you can get close to him because the movement speed from the Butterfly is just for 8 sec. and you may miss him after its gone!

now its the Mjollnir .
this item is a nice pick on Troll Warlord iil tell you here for real i dont like to buy that to him because its not offering him anything new...
the attack speed its giving isnt so good because Troll Warlord is fast enough thank's to is Battle Trance Fervor his attack speed alredy hige and the Mjollnir just get it higher...
about the electric thing its prrety helpful for the farm but you can actually farm with hits and save the money...

you decide!

defensive items

lets start with Heart of Tarrasque
this item is just a defensive item that can keep you alive when every one is die!
this item is a very good pick on hard carried and tanks just cause of the Hp and the 2% Hp regan!
you can survive and take some risks without being scared to die!!!

now lets talk a little bit about the Eye of Skadi
this item is a really good item!
offensive and defensive!
you can use it to gank and its help you because you dont have to chase people becaus ethey really slow and you can just kill them fast!
its also a defensive item just see what it does:

Move Speed Slow: 35%
Attack Speed Slow: 45
Duration (Melee): 5
Duration (Ranged): 3
Passive Cold Attack

+25 Strength
+25 Agility
+25 Intelligence
+250 HP
+250 Mana

so you can see why is it so good item..
but what can you do with it?
so if you chase an enemy you need to hit him with your Berserker's Rage
and then the enemy will be slow down by 35% and you turn yourself into melee and finish him!!
its preety good with troll because a lot of people will run at the moment they will see you. that why you need to buy Phase Boots and Shadow Blade they ment to chase and gank enemies!
the Eye of Skadi is a nice item when you have a problem to chase or escape!

trying to escape?
just hit some one fast and fast after it use your Whirling Axes (Ranged) so you can run away safly!
if you can use Shadow Blade and Phase Bootsuse them fast! every sec. you alive giving you gold do you must play safe that why you need to consider but defensive item!

this item is a saving angel for you... if the enemy team has 3 stuner abilties just but this item because troll dosent have that much Hp that why youu need to consider buy Heart of Tarrasque .
if you get stuned in team fights or just in battle you may die and lose gold!
so if the enemy team has stunners like Lion Chaos Knight or Earthshaker or spirit braker etc.
you MUST buy Black King Bar do survive a team fight and kill someone!
so you active it and then go and gank them as much as you can!
you can useit after hitting with the Shadow Blade you need to active it and gank the stunner first!

Finally we finish the items chapter!


so Troll Warlord is a nice hero with runes!
there are 5 types of runes:

invis. rune turn you into invisvible

1.this is the invis. rune.
you must take it when you taking it you need to go and gank the enemies.
[not the mid lane because its easier to escape there]
go from behind the enemy use your Whirling Axes (Melee) and fast the Whirling Axes (Ranged) and then go back to melee and kill the enemy...
make sure your going to gank in a lane with a stunner by your side of the fight so he can stun and you can gank easly...


just go close to an enemy [make sure you can kill him] then use your Whirling Axes (Melee) and hit him...
as i told you before if the enemy is a tank or just a strong hero you need to use your Battle Trance and hit him fast!!! he will die for sure

another tip i can give you here its when you coming to gank someone make sure there is no enemy around so no one can suprise you and change the situation and they can kill you...

After you bought your Shadow Blade do not take invis. rune just let the team take it.

now to the next rune Type
2.Bounty rune-give you Gold and experience
so when you see this rune just pick it up!
no one need it more then troll the carry :D
the only reason for you NOT to pick its if the other carry in your team need it to buy something good
like he need 100 gold for Monkey King Bar just let him pick it up.

3. haste rune-give you MAX movement speed for some time...
you dont really need this rune because your fast enpugh with your Shadow Blade and Phase Boots and you can let the second carry or the stuner\ganker in your team to take it.
if there is no one around take it...
now what can you do with it? to an enemy and use your Whirling Axes (Melee) and become melee.. you dont have to use your Whirling Axes (Ranged) to slow the target because your super fast and chasing him is'nt a problem for you :D
B.go fast to an low hp missing and gank him before he get to base
how can you do it? can see where there is a low Hp ene,y and go to him then if he disapper go to where you think he escape to and try to kill him before he get into base...
BUT becareful ig you running to thire tower you can die
So do not do that to a stunner hero! can do that more fast and easy if you play with Bloodseeker
Bloodseeker has Thirst that can see Low Hp enemies and make him faster...
that mean he will chase him to and you can see him and chase him with the super movement speed!

4.Double Damage-will Double your damage.
This is the Best Rune For Troll Warlord
after you picking this up this is what you need to do:
the first option

use your shadow blade to get clost to your enemy [make sure your melee before Shadow Blade or range if facign Axe ]
then hit him but remember dont spent your mana when you have daouble damage your really strong wothout the double damage so with it its really op... you can even Bash the enemy and thata sure kill...
if you see your enemy is escape and you cant chase him with your Phase Boots use your Whirling Axes (Ranged) and that will slow him down then turn into melee again
IF HE HAVE A LOT OF HP-use your Whirling Axes (Melee) and then hit him
IF HE HAVE LOW HP-hit him a little bit he will die :D

the second option
here what you can actually do is go to kill roshen...
what you need for it is a good lifestealer which is Helm of the Dominator
and a good damage.
the thing you need to have actually:

agter you have those items you can go roshen safly even without the double damage BUT the Double Damage will help you kill him faster and you even can kill him with out the Crystalys thank's to the EXTRA damage you got!

5.Regeneration-well regan your hp and mana to the maximum or until you getting hit.
there is really not much to say about this rune..
1.if you have LOw hp and mana-take it
2.if you have a lot of hp and mana-do not take it
3.f there is 2 of your team that need it you better take it your hard carry!

6.Illusion rune-this rune will creat 2 Illusions of your hero :D
its not so good rune on troll you can pick it up if no one else need and farm with it
if someone else need it give it to him and if you have Axeon your team call him to get it!


so here iil give you some situations and iil explain what bad and how can you do it!

your Troll Warlord and you see in the mid lane
you need to gank them and the item you have are

the bad thing: is that they have Sven Storm Hammer and lion Earth Spike
the good thing: Lion and Warlock are easy target they dosent have a lot of Hp and Troll Warlord can gank them easy!
wo what you should do:
what you need to do is use your Shadow Blade then go close to Lion and fast hit him and use Black King Bar Immediately then use Battle Trance attack lion and kill him fast the Black King Bar still on you for few seconds go on Sven and try to kill him\deal good amount of damage to him then hit him until he died then move to Warlock .
Warlock have no stun exept the Chaotic Offering and he will use it on you if he dumb then just keep hunt him or go back.
if he use and you think you can kill him chase him and kill him
if he dosent use it kill him..

lets keep going and chack this situation!

your doing roshen and you have 30% Hp left!
then a Meepo with 5 Meepo is coming
Good thing: you have

the bad thing: you have only 30% hp left and you may die to Meepo .
the good thing: your mana Full and you can use your magice stuff...
what should you do?
in this case the best thing to do is escape... WHY?
when you see any other hero [not ANY hero but most of the heroes!] you can kill them thank's to your Helm of the Dominator But this case is diffrent!
Meepo can use Poof and kill you in a sec.
that's is a really deadly move because if you will use Whirling Axes (Melee) Meepo will have a 60% missing chance that mean you can kill him!
but he will use Poof so you will lose...
so what you need to do is go back and w8 a few sec. then use shadow blade and go inside roshen pit...
if Meepo is there w8 for him to kill roshen and take it before he will take it!

if Meepo sint there kill roshen and the the aegis!

another situation is this:
playing in the lane with Earthshaker and your facing Chaos Knight and [lion]]
its the beginning of the game and you have
BAD=they are really good stunner adn you may die
Good= Troll Warlord with Earthshaker is a great combonation.
Earthshaker is a great stunner and all you need to do its kill.


you need to play as a range hero and farm as much as you can...
every time you can hit Lion and when he have Low Hp tell Es to use fussil and you go to the enemy and use Whirling Axes (Melee) and hit Lion until he dies!
that way you get a good farm and a safe kill


so in this chapter iil explain a little bit about jungling and about roshan!


so you can actually go jungle right after buying the Helm of the Dominator
this item wil give you good lifestealer and you can go kill the monsters freely in the jungle...
another thing you can do its play under the enemy tower and kill the enemy creeps before they fight your creep that way you creat a huge stack of creeps that pushing
and you get:


do you want to go roshan?
this is what you need

build one

with this build you can kill roshen but its going to be hard so active your Battle Trance

build two
in this build you need to get these items:
and you ned to get double damage then go roshan and kill him...
its may be hard so use Battle Trance to make sur4 you wont die!

build three
this build is the safe build you can kill him without being needed to use your [battle trance]] to make sure you wont die!

so thank's to the good attack speed of Troll Warlord you will crit. hit amny time that damage will be very powerful on roshan and he may die fast...
if the enemy team is ushing or you think they coming to gank you use battle tanceto kill roshan faster.


so Troll Warlord can play however you like.
this is what we are gonna talk about in this chapter:
1.mid lane with Troll Warlord
2.Normal Lane with Troll Warlord
3.Off lane with Troll Warlord
4.a triple lane with Troll Warlord

So lets start

mid lane with Troll Warlord

so mid lane with Troll Warlord its my favorit lane with him... and i think is the best actually!
Troll Warlord is a Hard Carry hero and he need a good farm in early\mid game to be strong hero in the late game... when playing mid the enemy hero that facing you in the lane can really hurt you that match and you can farm safly in that lane...
the good thing in that lane is that you are can turn from range to melee and back to range to get last hits and the enemy cant use it to gank you...
thank's to the very good farm in the mid lane even if some one gank you you can come back and even use Town Portal Scroll that thing will waste you like:
200 gold on death+100 gold for the Town Portal Scroll=300 gold
300 gold on hard carry its really bad lost but thank's to the mid lane you can get it back in a sec. and even get a bigger farm thank's to Troll Warlord great damage and skills...
the mid lane will level you faster so you will get level 6 and that level give's you Battle Trance now this is what you can do:
1. goi gank some lanes-just go to the lane that having trouble... go help your team and gank the enemies even active Battle Trance if need!
2.push mid-first you need to gank the enemy you can do it by using your
Whirling Axes (Ranged) and then get close to the enemy turn into melee and use Whirling Axes (Melee) and kill him...
then use your Battle Trance to push the tower remember use the Battle Trance after few hits so the enemy waste the tower DEF.

normal lane with Troll Warlord

in normal lane what you need to do is playing safe and farm like all the hard carry gameplay...
you need to get your Phase Boots .
if you get it in 5 min. your farm is good
but there is a way you can get it in 2 min.
wanna hear it?
Q:how you can get Phase Boots in 2 min.?
to get Phase Boots in 2 min. to the game you need to be lucky and good!
you need to go to the RUNE and go to there with someone stunner or slower
slower: Drow Ranger
stunner: Lion
after you go to there you need to hope that the enemy go to there and there is easy target like drow skywarrth mage or some like that who has low hp
then you need to go close to him and hit hima few hits the stunner\slower need to stun\slow the enemy meanwhile you hitting him fast your melle attacks has really good power... then you need to get the first blood [not fur sure you need to get the last hit!]
then you will earn 400+gold
Go back to your lanes and farm a little will get it fast
BUT there is a Conditions to that... you need to start with Boots of Speed or with Blades of Attack

after getting the Phase Boots you need to try and get some kills with the easy way of Troll Warlord which is slowing the enemy with Whirling Axes (Ranged) then change into melee and use Whirling Axes (Melee) and gank the hero to get 200+ gold.

after getting level 6 you have 2 options PUSH\GANK
if you wanna gank you can do it in any lane you want and then push there or just stay in your lane and push there as much as you can.

OFFLANE lane with Troll Warlord

OFFLANE with Troll Warlord is very hard because [troll warlord]] isnt so good escape hero actually he isnt escaper at all and of lane its for escaper like Storm Spirit
anti mage Queen of Pain
troll dosent have any escape abilty so its hard for him to play that lane but if your team said you msut this is what you need to do to survive there...
first pray that you wont face some heavy stunner and damage dealer then start do that:
you to the lane by being a range hero you need that to play safe then let the enemies kill your creeps and let them push troll have massive damage so you can farm under your tower... get some last hits and before gettign the Phase Boots get Helm of the Dominator that way you can farm in the lane without needs to go back and play safe!
after that you need to buy Phase Boots and you can now gank..
you need to play safer until one of the enemies doing a mistake then its your time to go you need to use your slwing skill which is the Whirling Axes (Ranged) then use fast the Whirling Axes (Melee) when you melee but this isnt end yet you need to use your Battle Trance to make sure your killing the enemy and make sure you wont lose him!
when playing offlane every kill is important and you must own your lane!
after few ganks like those you will be much stronger BUT if you fail the lane and the kills you may lose the match so becareful

TRIPLE LANE with Troll Warlord


ok there we go! triple lane is really suck for troll
because troll wont level up there even if he will kill the EXP will shared for every creep and last hits what mean getting level 6 will be super hard for him adn will take a lot of time... the farm isnt so good because your friends my take some last hits and ruined your start...
BUT if you anyway decided to go triple lane this is what you need to do!
1.ask for the 2 allies to leave the last hits for you
2.take all or most of the last hits in that lane and try to level fast
3.any triple lane must contain at least one stunner like Lion that mean he can stun the target when you hitting her and try to kill her...
in this case this is what you need to do: evey time im telling you to use Whirling Axes (Ranged) and then Whirling Axes (Melee) now its something else!
you need to gt close to the enemy and hit him... then use Whirling Axes (Melee) on him and keep chasing him maybe even some one will stun him more..
if he escape with a lot of Hp you fail and you need to le thim run BUT if he have low hp you need to use your Whirling Axes (Ranged) and slow him down then shhot him a little bit and get the kill...
when playing triple lane its very good to get kills and the first blood but its really bad idea to go triple lane so GL!

Friends and Foes

so here is the good part when you need to pick troll and when you need to search another hero...


Bane is one of your foes thanks to his Enfeeble this skill will reducing your damage by 120 and that will make killing a little bit harder.. but its dosent matter its still good hero to play so you can pick troll and gank Bane with your Shadow Blade

Razor is a really strong hero on Troll Warlord because of his Static Link its will STEAL your damage and take it to himself that will help him kill you and your allies...
when the enemy tema picking him concider picking someone else!

more FOES of you can be heroes that can disable you for a long time liek stunner's or disablers like Earthshaker or Legion Commander Duel that disable you for a long time.

why they are strong?
Troll Warlord dosent have magic resistance so spells like Laguna Blade and Finger of Death will kill you fast so you have to becareful!

if they pick this hero dont pick Troll Warlord because faceless boid can disable you with his Chronosphere and kill you fast!
you need to prevoide a fat Faceless Void so pick some one else!

every hero that can slow the target for a long time can actually help you
heroes like those can help you very much:
skywarth mage
those kind of heroes can slow the taget while your hitting him and killing the enemy!

great ally!
he can slow the target with Ice Vortex can stun the enemy with his Cold Feet and can make you stonger with his Chilling Touch
another thign he can do for you is cast Ice Blast on many enemies this way they all left Low Hp in the late game heroes with low hp are a gift for troll and he can get a lot of kills that way.


after i wrote this guide you may leran and see some cool and new stuff in those videos:

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