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Clockwerk offlane [7.01]

January 7, 2017 by Hindergast
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Offlane Clockwerk

DotA2 Hero: Clockwerk

Hero Skills

Battery Assault

3 4 5 7

Power Cogs

2 13 14 16

Rocket Flare

1 8 9 11


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

-0.25s Battery Assault Interval
Spell Immunity While Inside Power Cogs
+100 Rocket Flare Damage
Rocket Flare True Sight
+24 Battery Assault Damage
+2 Power Cogs Hit To Kill
+20 Movement Speed
+5 Armor


Hello guys! This is my guide on an awesome hero Clockwerk! I enjoy playing him very much , because he is such a cool hero , very fun and interesting to play. It is not that easy to learn how to play him properly, but if you will master him, Clockwerk will give you the best he can offer! I decided to make a guide on him because he is not a common pick in pubs and pro scene , so i hope you'l enjoy playing this cool hero !

Clockwerk is a strength based ganker\initiator hero .He has an excellent arsenal of skills which help him to hunt down & destroy foes and to cause overall chaos. This guy is awesome at spacecreating and initiating battles .Clockwerk dominates early and midgame where he shines as a sufficent ganker , in the late game however, he kinda falls off beeing only an tank & initiator.

Pros / Cons

Pros :

-Great ganker & initiator
-Has nice disables
-Very good hero to an offlane
-Provides vision with Rocket Flare

Cons :

Falls off in the late game
Terrible at farming
Needs practice to be played well

To pick or not to pick

Pick if :
- Your team needs an initiator
- Your team needs a tanky hero
- You need a good solo offlaner
- Enemy has a lot of squishy heroes with no escape abilities
- Enemy has heroes with long cast animations such as Shadow Fiend , Earthshaker.

Do not pick if :
- Your team already has a solo offlaner (pick jungler or support instead)
- Enemy heroes are very tanky
- Enemy has strong escape ability
- Enemy has saving heroes such as : Dazzle , Winter Wyvern , Oracle etc.
- Enemy has heroes who will eat you in the cogs such as : Troll Warlord , Sven , Lone Druid etc.


Battery Assault is Clockwerk's first skill.This is non targetable magical damage skill. It deals 95 damage per hit , hits every 0,7 seconds , duration is 10,5 seconds (you can upgrade it on lvl 25 up to 20,5 seconds duration).Shrapnel is your main source of damage in cogs , at full duration it deals up to 1520 damage (2850 when upgraded).Also it ministuns your foes , so you can use it to break chanelling abilities and tp scrolls as well.If yor cogs are on cooldown you can chase foes with activeted shrapnel (of course if they are slow enough)))Does not hit invisible units!

Power Cogs very important skill in Rattletrap's combo. Summons a round shape wall of cogs which wont let your foes flee .When maxed , duration is 8 seconds. When enemy heroes outside the cogs try to approach them it causes a knockback which burns hp and mana ( 200 hp & mana)Knockback breaks chanelling abilities also remember that each cog deals knockback only once after that they will power down. It takes 3 hits (when maxed) fron enemy to destroy a cog while Clockwerk needs only one hit.Knockbacks invisible units.You can use it in lane to disrupt enemy's farm and to burn his mana as well.Also when fleeing you can cast cogs to block way for your foes.

Rocket Flare very simple skill.It is a simple nuke whis deals 200 magical damage (when maxed) and provides vision. You can use it to harass foes in lane , to outpush creepwaves , to scout Roshan , to finish fleeing heroes , and for lasthitting creeps of course (skill is mana cheap so feel free to spam it).

Hookshot the most interesting skill of this hero . Rattletrap fires a hook on a very long distance which lauches him to the target . When maxed it ravels 3000 points distance deals 300 damage and stuns for 2 seconds . Pierces magical immunity .This skill is one of the hardest to land in DoTA. First , try to hit a non - moving enemy then you'l learn to hit moving targets just try to predict a location where's your foe moving and fire.Can be upgraded with Aghs whis reduces cooldown to riddiculous 12 seconds , after that , this skill is pretty spammable)

So according to may skill build you need to max out shrapnel first because it deals a whooping ammount of damage then max rockets (to deal more damage at once) then cogs , take ult whenever possible.


Level 10 : you can choose between + 200mp pool or 4 armour , to me , both is good , choose depending on the situation you have. First makes Clockwerk's manapool reall big but his skill dont have high manacost + 4 armour is always good for a tank though .

Level 15 : Hard to decide , movement speed is good for chasing and trapping enemy in cogs
but + 40 damage makes you hit harder and helps you to farm faster.

Level 20 : pick magick resistance if there is lot of nukers , pick respawn if things are going bad and you need to recover faster.

Level 25 :increasing battery assault duration makes it deal insane ammount of damage but your enemy would not stay that long in cogs so i coisider this optional.+400 health is like a heart of tarrasque but without heart of tarrasque) i always pick health.


Starting items : if you are going hard lane you need items for lane sustain , these items are : Healing Salve , Stout Shield , Iron Branch , Tango , Clarity.

Early game :

Boots of Speed - no need to explain) dont rush 'em)

Bottle - always take it .You need to gank , not to to spend all the time recovering at the tavern.

Magic Stick - very good against foes who spam spells like Bristleback.Later can be upgraded in Magic Wand.

Urn of Shadows - perfect iteam for a ganker , gives you strenght , mana regen ability to heal\deal pure damage.

Core items :

Phase Boots - very popular in pubs gives you damage and ability to phase between creeps for chasing\fleeing.

Tranquil Boots - good pickup too.They give you nice speed and with bottle you can regenerate pretty fast after ganks .

Blade Mail - absolute core for Clockwerk.Gives you a bit damage a bit armour and ability to return all damage done to you making fighting against Rattletrap real hard.

Aghanim's Scepter - another core item , except stats it upgrades you ult reducing cooldown to 12 seconds. The earlier you will get it the higher is the chance of winning the game.

Force Staff - good item it offers you a bit stats and hp regen and you can chase low hp heroes to finish them off or initiate on a strong enemy and force yourself out of cogs to trap him.

Luxury items :

Heart of Tarrasque - item which is dont needed to be explained . Godd in late game because makes you extremely tanky and gives you insane regen. Never rush it though)

Shiva's Guard - very nice item that conunters ther damage dealers (slows their attack speed) AOE nuke is good for teamfights, + 27 int makes you forget about mana. Very good.

Scythe of Vyse - best disable in dota. Pick if game went late and you need to shut down their carries somehow. Also stats are always useful.

Situational items :

Radiance - gives an insane potential to snowball realy hard.The only disatvantage is the price get this item only if things are going very good for your team , in other case this is a waste of money and not that much useful for your team.

Solar Crest - fine thing , reduces armour , makes enemyes miss , gives mana regen .... good.

Pipe of Insight - if there is lot of nukers get this , seriously , useful aura and active makes your team less vulnerable to nukes is always a good thing.

Necronomicon - use active after initiation and trap a looser in cogs with your buddies . Yeah true sight is always good against rats.

Mekansm - stats, armour, aura debuff purge\heal , i think every team should have this if noone in your team has it maybe it's up to you build it huh ?

Heaven's Halbred - good for disabling foes after trapping them in cogs . Watch out , in can be purged with BKB.

Crimson Guard - provides your team with useful aura and tanky active , awesome for teamfights.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity - very situational generally you get this for purging buffs\debuffs . Also you can catch enemyes.

Drum of Endurance - another situational iteam the price, the stats , the aura , the active ... yeah everything is nice.


Early game :

In early game your main aim is to get levels and not to feed the enemy. Farm is secondary option because it's not very often you get freefarm especially if you are standing against agressive triple. Try to get some la***** (rockets will help you) , try to burn out mana with cogs . Watch your minimap and messages from teammates 'cause you can finish someone fleeing with flares. If you are lucky enough try to trap some noob in gogs and finish him.

Mid game :

You reached lvl 6 (or even more) and now is time to help your friends . Gank mid is the best option to supress enemy core hero (if it is a strong escape her, choose another target)
Mid game is Clockwerk's time to shine . Try to finish game asap because in late game you would not be so powerful.Your combo starts with hook then cogs then battery assault then rocket or you can start with rocket flare which is followed by hook and so on.Personally i like to start with hook because you won't reveal yourself and your gank would be a surprise for an enemy , dont try to attack strong heroes take squishy supports instead , this will create a lot of space for your team. Just hide in bushes and wait for a good opportunity to set a nasty combo.I cant say much about how to land a good hook it takes time to master this skill first try to hit a non moving target then proceed to moving targets. Just practice and everything will be fine.

Late game :

Now it is all up to your carries , you main role is to initiate and sow chaos in lines of your enemy))Take squishy supports to make them weaker or trap carries in cogs and push yourself out.

What does this button do ? Or how to gank

After you hit lvl 6 start ganking , remember this simple rules to get successful ganks :

- Tower diving is a bad option , you can be stunned or disabled which can lead to failure.
- If alone try to initiate on lone targets , that's why you need propper warding to know if there are any foes nearby.
- Always chek enemy's inventory for invis or other items (you have to be prepared).
- When ganking mid always inform your ally that you're ganking and chek his hp\mana.
- Ganking invis heroes always have detection , this is your duty.
- Always focus on items which are useful for your team.
- Try to be nice and communicative ( i know this is hard heh))).
- Avoid creeps : shrapnel hits a randon target trapping even one creep in cogs can lead to unsuccessful gank.

Friends or dudes to stick with

Here i want to mention Clockwerk's best friends they are disablers (who will help you to land nice hook\cogs or pals who help deal fast with foes during cogs duration. I'm gonna name few heroes that work very well with him

Dark Seer - all of his spells are benefitial for you. Vacuum foes into cogs , surge to chase them and trap well , ion shell to melt them , wall of replica to melt them even more, also he is a very good offlane partner.

Shadow Demon - disruption helps to trap heroes in cogs and other his spells deal good damage , good ally.

Bane - fiend's grip and nightmare lead to good hook or cogs , also enfeeble makes hit 'em less harder and brain sap to deal damage , excellent.

Crystal Maiden - good disable , useful aura , nice nukes .

Foes or guys to avoid

Generally heroes who counter Clockwerk are those who : , save his prey , simply destroy him in cogs , escape out of cogs easily .

Those who save allies :

Omniknight ( no need to explain why ).

Dazzle - hard to kill because of shallow grave , heal , shadow weave .

Winter Wyvern - saves allies , very nasty .

Oracle - he can block incoming damage and heal allies .

Chen - lots of summons to make hooking a nightmare and a global heal , enough .

Vengeful Spirit - melts armour and most important swaps heroes out of cogs simply disrupting your combo .

Those who kill him easily : pretty much almost all late or midgame carries like Ursa , Huskar , Terrorblade , Sven , Luna , Lifestealer , oh list can be sooo long.))

Escape heroes : Mirana , Anti-Mage , Rikki , Weaver , Storm Spirit Morphling , Puck , Slark if you see 2 or 3 of them just dont pick him or you gonna have some hard time .Yeah and i forgot Phoenix - makes your cogs work against you when he is in supernova .

Heroes he is good against

Here's some heroes who are rekt by Clockwerk :
Windranger - she is squishy and her windrun ability is useless against your spells.
Earthshaker - fissure and enchant totem have long cast time and would be always cancelled by ministuns.
Shadow Fiend - same thing as previous but in late game he will rekt you.
Drow Ranger - disable her ulti by getting too close to her , Clockwerk is very good at getting close).
Pudge - say no no to his Dismember.
Legion Commander - she is an easy target while dueling so just hook in and help your ally.
Sniper - easy target in early\mid game in late game though he can be very strong.
Spirit Breaker - watch & laugh as he tryes to hit someone with his ult under your shrapnel.
Tinker - break his ulti easily also you are quite tanky and a possible Pipe carrier which counters his magick burst damage.

Also you are good against almost any INT hero just buy that Pipe of Insight , Blademail as your core item deals some trouble to physical damage dealers(untill they get BKB.

Force Staff - this items means no good for you , because foes will push themselves out of cogs making you some trouble to kill them also always chek inventory for Eul carriers as they can disable your combo for 2,5 seconds.


Thank for reading my guide ) there are lot of mistakes in it because english is not my native language i'll hope you enjoy playing this cool hero and my guide will at least help you a bit . If you want to chek some pro plays you should watch Purge or Bulba also dont forget about Pyrion Flax's Guide to Clockwerk (makes me laugh very hard)!!!
links here :
Pyrion Flax

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