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Playing Furion as an annoying piece of crap (7.06)

August 27, 2017 by Untech
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Build 1
Build 2

AFK Jungle

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Purchase Order

Early Game Jungle (skip Midas if opposing team has an aggressive lineup)

Rat Pushing

Team Fighting/Utility

Blade Mail (strong early auto-attacks)

Pub Smash

Luxury (pretty much anything works)

6.86 Creep Swarm (not suggested against creep clearing heroes)

Hero Skills


4 13 14 16


2 8 9 11

Nature's Call

1 3 5 7

Wrath of Nature

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

Removed Teleportation Cooldown
2x Treant HP/Damage
+40 Attack Speed
+25% Cooldown Reduction
+4 Treants Summoned
+10 Armor
+30 Damage
+25 Movement Speed

I. Introduction and Role

So, here's a guide on how to play Furion as an annoying piece of **** (in non-pro games where most everyone knows what he or she is doing, since that's where most of us play). First and foremost, I'm going to discuss Furion's role in the team. As Furion, you should be incredibly busy throughout the game, performing tasks such as ganking, pushing, and being an annoying piece of ****. Early game, you should be jungling or offlaning, helping in ganks, and making early pushes if the opportunity arises. Mid game, you should be focusing on pushing first, ganking second, and farm should come with both of those. Generally speaking, Furion doesn't have the skill set to be able to carry late game, and does not scale well by any means. However, his farming potential is absolutely ridiculous, and if the opposing team isn't equipped to deal with pushes, can take down all tier 1 and 2 towers within 15 minutes and carry. More on how he does these things in the skills section. Also, another reminder: remember that a guide is never the only way to play a certain hero; make sure to adjust the build to your situations if something in particular doesn't work for you. The key to Furion is that he is flexible: he can support, carry, solo offlane, or jungle. I hope you can see from his situational item build section that he can use most items with decent effectiveness. The one thing he is not flexible about is that if picked, he must be used to push. Just watch a few games of AdmiralBulldog (personal favorite), Ohaiyo, or iceiceice, just to name a few, and you'll get better understanding of how annoying the hero can be.

II. Enemies

This is a list of heroes you will have a hard time against at some stage in the game. This is not an exhaustive list. It might seem like there are a lot of counters to Furion (which there are), but don't be discouraged. Part of the challenge is using your map awareness and positioning skills in order to play against your counters. Item choices really help as well. Since Furion can use most items well, it's up to you to choose which items to buy against certain heroes. For instance, you'll want the Blade Mail/ Null Talisman build against Spirit Breaker, while you'll want a Necronomicon against the Nyx Assassin. Against Anti-Mage, you'll want to pick up an Orchid Malevolence, and against Alchemist, just don't pick Furion.

Heroes that jump you

These heroes can initiate on you with little warning, and all have some type of disable. Your lack of escape makes you susceptible to these initiations.
Storm Spirit, Legion Commander, Slark, Spirit Breaker, Nyx Assassin, Centaur Warrunner , Earth Spirit, Brewmaster, Slardar

Heroes that farm your treants

These heroes nullify Nature's Call at some point in the game by killing them quickly (for instance, Luna will be able to farm them much later in the game when compared to Axe). These heroes are not as scary as the other lists'.
Axe, Luna, Timbersaw, Leshrac, Shadow Fiend

Heroes that can deal with your split-push effectively

These heroes can simultaneously match your global presence while also farming your treants. They typically buy Boots of Travel against you. In Spectre's case, he can defend the lane that you're split-pushing and join the fight when you do.
Anti-Mage, Ember Spirit, Alchemist, Naga Siren, Spectre, Arc Warden, Meepo

II. Skills Explanations and Usage


Your "Q" skill is sprout, which spawns a ring of trees around the point where you cast it. Sprout's an incredibly useful skill, as it lasts 5.25 seconds at level 4. Unfortunately, it's pretty easy to counter when the opposing team wises up and carries Quelling Blades or more Tangoes. Additionally, tree-removing skills such as Windranger's Powershot, Beastmaster's Wild Axes, and, of course, everything Timbersaw, pretty easily render Sprout useless. However, for early game, it's an excellent tool to use in ganking if you cast it on an enemy hero without any of these abilities (or decent knowledge of the game). Furthermore, the trees themselves give vision where they are cast, so if cast in a bunch of trees when a fleeing hero is attempting to vision juke, they will be revealed if in close proximity to the Sprout. Also, Sprout is a targeted spell, but you can also blind-cast it uphill if you lose vision of the intended target (much like Crystal Maiden's Crystal Nova). Even more awesome and annoying, you can cast it on yourself, and the enemy will lose vision of you so long as no enemy creep or hero is also caught inside. If you have the option enabled, you can just double tap "Q" and it will automatically sprout trees around yourself. Don't be overconfident that you're safe inside a Sprout, however, since heroes like Pudge can just pull you right out without vision. More on how Sprout supplements your other skills later. You don't need too many levels of sprout early game, as most people will be carrying Tangoes, and you'll be jungling anyway.


Your "W" skill is Teleportation, also your annoying pushing ability. It allows you to teleport anywhere on the map, so long as it was previously explored by your team. The excellent thing about this skill is that it's not only global, it doesn't go on cooldown until you complete the teleportation. So, let's say Slardar is sprinting at you. You panic, and try to teleport home. Slardar Slithereen Crushes. Teleportation isn't on cooldown, so you just teleport home again and laugh as he gets no Bashes. With this skill, you basically never have to use TP scrolls, unless your team is desperate for a helping hand for counter pushing. This should rarely be the case, since if the enemy team is pushing one lane, you should be pushing another. You can double tap "W" and it will automatically teleport you to your fountain. Otherwise, just click on any place on the map. You can often Sprout yourself and safely teleport home. At level four it has 20 seconds of cooldown, hence making you an annoying piece of ****.

Nature's Call

Insanely annoying skill. You cast it on a bunch of trees, which proceeds to turn into walking annoying pieces of ****. They're your main pushing tools; have them attack and tank the tower while you get in some hits for yourself. If you don't see any trees in the immediate area, and are too lazy to find some, simply Sprout a random area on the ground, Nature's Call on it, and have some more trees. These treants are also your main jungling tool early game (if you choose to go that route), used to tank creeps while hitting them. In the offlane, you can throw them at the enemy support. They do about 30 damage, roughly the same as Techies, but with better attack animations, and you get two of them.

At around 40 second before the game starts, cast Nature's Call on the trees near your fountain, and send one each to scout the rune locations. When the game starts, stay in fountain, cast another Nature's Call, regenerate mana in fountain, and head to the jungle or offlane with full mana and two trees to work with.

Wrath of Nature

A huge farming/teamfight tool. It's a global ability that bounces around, hitting all non-friendly units in vision. Note that the first target it hits takes the least damage, and the last target it hits will take insane damage, especially with Aghanim's Scepter. You want to use this ability when you see a near-full creep wave in each lane, maximizing the number of targets. At level 16 with Agh's, you can be getting 800 gold with one ult if you get lucky. Save it for engagements or for clearing waves that are pushing very fast. Remember, if you want to deal high damage to heroes on the other side of the map, don't target them with your ult unless you're in danger of losing vision. Instead, cast it far away from the intended target(s), maximizing the damage dealt.

Warning: Do not spam this spell, as it pushes out the lanes and makes it harder for carries to farm safely.

Talent Tree

The talent tree is pretty flexible for this hero. At level 10, either talent works. However, you typically want to pick up +30 damage unless you're constantly getting ganked. At level 15, +4 treants summoned is probably best, as you can Sprout a hero, center Nature's Call, and then block the enemy hero with your treants. At level 20, +35 attack speed is ideal for the same reasoning as your level 10 talent. At level 25, the teleportation cooldown removal is awesome, but if you're having a hard time pushing, the 2x treant HP/Damage can help you split push and take out buildings much more quickly. Feel free to experiment. The talent tree is meant to help each hero adapt to each game.

AFK Jungle (Early game)

Early game, there are two styles you can choose to play. You can jungle for up to ten minutes and proceed to push, or you can solo the offlane. Some people might lane NP with other heroes or go mid. The first is bad because prophet needs farm, is a terrible lane partner, and farms just fine alone. The second is bad because he is so easily ganked (no escape) and has nothing to sustain or harass. This section talks about jungling.

Ring of Basilius

Increases the mana regeneration needed to cast Nature's Call, and increases armor for your treants so they don't die as quickly. Great item for jungling and pushing. You don't have to get this if you're rushing a Hand of Midas, but consider getting it afterwards to aid your pushes.

Town Portal Scroll

Starting with a TP scroll heading into the jungle is incredibly efficient with the buff to its gold cost. It costs the same as a single clarity potion, while being as effective as two. Save at lest 75 mana to TP back to fountain, and then use your Teleportation (W) ability to go back into the jungle.

Hand of Midas

If you think you can get a quiet time in the jungle without the enemy supports or offlane coming after you, you should be able to get it before the 10 minute mark. This will heavily speed up your experience gain. Use it on the big creep on the hard camps (Troll that raises skeletons, red Ursa thing, blue centaur, Hawk thing) for big experience. If you're really having an easy time in jungle, you can rush Midas and get it at the 6 minute mark.

Power Treads

You can get this after your Midas, or you can just stick with brown boots. It depends on your farm and whether or not you want tankiness. Good prophets will know not to get Arcane boots or Tranquils, since you can make frequent return trips to base.

Situational: Animal Courier

If you end up with a ****py team with no support, it is upon Furion to buy the animal courier. Your farm will be better than anyone else's, anyway, so no need to worry about that extra gold. This really shouldn't be your job, though, in semi-serious games. It sucks that it will slow down your Midas, but I know it happens.

Situational: Observer Wards

Similar to the cause of buying courier, being a man and stepping up to buy wards benefits everyone. Again, do this only if you don't have a willing support. Try not to delay the Midas.

Offlane Prophet (Early Game)

The second of two reasonable ways you can play is to go solo offlane. Be warned: the offlane prophet is by no means easy to play. If you're still somewhat new to the game, stick with the jungling prophet. This style forces you to play defensively, stay alive, and get quick experience. This also means you don't build a Midas unless you're getting excellent farm, which shouldn't be the case if their supports are competent.

Blight Stone

Great for trading hits with the enemy support and carries. Helps your treants hit harder as well. Great item for hitting towers, and can transition to Desolator later.

Phase Boots

Almost mandatory for the offlane solo prophet. You have no escape other than teleporting out, so you need the extra movement speed and the power to not be blocked by your trees to stay alive.

That's all there really is to item builds early game! Remember, you're solo offlane for the levels, not the farm (if you're positive that you can get both, then that's even better). You're also maxing Teleportation after three levels of Nature's Call so that you can accelerate split pushes.


Soloing the offlane with such an easily killed hero requires a lot of micro and paying attention to the enemy jungle. At the first creep wave, you'll want to spawn two treants and use them to creep skip. This means sending your two treants to the enemy lane at around the :42, :43 second mark, and pulling them to your own tower to kill off a creep wave safely. This messes up the creep equilibrium, and you'll have an easier time gaining experience. Use your treants to harass, block camps, or take out neutral camps if the enemy has successfully pulled. If you're in good shape to teleport to facilitate a gank, do so. Your one job is to survive and gain experience until you have a few levels in Nature's Call, and then you push. If you die, and consequently feel like you will continue dying if you return to the offlane, do not be afraid to abandon the lane altogether and jungle to catch up. Remember: free farm for the enemy carry is preferable to feeding in addition to free farm for the enemy carry.

Mid-Game Builds (Pick one from sections 7 to 11)

Pick one of the following mid-game builds. Can transition from either early-game build. Feel free to mix and match.

Rat Pushing (Mid-Game)

Let's say the enemy team is pushing your mid tier 3 tower. Everybody is alive, and they are arriving with a creep wave. Fortunately for you, there is a creep wave approaching the bottom enemy tier 3 tower. You teleport with the creep wave, spawn treants, maybe some necrobook creeps, and proceed to work on the tower. The enemy either has to teleport back and defend or commit to a fight very quickly in hopes of taking barracks. If they teleport back without forcing a fight, maybe you teleport to another lane and start pushing there. Maybe your team cancels the teleports, allowing your team to initiate and giving you time to kill the tower, or maybe your team allows a teleport and the fight becomes 4v4. You teleport back, and suddenly the fight is 5v4 in your favor. There are so many situations that can arise (mostly in your favor), but I think this describes the idea of rat pushing pretty well.


You teleport to a tower, spawn trees, and pop out your necrobook minions. Towers will fall very quickly against a necro 3. You don't have to max out this item before moving on to the next, but it's recommended.


Makes your tower killing ability increase greatly, while increasing your ability to deal massive damage. This item really allows you to take towers down quickly while your treants tank.

Assault Cuirass

Same deal as the Desolator, except it makes your creeps tankier too. Increases attack speed, armor, and decreases armor of the tower. Excellent late game item for more rat pushing.

Situational: Shadow Blade

If you don't feel comfortable pushing towers, take Shadow Blade. You push, you see enemy heroes coming, you cast Shadow Blade, you run off, and you teleport home. Note that the invisibility isn't actually dispelled when you cast Teleportation (note: this does not apply to regular Teleport Scrolls). It only wears off the after the teleport is complete, so you can cast Teleportation while wind walked.

Situational: Blink Dagger

Same idea as Shadow Blade, except you don't have to depend on the enemy not having detection. Just blink into the trees, and teleport home to safety when you see incoming TP's. Excellent mobility for team fights as well.

Team Fighting/Utility (Mid-Game)

The items for team fighting are for heavy duty team clashes, providing utility for your team with early farm to get high impact items up before the opposing team does.


Absolutely crucial for any team. If there isn't a viable mek carrier or nobody wants to or doesn't have the farm to buy one, absolutely build one. With Furion's farm, you can get one up pretty quickly. The early armor and heal is insane and often overlooked in pubs.

Situational Items

Self explanatory items. Shiva's for good team fighting, Sheepstick for all-around excellent disable, Orchid for the pesky spell casters, and pipe for that big magic damage dealer ( Ancient Apparition, Sand King, Earthshaker, etc.)

Blade Mail Prophet (Mid-Game)

The idea is to build very cost effective items early to give yourself high right click damage. This allows you to hit both towers and heroes hard. For example, it can help you kill support Spirit Breakers that charge you, who you would otherwise have trouble with.

Null Talisman

Feel free to build one to four of these bad boys. Incredibly cost effective, much better than Drums of Endurance.

Blade Mail

The bread and butter to this seemingly ridiculous build. This item gives +32 damage and 6 armor for survivability at 2200 gold. The active helps enemies not focus you so you can right click away.


Keeping in theme with cost effectiveness, we can't ignore Maelstrom. Insane damage output at a discount. Very popular on a lot of heroes that have good auto-attacks.

Pub Smash Prophet (Mid-Game)


This is the kind of prophet we all love. Rush a Dagon, and if you see any enemy hero escaping a fight with low hp, use Teleportation and snipe! Enemies will come to fear the sound of leaves rustling as you teleport in. Make an Ethereal Blade to roll in and increase damage of Dagon.


Why these two, you may ask? To ward outside their fountain. Excellent for courier sniping and killing heroes limping back to heal. Teleport in, use Dagon, and then TP home.

6.86 Creep Swarm (Mid-Game)

Use this build with caution. Getting Aghanim's Scepter and Octarine Core might not only steal all of your teammates' farm, it will push out the lanes so that your team can't farm safely, and if you don't micro, will feed the enemy team a ton of treants if they have good wave clear. However, if you micro properly and buy it against teams without good wave clear, you will certainly be an annoying piece of ****.

Luxury Items

Furion can hold pretty much anything pretty effectively. See Luxury Items.

Being Annoying (Split-Pushing and Stuff)

The key to playing Furion is to establish an aggressive global presence as early as possible. While jungling, coming out and casting a quick Sprout for First Blood makes the enemy scared of getting ganked, making them play more passively and allowing the lane to be easier for your teammates.

Courier Sniping

Plant Observer Wards all around the map. Predict courier path, use Teleportation accordingly, kill courier, and TP out of there. When doing this, I like to have a TP Scroll with me so I can get out of there as quickly as possible after the kill. You can also teleport near enemy fountain, plant a ward, and snipe couriers on their way out. For this, absolutely make sure you have a TP scroll (you can just buy one from their fountain). Just remember to check for enemy heroes.

Early Game

You should be getting experience as quickly as possible, and watching for lanes in need of help or a gank. If a situation looks like it can't be saved, don't waste your time pursuing it. Get to level 5, and help the safe lane push down the tower. This should be relatively easy with three levels of Nature's Call. If you're on Radiant, don't jungle by sitting on top of the cliff. If you don't know what I'm talking about, good. If you do, don't do it, it's horribly inefficient. GPM from treant jungling outclasses cliff jungling, and the only benefit is safety from jungle ganks.


By the time you get your ult, you should be using it on every cooldown. Instructions on using this skill in the explanation section. Your role is to farm up, push down towers, and be working on tier 2's by around 10 minutes. This is when you're the most annoying. If the enemy team gets together and tries pushing, having your team defend and stop the creep waves while you push another tower. If your team does a good job, the opponents must either attempt to engage in a team fight or leave and defend the tower you're pushing. If they choose to attempt a team fight, tell your team to play it safe and drive creep waves back. Meanwhile, you should be pushing the tower in another lane. If they choose to TP to the tower you're pushing, simply teleport to the lane that nobody's in, while your team counterpushes. Basically, with a Furion on the team, team fights are extremely costly, because the opposing team would have to sacrifice a tower or two for a fight they can't be sure they'll win. Your global teleport enables your team to have all lanes pushed in your favor, forcing the enemy team to split up and hence setting them up for easy ganks.

Late Game

Make sure at least two lanes are pushed up to their Tier 3 tower. Four team members push one tower, you take the other. Exercise judgment and coordination with your team.


To conclude, Furion is an extremely powerful hero who is able to put intense pressure on the enemy team with global ganks and pushing. Please add comments to share your opinion on your own builds or your success with this particular build. Thanks for reading!

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