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The terror returns from the hell of hells

June 10, 2016 by The Frosto
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Terrorblade easylane hard carry

DotA2 Hero: Terrorblade

Hero Skills


1 18

Conjure Image

4 8 9 10 12


2 3 5 7


6 11 16


13 14 15

Terrorblade returns

I open your throat to close your eyes.

Since 6.85 Terrorblade is finaly back. When he came out he was a splitpush hard carry. When he was added in captains mode EE-sama went 6-0 (win-loss) with the hero and than he got dramaticly nerfed. his strenght gain went from 1.9 to 1.6 and his conjure immage took 425% damage instead of 300%. Togheter with nerfing ratting and buffing casters like Lina, Leshrac, Queen of Pain,etc he got almost unplayble. Your illusions just died by a simple Dragon Slave and Lina was in almost every game so no illusions for you.

But now those heroes got nerfed, his Reflection got reworked to an almost Ravage and his Sunder has good cast range now. Now Terrorblade can work most of the time if the enemy team doesn't have to much waveclear and disable. He is an amazing counterpick against Spectre because your Reflection last 5.5 seconds so you can do your own " Haunt" in a teamfight.

Hero lore

Terrorblade is the demon marauder--an outlaw hellion whom even other demons fear. A cosmic iconoclast, he stole from the Demon Lords, ignored the codified rites that should have bound his behavior, and broke every law of the seven Infernal Regions. For his crimes, he was taught this lesson: even Hell has a hell. A short, brutal trial ensued, with many dead on all sides, and he was finally incarcerated in Foulfell, a hidden dimension where demonkind imprison their own.

But Foulfell is no normal prison. In this dark mirror of reality, demons are sentenced to gaze eternally into the twisted reflection of their own souls. But instead of suffering, Terrorblade made himself master of his own reflected worst self--a raging, thieving demon of unimaginable power. With his inner beast under sway, he destroyed the fractal prison walls and burst free to turn his terror loose upon all creation.

In dota 1 Anti-Mage and Terrorblade where brothers. In the dota wiki you can find some old voice responses between them.

In Warcraft 3 Anti-Mage and Terrorblade where the same hero. Anti-Mage used Metamorphosis and would become Terrorblade

When to pick terrorblade

Terrorblade is good to pick if

-Your team lacks a hard carry
-If you can use the biggest part of the jungle
-Your team can create space for you
-The enemy team has interesting heroes to make reflect like Spectre, Anti-Mage, Morphling, etc
-Your team has weak pushing power

You shouldn't pick Terrorblade if

-The enemy team has a lot of disable and silences
-The enemy team is filled with aoe casters like
-The enemy is going to oflane with Undying
-Your team has already a greedy hero like Anti-Mage, Shadow Fiend, etc
-The enemy team has a lot of gankers and will make your time hard to farm.

Skill( -build) explanation

Skill build:

This depends on the game but here some things you have to keep in mind.
1) Do i use the skill?
2) Is it worth leveling up
For this reason i mostly skill reflection first and leave it like that. Than i Max Metamorphosis and than Conjure Image I take ult whenever possible. When you have maxed everything besides Reflection you have to evaluate the game. As long as you are farming, skill stats. If you are fighting, skill Reflection. Sometimes I take 2 levels in Reflection early because the duration goes up by 1 second. But mostly I go
But like i said you have to read the game for it.

Don't skill metamorphis when it is on cooldown, take a level in Conjure Image instead]]. There is no reason to get a level in a skill that is still on cd for a long time, so the level would be a waste.

I will just explain a bit when and how to use it and the rest is copied from the dota 2 wiki to prevent number errors.


In the fractal prison of Foulfell, Terrorblade learned the truth of this old tale: you are your own worst enemy. Now it is a lesson he teaches others.

Terrorblade brings forth an invulnerable dark reflection of all nearby enemy heroes. Affected enemy Heroes are slowed and attacked by their reflection.

This spell got reworked in 6.85 this made terrorblade back a viable hero but i still max it later because it provides great utillity in the early and mid game with only 1 level. Maxing it will increase the duration and the illusion damage but as slong if the enemy team has no strong illusions to copy than there are no many reasons to max it first.

Cast Time: 0.3+0.87
Radius: 900
Move Speed Slow: 25%
Attack Speed Slow: 25
Illusion Damage Dealt: 40%/60%/80%/100%
Duration: 2.5/3.5/4.5/5.5
Cooldown 22/20/18/16 Mana 50


    Upon cast, slows all enemy visible heroes within range and creates illusions of them.

    Reflection illusions are invulnerable, untargetable and uncontrollable.

    Reflection illusions have 522 movement speed and have free pathing.

    The illusions attempt to attack their targets. If they cannot be attacked, they follows the targets close enough until they can be attacked again.

    The illusions do not lose track when their targets turns invisible, hidden or move in the Fog of War. Though they needs vision to attack.

    The illusions are completely immune to every spell, even those which affect invulnerable units (Dispel Magic).

    The slow debuffs and the illusions are independent from each other. Dispelling the slow does not remove the illusion.

    Has a cast backswing of 1.66 during Metamorphosis.

Conjure Image

In the fractal prison of Foulfell, Terrorblade learned the truth of this old tale: you are your own worst enemy. Now it is a lesson he teaches others.

Creates an illusion of Terrorblade that deals damage.

This skill is what we max second. It creates hard hitting squishy illusions from terrorblade.
Since 6.85 this illusions are visually distinguishable from the real Terrorblade for enemies. (People see them like Dark Sheer Wall of Replica illusions).
During the whole game your illusions will be used to farm. We also use them to push towers and to fight but BEWARE they die really fast!!

Cast Time: 0.15+0.76
Number of Illusions: 1
Illusion damage dealt: 30/40/50/60%
Illusion damage taken: 400%
Duration: 32
Cooldown 16 Mana 80


    The created illusions are visually distinguishable from the real Terrorblade for the enemies.

    When cast during Metamorphosis , the illusions are only in ranged form when staying within range.

    Like with any other illusions creating spells, the illusions always spawn in cardinal directions, starting on east and going counterclockwise.

    It is possible to have up to 2 illusions up at a time, given the cooldown is not reset.

    Has a cast backswing of 0.7 during Metamorphosis.


Temper, temper. The rage rises up and takes control. Meet Terrorblade's own worst self.

Terrorblade transforms into a powerful Demon with a ranged attack. Any of Terrorblade's illusions that are within 900 range will also be transformed by Metamorphosis.

This skill is what make you a killing machine, tower demolition badass. It changes you from a stupid melee hero to a hardhitting ranged hero. However you lose some movementspeed (25ms). We max this first because the damage and the duration increases.
With this skill we take down towers and heroes. Use it everytime you are going to fight or push. Also every illusion of you withing a 900 range will also become a Metamorphosis illusion. However if an illusion leaves the radius it changes in a normal Terrorblade. A last thing to mention is, when you die and you respanw during the Metamorphosis duration with an Aegis of the Immortal for example you will resurect in Metamorphosis
KEEP IN MIND: the bonus damage is BASE damage so your illusions get the damage to!!

Cast Time: 0+0
Transformation Time: 0.35
Illusion Radius: 900
Attack Damage Bonus: 20/40/60/80
Attack Range Bonus: 422
Base Attack Time: 1.5
Move Speed Loss: 25
Duration: 40/44/48/52
Cooldown 140 Mana 50


    Metamorphosis disjoints projectiles upon cast. Illusions also disjoint projectiles whenever they enter Metamorphosis form.

    During the transformation, Terrorblade cannot do anything. Cannot be interrupted. This applies to transforming illusions as well.

    Bonus damage is added to Terrorblade's and his illusions' base attack damage.

    Increases Terrorblade's base attack damage to 68-74/88-94/108-114/128-134, attack range to 550 and decreases movement speed to 290.

    It also gives him ranged unit properties, meaning all items with ranged and melee differences (Manta Style) use their ranged values. His attack projectile travels at a speed of 900.

    The transformation is not lost upon dying. Upon respawning, Terrorblade transforms into ranged form again when respawning before it expires.

    The transformation aura for illusions is not bestowed while dead. But just like the transformation itself, it is applied again if some duration is left.

    The aura only affects illusions under Terrorblade's control, except for the illusions from Reflection .

    While Transformed, Terrorblade does not leave foot prints behind.


You didn't need that life, did you? The demon marauder steals that which you hold most dear.

Severs the life from both Terrorblade and a target Hero, exchanging a percentage of both units' current health. Some health points must remain.

Terrorblades ultimate swaps your hp with the hp from a targeted hero. This make you pretty surviveble during ganks and gives even potential to turnaround a gank completely. You can always use this skill on a support with tranquil boots when you are farming to restain your hp in the jungle.

Cast Time: 0.35+0.83
Cast Range: 550
Minimum Health: 25%
Cooldown 120/80/40 Mana 200/100/0


    Sunder can be cast on enemy and allied heroes, and on illusions.

    Terrorblade and his target always end up with a minimum of 25% max hp.
    For example, if both parties have 5% hp before sunder, then they both end up at 25% after sunder.

    Sunder directly manipulates Terrorblade's and his target's health, so it has no interaction with on-damage effects.
    Few examples: Ice Blast, Blade Mail , Borrowed Time are fully ignored.

    Has a cast backswing of 0.8 during Metamorphosis.

*BAT: Base attack time
Every hero has a BAT of 1.7 that means that if a hero has 0 agility and 0 extra attackspeed he will attack 1 time every 1.7 seconds. Here is a list of heroes who have a special BAT:
Alchemist (under Chemical Rage level 3) 1.0
Alchemist (under Chemical Rage level 2) 1.2
Alchemist (under Chemical Rage level 1) 1.4
Juggernaut 1.4
Oracle 1.4
Anti-Mage 1.45
Lone Druid (under True Form) 1.5
Terrorblade 1.5
Windranger 1.5
Troll Warlord (under Berserker's Rage) 1.55
Huskar 1.6
Morphling 1.6
Terrorblade (under Metamorphosis) 1.5
Queen of Pain 1.6
Bristleback 1.8
Weaver 1.8
Treant Protector 1.9
Spirit Breaker 1.9

Item explanation

Your soul lies plundered.

Ok now we start with the items.

Starting items

We start with the normal regen items Healing Salve and Tango.
Than we have to see against who we are going to lane. When we finish the laningstage we would like to have the following items to start jungling: Power Treads, Quelling Blade, Ring of Aquila and Poor Man's Shield. If we expect an easy lane just get the Circlet and the Ring of Protection. Than we will get the slipper of agility and the sage's masks in the sideshop. We let the Wraith Bandrecipe get delivered by the courier later so our midlaner can get his Bottle first.

We need this items to jungle as effient as possible. With a Ring of Aquila we get nice mana regen and our illusions do more damage to farm faster. The Poor Man's Shield drasticly decreases the damage we take from creeps and also from hero harrasment while still giving 6 extra agility. The power treads give us some hp on [[strenght( for if you sit in a lane and take damage, but mostly we want the to stay on agility while we are jungling. Also tread switching can be usefull when you cast Reflection, Metamorphosis or Sunder.

Also when we end the laningstage it is good to buy a Band of Elvenskin from the sideshop because this grants you an extra 6 agility.

End of the laningstage

Now we start working on a Yasha. we aim to get it around the 12 minute mark (if you have it later than that is not such big deal). We upgrade the Yasha in a Manta Style which we can get around the 18 minute mark. This are amazing timings earlier is always better later is still good. But it is perfectly possible to get a manta around the 16 minutes with this itembuild.

When we have our Manta Style start working on an Eye of Skadi. you should aim to get it around the 25-30 minute mark. With an Eye of Skadi and a Manta Style around the 25-30 minute mark you are normally the strongest hero on the map. Keep that in mind you are not that stupid worthless Terrorblade from 10 minutes ago.

End Midgame

The next item is a Butterfly. Sometimes you can get this item before you get the Eye of Skadi BUT that is dangerous and greedy. This will make you really strong against rightclicks but you will be really squishy to magical and pure damage. Also people will start building monkey king bars earlier. Also rightclicks at the 25-30 minute are mostly not that strong so why would you get evasion than.

Ofcourse we get the butterfly after the skadi. With this item you are unstoppable. We aim around the 30-35 minute mark to get this item. Imagine a hero with Manta Style, Eye of Skadi and Butterfly around the 35 minute mark. There is not much you can do about that.

If you didn't end after getting a Butterfly there are some other possibilities to get.

Butterfly if nobody in the enemy team get mkb and they have alot of rightclick just get another Butterfly this will give you 60 agility, 60 bonus as (attackspeed) 60 bonus damage and 52.5% evasion( 35%+ 35%/2).
-Another Eye of Skadi this is good of the enemy team has a lot of magical/pure damage. This will give you +50 stats on every atribute 500 extra hp and mana and also a 35% movementspeed slow, 45 attackspeed slow that last for 5 seconds( melee) and 2.5 seconds( ranged).
- Daedalus, gives nice extra damage and a crit. Your illusions can also crit. Get this as a 4th big item.
- Satanic, an amazing lategame item. Gives you extra strenght en lifesteal. With Sunder and Satanic active you have almost 3 lives.
- Abyssal Blade, the damageblock for your illusions and stuff is nice, but not recquired. However this item can be optional picked up if your team needs a BKB piercing disable like against a Lifestealer.
- Monkey King Bar, Like Abyssal Blade this item does nothing for your illusions except giving them truestrike. It is better to don't get this item except against a team with alot of evasion a Phantom Assassin, Windranger team is a nice example of a mkb situation.
-Moonshard, 6-slotted, no problem just get a moonshard. But don't get this item if you still have itemslots.
-difusal blade, this item gives nice agility and a slow however the manaburn is only 12 on ranged illusions. Only get this item when you really need it against an Omniknight
- Black King Bar, this item is great if you need it but don't get it if you can get away whitout buying it.
- Sange and Yasha, against an Ember Spirit and an Earthshaker? so you don't want to buy manta? WHY DID YOU PICK Terrorblade THEN? It is good if you want to fight early. But remember that you can get the core items i prefer in this build can be build in 30 minutes what is EARLY!
- Divine Rapier, you have to balls to get this item than go for it. This item should be build when you are behind really hard and you want to make a comeback.
- Drum of Endurance, this item is good if you want to end early. If you get this item push early with your team and try to win. Drum is an all around good item but it is not ideal.
- Silver Edge, This item is optional if you play against heroes with strong passives like Bristleback.
- Radiance, an item that is ok on illusion heroes but not on Terrorblade. If you really want to get one you can purchase it but i dislike it. Terrorblade's illusions already have damage and they need durability. Radiance gives damage and misschange what is some rightclick durability but no spell durability.

Dragon Lance, the new item for Terrorblade

This item is actually pretty good for a hero as Terrorblade. It gives extra range for your meta, so the slow movementspeed becomes a bit lesser of a deal. Also it gives 15 strenght and agillity which is actually almost an Eye of Skadi. This item is really cost efficient and is really good to buy after your Manta Style.

The upgrade Hurricane Pike is a good lategame item and works especially well against Blink Dagger heroes that kill you like Sven, Templar Assassin, Legion Commander and many more. This item is also good if you are behind and you need to highround defense since there aren't to many heroes who can actually endure 5 rightclicks of a metad terorblade. This item is really good but not neccesary to get. I think it is nice to have but if you don't like it than it isn't a big deal.

Terrorblade gameplay laningstage

The start of the laning stage.

If you come in the lane the first thing you want to do is cast a spell. Why would you do that? Well the reason is that if you don't use a spell your hero could be regenerating mana but he isn't. So we come into the lane cast reflection and try to get some rightclick on the enemy oflaner(s). Keep in mind that you should prioritze farming above fighting so don't miss a lasthit because of bad timed harrashment. Everytime you want to attack the enemy think this: 1) where are my support, 2) is there another enemy nearby, 3) is the creepwave full health, 4) is there maybe coming a fresh creepwave (you don't want to walk in a creepwave the early game).

Getting a kill.

You can easily get a kill at level 3 with 1 level in Reflection and 2 in Metamorphosis. But if you go for a kill you should also get a kill. Don't wast your Metamorphosis. If you chase someone think this: 1) can i actually kill him, 2) is there a possibility i die during the process, 3) Is it worth it. If one answer on those questions is no than you don't go for a kill. However people often underestimate Terrorblades damage output in the early game.


Terrorblade has an amazing attack animation and decent base damage. When you get a Quelling Blade you won't miss a lot of lasthits. When you have a Ring of Aquila start spawning illusions to farm the easycamp. Unless youre supports are pulling of course !!!
You can also send them to the medium camp if you are Radiant.
When you are Dire it is better to use another tactic. You push the creepwave really hard and when all the creeps died you go to the hard camp. Togheter with an illusion you farm that camp. When you killed the camp the creepwave should be back and you start pushing it again. Later the enemy tower will have low hp from the creep attacks and than you just push it with Metamorphosis.

Help I'm getting ganked or agressive dual/trilaned

If you get agressive dual or trilaned stay calm and play safe. Terrorblade is maybe squishy but has a pretty good laning dominance for a carry. You also have good armor so you don't take a lot of rightclick damage. What you do in this sorts of lanes is you try to get every lasthit you can get whitout dieing horrobly. Than there are some options. Or you go to the jungle (what is possible with terrorblade only hard), or you go gank otherlanes. You can go to the mid or oflane and get some kills with Reflection and Metamorphosis Of course when you can farm you should farm. Another option to do when agressive dual/trilaned is let the take the tir 1 tower. This may sound silly but mostly people will go to another lane to push that tower after getting the tower in there lane. When they rotate to other lanes you can easily farm up.

Acting during a gank

If youre support get ganked try to go in Metamorphosis as fast as you can and spawn an illusion. Start hitting the ganker and when he try to run away use reflection.

If you get ganked and disabled or silenced just SPAMM the Sunder button. Of course don't sunder right away but wait until you have 20%hp. (no reason to get lower because when you sunder and you have 1% hp than the person with who you used sunder on will still have 20% of his hp). After sundering you can mostly turn by using Metamorphosis and Reflection. Ofcourse sometimes you have to run and than it is better to stay in your normal form. However ceep in mind that Terrorblade has amazing damage output and survivability during a gank thanks to Sunder having finally a good castrange now.

Terrorblade midgame

During the midgame you just farm. If your team tells you to do something else MUTE THEM.
The average pub player doesn't know Terrorblade keep that in mind. They act like they do but they have maybe played the hero only once in low priority with dagon and Shadow Blade.

How do you farm?

You jungle with your hero and you create illusions to farm the lane. What you do is you shift queue some attack moves with your hero and meanwhile you focus on your illusion. You micro it and try to get every lasthit in the lane from the creepwaves. Ofcourse you can use your illusion to tank some hits from the neutrals first.

During your farming period you can always split push. If you see your team is teamfighting bottom just push top lane. This will boost your farm and will give your team some gold too if you take the tower. ALWAYS GET THE LAST HIT ON THE TOWER! There is no reason to just miss gold.

Also carry a tp!!!
You can always tp in teamfight to help your team, but you are not the one starting the fights.

how does shift queue and attack move work?

By shift queuing you press shift and than some commands in a row. For example you shift click on 3 different places on the map your hero will walk to the first place, when he got there he will immediatly walk to the second and than the third place. With shift queue you don't have to control your hero the whole time.

Attack move is when you A-click on the ground (deffault options) than you will make a red dot instead of a green. This will your hero walk to that spot and attack everything that comes in his range.

smart attack move is just like normal attack move but instead of attacking the closest unit to the hero it will attack the closest unit to the mouse cursor.

Late game terrorblade

After finishing the eye of skadi start doing active things with your team. I like to do roshan (with metamorphosis when needed) with my team. You should get the aegis but if you don't get it than that is not a big deal. Now you go into a fight and destroy there base after winning a teamfight.

If you are not that ahead and you can't end the game we have to change our strat. In this case the enemy team has a farmed Spectre and she won the teamfight.
Now we have to analyse the game and compare our teams. If your team has better teamfight potential but lost that fight because of someone failing during a teamfight than try to teamfight again later.

Never forget to stay farming!!!

If the enemy team has way better teamfight start ratting. Get Boots of Travel and try to get as many structures that you can get. Terrorblade pushes amazingly fast and has also good teamfight contribution.

Try to always sunder the enemy carry in a teamfight and not a support (if sundering the carry is a posibillity ofcourse).

What to do if you are losing

1) Don't die, dieing only make things getting worse.
2) stay farming but help your team when you can.
3) gank lanes (comeback gold makes a difference between losing and maybe winning)

When to stay farming and when to activly gank?

If you are behind and the enemy team has a hardcarry than try to gank. Because he has probably more net worth because you are behind and he not. If the enemy team doesn't have a proper carry than farm.

If you lose your lane go into the jungle. You jungle by letting your illusions tank a bit of the damage and than you tank the damage yourself.
Terrorblade farms fast and can splitpush. This can lead to an opening in the game and potential comebacks. Also when you have some items Terrorblade becomes really powerfull in teamfights and can turn a bad teamfight in his favor.

Terrorblade is probably one of the better comeback carries in the game.

Interaction with other heroes.

Terrorblade counters:

Heroes that make strong illusions and heroes that lack disable. Also heroes who are weak against illusions are also good heroes to pick Terrorblade against.
Spectre ( makes strong illusions with radiance burn)
Morphling (makes strong illusion, lacks aoe to destroy your illusions, you can dodge his 2nd spell)
Phantom Lancer ( makes strong illusions, lacks aoe)
Chaos Knight ( makes strong illusion, lacks aoe)
Phantom Assassin ( makes strong illusion, often lacks aoe, does mostly physical damage)
Wraith King( makes strong illusions( auras for team), lacks aoe)
Doom ( lacks aoe, you can use manta during Doom animation)
Io (terrorblade can counter gank well)
Anti-Mage ( Makes strong illusion, when he blinks agressive you can often kill him, you have not a really big mana pool)
Templar Assassin ( Lacks good aoe, your illusion work fast trought Refraction and you have good armor)
Juggernaut ( makes good illusions, lacks aoe)
Ancient Apparition ( you can heal thanks to Sunder)
Drow Ranger( Makes strong illusion and lacks aoe)
Lifestealer ( Lacks aoe, can get kited easily, you have not so much hp, mostly armor)

Terrorblade gets countered by:

Nukers and illusion countering heroes, also hard disablers
Timbersaw ( strong aoe nukes)
Undying( dominates you in lane, you have 15 base strenght if he steals 4 you have only 300 hp left)
Lich ( has aoe nuke, gives his team armor, owns you in lane)
Leshrac ( has good aoe nukes)
Lina ( has strong nukes)
Legion Commander ( Overwhelming Odds does bonus damage on illusions, during Duel you can't Sunder)
Sven ( Has cleave, however can be kited)
Broodmother( Owns you in lane, you can't do anything against the spiders and the misschange hurts)
Axe ( Owns you in lane, however due to your high armor his spin doesn't do to much damage)
Crystal Maiden ( Has aoe slow and nuke, frostbite prevents you from attacking)
Ember Spirit ( Can deal alot of damage with sleight of fist)
Earthshaker ( Can do alot of damage with Echo Slam also can chain stun you)
Outworld Devourer ( does bonus damage with his orb, also you don't have that much int)
Lion( Kills your illusions with hex and Mana Drain also has good disable and nukes)
Elder Titan ( Removes all your armor, when playing against him opt for an assault cuirras

Terrorblade pairs well with:

every hero that can fight when you are farming or supports with good disable or babysit potential
Crystal Maiden ( amazing aura and disable)
Rubick ( great disable and gives you a little bit of magic resistance later (not that much))
Disruptor ( great support with ok disable)
Bane ( great disable and good zoner)
Beastmaster ( aura let's you push harder)
Dazzle ( great support with his heals.
Lion ( good disable and zoning potential)
Io ( gives you extra attackpees and resistance against all sources of damage, can heal you and relocate, gives extra movement speed)
Jakiro ( great nuker and disabler)
Sand King ( good teamfight and disable)
Keeper of the Light ( ok zoner but chakra magic help you to farm and zone by yourself)
Winter Wyvern( amazing support, probably the best in this patch, heals, disable and teamfight)
Witch Doctor( good support with stun and heal)
Vengeful Spirit ( good support who grants extra damage, minus armor and stun also Nether Swap can be amazing.
Magnus( Gives cleave and bonus damage, great teamfight presence, can fight while you are farming)

Terrorblade doesn't team up well with:

Every other carry like: Anti-Mage, Luna, Medusa,...
Junglers like: Enigma, Nature's Prophet, Lycan,...
Farm requiring mids like: Shadow Fiend, Alchemist, Naga Siren,...

My opinion about Terrorblade

Terrorblade is my favourite hero at the moment. I sadly started playing him after he got nerfed. My first won terrorblade game was during 6.83. I never played the hero again until i randomed him in a ranked game during 6.84. I was 400mmr higher than the average mmr that game and i was afraid i was going to lose because i randomed a **** hero. A friend of me used to play terrorblade (He is the carry player if we play in a 5 stack, i'm the support mostly) when he was still a good hero and i remembered how he played him. Back than he would pick Terrorblade every game and i would go Crystal Maiden
I copied he playstyle for that game and we won. I had a good game with high impact. I saw that Terrorblade was a bad hero but he had some potential. Since than i picked terrorblade when it was possible (almost never). I think I played him 3 more times in 6.84.

But when I saw the 6.85 patch I immidiately played Terrorblade in a solo ranked pub. I won now i play a lot of Terrorblade since 6.85. According to dotabuff is Terrorblade my most played 6.85 hero with a 80% winrate since 6.85. My total Terrorblade winrate is 70%.

This hero is a beast and I think he is the most enjoyable hero in the game. Because you can get laning kills easily, you can farm fast, you can do a lot of item and skill build, you can do amazing dodges with Manta Style and Metamorphosis, you can survive ganks with Sunder, push towers really fast and wipe whole teams.

Also almost no player in dota know the hero good so you can suprise people with the massas damage you do with Metamorphosis

I suggest you guys all try Terrorblade he is an amazing hero with great gameplay but also some nice voice responses AND an arcana.


If you guys see a spelling mistake or have some tips to improve this guide, please tell my in the comments.

Recoded some parts of the guide
Added Dragon Lance to the possible items
changed the skill build slightly, removed the second level of Reflection into a level in Conjure Image
Changed to abillities description so it fits for 6.87
Changed the description by abysal blade

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