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[ARCHIVED] LordVesper's Personal Guide to Meepo [7.06f]

November 1, 2017 by LordVesper
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One-Man Army (Nuker)

DotA2 Hero: Meepo

Purchase Order

The Nothing-Went-Wrong Item Progression

Starting Items (Easy Lane)

Starting Items (Hard Lane)

Earlygame Choices

Core Items

Extension/Situational Items

Hero Skills


2 6 8 9


1 4 5 7


12 13 14 16

Divided We Stand

3 10 17


11 15

Hero Talents

+400 Health
-5s Poof Cooldown
-4s Earthbind Cooldown
+10% Lifesteal
+15% Evasion
+30 Poof Damage
+7 Strength
+10 Damage


Greetings, everyone! I'm Marcus from House Vesper (on YouTube) but most of you know me by my Dotafire name, LordVesper! Today, I come back to life since my Reincarnation just went off cooldown so I'll be presenting you with a guide to Meepo, the Geomancer! Also known as the hero that's so easy to counter that players might have just countered him ACCIDENTALLY. Anyways, without further ado, let's get this guide... STARTED!

This guide is going to be an extremely big wall-of-text. Because of this, I advise starting with whatever you need help with first before trying to read the whole thing. For those who aren't experienced with controlling multiple units at once, please refer to my Micromanagement guide here: *LINK TO BE ADDED ONCE DONE*

Tips About Meepo's Abilities


Earthbind is the disable that makes Meepo a hard-counter to most slippery heroes. It also serves as his initiation to setup for mass Poofs from all Meepos. It's a two second root on an eight second cooldown so with five Meepos, you can keep an enemy locked down indefinitely (if you don't stack the root debuffs on top of each other) while you shovel them to death! Please note that you gain true sight over enemies while they are rooted (meaning they can't use Shadow Blade to escape) and that enemy channeling spells are NOT interrupted. It's also worth noting that it takes some practice to hit Earthbind accurately so a few bot matches might help.


Poof serves as Meepo's main source of damage. On its own, it deals below-average magical damage (280) but makes up for this with the ability being available to ALL five Meepos and the fact that it can be used to teleport to other Meepos (including illusions). When used by all five Meepos at once, it deals an insane maximum total of 1400 magical damage which should always be abused by players who are willing to play him. Players should also abuse the fact that Poof can be used as a method of getting around the map. Combined with Boots of Travel, Meepo players can have strong global presence and be ready for any teamfight.


Geostrike is Meepo's backup ability for cases where Poof doesn't kill your enemy instantly. Just like with Meepo's other abilities, Geostrike is very pathetic when used by only one Meepo. However, since Geostrikes from multiple Meepos stack, it can slow an enemy down by 100% and deal 200 magical damage per second for as long as all five Meepos keep on shoveling the poor guy! Please note that while this ability will drastically lower chances of escape, it will not prevent the enemy from fighting back if they can handle all your Meepos.


Divided We Stand is Meepo's signature ability! It summons up to four Meepo clones that can use abilities, boots, and gain experience or gold, but will kill every Meepo if anyone of them dies. On paper, the ability may seem overpowered and IT ACTUALLY IS IF the enemies haven't countered you with their heroes or items ( Battle Fury or Maelstrom). This ability is the main reason why people play Meepo in the first place and abuse him in teams that are foolish enough to not include any sort of crowd control like Earthshaker or Sven. However, it's for that same reason that most players AVOID playing Meepo since controlling multiple units is hard at first plus you HAVE to take care of the clones and not just leave them lying around... and that's not good! So many games could have been won if only you played Meepo and abused the fact that your enemies didn't have any area-of-effect abilities like Phantom Assassin!

Meepo's Roles


Meepo is one of the best Nukers in Dota 2 just because of Poof's potential magic damage burst. If you can cast Poof rapidly on all five Meepos, bursting down enemies should be easy unless they have magic resistance.


Meepo is a very potent ganker once he acquires Blink Dagger. Using your main Meepo, use Blink Dagger to close the distance between your enemy instantly and immediately cast Earthbind afterwards. Make sure to have your other Meepos casting Poof to your main Meepo's location while all of this is happening. This... This is the formula of a Meepo gank! However, please keep in mind that unlike most gankers, Meepo takes some time to come online and will usually need Blink Dagger first to gank effectively.


Divided We Stand is arguably the best ability in Dota 2. Although Meepo's other skills make him more of a midgame nuking ganker, Divided We Stand was enough to push him into the Carry Role. To be honest, five level 25 Meepos shoveling you to death will always be scary no matter what even if no right-click oriented items were bought.


Meepo also takes position as one of the most mobile heroes in Dota 2 once he acquires Boots of Travel! Being able to teleport to five different locations every 40 seconds is insane and may even be compared to Nature's Prophet's level of mobility! Because of this, he is considered a really good Pusher. It also helps that Meepo has Poof for easily clearing out creep waves and multiple Meepo clones to help him destroy towers and barracks as quickly as possible.


While Meepo isn't the best initiator out there, he can do just fine especially once he has Blink Dagger and Scythe of Vyse. He initiates teamfights by jumping on someone and hopefully killing them with Poof and constant right-clicks. This usually forces the enemy team to either save their ally by joining the teamfight or to just run away and accept their losses.

Ideal Gameplan


[*] With things going well for your lane, farm up and rush your Boots of Travel. Do try to kill the opposing laner/s if possible by chaining Earthbinds and Poofs! Avoid ganking unless it's the enemy carry and you're sure that it will be successful or else you just end up wasting time and delaying your Boots of Travel timing.

[*] If things are going rough in lane, just do your best to farm what you can. Buying cheap items to help you fight and survive early on such as Ring of Aquila and Dragon Lance is recommended but keep in mind that you still have to get Boots of Travel later on. The timing will be delayed, yes... but it's better to have it delayed than to end up dying multiple times trying to rush Boots of Travel!

EARLY GAME: Reminders

[*] While Meepo is a carry, he has some decent killing potential upon hitting Level 3 because of Poof's insane damage early on. However, you cannot benefit from this nuke damage without some sort of initiation whether it be your own Earthbinds or disables from your allies.

[*] Before reaching Level 3, Meepo is probably one of the weakest laners in the whole game! But, upon reaching Level 3, he easily becomes one of the strongest. Abuse this power spike by last-hitting and denying creeps with your permanent double-damage and constantly threatening your enemies with Earthbinds and Poofs that could easily lead to kills.

[*] You can rotate between your two Meepos by sending the injured one to the fountain while the healthy one farms up safely. This allows Meepo to sustain himself even when up against heroes with strong harass such as Queen of Pain's Shadow Strike and Tinker's Laser!

[*] You can clear a creep wave with just two Level 4 Poofs! This is especially useful when you plan on rotating to the jungle immediately after clearing a creep wave like a Shadow Fiend would do.


[*] Assuming that you have both Boots of Travel and Blink Dagger, you should be doing your best to abuse this power spike by farming every single creep wave and jungle camp that you possibly can while constantly looking for ganks on lone or weaker enemies. Midgame is when Meepo shines the most as he can take out an entire team on his own if he's ahead enough of his enemies! Knowing this, do try your best to take objectives whenever possible and ending the game while you're still in charge and haven't fallen off... yet!

[*] While Meepo typically dominates the midgame, there will be games where you aren't ahead enough of your enemies to be able to gank them freely without much risk! In these games, your best bet is to either gank with your team or split-push in hopes of forcing your enemies to separate, making them easier to gank. Whatever you decide upon, just make sure that all five of your Meepos are doing something productive at all times so that you don't fall off too hard. You might even make a comeback with the help of some crucial kills!

MID GAME: Reminders

[*] Blink Dagger + Earthbind + Poofs from all your Meepos is your usual combo whenever you initiate a gank. It works well against most heroes except those who have Dispel abilities like Omniknight with his Repel or Abaddon with his Aphotic Shield.

[*] Against heroes with Dispels or ways to escape from both Earthbind and Geostrike, you should be aiming to get Scythe of Vyse as soon as possible in order to gank these enemies successfully.

[*] Since you will be in control with all five Meepos at this point, you should be separating them as much as possible while farming to prevent overlaps in farming patterns. Just have them unite again with Poof when going in for a gank or teamfight... preferably before it starts to avoid any unnecessary complications such as having your farming Meepos stunned by a neutral Centaur while your teammates are dying!

[*] Focus on squishy but deadly heroes first (like Sniper) by bursting them down with Poof before moving on to the durable heroes like Wraith King or Centaur Warrunner . In most cases, durable heroes tend to be easy to kite or bully around so they shouldn't serve as much of a threat to you therefore making them last in your priorities.


[*] At this point, you should be six-slotted meaning equipped with all the necessary items against the enemy team. Typically, Scythe of Vyse is included since the Hex ability it provides is too strong to pass up and solves Meepo's lack of strong disables. Bloodthorn should be bought against heroes that rely on abilities while Ethereal Blade should be bought against right-click carries. However, note that these items will only delay the inevitable fact that Meepo is not a hard carry and will soon end up outcarried by more dedicated carries such as Spectre and Medusa. End the game whenever possible!

[*] If Meepo isn't ahead of his enemies by the time it reaches lategame, then it means you failed carrying your team and ended up being a burden if anything. To lessen these negative effects, you can just serve as the team's splitpusher, utility, or even just bait in teamfights. Find a way to make yourself useful in whatever way possible to compensate for the leeched gold and experience. You may have failed but the game isn't over yet so keep on fighting! Your team might just end up winning despite the odds stacked against it...

LATE GAME: Reminders

[*] Make sure to adjust your mindset from "I'm powerful enough to kill anybody" to "I can kill enemies but only with help from my allies". Remember that Meepo is a snowballing carry that falls off HARD in the lategame. Besides, the fact that the enemy team survived your midgame wrath only means that you weren't strong enough to end the game on your own. On the bright side, it does mean that you can rely on your allies now and won't have to carry the burden of being the team's game changer!

[*] Your item decisions are what will matter the most in the lategame! Choose wisely what items you plan on buying and make sure it's appropriate for the game's situation. The last thing you want is throwing the game by buying Bloodthorn in games where your team lacks survivability.

[*] From a Carry/Nuker role, Meepo transitions into more of an Initiator/Utility hero. Keep this in mind and adjust your gameplay accordingly! While Meepo isn't as good as initiating as Enigma with his Black Hole, Meepo will do just fine and is usually enough.

Laning and Jungling


the most preferred lane for a Meepo especially since Patch 7.06 added an extra melee creep to the mid lane! Meepo is a carry that needs to snowball in order to be successful so he needs to have as much gold and experience possible to himself. This makes the midlane perfect for him even when the opposing laner is someone he's weak against such as Templar Assassin or Bristleback. While weak at laning at first, Meepo makes up for this weakness by being extremely powerful upon receiving his first clone at Level 3!


while significantly worse for Meepo than the midlane due to the presence of a laning partner who will most likely just sap gold and experience from you, it's still a viable lane for him if you SOMEHOW can't convince your allies to take midlane yourself. However, by going into the safelane, keep in mind that this prevents you from snowballing without numerous ganks on the opposing laner/s or considerable efforts from your laning partner to pull creeps and gain experience from there rather than leech experience from the creep wave.


worst-case scenario for a Meepo player. It has the same issues as with going into the safelane except this time you're up against a stronger enemy duo that cannot be ganked easily without the use of Smoke of Deceit or the hope that they haven't bought Observer Wards to lookout for incoming ganks (unlikely). It also doesn't help that pulling creeps from the offlane is hard if not impossible! Since you went to this wretched lane, assume that you will be having a bad earlygame and will need to make a comeback through flash farming in the midgame.


not viable for Meepo until he has some levels in Poof. And even with maxed-out Poof, Meepo will still struggle clearing out jungle camps with high magical resistance such as Mud Golems and all Ancient Camps except Acolytes + Prowlers. However, once you have three or more Meepos, you'll come to realize that the creep waves are simply not enough gold and experience. This is when you take both creep waves AND jungle camps at the same time to maximize gold and experience gain.

When To Pick

[*] Your team can deal with the fact that Meepo sucks out most of the gold and experience available in the map. These teams usually involve heroes that don't require a lot to come online like Crystal Maiden and Lion.

[*] You get to pick last and see that the enemy team was foolish enough to not include any crowd-control based hero. Show them no mercy by picking Meepo and typing "GG EZ" in all chat! The demoralization this inflicts is only an insult to injury >:)

[*] You believe your micromanagement skills are enough so that you can use Meepo efficiently. You don't have to be in Abed's level, but please do make sure that you can at least do TAB + Poof and know how to farm with separate Meepo groups.

[*] Your team can take advantage of the presence of five Meepos. A good example is Dazzle with his Shadow Wave dealing insane amounts of physical damage when used with Meepo and his clones.

[*] Your team is composed of mostly carries that require some farm to become useful. This puts your team in an awful situation where nobody is farmed enough and lose the game because of that!

[*] The enemy team has decent amounts of crowd-control abilities or AoE damage such as Sven, Timbersaw, Earthshaker, Magnus, Bristleback etc.

[*] You can't convince your team to let you pick last or second to the last. Chances are you'll be hard-countered by the enemy team as soon as they see you pick Meepo!

The Pros & Cons of Playing Meepo

[*] Meepo is a hero that abuses an enemy team's lack of crowd control. They will almost certainly lose if they don't make great efforts to counter him.

[*] The presence of five Meepos in a teamfight can give the enemy team a feeling of being overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Two is better than one, after all!

[*] Playing Meepo requires a moderate level of micromanagement which involves quick thinking and coordination with using multiple abilities and items at once.

[*] Ganking with Meepo is effective especially in lower MMR levels where players have rarely seen Meepo actually in play.

[*] Meepo can be whatever his team needs him to be. A pusher, carry, ganker, nuker, initiator or even all these roles at the same time!

[*] Since he sucks up most of the team's available gold and experience, Meepo players will often find themselves being in charge of the entire team and leading them to victory... or defeat!

[*] Picking Meepo is pretty much a big middle-finger to the enemy team's mobility heroes (if they have any). It's satisfying to see a Slark being helpless since the fish couldn't escape the infinite Earthbinds!

[*] Picking Meepo can intimidate the enemy since a lot of players believe that Meepo players are better than most other players in terms of skill. This is good since tilting the enemy team as much as possible will just further increase your chances of victory.

[*] Playing Meepo repeatedly will quickly tire your mind due to how micro-intensive the hero is. Avoid playing him over long periods of time unless you can handle it.

[*] Meepo is rarely played due to how situational he is. A lot of heroes counter him heavily and it would be detrimental to your team if you continue to pick him in games where he is hard-countered.

[*] Players that are inexperienced with Meepo will have a really bad game if they had no micromanagement experiences before.

[*] Since Meepo will typically level up much faster than any other hero, it’s also common for him to be dead for much longer periods of time. This makes death even more impactful for a Meepo player.

[*] Playing Meepo means that your entire team’s success relies on you doing well. It can feel like a heavy burden at times especially if you just want to have fun.

Item Explanations

Starting Items (Easy Lane)

Boots of Speed- heroes in Dota 2 need boots and Meepo is no exception. You start off with Boots of Speed in an easy lane so you can rush straight to Boots of Travel and start snowballing from there. Buying boots early also gives you a movement speed advantage over your enemies which means landing Earthbinds and Poofs will be easier.

Tango- standard form of regeneration to help sustain yourself in lane. While it's less useful on Meepo since his clones can't benefit from Tangoes, I'd still advise buying some since Meepo is a pretty weak laner and will take some harass while Poofing for last hits.

Iron Branchx2- bought to spend all of your starting gold and prepare for worst case scenarios where you have to eat Iron Branches with Tangoes. It also provides some stats which Meepo always appreciates.

Starting Items (Hard Lane)

Tango- standard form of regeneration to help sustain yourself in lane. While it's less useful on Meepo since his clones can't benefit from Tangoes, I'd still advise buying some since Meepo is a pretty weak laner and will take some harass while Poofing for last hits.

Healing Salve- preferred over Tango in situations where Meepo’s clones are the ones that need regeneration. However, one must always remember that the amount of HP healed by Tangoes is more than that of a Healing Salve. Also, player-based damage will cancel Healing Salves.

Ring of Protection- basic starting item for many heroes. For Meepo, it’s somewhat less beneficial since your clones cannot copy bonus armor. However, it can still be bought if you plan on getting a Ring of Basilius early on or if you’re up against an enemy who deals mostly physical damage such as Templar Assassin or Bristleback.

Iron Branchx2- bought to spend all of your starting gold and prepare for worst case scenarios where you have to eat Iron Branches with Tangoes. It also provides some stats which Meepo always appreciates.

Faerie Fire- assuming that you're going to have a rough laning phase, you'll need cheap items to help you get through it. Faerie Fire gives Meepo more last-hitting potential and can be consumed to save Meepo in clutch plays where that burst HP heal can help you survive or kill the enemy.

Earlygame Choices

Ring of Basilius- bought if you started out the game with a Ring of Protection. It provides some damage for last hitting and an aura that increases the mana regeneration and armor of nearby units including your Meepo clones. I consider this a fairly decent earlygame choice on Meepo especially if you want to aim for early pushes.

Dragon Lance- used to be a core item on Meepo even for pro players like Abed due to how cost-efficient the stats were. Nowadays, it's been nerfed quite a bit, but I don't think people should start ignoring the item. Always remember that stats are potentially five times more effective on Meepo and the fact that Dragon Lance CAN BE DISASSEMBLED! This means that you can use the Ogre Club for your Aghanim's Scepter later on while leaving the two remaining Band of Elvenskin and just selling those once you start running out of inventory slots. To summarize, buy Dragon Lance early on if rushing straight to Boots of Travel isn't recommended. Just don't forget to disassemble it later on once you start working on your Aghanim's Scepter.

Bottle- assuming that you went midlane with Meepo (which you should), then buying a Bottle isn't a bad idea since you can use it on your Meepo clones too. However, doing so delays your other much more important items such as Boots of Travel. As a rule of thumb, I only buy a Bottle in games where I find myself roaming around the map often since this ensures that you will be getting a ton of runes thus benefitting more from the purchased Bottle.

Ring of Aquila- upgraded from Ring of Basilius by buying a Wraith Band. While I don’t recommend buying this item, there are situations where the early game is filled with many teamfights and you’ll need every single item to ensure that you have a good early game. Ring of Aquila solves this issue since it provides nice stats for all your Meepos and an aura to give you an edge in fights and pushes too!

Yasha- should be bought immediately after Boots of Travel if you plan on getting Manta Style later. It provides all your Meepos with tons of agility and extra movement speed to the main Meepo too. However, keep in mind that by buying Yasha, you are switching to a more right-click oriented Meepo rather than the typical Poof bursting one. It works wonders though in games where your enemies have increased magic resistance such as Anti-Mage with his Spell Shield and Rubick with his Null Field.

Core Items

Boots of Travel- is considered core on Meepo because of how powerful it is on him. It's basically buying five Boots of Travel for the price of oone since even your Meepo clones can use it on separate cooldowns. This item is the main reason why Meepo has incredibly strong global presence thus making him an effective pusher and ganker. When combined with Poof, Meepo can be quickly pushing all three lanes at once while still being ready to teleport to wherever he is needed, may it be a gank or a teamfight. I personally ignore all the other boot upgrades since Boots of Travel just offers far too much to be skipped.

Blink Dagger- also considered core on Meepo because of how potent it is on him. The combination of Blink Dagger from the main Meepo plus Poof from all the other Meepo clones allows him to initiate ganks really well. This item solves Meepo's problem of not having any short-distance mobility skills like Slark's Pounce or Faceless Void's Backtrack. Keep in mind as well that once Meepo has both Blink Dagger and Boots of Travel, he becomes a serious threat to the enemy team at all times due to his strong global presence. Experienced players will know that for as long as there are enemy units around the area, they are never safe as Meepo can simply appear from there at anytime.

Aghanim's Scepter- bought to further abuse Divided We Stand's potential power. It gives you another Meepo clone to work with, giving you the maximum of five Meepos. It's also the magic number for pushing lanes since you can have two Meepo clones pushing top, two other Meepo clones pushing bottom, and the main Meepo either pushing midlane or roaming around the map to look for enemies to jump on with Blink Dagger. It's also worth noting that Aghanim's Scepter provides some stats while are technically five times more effective on Meepo.

Extension/Situational Items

Assault Cuirass- an alternative to Heart of Tarrasque as a durability item. It provides a lot of armor to all your Meepos and some bonus attack speed too! However, since it doesn't provide raw HP, Assault Cuirass should only be preferred over Heart of Tarrasque in games where the enemy team deals mostly physical damage. Most effective when bought against Bristleback or Sven. But then again, you shouldn't be picking Meepo in the first place when up against these heroes.

Bloodthorn- should be bought in games where your team is lacking in terms of silences and/or damage. Bloodthorn's active ability alone solves both of these issues! But aside from that, it's pretty useless on Meepo since most of its provided stats only work on the main Meepo such as the mana regeneration and passive critical strike. If possible, have another ally buy this instead but please do buy it yourself if nobody else does especially when up against Anti-Mage or Puck.

Butterfly- while the evasion is greatly wasted on Meepo, the agility and attack speed it provides help him a lot. It should be bought after Manta Style (if you planned on getting that item in the first place) so that your illusions can benefit from the added agility and evasion. But remember, Butterfly is only bought if you're going for a right-click oriented Meepo. Don't bother buying it in games where Poof is your main source of damage.

Eye of Skadi- while there is an argument to be made between Heart of Tarrasque and Eye of Skadi, I finally figured it out! You should look at Eye of Skadi as an offense-based version of the Heart of Tarrasque. While it does give Meepo tons of survivability, it also gives him more damage potential from the agility and the slowing effect on attack. Combined with multiple Geostrikes, Meepo can slow down most enemies to a crawl even a Bloodseeker with maximum Thirst benefits. Anyways, just buy this item in games where you need a mix of both durability and offensive potential.

Diffusal Blade 2- in case you didn't know, Diffusal Blade AND Diffusal Blade 2 are some of the most cost-efficient items in terms of agility gained. While the mana burn only works on the main Meepo, it's still worth buying on him since the agility bonus is excellent plus the active ability still works perfectly well in slowing down enemies and purging them of any buffs. However, I personally don't buy Diffusal Blade unless I'm going for a right-click carry build or if there are strong enemy buffs to be purged such as Guardian Angel from Omniknight or Flame Guard from Ember Spirit.

Manta Style- upgraded from Yasha assuming that you're going for a right-click focused build on Meepo. Meepo's illusions are actually quite strong since they inherit Geostrike and can be Poofed at by other Meepos, allowing for multiple mindgames as the enemies try to judge whether or not the Meepo is a clone, an illusion, or the main one. It also helps that Meepo usually builds stat-heavy items such as Heart of Tarrasque which will greatly benefit the illusions. Personally, I buy Manta Style even in games where I'm not going for a right-click carry build in order to further abuse the enemy team's lack of AoE damage or crowd-control abilities. But of course, this is just my personal opinion on the matter and I'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not to get the item.

Pipe of Insight- if you'll be playing Meepo often, then it will be inevitable for you to be hard-countered by crowd-control caster heroes like Earthshaker or Lich in games where you don't get to pick Meepo last but you picked him anyways because you felt like it. In these scenarios, you should buy Pipe of Insight for you AND your team to prevent from getting absolutely dominated in teamfights. Special mention to Echo Slam that increases in magic damage as more units are affected by it. Heck, I believe that Earhshaker was made purely to counter heroes like Meepo!

Silver Edge- typically considered a worse alternative to Blink Dagger on Meepo. However, there are games where Silver Edge ends up being better than Blink Dagger! These games involve enemy heroes with powerful passives such as Bristleback and Timbersaw or it may also involve Radiance-users that put your Blink Dagger on cooldown more often than not such as Naga Siren and Alchemist. Special mention to Spectre who has a strong passive called Dispersion and typically buys Radiance too!

Scythe of Vyse- while this is only my personal opinion, I believe that Scythe of Vyse should always be bought on Meepo in the later stages of the game to assure dominance over your enemies. The active ability it provides works well in ganks especially when combined with Blink Dagger and Earthbind. It ensures that enemies can't escape from Meepo even if they had some way to escape Earthbind and multiple Geostrikes. It also helps Meepo keep up in the lategame since he does have a tendency of falling off hard especially once Poof's damage isn't that significant anymore compared to the high HP your enemies would have by then. Scythe of Vyse also provides some great stats although the mana regeneration it provides is heavily wasted on Meepo.

Ethereal Blade- bought to amplify Poof's magical damage and greatly increase Meepo's agility. It gives Meepo greatly increased damage potential both in terms of magical damage and physical damage. Just like Scythe of Vyse, you buy Ethereal Blade to prevent Meepo from falling off too hard in the lategame. However, you should also keep in mind that Ethereal Blade's active ability ALSO makes the target unable to attack and receive physical damage. This becomes especially useful in the lategame where physical damage carries are far more dangerous compared to spellcaster heroes which would have fallen off by then due to the presence of magic resistance items like Pipe of Insight or Black King Bar.

Heart of Tarrasque- bought to greatly increase Meepo's survivability which he would be lacking since all of his other items are focused on increasing his damage potential and utility. While some players could argue that Eye of Skadi is better since that provides a slowing ability and makes Meepo nearly as durable as if he had Heart of Tarrasque, I still prefer buying Heart of Tarrasque since it has a somewhat better buildup and provides insane regeneration if Meepo isn't attacked by players over a short period of time. Now while Heart of Tarrasque isn't an insanely good item on him since the health regeneration only works on the main Meepo, this ability can still be utilized to sustain him in teamfights. This is done by only teleporting your injured Meepo clones back to base while the main Meepo hides for a bit and just jumps on someone again once the Meepo clones are ready for battle once more. Doing this reduces the downtime for a Meepo to re-engage in teamfights after being badly wounded and we all know at this point that every second counts in Dota 2.

Check these links for specific info on Meepo (that I didn't add to the guide)


Should give you a detailed idea on Meepo's interactions with heroes and items! Special mention to Earthshaker and Sven who seem like they were made to counter Meepo.


just some general statistics on Meepo players worldwide that might help you out!


I believe that reinventing the wheel is a bad idea so I didn't bother putting technical details about Meepo's skills. However, if you have any questions about his abilities that I haven't answered, then this link SHOULD answer those!


- while unimportant in terms of skill, I find it somewhat more inspiring to play Dota 2 since I know most of the heroes' lore.


- if you ever heard his lines when talking to Windranger, you'll know what I mean ;)


7/23/17: Started the guide. Finished Introductions, Roles, and Tips for Abilities
7/31/17: Haven't finished guide yet due to many... challenges. Made some decent progress though since I finished a bunch of sections including the longest one which is the "Item Explanations"
8/2/17: The guide is officially finished! But, more changes will come as patches change the flow of the game.
9/2/17: Heard about the guide contest in Dotafire! Hopefully I can win some prizes from it.

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