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Here is a blade in your eye. Ace's Guide to LC

December 15, 2013 by GGnet.Ace
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Build 1
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Laning Emphasis

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

2 3 5 7

Press the Attack

1 4 8 9

Moment of Courage

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


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Here is a blade in your eye. Ace's Guide to LC

December 15, 2013


Legion Commander is a strength carry/durable hero .His potential is quite increased in the mid game and given the time to farm and some won duels he can be pretty viable on late game.

Legion Commander can go to easy lane as a carry ,can jungle and can also do pretty decent on hardlane.
You also have the choice to play as anti carry.He can do decent mid as well.
Legion Commander hasnt seen any competitive play yet so it hasnt been established a "correct way" of playing him.


+Excellent movement speed of 320
+Quite Survivable Press the Attack makes any laning matchup pretty viable
+Good last hit animation and damage
+Great Synergy of Overwhelming Odds and Duel
+Very Strong disable Duel
+Great Stat gain

-Low armor
-Mana dependent
-Can be easily countered if your enemies use crowd controls at you during duel
-constantly focused
-Item dependent

Best allies

Legion Commander works pretty much by collecting damage by duels.You dont really need any laning partners to babysit you because you are naturally sustainable by your ability #2 Press the Attack.So to Sum up things you need safe duels in early game to grab +50-60 damage .Basicly the easiest way to achieve that is with ganks and to make it even safer you need heroes who have high burst damage.

To be precise:
Gyrocopter, Zeus, Lina, Pugna, Slark, Ancient Apparition, Queen of Pain, Nyx Assassin, Pudge, Mirana and others.

Special mention #1
Visage visage is pretty much a great partner due to both his active skills Soul Assumption and Grave Chill.Basicly with visage there is no way an enemy can run from you because using both Overwhelming Odds and Grave Chill makes it impossible from 1 target to run from you.Not to mention the use of the Familiars during the duel either stuning or dealing more damage.Also Soul Assumption can help you finish the enemy during the duel in case time runs out.

Special mention #2
Lion lion is a great ganker due to his both crowd controls: Impale Voodoo and one of the highest single target damage ultis of the game Finger of Death.
He can initiate for you or if you initiate he can burst your enemies to crisp giving you easily damage from won Duel .
Also as a laning partner he can allow you to score some kills even before ultimate.

Worst enemies

Heroes who can give you a hard time during the laning stage and later on disrupt or even win your Duel.So that means you have to be careful of nukers and disablers.

To be precise:
Lion, Nyx Assassin, Lina, Bane, Earthshaker, Clockwerk, Slardar, Scythe of Vyse,Euls, Ethereal Blade
and many others.

Special mention #1 Outworld Devourer if you lane against OD you will be having a hard time getting the last hits you need.Then in the midgame if you dont focus him with Duel he will be using Astral Imprisonment on you or the other hero being caught on Duel and he can pretty much one shot you with his ultimate provided he has a force staff and a scythe of vyse.

Special mention #2 Shadow Demon laning against him can be pretty painful and later on he can keep you far from his allies by using Demonic Purge.Still if you manage to grab an enemy hero with Duel then he can still use Disruption on one of the two heroes involved in duel to either turn the tides of the fight or still prevent you from getting the plus damage.If the duel is pretty even, Soul Catcher can be proved crucial amplifying your damage and giving the other hero of Duel the little edge to win and steal the damage from you.

Early game

In Early game the Legion Commander should be farming his core.Its not impossible to get kills but its preferable to focus on getting his core of Phase Boots Magic Wand Blink Dagger Town Portal Scrollso he can focus on getting kills with Duel.With his Level 7 and the core mentioned above now you can start collecting damage from Duel.
In early game its simple collecting damage .Pick the weakest target blink on him and then Duel him,with some followup you will have no problem of winning the duel.If the enemy has no escape you should always use Overwhelming Odds before you attack .Repeat this a couple of times and you will get a significant damage bonus .

Note:There are a couple of ways of initiating,you can move in just by walking and using Overwhelming Odds to outrun your enemies.However long chases can be costly if your enemies know how to position.You can also initiate with Shadow Blade,which is counterable to any true sight source so I suggest you avoid this as well.I pick the blink dagger initiation because it can be only countered by Radiance (as an item and to some global or high range skills) still chances are that you will have your blink dagger before enemies have their radiance .

Note:If you jungle its preferable to grab a shadow blade as a source of damage and initiation.However jungling has the downside that you dont skill much your Overwhelming Odds

Mid Game

In the mid game your targets of duel change a bit this time.You should have won 3-7 Duel matches.But at this moment you will have to use Duel as a Crowd Control not only as a source of extra damage.So that means you will have to look for spell dependent enemy heroes such as Puck, Lion, Lina, Queen of Pain, Invoker (and others of course) and take them out of the fight.If your team helps you not only will you get some more damage from duel but you will be able to win teamfights. At this point if you are doing well on the game the enemies will start to feel your threat and prepare for some rain of hate in your hero.
However if you get a Black King Bar (or Linken's Sphere if you have many superior skills such as Fiend's Grip, Primal Roar, Dismember etc) the enemies will stil have a pretty hard time killing you on duel.
If there are lots of physical damage heroes, consider Getting Assault Cuirass or Heaven's Halberd.

Note:Personally I get Heaven's Halberd regardless of the enemies I use Sange for further survivability (in case duel doesnt go according to plan at least some hp will be great so you dont give away damage) and later on I upgrade it to HH.

Last but not least remember your hero can function otherwise.Since you have the longest duration taunt of the game you can play as anti carry and deal tons of damage to the enemy carry.Build a Blade Mail and taunt the enemy carry such as Phantom Assassin and it will be sure those Coup de Graces are gonna be regrettable for PA.

Late Game

At this point depending on how well game goes for you ,you should either get tanky or some damage sources.Because if game doesn't go well for you ,you should get tanky ( Assault Cuirass, Heart of Tarrasque, Blade Mail, Heaven's Halberd ) and try to disable key heroes while your team bursts them down.
If you are raping consider buying a Daedalus or an Abyssal Blade (Situationally consider picking Monkey King Bar Butterfly Desolator )
There isn't much to say here.Just wise use of Press the Attack on key allies can turn the tides of fight many times.

Note: Don't get fooled your hero isn't a carry by Nature,You can become a carry due to many duels but if game doesn't go so well for you, you cant fight 1 on 1 (unless you go for the anti carry build with Blade Mail )

Explaning the skill build

You should start with Press the Attack in order to be able to survive any level 1 gank.
Then as most of heroes you should have your nuke maxed earliest possible so Consider Overwhelming Odds maxed by level 7.
Of course skill as much as you can Duel.
Last but not least after level 9 you should max your Moment of Courage.
Also consider delaying Moment of Courage if you don't have damage wouldn't be too wrong

What and Why ?

Must Great but not Must Situational I heard league of legends is a nice game.
Boots Choice:
Power Treads= Carry boots consider them as situational . Although stats are too good
on Legion Commander attack speed doesn't really help you much during duel early on.

Phase Boots =(My Boots of choice) =ganker boots basicly you hit harder (+24) and you can chase way better.Combined with your well targeted Overwhelming Odds it will give you the edge to outrun all your opponents.

Tranquil Boots =Roamer boots .Please no ,you need your right click.Armor is good regen is fine ,but TB is gonna be probably inactive through the whole teamfight so you wont profit from them much.And in laning phase you need to farm so its rejected

Boots of Travel =Luxury or End game boots. I wouldnt pick them early on but as the game goes later the more value those boots get.
Note: BoTs have 5 seconds reduced cooldown compared to conventional Town Portal Scroll

Arcane Boots =Pusher/Mage boots.You are mana dependent but you wouldnt spend 1000 gold only on enlarging your mana pool.If you want mana you should get drums which will boost your mobility and also give you stats .

Next you will need to pick your Duel initiation item

Sange and Yasha :Lots of stats mobility and some damage.Decent pickup if you manage to get it early on.However it offers pretty low damage for the money spent on it.Also with Sange and Yasha you use Duel on enemies but walking into them which is still counterable slows,stuns,silences Rated:Expensive

Force Staff :One of my favourite items but still rejected on this hero because you dont need any of the regeneration and Intelligence gain it provides you.

Shadow Blade :Shadow Blade has been nerfed so much recently that I think its by far the worst item of the game.Yet its effective if picked up early (before 12-15 minutes).Counterable by Sentry wards,Gem of Truesight

Blink Dagger :Last but not least blink dagger doesn't offer you any stats at all but its use.Still as a form its nearly instant if you have fast fingers. Counterable by Radiance and long range spells.I consider blink core item

As for the damage core build:
You need to be enough tanky to be able to survive even failing duels.So following up your above core (Items mentioned are low budget considering you arent farming much but you are chasing the duels)

Drum of Endurance An item that brought any carry to meta.Drums are a great stats and mobility pickup.They are great on almost every hero.But they provide nearly no damage.
Consider them situational.

Blade Mail Situational pickup that will help you bring down easily high right click damage enemies if it synergise with Blink Dagger and Duel

Vanguard =2nd worst item of the game (imo).Although it offers you survivability you dont get any damage all.So prefer a strength item instead.

Sange An item that will offer you some strength and some extra damage.I am considering this item to be a core but that isnt necessary.(Only item of the list that can be upgraded)


Black King Bar:Magic immunity is considered core unless you are facing too many superior spells.Enough said.

Linken's Sphere for all those superior single target spells that is your solution.
Note: linken's can be picked by your allies as well and be casted on you.

Assault Cuirass Great armor item .I usually skip it if game is easy but dont underestimate it.Its probably the best choice after butterfly on carries for 5th slot.

Heaven's Halberd Evasion and disarm are always welcome and its quite a cost effective item and the possible upgrade for your sange.I consider HH core item

Heart of Tarrasque greatest hit point and strength item.By the moment you will get it you would ve probably won already or you would then be able to contest enemy carry if you play tanky LC with Blade Mail still its quite situational as the tanky LC build.

Credits and Thanksgiving

I am sorry for publishing this guide too early it was a missclick.

Many thanks to MM2G
and big shoutout to Chairraider.

If you liked this guide feel free to donate me LC's arcana item or a golden baby roshan :P .
No harm was done to animals during the making of this guide,but after a couple of pubs I could seriously kill my monkey allies.Pew Pew

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