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DAC Juggernaut, Why Juggernaut is Currently Overpowered.

April 18, 2015 by apaz
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DAC Jugg

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Hero Skills

Blade Fury


Healing Ward

3 15 17 18

Blade Dance

2 12 13 14


6 11 16


4 5 7 8 9 10

DAC Juggernaut, Why Juggernaut is Currently Overpowered.

April 18, 2015

Little bit of a disclaimer...

Basically, between the time I started and finished this guide, Juggernaut has received many nerfs, including a substantial one to his AGI growth, and pro teams have learned how to play against him. They have been ganking him more often in lane, smoking up in the jungle with heroes that they picked to counter him like Batrider, and have just began to play around him in general. Plus, if Troll Warlord can get a few bashes off, he can out-DPS him, and he can already outfarm him due to his high movement speed. Then, they buy Sange and Yasha, making him somehow farm even faster. Then, he can take ancients due to the blind from Whirling Axes.

Sniper is another counter, and rising in popularity in the pro scene.

Basically, Juggernaut is now balanced, with a 52% win rate in recent pro games.

What is DAC? (Intro)

DAC stands for:


It is names as such after the seres of pro games where this build gained popularity, and ended up shaping the tournament.

Q: Why should I trust you to tell me how to play Juggernaut?

A: If you wont trust me, trust the pros who build him this way 99.9% of the time.

Now that we have that out of the way, the next statement. Juggernaut OP?

Yes. This is for two reasons.

1. Icefrog has been buffing and buffing and buffing Juggernaut for the past 2 years.

2. People took their heads out of their a#$es for long enough to realize that Mask of Madness is crazy on jugg, because of it's crazy synergy with his skills.

Between these two reasons, that was enough to break the **** out of this hero.


I will assume that if you are reading this build that you know what Juggernaut's skills are. I do, however, want to make some points about them.

If you don't know what they are, please mouse over them and start reading.

Anyway, onto those points.

Blade Fury- Im sure that you know that this can do lots damage and give you magic immunity, and that you can activate a Scroll of Town Portal during it, but did you know that you can purge Mask of Madness with it? It purges most negative debuffs.

The DAC build ignores blade fury, except at level one, because it has nothing to do with DPS, which is your entire focus. One skill point, however, is good for that stray Magic Missile or Venomous Gale, and lets you purge the Mask of Madness. It does do a lot of damage at level one, but magic damage is not your focus. Its scaling is okay but not good, and if you focus on it, your DPS will be ****.

Healing Ward is crazy. It more than fully heals you over the duration, and it lets you jungle, even before you get lifesteal. A casual soul ring can be really good, and Juggernaut can jungle from level one very well. Just get point one in Blade Dance, point two in Healing Ward, three in Blade Fury, then stats. Get a casual Soul Ring, then rush Phase Boots along with Mask of Madness to become a powerhouse.

Healing Ward also lets you tank towers without even caring. You can regen it back faster than they can damage you. It will also heal your creeps, although not to the same extent.

However, beware, because the ward only has 1 HP. Quite literally. It also has a lengthy cooldown, although it has a 41.6% uptime.

Generally speaking, one point in this ability is enough to get things done, so it becomes pointless to level it up over early stats.

If you do the math on Blade Dance, one point in it is better by .5% damage than one point in Coup de Grace. If you don't know how crits work, this is how.

First I would like to say that crits multiply your DPS, whereas Items usually add to it(with the exception of Daedalus and Vladmir's Offering.

Since dota uses Pseudo-Random Distribution, your chances of getting a crit go up when you don't crit until you get a crit, resetting the chance. The number that it lists is the statistical average of the crit chances of all your attacks. This reduces the chances of someone criting 5 times in a row, or not criting 20 times in a row, making it a more reliable skill.

But, ignoring that, PRD doesn't make a difference when you are doing math, because it has already averaged itself for you.

However, this time, DotaFire has done the math for us already. If you look at the skills page, it has the math all done already, telling you expected damage amplification.

Increases expected damage by 19.5% / 36% / 52.5%

Increases expected damage by 20% / 25% / 30% / 35%

Coup de Grace still beats it out, but you have to remember that Coup de Grace is an ultimate. Blade Dance comes with the benefit of Omnislash.

A value point in Blade Dance is essential if you want to DPS. However, it doesn't scale extremely well, so until you have more damage, stats will actually give you more damage per skill point. It also gives you mana and HP, which you already crave. That makes it inherently better to get stats. Later on, though, you take points again, because they become more efficient as the game goes on.

Omnislash gets you kills. It also has weird mechanics.

Basically, forget everything you know about what a skill does. Ominislash actually just makes you rightclick people, jumping between them. It adds +200 damage onto each hit, and when it next jumps, you will stop the attack that you are currently on and start a new one on the target of the jump.

The fact that it actually works off of attack speed is powerful, as seen here:
As you get a certain amount of attack speed, it suddenly does a lot more damage. A Mask of Madness will do this for you. It also helps your regular rightclicks immensely. Once you get a Mask of Madness, you will find that you do an insane amount of damage, especially with Omnislash.

It also has a unique interaction with evasion, like Blur and Windrun. The extra attacks on your jumps can be evaded. But, if you get a Monkey King Bar, which is actually an efficient item with all that attack speed, you will be fine.

Also, Unique Attack modifiers like Eye of Skadi, Maelstrom, and Desolator will actually work on your jumps. Desolator will even amplify the damage with it's -Armor. An Assault Cuirass would do that too.

There you go. Hope you found some of that interesting.


All of your Items will revolve around DPSing, DPS, and letting you DPS. We buy DPS and DPS accessories. That is the entire point of the DAC build, because once you get a few core items, you turn into a beast.

Starting Items

Explanation: To be able to get farm, you should be able to get some AGI for lasthitting and a little bit more damage block with a Poor Man's Shield. It will pay for itself in lasthits, and making your regen more efficient. It also makes you really strong at level 2 with your value point of Blade Dance and the Poor Man's Shield. You should be able to trade rather efficiently. Especially if you crit. Other than components of the Poor Man's Shield, the Tangoes and Healing Salve are your basic regen for the lane.

Early Game:

I've found, through 15 or so games, that Poor Man's Sheild is generally the best option. Not only because of the damage block, but also the extra damage from AGI. It also saves you the item slots that would usually be taken up by early stats like that. Phase boots gives you even more damage for lasthitting, and once you have a Mask of Madness, it will give you more DPS than Power Treads, even into the late game. Mask of Madness is the reason that this build works. I've already explained it, but it gets you up into the next damage threshold on your Omnislash, and it gives you crazy DPS, especially when you already have Phase Boots and Poor Man's Shield. The item has crazy synergy with all of Juggernaut's skills, and if you feel like you are about to take a lot of damage, you can just Blade Fury and be rid of the damage amp by dispelling the active. Black King Bar can do this too, by the way. Also, Mask of Madness makes you farm really fast. You should always carry a Town Portal Scroll, and this is even more important on Juggernaut, because of the classic Blade Fury into Town Portal Scroll. You can also TP to lanes to farm, defend split pushes, participate in fights, and find kills around the map with Omnislash.


Once you have your Mask of Madness, your job becomes farming. All of the items that you have accrued up to this point have been efficient items that help you farm and give you DPS. Picking up a casual Yasha will increase your farming speed a great deal, and can be turned into a Manta Style later. More movement speed means less time not hitting things and getting money. Farm the lane and jungle at the same time, then, when you have a Black King Bar, you can show up to fights. Black King Bar is almost universally considered the best teamfighting item(except for Blink Dagger on some heroes). It keeps you from being focused, and gives you time to DPS. When you DPS, people melt. However, you may be noticing a problem. People keep running away from you, and you don't have a single disable. You have ****tons of movement speed, but they keep getting into their base with low health. With Skull Basher, you can keep them in place long enough to keep DPSing. It is also useful in teamfights against other DPS carries, because you can't DPS if you are bashed.

This is about when Juggernaut peaks. Some carries peak early, some peak late. Jugg is kind of early-inbetween. This should be around 40 minutes, if you have been farming well. There are little to no heroes that can stand up to a Juggernaut at 40 minutes. That being said, don't be an idiot and throw the game because you feel invincible. You are not.


Basically, these items are the logical progression out from your core. Make sure that, when you are not forcing a fight, defending, or teamfighting, you are farming. Although you have peaked, you can still carry very well after that, due to Blade Fury. As I said, crits increase your DPS as a percentage. You deal 35% more damage than you should, so the more items you have, the better this skill will be.

The only Item here that isn't a extension of your core is the Eye of Skadi. Basically, Eye of Skadi is just really overpowered. Heart of Tarrasque isn't that good on Juggernaut, and Eye of Skadi gives somewhere around 80% of the HP that Heart of Tarrasque does. And it gives DPS, INT, and the incredible slow. It is just a really overpowered item. It's how overpowered it is is balanced out by how expensive it is, but it is still a bit abusive.


Aghanim's Scepter- The great thing about Phase Boots and Mask of Madness is that you don't even have to go full DPS. The core of the Omnislash build is those two items and Aghanim's Scepter. If you want, you can just diverge from this build entirely, and go back to the old-school build.

Assault Cuirass- Believe it or not, this is the next piece of the Omnislash build. It gives a lot of attack speed to fit more attacks into your Omnislash, and it gives -Armor to amplify your Omnislash damage even more. You may notice that Attack Speed and -Armor is also really good for DPS, but there is a problem. Once you have these things, and perhaps your casual Yasha, your DPS is already insane. However, people just see you and run away. If you had a way to lock them down, that DPS could be put to use. Unfortunately, AC gives no lockdown. However, lockdown is not a problem in a Omnislash build.

Blink Dagger- It gives another 1200 range on your Omnislash. Think of it like that. If you are having problems getting your Omnislash off, consider it.

Mjollnir- Crazy attack speed for your DPS and your Omnislash, and the active, while not particularly good, has a tendency to discourage people from focusing you. Since it is an item that gives both attack speed and damage, it is also a very efficient DPS item.

Monkey King Bar- Kind of self-explanitory. Everybody cites Phantom Assassin as who you buy a Monkey King Bar against, but other examples are Windranger, Troll Warlord, Brewmaster, Enchantress, Riki, and Night Stalker. These are all the heroes that can make your attacks miss. Except for Faceless Void with Backtrack. Even if you have a Monkey King Bar, he can still Backtrack your attacks, because Backtrack is not evasion.

Refresher Orb- Basically, you can just refresh a Aghanim's Scepter Omnislash and be invulnerable throughout the entire teamfight, whils still dealing ******ed amounts of damage. Wether or not you hit a few creeps, it is still going to do 6K damage or more. The counter to this, of course, is someone to activate a Ghost Scepter and pull you far behind enemy lines.

Scythe of Vyse- Not only will you never have mana problems ever again, but it gives a bit of the other stats too, and far more importantly, it gives lockdown. Not only that but it is a good utility item on many heroes. Anti Mage gets it too, and for the same reason.

Butterfly- Sort of self-explanitory. It is a DPS item, and evasion is awesome. This newfangled "Flutter" thing can come in handy too in chases, or when you just really need to GTFO.

Desolator- As a rightclick carry, -Armor is good. However, it does not stack with Mask of Madness. Good, perhaps, on the Omnislash build when they have a Ancient Apparition. Not much else, though. Mask of Madness is really overpowered in general. Once you start adding synergy on top of that, it is a far better item than Desolator.

Hand of Midas- If you crush your lane and can get it at a reasonable time(Or you are the carry in a defensive trilane), feel free. It will accelerate you into the late game.


Armlet of Mordiggian- Not an efficient item because you are not a strength hero, and you usually have too small of an HP pool to be lowering it in fights.

Battle Fury- Mask of Madness increases your farm by more, and does it for less than half the price. Battle Fury isn't a very good DPS item, and you don't need the regen. There isn't really anything about it that appeals to Juggernaut as a hero.

Blade Mail- You have a really small HP pool, and this item adds no DPS. I don't see why you would buy it.

Daedalus- Daedalus's crit and Blade Dance don't stack well. They stack with diminishing returns, but once you do the math, it is a 15% damage increase. Vladmir's Offering also gives 15% damage increase, for less than half the cost. The item is kinda meh.

Divine Rapier- The same usual deal applies to rapier as well. Don't buy it when you are ahead. Buy it when you are behind, and you NEED a ******edly large item at a small cost to get you back into the game.

Ethereal Blade- All that it would really give you is AGI. The item goes against the very idea of this build by preventing you from DPSing. Not good. Also, when people are ethereal, they are not affected by Omnislash

Sange and Yasha- It gives almost no DPS, almost no lockdown, and almost no health. Even when you put all of those factors together, it still becomes a waste of an item slot after minute 45. Generally speaking, Manta Style is better because it allows you to cut waves to push, or to defend. The illusions also give you some DPS, and extra health is awesome in fights.

Shadow Blade- Shadow Blade is a ganking item. It interferes with your playstyle, because you want to be farming. As an initiation, Blink Dagger is much cheaper, and far superior. As an escape, it is a 3000 gold item made useless by a 180 item. Blink Dagger is far superior at escaping too.

How to Counter a Jugg

Basically, it all comes down to one thing:

When you are ethereal, Omnislashes will still hit you, but will deal 0 damage. You end up dodging like 1.5K damage on a solo omnislash. Also, while ethereal, Juggernaut cannot DPS you. You, your mother, your entire team, and all of THEIR mothers need to have one of these.

Another important thing is making sure the Juggernaut has a bad time in lane. Gank him repeatedly, and delay the Mask of Madness as long as you can, and try and take a few towers before he gets it. Then hopefully, you can push the advantage and push more, get your cores farmed up, (While still ganking the Jugg) and take another fight before he gets a Black King Bar, punishing him for the Mask of Madness active by blowing him up. It really helps if you have disables that go through magic immunity, like Primal Roar or Winter's Curse. That one is fun.

Everyone and their mothers have to already have their Ghost Scepter by now, and there is now no way that the Juggernaut can come back.


There are 2 Reasons why Jugg is overpowered.

1. Icefrog has been buffing him nonstop for the past 2 years

2. People took their heads out of their a%&es for long enough to realize how good Mask of Madness is on Juggernaut, and how synergistic it is with the rest of his skills.

These two reasons were enough to break the **** out of this hero.

He can, however, be shut down. It takes the cooperation of the entire team though, and it can be hard. In real games, you can just ban him. Or, if they first pick him, you can get a Bane, Batrider Mirana, Beastmaster or Winter Wyvern, gank the **** out of him, get those Ghost Scepters, and create some pressure on the map.

Juggernaut tends to peak early as a carry, so another way to deal with him is outfarming him. But, that is not happening because of how fast he farms.

Juggernaut turns into a beast once he has a Mask of Madness, Black King Bar, and a Skull Basher. Keep him from getting there, or strive to get there yourself.

Now, go out there and be a dirty Juggernaut picker. Or punish those who pick him. Your choice.

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