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Spanking and Ganking

December 17, 2016 by Phsc
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Spanking and Ganking

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

3 4 5 7


2 8 9 10

Shadow Walk

1 12 13 14


6 11 16


Hero Talents

No CD on Jinada
+275 Shuriken Toss Damage
+50 Jinada Gold Steal
Track grants ground vision around the target
+45 Track Gold
-30% Damage Taken in Shadow Walk
+30 Jinada Damage
+0.65s Shuriken Toss Slow


Hello! first of all, english isn't my native language so that means that I'll be writing words wrong and stuff like that, ok?
Well, well, well, Bounty Hunter, I would say he's the best ganker in DotA 2, but it's just my opinion, he's good at early, mid and maybe late game.
This build is very variable, there's a lot of options, build the items based on the enemy heroes and your team heroes, and maybe what you want to play with.
I already did 26/0/14 as Bounty Hunter, ok, it was a pub, and I was playing against bad people, and I was with an alt account... anyway, 26/0/14 is good, and I didn't make a Divine Rapier in that match, well, here's the screenshot of the score(ignore the bad quality please)
Anyway I'm still good against decent people ok?

Also, if you're going for a build with Dagon, pick the 10% spell amplification, it's better than damage in that case.

And something interesting, don't initiate a gank with your Q, Shuriken Toss, it cancels TPs cause of the ministun, so, if a Bounty Hunter ganks you and uses it at the start, just TP away.

Pros / Cons


1-A really nice ganker, that can kill people fast, with his crit Jinada, invisibility, Shuriken Toss and items like dagon if you build them.
2-A really good invisibility with Shadow Walk, that can be permanent.
3-Can get lots of gold with Track, and also mark invisible enemies like Riki, Clinkz and anyone with Shadowblade(also keep in mind that the actionable ability of Diffusal Blade, Manta Style and Lotus Orb, Slark's Dark Pact, Oracle's Fortune's End and Tidehunter's Kraken Shell removes Track)
4-Good for the team with Track
5-Good in almost all the game if played right.
6-High base armor and Agility


1-Low inteligence gain.
2-Item dependent(not against a few heroes with low HP like supports or carrys like Drow Ranger and maybe Riki.)
3-High damage spells will destroy Bounty Hunter
4-If they warded, you can't gank unless you buy wards or gem)

When should I pick BH?

If the enemy team has lots of supports that doesn't ward that much like Necrophos played as support and maybe ones like Lina andd Lion, and heroes with low HP without disables and escapes like Sniper, with carrys that need a lot of farm to be good.
A team that doesn't sucks in the end game, with at least one pusher like Tinker and Windranger, not a good idea if pushers like Drow Ranger with Shadow Blade and Clinkz because of their invisibility, they might ward more.

-Supports that buy sentry wards in the enemy team like Oracle, Witch Doctor and Rubick
-Good gem carriers in the enemy team like Abaddon, Clinkz and Centaur Warrunner
-Tanky heroes in the enemy team like Tidehunter, Pudge and Sven.
-Enemies that build Blade Mail like Legion Commander and Centaur Warrunner , that is going to be a really big problem.
-Enemies that can dispell Track like Slark and Tidehunter.

Early game

Well, you can buy really a lot of items in the early game, I'll explain them all.

1- Boots of Speed-Well, you can be a really fast hero early game if you buy it, but I don't think it's that good, if someone tries to kill you in the early game you can just press E and escape, if you want to you can upgrade them early game but I don't think it's worth it that much, +24 damage and mana are really good things but... I don't know...
2-Courier-HEY! HES NOT A SUPPORT! Exactly, you can do something funny, drop the courier, and kill it! It's really fun, also buy the courier if you buy boots and nobody buys the courier.
3- Iron Branch-Lets say you got boots, tango and you got 100 gold and someone already bought the courier, hmmm... two branches!
4- Poor Man's Shield-Probably you're going to the hard-lane, if there's some ranged hero(maybe meele) going to the hard-lane pick this and a tango, your going to survive a lot and take more last hits.
5- Tango and Healing Salve-Lets say you're at lvl 3, you see that the drow ranger that's in the lane you are has half HP, and then theres someone with her, you press E, then you go on her, attack her! Q! right clicks* and boom, you killed her, but now someone is going to try to kill you, and you press E again and escape, use the Salve, and done, tango is good if someone in the enemy team is spamming the hell out of you, so nobody hit kills you with an op ult like Lina's Laguna Blade
6- Stout Shield-Same reason for Poor Man's Shield
7- Quelling Blade-Well, if it's really hard to get last hits, or easy but someone is stealing them, you can get this, I don't like to get Quelling blade for BH but if you really want to...
8- Ring of Basilius-Really small mana regen aura, 2 armor aura... meh... I don't like this item, but you can use it for Vladmir's, and you get +7 damage wich is... well... nothing but ok.
9-Wards-Oh my god, you're getting ganked a lot, and the supports aren't buy wards, you can escape, but your teammates can't, ward it, also it's good for escaping, and really useful against a Techies that mines everywhere.
10- Urn of Shadows-One really important early-game item, remember the salve example with the drow ranger? with this, you won't need to buy salves or tangos, you can restore your hp and gank more(mana is a problem but in the core build I'm going to talk about that)
11- Orb of Venom-Well, if Jinada isn't enough for killing people, this will slow anyone a lot, and you will kill them.
12- Magic Wand-Not bad, but I would still prefer other items, if you really need mana or hp regen really fast early game, it's not bad, the stats are nice, but I would still get a Poor Man's Shield or a Urn of Shadows, but really useful in a lane people spam abilities, like Zeus, Skywrath Mage and Phantom Assassin.
13- Wind Lace-Speed is key, works really well with Orb of Venom.
14- Bottle-With 7.00, lots of runes, really good

In the early game, your going to steal their rune, let your teammates get theirs, anyway, some people put sentry wards near the runes, if they did that, a pudge can hook you, and someone can kill your, anyway you can escape by leaving the sentry radius.
Going to the lane, BH is a good hero at the hard-lane, you can do well alone, if you want to you can spam Shuriken Toss but I don't think its a good idea.
Take the last hits you can, get lvl6 or 7 and start ganking!

Mid Game

Ok, mid game... teamfights, carrys farming, well... you got a lot of work to do.

First of all, items!

1- Boots of Speed-Ok... now you're going to upgrade your boots, hmm... if you're going to upgrade them before mid game, this will still be useful.
You can get Boots of Travel, I don't think its worth it until the Late game, but if you really want to... you can get Phase Boots, which I really like, +24 damage, really good, you can use phase while invisible, really good, and it doesn't cost 2400 gold, nice!
Arcane Boots for Bounty Hunter... not a bad idea, still, not a good one, he needs mana, so he can gank people, but I don't think it's worth it, if your going for a dagon based build get it, if your going for a more right clicking build, get phase and be happy.
PS-After the new update, Track costs 65 mana, which doesn't look much compared to the 50 it was, but now Arcane Boots is a better idea than before, the fact that you need more mana helps a lot, definitively get this if planning on tracking a lot, if not, maybe Phase Boots is better.
2- Desolator-Well... well... well... less armor for opponents, really useful against enemies with high armor like Terrorblade, and I don't recommend ganking a Terrorblade, his ult with destroy you, and people with low armor, like Pudge, or Doom, well, desolator adds damage, and less armor for enemies, nice mid-game item.
3- Aghanim's Scepter-Double Shuriken Toss, really good with Track, really good with Ethereal Blade, going for a magical damage build? get it.
4- Battle Fury-BUT Bounty Hunter ISN'T A RIGHT CLICKING FARMER!!! YES! but he can be one, if you get Battle Fury and Vladmir's Offering, you can easily get a nice farm while the enemies are all missing... and nobody is using scan at Roshan because if 5 people are missing at the mid game they're really not doing Roshan, anyway, I don't like Battle Fury for Bounty Hunter.
5- Diffusal Blade-I don't think its worth it, I've seen people making it, ok, the actionable slow is nice, but you don't need it, mana burn isn't good for Bounty Hunter because he doesn't have illusions, not worth it, use it at your own risk.
6- Monkey King Bar-One great item, adds damages, a passive bash, and true strike, really really really really really really useful against enemies with evasion, I always build it when going to rick click people, with a Phantom Assassin in the enemy team
7-Eye of Skaldi-Nice stats, slow... well... Bounty Hunter doesn't need a slow, stats aren't bad, well, Bounty Hunter isn't Slark, stacks with Jinada, and, stacks with Orb of Venom... What?
8- Urn of Shadows-Build it now if you didn't before because you did boots.
9-Dagon-If you don't like the way BH is played, play as Nyx ***a... I mean, build Dagon for it, yeah! It's not bad, I don't like it, not bad if you're at the ultra end game with 10k gold, 800 damage for a gank is really nice, works well if you're doing a roaming supportive build.
10- Orchid Malevolence-Let's say the enemy team has a Bane or a Lion, you're going to kill him... then... hex... stunned... nightmare OH MY GOD NIGHTMARE IS SO OP... that's what orchid is for, also the 30% at the end is really nice for killing people that are escaping.
11- Black King Bar-Let's say your team sucks, and its a 5v1, or you're playing as a hard-carry with a roaming/offlaner/support hero, Bounty Hunter isn't the best hero for a 5v1, he's not Spectre... I mean, Black King Bar is good for making you survive more than 3 seconds in a 5v1 teamfight, still, Bounty Hunter isn't a tank, I don't like it.
12- Linken's Sphere-Really good!, really, really good!, let's say the bane uses nightmare on you, IT WON'T WORK(I think it works against nightmare I don't know I might be wrong)
Really good alternative for Black King Bar and Orchid Malevolence.
13- Solar Crest-Evasion, armor, good, works well with Desolator
14- Butterfly-Evasion, speed, stats, not bad, more for a carry-like build.
15- Gem of True Sight-THERE'S WARDS EVERYWHERE! WHAT DO I DO? destroy them.
16- Guardian Greaves-If you're playing more of a roaming support, it's a good item, works well with Dagon and Orchid Malevolence builds.
17- Vladmir's Offering-Good for your team, you can farm with it, a good item, if you have Desolator or Solar Crest, you can do Roshan with it, I don't know if solo, but you should do it with your team, at least with the hard-carry.
18- Veil of Discord-Dagon? Ethereal blade? Aghanims? do it!

At the mid game you're going to kill the carrys, kill the supports, and farm, all at the same time, let your team kill the tanks, kill the people that can kill your team, not the people that you can't kill.

Late Game and the rest of the Items

At the late game, you probably lost, now the enemies are OP, the carries have farm, and they will push, you're pretty much useless now, and you must make items that will make you win, aka DIVINE RAPIER! sell one of your damage items(like Desolator) and make one of these, now your crit will hit kill that drow ranger that was in your lane earlier!(I already did that, without a divine rapier)
Now kill the enemies, and let your team push, and win(or lose)


Radiance-Invisible heroes and Radiance, OP, but it costs a lot of gold.
Vanguard-You're not a tank, not that bad agaisn't 3 or more meele heroes.
Tranquil Boots- Urn of Shadows is better, but still not a bad option.
Moon Shard-Too much gold? buy one and use it.
Assault Cuirass-Needs armor? I don't think so, if you want to.
Daedlus-If you crit with your passive and the Daedlus crit, probably hit kill.
Ethereal Blade-Agility is really good, active it on that tanky guy, use dagon!
Satanic-You're with low HP, active it and hit kill that Sniper!
Heaven's Halberd-Evasion is really good, use this on a Ursa you failed to kill.
Abyssal Blade-I don't think it's worth it, if you really need disables, buy it.
Echo Sabre-I think this is a good item, but not that good, you can use your crit then Monkey King Bar, that allows for more damage when ganking.
Blademail-NO! BH ISN'T A TANK!
Bloodstone-You don't need that much mana.
Heart of Tarrasque-In the end game, sell that Vladmir's Offering and get this, now it's way better.
Mask of Madness-I don't wanna get hit killed by that Lina or that Lion
Force Staff-Really good escape option if they warded everything.
Divine Rapier-I can't do stuff anymore? buy this, you can also rush this and kill everyone but I don't like divine, I already lost way too much because of this item.
Lotus Orb-Really good agaisn't Lina and Lion.
Gem of True Sight-If you need it now, be happy.

Eul's Scepter-Why? mana regen? buy a Bloodstone then, also Bounty Hunter doesn't need that much mana, maybe if you're using Dagon, Scythe of Vyse and other items like that, if you want to do that, why pick Bounty Hunter and not Nyx Assassin
Manta Style-Why? maybe with Diffusal Blade and Radiance?
Divine Rapier-if your kdr is not giant, don't buy this.
Scythe of Vyse-Why? Ok, not that bad, still, not good for Bounty Hunter, maybe if you're playing Bounty Hunter like Nyx Assassin
Hand of Midas-You can get more gold killing heroes.
Blademail-Same reason before, not an early game item like I've seen some people doing, if your going to get it, get it with a Heart of Tarrasque and an Orchid Malevolence, then you'll be able to tank some stuff, Black King Bar wouldn't be bad with those items too.
Gem of True Sight-Same reason for Divine.

Invisibility items-NO! PRESS E! IT'S EASIER, I mean, if you really need invisibility... still not even near worth it!

The end!

This was my first guide, I think it's not that bad, comment stuff that I should change, why do you buy X item, why you don't lvl up Y skill before Z skill, things like that.
Good luck playing as Bounty Hunter!

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