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Some Idiot's Guide to Death Prophet

January 10, 2017 by Safecyn
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Build 1
Build 2

Who ya gonna call?

DotA2 Hero: Death Prophet

Purchase Order

Spirited Start

Alt Start

Early Grave

Chewy, Gooey, Ectoplasmic Core

Against Heavy Lockdown/Nuke Damage

Final Rites (Luxury/Situational)

Hero Skills

Crypt Swarm

1 3 5 7


11 13 14 16

Spirit Siphon

2 4 8 9


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+400 Health
+6 Exorcism​ Spirits
10% Cooldown Reduction
+25 Movement Speed
-1.5s Crypt Swarm Cooldown
+150 Cast Range
+4% Spell Amplification
+12% Magic Resistance


Hello one and everyone! Safecyn here, bringing you a guide to...

Is this just your thing now? Taking every other patch off?

I was playing here and there, shush. These guides got me a job, so I've been pretty busy with actual real life responsibilities and all, I'm sure you under... no. Actually you probably don't.

Damn right I don't! Jobs are for... WAIT WHAT?


Someone read these things and decided it was a good idea to PAY you? Are you serious?

Oh, yeah. Apparently they demonstrate effective communication skills, good attention to detail, a hard-working attitude and the ability to respond well to feedback and constructive criticism.

They uh... didn't pick up on the fact that you're insane?

I think they assumed it was an act.

Oh. Anyways, this was a guide?

Oh, right! Death Prophet! This hero's a blast, you'll love playing her. She's a devastating cocktail of magical, physical, and PURE damage with some crowd control mixed in, a solid mid-lane core that scales well into the late game, a pusher that's almost second to none, AND she's voiced by GLaDOS!

You mean Ellen McLain. She has a name, you know.

Right, yeah sorry. GLaDOS though.

And do remember, this guide is just suggestions based on my own experiences and understanding of the game, and shouldn't be followed to the letter. Being able to adapt to your specific game is what separates the pros from us rank amateurs. Feedback is appreciated, as long as it's constructive!

Outstanding artwork by AliceRose. Almost makes you wanna die, right? In a good way.


  • Six second silence with 50% uptime (even better with Octarine!)
  • Not one, but two built in heals for great sustain.
  • Powerful single target and AOE nukes
  • Great wave clear and even greater tower pushing
  • Exorcism deals insane amounts of physical damage
  • Above average movement speed (though slower than she used to be)
  • Scales well with items into late game
  • Pretty darn good at taking Roshan.
  • Spirit Siphon makes her a solid pick against high strength heroes
  • Above average attack range
  • Fun to listen to, and fun to play!
  • Can easily become mana starved in the early to mid game.
  • Moderately squishy and can easily be nuked down.
  • Pretty much useless when silenced.
  • Spirit Siphon can be broken by outpacing her.
  • Low starting damage makes for more difficult last hitting
  • Lack of hard stuns makes mid ganks less viable
  • Countered a good bit by positioning, so high mobility enemies and Force Staffs pose a problem.

An Elegy For Witchcraft


Increases the potency of Death Prophet's spells, while providing a passive movement speed boost. Reduces mana costs and cooldowns of Crypt Swarm and Silence, and adds additional spirits to Exorcism.

Move Speed Bonus: 5%/10%/15%/20%
Crypt Swarm & Silence Mana Reduction: 10/15/20/25
Crypt Swarm & Silence Cooldown Reduction: 1/2/3/4
Exorcism Spirit Count Increase: 3/4/5/6

With each death, Krobelus adds necromantic power to her repertoire.

6.86 was not without its casualties. The most egregious was Arc Warden's potential to look AT ALL good, but right after that... this spell. I'm a weird math-loving freak of nature, I understand, but this spell allowed for such great customization of Death Prophet's early game. It was glorious.

Enh. Boring passive was boring.

YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH RIGHT NOW. Pre-6.86 this made Death Prophet surprisingly complex, as there were various skill paths you could take with her in the first few minutes. Did you put three points in Crypt Swarm and two in Witchcraft, just going for the most powerful, more cost effective nuke? Or did you put one point each in Crypt Swarm and Silence and three in Witchcraft, getting value points in those spells, making them cheaper, and maximizing the amount of spirits you'd get with Exorcism when you hit 6? The extra move speed even gave it some tactical usage: you could hold onto a skill point and level Witchcraft if you needed an extra boost of speed to catch a foe.

Was it silly for Death Prophet to have to spend eight skill points to get an ability on par with Lina and Dragon Slave? Yes. Is she a lot stronger with Spirit Siphon and her rebalanced abilities? HECK yes. But this skill. It was great, and I refuse to forget it, Valve, you hear me? No promises of cool looking sets for doing your battle pass stuff will make me forget! EVEN WITH TENTACLES.

Please tell me you're not doing a 'Safecyn Reflects' section too.

Nah. As much as I want to spite you for saying that, it's time we moved on to the abilities.


Crypt Swarm

Sends a swarm of winged beasts to savage enemy units in front of Death Prophet.

Cast Range: 600
Starting Radius: 110
Travel Distance: 810
End Radius: 300
Damage: 75/150/225/300

Cooldown 8/7/6/5 Mana 105/120/140/165

Krobelus' many trips to the grave gather a flock of the damned.


AOE nuke in a cone in front of you. It's not the the only spell like this in the game, by far ( Dragon Slave and Breathe Fire both come to mind just without thinking too hard), so I'll spend less time going into what this spell does and more about what sets it apart from similar spells.

1) The cooldown! It's super low at just five seconds compared to 8.5 on Dragon Slave and 12 on Breathe Fire.

2) The effective range of the spell is actually LONGER than the cast range by a solid 510 units: the wave goes 210 units past the cast point, and the radius grows to 300 units by the end of the wave. You'll get used to what exactly this means as you play Death Prophet, but just know that if you can't click on that fleeing enemy, you might still be able to snipe them off with one last cast of this ability.

3) The manacost to damage ratio here isn't the greatest: it's expensive and doesn't do a whole lot of damage until later levels. This is intentional, as if Death Prophet could spam this like crazy early on, she'd be the most OP hero in the game. As it stands now, though, you'll need to be conservative with your mana and get some solid regen items to fully utilize this skill before you have your core items.

4) This ability is both unit target AND point target. This means you can click a hero directly and guarantee a hit, or target the ground and skillshot it. Keep in mind, though, if you click the hero, you're limiting yourself to the 600 cast range of the spell, so if they're out of reach, click the ground!

This is your primary farming and harass tool in the early game, especially if you're mid. You can rack up a good amount of damage while nabbing money at the same time once you get the hang of landing this skill, and once you get them low enough you can hitch onto them with Spirit Siphon and go in for a kill... more on that ability later, though.


Prevents enemy units in a target area from casting spells.

Cast Range: 900
Radius: 425
Duration: 3/4/5/6

Cooldown 15/14/13/12 Mana 80

Peering into the veil of her opponent's demise, Krobelus sees a silent future.


First of all: the name of this thing.

It's a Slardar ability.

Dang straight it's a Slardar Ability. Which is a waste of a LOT of potential, might I add, Icefrog-senpai and Lord Gaben.

You have a ghost lady floating around the Dota 2 landscape who is literally so terrifying she stops enemies from casting spells.

And the best you come up with is... Silence? The name of the debuff that the skill provides?


Why not 'Rigor Mortis', to reflect how corpses stiffen up after death? 'Fading Breath' to reflect opponents' inability to cast or even breathe? Even 'Silence of the Grave' or 'Silent Future' like the flavor test says would be a more apropos name then just 'Silence', ESPECIALLY since Drow Ranger used to have an abilty with the exact same name!

Yeesh. Anyways, do you have anything to say about the ability itself?

AOE silence. Helps keep her from getting nuked down. Pretty self-explanatory. I guess the one thing I'll say is that it's not unheard of to get a point in this ability early on, especially if you want to go for an early pick off on an Anti-Mage or you're laning against a heavy nuker like Zeus, so don't feel married to the 'skill first level at 11' thing I have up there. That's it.

Moving on?

Moving on!

Spirit Siphon

Creates a spirit link between Death Prophet and an enemy unit, draining max health per second and slowing the enemy's movement speed.

Cast Range: 500
Link Break Distance: 750
Number of Charges: 1/2/3/4
Base Health Drain per Second: 14
Max Health Drain per Second: 1%/2.5%/4%/5.5%
Move Speed Slow: 5%/10%/15%/20%
Duration: 6
Charge Restore Time: 45

Mana: 70/65/60/55

Krobelus' very presence causes souls to flee their bodies.


This skill used to be OP as all get out, back when it did pure damage, went through spell immunity, and had a longer break range.

It's... still pretty OP though?

It can seem like that at some times, especally if your team groups up around a Death Prophet, doesn't stun her, and proceeds to get hit with Veill of Discord and have four people sucked off at once.


Shush. I think this skill is just fine now, though. The nerfs to Death Prophet's natural tankiness have made up for how much healing it actually does, and you CAN just dodge it with BKB, or out-range it with Force Staff, so it's not the end of the world like it used to be. Here's a brief breakdown of the particulars:

1) This skill does up to a maximum of 84 + 33% of an enemy's max health as magical damage.

2) This skill heals Death Prophet for the full amount regardless of how much damage the enemy actually takes (unless the link is broken)

3) This skill slows by 20%, making it even harder to try and break it without the help of a Force Staff or an ability like Nether Swap.

4) The skill is charge based, and you can have 4 charges stored up at once. While you can't link the same target more than once at a time, you can either a) link the same target four times in a row and deal 336+ 132% of their max health as magical damage while healing that amount, b) link four different heroes in a team fight and be draining all of THEM while healing that amount, or any combination of those two.

5) The mana cost of this ability GOES DOWN when you level it. And it already starts out cheap!

6) Using this ability and having it blocked by a Linken's Sphere or an Anti-Mage Aghs WILL consume a charge.

7) Because this ability now deals magical damage, Veil of Discord is now basically core, as your health drain and damage will be amped by 25% with that active running, increasing the damage of one cast of the ability to 105 + ~40.8% max health. Not too shabby.

8) The drain from this ability is only broken by distance or spell immunity, meaning invulnerability provided from Eul's Scepter of Divinity or banishment from Disruption or Astral Imprisonment won't stop it.

I can talk about Disruption, right? People know how Shadow Demon is at this point?

Right. No, you're good.


Anyways, in some situations, you may want to max this ability first: if your opponent mid has no effective way of escaping, this is an incredibly powerful harassing tool that can be used to set up a kill with your rotating support.

What's a rotating support? You mean they're allowed to leave the lane?

R... right. That was for the 3.5k and higher players, sorry. Speaking above my station here.


Unleashes evil spirits to drain the life of nearby enemy units and structures. At the end of the spell's duration, Death Prophet is healed in proportion to the damage dealt. Lasts 35 seconds.

Spirit Acquisition Radius: 700
Number of Spirits: 8/16/24
Spirit Damage: 53-58
Life Drain: 25%
Exorcism Duration: 35
Cooldown 145 Mana 200/300/400

Over time, the banshee remnants of her previous lives return to haunt the present.


My personal history with Death Prophet makes me think of this ability as a Faceless Void counter. It's not, really, but if you pop Exorcism as he blinks in on you to cast Chronosphere, you do have this hilarious dilemma where if he attempts to stay inside he dies. Quickly.

First, the nitty gritty details of this skill. List time, yo!

1) This ability deals physical damage and goes through magic immunity.

2) This ability deals full damage to structures. I'm sure you already knew this, and have used Death Prophet to push a tower at least once, but did you know his also applies to wards, Undying Tombstone, Shadow Shaman Mass Serpent Ward, and Venomancer Plague Ward? Because it does!

3) This ability can hit units in fog of war, kinda like Spirit Siphon. Unlike Spirit Siphon however, it won't affect invisible units... I guess if ALL of her abilities did she'd be to powerful? I dunno.

4) The spirits move at a speed of 500. This means they're faster than basically everything except a charging Spirit Breaker, a Bloodseeker, and a hero with a haste rune. That being said ,they can't travel greater than 700 units away from Death Prophet, so they're not completely inescapable!

5) Death Prophet's spirits attack once per second, and their attacks... aren't attacks. What I mean by that is they ignore evasion and damage block, and won't trigger stuff like Centaur's Return and Timbersaw's reactive armor. They also won't break Tranquil Boots! Though DP has plenty of ways of doing that if you're in range of her.

6) The spirits heal Death Prophet once they return to her. This healing is calculated... oddly, rather than healing DP for 25% of the damage dealt, it instead heals her for 25% of the damage she WOULD have dealth, based off how many times her spirits attacked people. So it's kind of like Spirit Siphon in the 'not actually stealing life' aspect.

7) The spirits are not release all at once, but rather in 0.3 second intervals. This means that, at max level, although Death Prophet has access to 24 spirits, it takes her more than 7 seconds to conjure them all. This is where the whole 'able to be burst down quickly' thing really shines as an Achilles heel if you haven't gotten farm.

That last part is important, because it's crucial for figuring out the maximum damage output of Exorcism.

Safecyn's Math Corner already? Oh c'mon!

No no, I'm saving that for later, this is a quick and dirty calculation. Using estimates! But it should be reasonably close to the real figure. Let's take what we know: the spirits are summoned at 0.3 second intervals, attack once per second, and deal an average of 55 damage. The .3 second interval means we have to break our calculation into groups: three spirits will be able to attack for the full 35 second duration, three spirits will be able to attack for 34 seconds, and so on and so forth. Here are the actual groups:

35 seconds: 3 spirits * 55 damage * 35 seconds = 5775
34 seconds: 3 spirits * 55 damage * 34 seconds = 5610
33 seconds: 3 spirits * 55 damage * 33 seconds = 5445
32 seconds: 4 spirits * 55 damage * 32 seconds = 7040
31 seconds: 3 spirits * 55 damage * 31 seconds = 5115
30 seconds: 3 spirits * 55 damage * 30 seconds = 4950
29 seconds: 4 spirits * 55 damage * 29 seconds = 6380
28 seconds: 1 luelen * 55 damage * 28 seconds = 1540

The heck is a luelen?

That's the name of that one spirit that shows up after the work is mostly done, acts like it's been totally important throughout the entire fight, then gets tired early and goes home. You know which one. No offense to anyone actually named Luelen out there, I'm sure you're lovely. Anyways, adding these groups up gives us a grand total of 41,855 physical damage that goes through BKB, that also provides 10,463 healing! Over a 35 seconds period, of course, but still! That's insane, right?

Yeah... I can see why heroes melt so quickly when focused down by this skill, dang.

Well, that's actually more a function of its burst ability. That's an easier calculation, we can just say 24 spirits * 55 damage * 1 second = 1320 damage. This is, to me, the most impressive figure: it essentially means that a level 16 Death Prophet has a physical damage Aghanim's upgraded, Veil of Discord enhanced Finger of Death every second. Past the seven second mark of her ultimate, of course.

... Balanced hero.

Surprisingly, actually! I mean, you can always just Force Staff away from it, after all.

Hm. Fair. No Aghanim's upgrade for her yet, huh?

Not yet. She doesn't need one, to be honest, and if she ever gets one I doubt it'll affect her ultimate. I'd bank on something like 'killing an enemy hero with Soul Siphon replenishes a charge' or ' Crypt Swarm deals pure damage that pierces spell immunity'. But you never know with OSfrog.

The Spirit Glass

Note: Surprisingly, while 6.87 changed Aether Lens spell amp from 8% to 5%, as it turns out DP's natural build towards getting the item means that she ends up around 8% spell amp anyways thanks to the INT to damage changes. So that's cool.

(Also this item is purchased after Veil of Discord now because Spirit Siphon is magical, yo.)



Always remember, boys and girls:


I don't even have words to express the unadulterated mega-loathing I feel for you.

Sure about that? Don't want to give it the old college try?

If you were a frog, I'd set you into a pot of room temperature water, then slowly raise the temperature to boil you alive without your realizing. How's that?

Not bad. Not bad at all. Anyways, the maths! Let's do them.

There are no doubt some of you out there wondering 'why Aether Lens, especially on a core Death Prophet?' It's that item that supports get to cast spells from a safer distance and give them some health sustain, right?

Yeah, like seriously, what's your justification for it? The 5% spell damage buff? Why not get your precious Veil of Discord instead?

Cast range, mostly.

Oh. Um... wait. Wasn't this section longer before?

I mean, yeah? There was this big spiel about how Aether Lens amped everything DP did rather than just the magical damage aspect of Crypt Swarm, but now Spirit Siphon is magical so that's not true. So it really is just cast range, since the 5% spell amp is... I mean it's nice. Don't get me wrong. And it still adds up something fierce when you consider how much spell damage DP puts out. But it's mostly range: and one of the not-oft talked about changes of 7.00 was that the cast range increase from Aether Lens was buffed.

This means that Crypt Swarm now travels an insane 1030 units, and can hit units that are up to 1330 units away when the radius is factored in. That's only half a Powershot, true, but powershot is an insanely long skillshot, yo. 1330 is still respectable.

Second, Aether Lens also increases cast distance of Spirit Siphon to 720 units, and the break distance to 990 units. This is more important than it sounds, as Force Staff only has a push distance of 600: where before an enemy that already had a head start on you could be pushed to safely, now it's less likely: not to mention that even if they go into fog, the ability stays latched, so you can try and find them easily!

While we're on Spirit Siphon, actually, let's talk how its damage shakes out. With something like Crypt Swarm, it's easy enough to say 'oh well it does 300 damage and 8% of that is 24 so with Aether Lens it deals 324 damage', but Spirit Siphon is percentage based damage. And how do we take a percentage of a percent?

Quite simply, like this:

.055 * .05 = .00275, .055 + .00275 = 5.775% per second

This, then, makes Spirit Siphon's total damage:

(14.7 + 5.775% max health)*6 = 88.2 + 34.65% max health

This is on a per charge basis, of course, and keep in mind Death Prophet is also HEALING for this much at the same time. If you were to isolate one hero and use all four charges of Spirit Siphon on them, you would deal 352.8 + 138.6% max health magical damage to them.

I used to have a calculation of what max health you would be guaranteed to kill with this ability but uh... even with the inherent 25% magic resistance all heroes have, this still shakes out to 264.6 + 103.95% max health. Over 100% of max health means that, theoretically, Death Prophet can kill any hero in the game regardless of health over a period of 24 seconds. You're probably not going to get 24 uninterrupted seconds to try and kill an enemy, but it's possible.

Lastly, let's look at Exorcism, which also gets its damage boosted by Aether Lens where it wouldn't by veil. Here our calculations are more simple again, and we get:

Total damage: 41,855 * .05 = 2092.75, 41,855 + 2092.75 = 43947.75

Burst Damage: 1320 * .05 = 66, 1320 + 66 = 1386

Are you uh... ever gonna go back and do this for Venomancer? This seems like it might get crazy if you get Veil and Aether Lens and cast all your spells and OH GOD NO I WANT TO DO MATH

HA! You ARE me! I KNEW IT!


Look into your heart. You know it to be true.

Uh, anyways. Item section. It's going to include Aether Lens. Obviously.

Item Progression

Something something something! Random text because I hate the way two headers look right next to each other!

.. Seriously? THAT'S the reason we have petty arguments at the beginning of each items section? Your sense of aesthetics?



Starting Items

Pretty straightforward reasoning here: Tangoes for sustain, Null Tali for last hitting and mana pool padding. In the beginning of the game you'll be wanting to use Crypt Swarm as a combination last hit/harass tool, so the extra intelligence won't go to waste.

Alternatively, if you want a faster bottle or anticipate going against someone spammy like a Zeus, you can go this way:

This still gives you a decent amount of stats, as well as one extra point of strength when compared to the Null Tali build. You lose out on some mana and definitely lose out on damage (only 4 additional as opposed to 9!), so make sure you're comfortable last hitting with the hero before going this way. Her base damage is only 24-36, remember, so it can be Shadow Fiend levels of difficult.

Early Game

and maybe (definitely with starting build #2)

I never used to build Arcane Boots on Death Prophet, it was either Phase for move speed and damage or Treads for sustain back in the day. But with 6.86 out now, Arcanes are THE go to boots for DP. Not only will they give a whopping +5 additional move speed over Power Treads, but the mana sustain you'll get between this, Bottle, and maybe even wand will let you spam your spells like crazy. The fact that those boots then disassemble and rebuild into Aether Lens is what pushes it over the edge, though, and I really shouldn't have to tell you why to buy Aether Lens at this point, should I?

Though you may want to put off buying the Aether Lens until getting Veil of Discord, which is coming up in the next section. Your call.


, if necessary.

Veil of Discord is quite possibly the item of the patch: with teamfights becoming more prevalent in the early game and the overall tempo getting increased, amping the damage of all your teams nukes is GREAT. This items also just gives DP a lot of what she wants: more intelligence, more stats, more armor, a solid chunk of HP regen: it's great. Get it. Watch your DP win rate go up. Trust me.

Eul's scepter gives Death Prophet a lot of really great things: more intelligence, more mana regen, and perhaps most importantly, more move speed. It's incredibly difficult to run from her once this is online, especially when factoring in those 700 cast range Spirit Siphon slows you'll have with Aether Lens on line. Not only that, but Death Prophet can Eul's herself in the middle of a teamfight without breaking Siphon OR stopping Exorcism from dealing damage, allowing her to dodge huge damage dealing ultis and power through situations that would kill other heroes.

After that's in place, it's time to start saving money for Octarine Core. I go the Soul Booster component first, because I get my mana boots back faster that way, only to disassemble them yet again once I have the other two boosters. Octarine not only gives DP great sustain and larger mana and health pool, but reduces the recharge time on Spirit Siphon while letting her heal 125% of the damage she deals with it, lets her spam Crypt Swarm on 3.75 second cooldown, and puts her ultimate on an 108 second cooldown, which increases its uptime drastically. She'll also heal off of the damage she deals from Swarm and Exorcism.

It's great all around? Is what I'm saying? It's a really synergistic thing to buy on her, and tanks her up to the point where she becomes a devastating highground pushing force to deal with. Not that she wasn't before, but if you still haven't tried to push highground and you have an Octarine... it's time, ok? No more farming, go win the game.

Before moving on to luxury though, I feel it necessary to put Black King Bar in this section, simply because of how crucial it can be in some games. The extra strength tanks her up a bit more, and the magic immunity stops her from melting before she can heal back up using her abilities: your ghosts can't kill people if you're dead, ironically enough. Against heavy lockdown or nuking lineups, definitely go for this, you won't regret it.


Up against a pesky Phantom Assassin, Lina, or Windranger? Blade Mail might not save your life, but it'll leave a mark on them that they won't forget. Once you have an Octarine Core, you'll even heal off of the damage return, and perhaps be tanky enough to kill them with their own abilities!

If split-push is the path to victory, these are your boots of choice. Teleporting on a 45 second cooldown to any pushing creepwave is good enough on its own, but with Octarine that cooldown becomes 33.75 seconds! You'll be everywhere at once and the enemy won't know what hit them.

When all you need is stats, this is what you grab. More mana, more health, and the added slow can't hurt.

Grabbing Guardian Greaves gives you an excuse to build mana boots for a THIRD time in the game, which is already awesome enough. But the sustain it gives will hopefully give your team that extra edge they need when teamfighting and pushing highground.

MOAR HEALTH. IT'S NEVER ENOUGH. Plus the ability to heal quickly and re-engage if a teamfight is starting to fall apart.

If you want to commit fully to pushing and ending the game as early as possible, getting this in place of Octarine Core might be your best bet. Those little minions are a towers worst nightmare... apart from your ghosts, of course.

Sometimes a game goes late, you have all the items already, and you need something else to try and push your team over the edge to victory. A 'seventh slot' Refresher Orb, will make sure you can be at your fullest for two important teamfights back to back, or even having one on your person can let you use ult to take Rosh, reset, and push highground immediately.

You're already building to tank up and deal damage just by being in a teamfight. Why NOT build a Radiance, eh? It even gives that sweet miss chance now.

Shiva's Guard is probably the reason you don't build Radiance, just saying. Intelligence, armor, an attack slow aura, a damaging nuke that slows movement speed: this all in all synergizes better with Death Prophet's kit. No reason you couldn't get both though, I suppose.

Scythe of Vyse: because hex is good on everyone. Like, for serious. It also gives Death Prophet the hard disable that she normally lacks, while also providing more stats to tank up! Not bad at all.

Ghost Scepter is a great pick-up against burst physical damage like Omnislash, Focus Fire, Coup de Grace, etc. As Death Prophet, basically none of your damage comes from right clicks anyway, and the stats aren't too bad for the price either1 Plus if you do well enough you can troll people by upgrading to Ethereal Blade

Rod of Atos is a good mix of health and mana padding, and the new 'accuracy' mod on cripple helps your teams more right-click centered carry deal with targets that have evasion. The slow also synergizes pretty nicely with Spirit Siphon: the two combined make the enemy almost motionless!

Allies and Enemies

Well, go on, I'm waiting.


More random banter, right? Keep things aesthetically pleasing?

Nah, I was actually going to let it slide this time since you made such a big deal about it.

Oh. Cool, thanks.

Not a problem.


Death Prophet fits naturally into a pushing line up: in fact, if you're doing a push strat and you're Death Prophet, chances are the rest of the team is following your lead. You're that strong at it.

Anyone that can help ensure a successful teamfight without you needing to pop Exorcism is a godsend. This is objective based gaming, remember, if you don't NEED to use your ult to win a fight, don't: use it to push their towers before they respawn.

Your standard 'giff me mana' heroes sync up with Death Prophet nicely. Not only that, but a good CM ultimate combined with your abilities is an almost guaranteed teamfight victory, and KotL can help you split push the enemy like crazy.

Last but not least, we give special mention to those heroes that can keep you alive long after you were supposed to have died already. Time is damage with Death Prophet, after all, and if your Oracle manages to cast False Promise so that all your spirits come back to you before it expires? The heals, bruh. The heals.

Now that I think about it, being able to call your spirits back early to heal you wouldn't be a bad Aghanim's Scepter upgrade to DP... not bad at all... anyways, onto your mortal foes.


Oh hey, it's all those annoying burst damage heroes I've been talking about! That's super weird that they showed up on the enemies list, isn't it? Juggernaut is here too, simply because a solo Omnislash will murder your face hard. You can still wreck him with Exorcism through Blade Fury though. :D

As Death Prophet, if you don't have mana, you're pretty much a giant creep. So mana drain + you = not a fun time. How's that for a Safecyn's Math Corner, eh?



Lockdown is painful for Death Prophet. Srs. Getting caught out from range by a blinking SK or a Reality Rift will end your life faster than you can press R.

One the bottom of the list we have silences: these turn you into a glorified creep, buuut since you're getting Eul's and probably BKB as well, these shouldn't be too big an issue. Can still screw you over if you're underfarmed though.


And that about does it, I think! Follow this guide and hopefully, the next time you play Death Prophet, you'll stand more than a...




More than a...



Please die. Soon.

On a serious note, thanks all of you for reading this guide. I'm open to suggestions and constructive criticism, so feel free to call me out on what I messed up! Safecyn, signing out.

Should we live another thousand years, we shall say that this was our finest hour.

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