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[OUTDATED] Steve Irwin's Guide to Grizzly Bear

July 19, 2015 by Unscathed
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Build 1
Build 2

Alpha Predator (Jungle, Carry/Teamfight Oriented)

DotA2 Hero: Ursa

Hero Skills


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2 4 9 10

Fury Swipes

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This guide is NOT up to date with the 6.84 patch. Use this at your own risk.

Edit:'The only thing outdated is the item and skilbuilds here. The core of this build is jungling ursa, which is still doable with te starting items into Morbid Mask.

Really, other than the jungling method and the build is outdated, so you can still learn how to jungle ursa here.



I am an average player with I think 500 hours in. This is my first (real) guide, and feedbacks are much appreciated.

+rep me if you think I deserve it :)
Vote the guide if you think its good!

(Added build 2)

Meet the Predator (Pros-Cons)

Ursa is one of my favorite heroes, mainly because of his ability to deal enormous damage at any point of the game
Though an agility hero, his highest attributes are strenght. In fact, he has a very high strenght gain with low agi and int.

-Can solo farm in the jungle
-Can solo Roshan early at level 6
-Almost immune to attack-slowing abilities
-Enormous damage anytime of the game
-Scales into late game with Enrage
-High STR gain

-Very slow without Overpower
-Item dependent
-Doesn't have any reliable lockdown (Stun)
-Primary attribute does not fit the playstyle
-Lacks the ability to escape and counter spells
-Low INT

Tools of the Trade (Skills)

I will explain how his skills would work. He is a very strong melee that heavily relies on his abilities. At low level jungle-ganks, his slow is not reliable and will need help from disablers to secure him the kill. Combo examples are Shadow Shaman, Crystal Maiden, and Vengeful Spirit.

Earthshock| Nukes and slows bad guys around you. This is your basic chasing ability. In conjuction with Blink Dagger, this ability is very potent. However, it is not good at low levels as you will not have enough mana and/or lack the ability to get close. Max last.

Overpower| Max attack speed for some attacks. Your butter, you are very dependent on this skill to effectively stacks your Fury Swipes. As the duration is longer than the cooldown, time it right and you can have max attack speed for 12 attacks. Use it in the jungle to quickly destroy powerful creeps like Centaurs and Satyrs. Effect will not gone if you misses attacks.

Fury Swipes| Bonus damage for each attack to a particular unit. Your bread, you require this skill to actually be relevant in fights. Use in conjunction with Overpower to effectively destroy heroes. Max first, use it to jungle.

Enrage| Bonus damage for a percentage of your max HP. Your way to scale into late game. Stacks STR items like Satanic or Heart of Tarrasque to hone your damage. Since it costs no mana and short cooldown, you can always spam this no matter big or little fights.

The Bear's Toy (Items)

When playing Ursa, I mostly stack STR items on him. You can increase attack speed too if you like, but you can always count on Overpower for your attack speed.

Tango, Stout Shield etc... is essential for your early hunting session. You have the needed damage, and you just need some survivability. I suggest starting with Tango-> Stout Shield-> Quelling Blade, and buy 1 salve when you have the money. If possible, try skipping Clarity and let your support disable the prey.

Morbid Mask before boots, because with it you no longer depend on consumables. After you buy mask buy Phase Boots soon after. In build 2, you can delay Morbid Mask and go Orb of Venom first for the more efficient ganks if you are doing a slower roshan.

After fighting Roshan, you will want to buy Blink Dagger for your Earthshock, and Black King Bar for the immunity needed at teamfights, or Skull Basher for the Gank oriented build. Though BKB is situational in Gank build, you can easily transition to Carry with it, thus more of a versatile build.

Once you finished your core, get Desolator in any of the build, but you may buy Vladimir's Offering first for Ganker build. In the Carry build, Satanic is the best upgrade for the lifesteal as it is very great for dps and tank. You could then add Heart of Tarrasque and Heaven's Halberd afterwards. Though Basher is enough, you may upgrade it to Abyssal Blade for the much needed lockdown.

National Geographic's Documenter to: Ursa (Gameplay)

Ursa's gameplay requires positioning and awareness. Ursa needs to be careful in teamfights since he will be targeted constantly.

Explained, this build shows off Ursa in his jungle. Buy the starting game items and start killing the small camp. You could defeat the camp at level 1 during the 54 second mark, but if you are unsure you could always do the panic stack at 53, although not very much recommended.

At level 2, you gain the ability to clear medium camps. Still, do not face off the Centaurs and Golems if possible. At level 3, you may clear the Golems, and at level 4, you can now fight Hard Camps (including centaur).
Be sure to run to the nearest lane and gank if you have the chance, as you may be underlevelled if you are not efficient enough, and the ganks would even the scales.

When doing a gank build, be sure to level one point in Earthshock early for the slow. Still, you shouldn't use it if you got a reliable support like Lion. If you do, use it after the stun is over.

Soon after you have Morbid Mask and is level 6, you can now start to solo Roshan. At low level games, people might not buy wards and Smoke of Deceit is unnecessary.
After getting Aegis of the Immortal, start roaming or jungle ancients till you got Phase Boots and Blink Dagger. After getting the two items, you may now participate in bigger fights. If doing the Ganker build, rush Orb of Venom after Roshan, as an alternative to the two items.

After you fight Roshan for the first time, always be sure to check his spawn area. You can solo him early, and keep at fighting Roshan for every 8-11 minutes is the most efficient way. Everytime he spawns, fight him.

During ganks, follow this combo:
Overpower-> Wait 6 seconds-> Enrage-> Blink-> Earthshock-> Attack-> Overpower-> Attack

Be sure to buy BKB soon as possible for the needed immunity in teamfights, or you can skip it for Vlads, Basher, and/or Rod if you are doing the Ganker build. Stack health items to scale your late game with Enrage.

Prey, Hunter, Hunting Mates, and Hunting Tools

As a wild animal, Ursa has a lot of prey, but also have those who prey on him, and some heroes who synergises well with him. There are also hunting tools made to hunt him efficiently that are listed here. This is not a complete list, mind you. This is just a list of examples.



In a quick fight, Razor cannot maximize his Static Link. Ursa with Blink can quickly destroys razor. And assuming low levels in Unstable Current, Razor is pretty slow.


This chicken is really squishy and have slow movement speed. His Supernova do almost nothing to Ursa because of his insane attack speed. Also, his Fire Spirits not gonna do a thing to you. Though be prepared because he is an elusive prey with Icarus Dive.

Drow Ranger

Drow is really afraid of this animal. Once Ursa got near, she lost her Marksmanship and would totally get rekt in melee. Assuming no escapes, Drow can't really fight Ursa.


A natural prey, Untouchable cant do anything to Ursa and Impetus as well because Ursa will naturally get very close. The pnly problem with here is her slow and when Overpower is over, Ursa is really slow against her. Albeit a prey, Enchantress is a very good mate to Ursa.



The fish hunts the bear! He can get really close to Ursa and with Shadow Dance he is completely immune to Ursa's attacks. Be careful with this fish. He is very elusive.


Its always looked painful when Ursa tear himself at rapid pace. Dispersion returns damage taken by Spectre to Ursa. Also, she can caught you offguard with Haunt at your Roshan pit.

Faceless Void

He dont need an eye to hunt you. With his lockdowns, Ursa is almost useless to fight him. Plus, Backtrack doesnt count your attack as a Miss, and thus Overpower is weak against him.


When he Ruptures you, you can easily manfight him. However, the problem is with Roshan. Roshan is not advised when there is BS on the opposite team. With Thirst, low hp solo Roshan is impossible with this guy.


(get it? animals? mates? anybody?)

Crystal Maiden

A true Mate, Ursa could greatly benefit from her. Her spells are enough to give Ursa the kill without Earthshock. Not to mention her amazing Arcane Aura. Though not as deadly as Shendelzare, Rylai is better in overall support.

Vengeful Spirit

Another of Ursa's prime mate, she can greatly empowers Ursa with her Vengeance Aura and Wave of Terror. Not to mention her stun, which is a great kill secure. Best for stacking offense with Ursa, but with less supportive abilities than Rylai.


Yet another of Ursa's mate, her slow is very good and can just punish people for running away from her beloved with Impetus. Oddly, Enchantress is also a special mention in Ursa' prey. She is a combination of the two above. When she is on your team, careful as there might be a conflict in the jungle.

Shadow Shaman

The disables are enough for Ursa to kill the target. However, Rhasta is a selfish pick for Ursa since the overall support isnt good. Like Shendelzare, Rhasta is a very offensive support.


Blade Mail

I dont really have to explain

Heaven's Halberd

Heaven's Halberd easily counter Ursa. Just watching your 200 DPS gone for 4 seconds is very heart-breaking.

Ghost Scepter

Almost like Halberd, but not actually used for hunting. This is used for fail huntings by supports like Crystal Maiden or Shadow Shaman.


Ursa is an item-dependent ganker with powerful abilities to quickly kills his prey. Albeit savage and ferocious, there are other hunters out there that could instead hunt on Ursa.

This is my first (real) guide, so feedbacks are much appreciated.

Thanks for reading, and have a good game!

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