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Rampaging Ronin

September 30, 2014 by Beezleboss
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Build 1
Build 2

Mid Game Oriented

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early Game Pick Either Agh's of Drum


Options for Durability

Options for DPS


Other Options for midgame DPS

Hero Skills

Blade Fury

1 3 5 7

Healing Ward

8 14 15 17

Blade Dance

9 10 12 13


6 11 16


2 4 18


This is my first guide so I apologize for the WALL OF TEXT that you will have to suffer through but just bear with me and I think you will learn something from this guide.

Also any feedback is appreciated.
Background:No one has ever seen the face hidden beneath the mask of Yurnero the Juggernaut. It is only speculation that he even has one. For defying a corrupt lord, Yurnero was exiled from the ancient Isle of Masks--a punishment that saved his life. The isle soon after vanished beneath the waves in a night of vengeful magic. He alone remains to carry on the Isle's long Juggernaut tradition, one of ritual and swordplay. The last practitioner of the art, Yurnero's confidence and courage are the result of endless practice; his inventive bladework proves that he has never stopped challenging himself. Still, his motives are as unreadable as his expression. For a hero who has lost everything twice over, he fights as if victory is a foregone conclusion.

All credits for good parts to pyroclasticMonk. pls notice me 1 day sempai~~~~

Pros and Cons

Updates: I have been experimenting with a less late game oriented item build and I have come up with the following, I hope you enjoy...

Juggernaut: Pros and Cons
+Free BKB and great laning potential with Blade Fury
+Carries fairly well into the late game with his Blade-Dance and Omnislash
+Portable Fountain
+Watch as the tables turn on that 5 man gank and you get a rampage
+Great last hitting animation
+Omnislash Scales very well
+Can easily kill Huskar

-Terrible last hitting power early on
-Very bad stats early on
-Mana problems throughout most of the game
-Fairly vulnerable when not omnislashing
-Unpredictable Ultimate requires very good positioning
-Blade fury silences you


Blade Fury is great, in the early game. With roughly 400 damage level 1 this skill is what lets you dominate your lane. Using this skill has netted me more first bloods than I can count letting you snowball into an absolute monster by taking a dookie on your enemy's head. At 110 mana it is very intensive early game and is the primary reason you put 2 early points into stats. Once you hit level 11 you really should only be popping this skill for the magic immunity, or if you are chasing an invisible hero that is at low health. I cannot emphasise hoe powerful this skill is early game being roughly 300 damage (after reductions) at level 1. This is usually about half of someones health which combined with a disable (special mention to Frostbite) can net you an easy first blood, getting you really fast boots.
Bottom Line: Juggernaut is very dependent on having a good laning phase and this is what makes it possible. plus the 5 seconds of magic immunity is really powerful at all stages of the game. Another thing to note is that it makes you magic immune, and can be used in conjunction with a Town Portal Scroll to escape early on, as most teams will not have the physical dps to kill you in under 3 seconds without nukes.

Healing Ward is essentially a portable fountain. This skill is so good, and it has so many uses. Low on health because you dived just a bit too hard to get that first blood double kill? WARD! Narrowly escaped death when you turned the tables on the so called "Gankers"? WARD! Healing up for a game winning push after wiping the enemy team? WARD! The list goes on and on. Note my skill build shows that you should not put a point into this until you hit level 8, HOWEVER, if you need the in lane regen do not hesitate to skill this level 2 or level 4, the extra stats are good, but they are not worth you dying. It is best to use this move early on in fights right after initiation because your team will benefit immensely from what is essentially a portable fountain.
Bottom Line: This skill keeps your entire team in the fight and is not to be underestimated. (Side note: The healing effect persists a few seconds after the ward is destroyed, so if you need a quick hp boost in a fight don't hesitate to throw it down, that being said be creative with placement of the ward, I was able to win a 1v4 engagement in the rosh pit because i threw my ward on a cliff where the enemies couldn't see it, as a result I just tanked everything and was able to get a triple kill, and finish the rosh.

What separates the carries from the snow-ballers is a late game damage steroid... Either a crit or some other crazy damage boost ( Wraith King, Phantom Lancer, Alchemist, Phantom assassin, Sven, Juggernaut, and Magnus are a few examples)
Bottom Line: A good crit, makes up for weaker damage with an amazing 35% proc rate (the best in the game...) All being said still a sub par crit, which is one of the reasons juggernaut doesn't scale that well into the late game.

: Omnislash This move is what lets you carry extremely agressively in the midgame. I cannot say this enought Omnislash is such a huge damage steroid early on. That being said the damage of omnislash does not scale very well on it's own, meaning that if you don't get farm, it will drop off pretty hard late game. However that being said if you do procure said farm, the world is your oyster as you can basic attack out of omnislash. This can make for some creative use of orbs, ( Mjollnir anyone?) but more importantly [[desolator].
Bottom Line: This skill is very good for picking off people who are solo and in groups of 2-3, it enables you to participate in early fights, without much farm, and since you are invulnerable while jumping from person to person, it can increase survival greatly. However it should be noted that the damage from each jump goes down for each hero in the range, which is why you should aim for smaller groups of heroes as jumping balls to the wall into a group of 5 won't do much damage.


: A staple on any melee-agi carry because it gives a slight boost in last hitting power, and the damage block makes sure that you won't take a ton of damage from creeps, especially when your FABULOUS SUPPORT pulls the wave leaving you last hitting under tower.

: The move-speed from these is just great, and it gives the early potential of walking through the creepwave and body blocking the enemy between your Bladefury and the creeps. Also the last hitting power and damage is great.

: A farming item that gives much needed regen and damage. Battlefury lets you feasibly farm the jungle. Late game you want to sell this and replace it with a more efficient DPS item. Note: Battle Fury is not a good pickup unless you can farm it by at least the 16 minute mark, only really go for this item, if you have COMPLETE LANE DOMINANCE That being said, I average getting Battle Fury at the 15 minute mark so it is possible.

: Maelstrom is one option for midgame DPS if you're not going for Battlefury or Desolator, the Chain lighting procs when you're jumping are good, but I would say the raw damage is not as good as Desolator. However when you need AOE say against illusion based heros like Phantom Lancer, or Naga Siren even to some extent Meepo, the chain lightning can be a godsend. Later this builds into Mjollnir which is a gerat item for any carry to have.

: A staple on any right clicker, gives you the attack speed boost that you need to auto-attack out of omnislash, plus the static shield gives you extra damage when out of omnislash, and the chain lightning gives your omnislash even more AOE damage.

: Now this a very situational extension, but by no means a bad one. Diffusal Blade is not the greatest damage item, but the mana burn plus the stats can give some good DPS, the purge is what really makes this item shine, being able to instagib Chaotic Offerings and to purge buffs from enemies, slowing them and making it a lot easier to catch them out.

: Gives three extra jumps on Omnislash, reduces the cool-down to a paltry 70 seconds, and also gives you much needed stats. Improves your experience in literally every way.

: A generic damage item. (Special Note, debuff is applied AT THE START OF ATTACK ANIMATION, which means that this item ramps up your damage by a lot when you are omnislashing because omnislash deals physical damage.)

: Butterfly is kind of a generic late game item for agi-carries but there is a very good reason for this... When you are in a auto attack battle with another carry the 35% evasion will give you a much higher EHP, also the +60 damage and attack speed don't hurt anyone.

: A great durability item. Assault Cuirass' good boost in armor not just applies to you, but also to everyone on your team, the negative armor and attack speed give your team increased dps. Pick this up if you are wanting for attack speed, going for the negative armor strategy, or if your team is aura stacking.

: Only really buy Heart of Tarrasque of you are getting bursted down and not surviving team fights. If you really need this item though, don't hesitate to buy it. That being said it contributes nothing to damage and only builds raw hp which can be less effective than building armor or a Butterfly.

: Drum of Endurance gives you much needed stats, and if you are not going to pick up a Battle Fury. The active can let you escape/chase and it gives you mana for aghanim's/refresher. Drum lets you go for a more mid-game carry role which can give your "hard" carry breathing room to wreck face. The attack speed and move speed makes it harder to kite you which can be a problem when you are trying to get the full duration of Bladefury.

: Gives damage, attack speed, maim, and makes it harder to kite you early on, a possible alternative to Drum of Endurance which makes solo chasing easier. Can be disassembled into a Heaven's Halberd if necessary.

: A highly situational, I only really get this item if I am in a solo safe lane situation in which I will be spamming Healing Ward to stay alive.

: Option for life steal and durability, pick this up if your team is aura stacking. Gives a bit of everything for the aspiring semi carry.

Blink Dagger size-58: Blink Dagger can help you keep up with hard to chase people, but more importantly it can help you get the full duration from Omnislash. If someone dies and there is no on else to jump to, if you ar quick enough with Blink Dagger you can blink on top of them continuing the slash and getting more damage out of it.

Sorry guys, Shadow Blade is really just not needed, the escape is negligible, while Omnislash gives you all the burst you need to **** *****es and make money, if you need more initiation try Blink Dagger which gives better utility at about 2/3rds the cost ;)

Early Game

Early game you are very weak on your own. Use this to your advantage! I cannot emphasize this enough, baiting is your best friend. Have your support hide off to the side sapping exp and when they try to kill you, spin all over that. If possible try to have your support pull the creep wave which give you a lot more kill potential forcing them to either come forward and risk dying, or get no farm. Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't. Once you hit level 6 GANK! I see a lot of Jug players that don't do this, and hurts as soon as you possibly can jump on a person and kill them. You need to get the snowball rolling as quickly as possible. Early items to get would be your Phase Boots, and either Drum of Endurance or an Aghanim's Scepter, Agh's rush can be risky, but it allows you to capitalize on Omnislash a lot earlier, giving you a level 2 ult early on, which can be game breaking. Early participation in fights is key, which means don't be a ****head, always carry a Town Portal Scroll, Blade Fury is OP as **** early game and makes you immune to the nukes that supports have. SPIN SPIN SPIN You should not be farming creeps, you should be farming heroes... Kapische?

Mid Game

By this point you should at least have Aghanim's Scepter Start working on that Desolator ASAP, the faster you get your Desolator the more imapact your Omnislash will have on team fights. Applying the -7 armor debuff to everyone as well as dealing a ton of damage. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get off Omnislash promptly, if you wait too long they will simply disable/silence you. When this happens you will die. This is why Bladefury scales so well the 5 seconds of spell immunity do a good job of getting you balls deep without you taking a ton of damage. Another thing to note is what other people will be building, for instance, if your team has a Weaver he should get the Desolator, not you it really is kind of excessive and stupid to have two Desolators as the effect does not stack. This goes for the other team as well, if you are going up against heroes who naturally build Butterfly a pre-preemptive Monkey King Bar can really nip this in the bud. Another thing to note is that at this point you should be in one every single fight, if a team fight happens and you aren't there, it can really screw your team as Omnislash is such a powerful spell to use in a fight. Mid game is also the time to take towers, don't hesitate to push out lanes, and try for towers as this will force teamfights, which are your strategy. Playing juggernaut it should be noted that you drop off pretty hard lategame, so you really need to try and end the game as fast as you can.

Late Game

Unless you used my my hard carry build you should be dropping off pretty hard. Never fear all you have to do is Carry?... Okay seriously though, you should really be picking up more "carry items" if farm allows at this point because Omnislash isn't the damage steroid that it used to be in the early to mid game, items like Abyssal Blade and Assault Cuirass, even Butterfly can really boost your effectiveness, which will let you help out more despite dropping off in the late game. This being said, you should have shut down the enemy team pretty hard in the early game as that is what your specialty is, such as this game I played about a week ago... http://www.dotabuff.com/matches/920547008

Friends and Enemies


: He has a 15 second slow...Well actually he has slows coming out of his anus but that's besides the point.

: Crystal maiden has a 3.5 second slow LEVEL 1, and a 1.5 second disable (also level 1). Plus she gives your entire team mana regen. Seriously what's not to love?

: A four second slow and great initiation with Ravage.


: Curse of the silent is really bad in lane because it drains both health and mana, plus his ult will leave you very exposed when you are not omnislashing people.

: HE WILL MAKE YOUR LANING PHASE HELL!. Night Stalker can solo kill you pretty easily because he will just silence you when you try to Omnislash, slow you with void and then open up a can of combination whoopass/broken dreams.

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