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Analyzing competitive plays with Chen, by Peppo_o'Paccio

March 22, 2013 by Peppo_oPaccio
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Build 1
Build 2

Trilane jungling support

DotA2 Hero: Chen

Hero Skills


10 12 13 14

Holy Persuasion

2 3 8 9

Divine Favor

1 4 5 7

Hand of God

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hi there, my name is Peppo_o'Paccio: I'm an Italian Dota 2 player and I like many Valve games. I played Team Fortress 2 for a long time, but when I saw Dota 2 was obtainable with a free beta key, I decided to get it as fast as possible. I waited two months (but I was on holiday, so my Internet connection was too bad to play it anyway) and I finally got it on Steam.

This was my first guide, but I made a lot of improvements that make it as good as my last ones: if you've read this before the changes I suggest you to take another look.

Chen is an intelligence support Hero, and he's not item dependent. He is played as a jungler because of his skill, Holy Persuasion: if controlling the right creeps he can become a strong pusher, an incredible ganker or even a fast initiator.

Useful Terms and Links

Creep stacking: to attack a neutral creep camp at the right time (about X:52) and let them follow you so that a new group of creeps will spawn besides the one that were following you.

Creep pulling: to "drag" a neutral creep camp to your lane at the right time (about X:15 or X:45) to make your allied creeps attack the neutral camps.

Creep blocking: to place yourself in front of the incoming creep wave so that when they will reach the enemy creeps you'll be closer to your tower. Video.

Ganking: to kill an enemy Hero (or two) in a numbers advantage.

Warding: to place Observer Wards for various reasons, such as rune controlling, enemy spotting and defending.

Counter warding: the act of placing Sentry Wards in order to spot and destroy the enemy Observer Wards. Usually this is not done in public games, since almost no-one places wards.

Micromanagement: basically, controlling units other than your main one. This word is also used while jungling or fighting Roshan with a different meaning, referring to sending a creep back while it is at low health and the enemy keeps on hitting him, so that the enemy will hit another allied creep (this is further explained in the "Basic micromanagement" paragraph in the "Playing Style" chapter).

Pros and Cons

  • Nice ganker in the very early game
  • Strong Pusher
  • Abilities which scale well in late game
  • Not item dependent
  • Very useful in teamfights
  • Can give a lot of healing to the team
  • Can solo Roshan at level 7
  • Can steal converted creeps
  • Pretty squishy
  • Can be easily killed in any 1vs1 fight
  • Requires a good amount of practice
  • Requires good timing with creeps
    and his own abilities


Chen has got many powerful abilities that can be a real threat if there are teammates supporting you (or better, if you are supporting your teammates). Mainly, his spells are used to slow, weaken or damage the enemies so that the allied Heroes can finish them off, or heal the teammates and the converted creeps under your control. But there are even the abilites of the controlled creeps, which are very useful in a teamfight and make Chen a great enemy even in late game.

Chen's skills

This skill is really great as it synergizes really well with Centaur Conqueror's war stomp or Ursa Warrior's thunder clap: it slows the enemies and makes them take more damage: if used on the right Hero, you and your allies can take him off while not ignoring the other enemies.

Its slow can be used to reach the enemy with one of the aforementioned creeps and stun or slow him, causing additional damage; otherwise, you can just cast it and let your teammates finish the job.

It scales very well into the late game and is more dangerous as the game progresses, especially while trying to gank lone Heroes before they can escape.

Test of Faith

Test of Faith is Chen's nuke: it can be used to harass the enemy (though its mana cost and cooldown are not negligible in the early game) and is more powerful if used right after Penitence, as it improves the spell damage.

Its second ability lets you teleport a friendly unit to the fountain: usually you won't use it on your creeps, but it's useful for teleporting a threatened friendly Hero so that he can get to the spawn without using any Town Portal Scrolls.

The teleport ability is even more useful in teamfights: target teammates with low HP and save them! Safe teammates mean less kills for the enemy, which would have increased their gold advantage.

Also, remember that the cooldowns are not shared: you can target a Hero with the second ability and scare the enemy chasers with the nuke.

Chen's main skill: with this you can control any neutral creeps aside from Roshan, the ancient creeps and the Mud Golems (they are magic immune).

This is the skill you want to max out first, but you don't need to take the second level at level 3 because you can control two creeps from the third level of this skill, and you would only be able to skill it for the third time at level 5 anyway.

Use it on the most powerful creeps in the large creep camps or on Centaur Conquerors/Alpha Wolves in the medium camps, so that you can tank more than one camp with just that creep.

This is a very useful global ultimate, so you have to skill it at the default levels 6, 11 and 16. Mind that its cooldown is pretty long if you don't have an Aghanim's Scepter, but don't be afraid to use it in a teamfight even if all of your teammates have more than half HP, just to scare the enemies.

With the Scepter its cooldown will be lowered by 75%, making it a great late game item that even increases your stats: in this case, you can freely spam it as long as you have enough mana to do so and to use your other skills.

You can even use your ultimate to heal your converted creeps that are going to get killed, but don't do so unless you've already wiped out the enemy team or you have an Aghanim's Scepter.

Creeps's skills

Centaur Conqueror

War Stomp

This is by far the best active skill of all creeps, if landed at the right moment: its stun is what lacks between Chen's skills, and your teammates will love you for using it.

Be wary when using it, because Centaur's mana is enough to use it for two times (if you can't use your Arcane Boots): when you are jungling in the early game you can use it on the enemy creeps, but even in that case prepare yourself for possible ganks.

Swiftness Aura

The attack speed increase is not that much, but it could make the difference in a prolonged teamfight.

Especially with allies that have a passive buff (Trueshot Aura, Inner Beast, Vengeance Aura, Lunar Blessing...) or items with an aura that grants attack speed increase ( Drum of Endurance and Assault Cuirass) this skill can be another effective reason to pick a Centaur.

Dark Troll Summoner


Even if war stomp is better than ensnare, this is my favourite skill. Nothing to say, it's just very very useful: you can combo it with Centaur's stomp or Ursa's clap just like with Penitence.

This skill is never wasted, it can literally change the tides of a fight: you can use it from a distance in the mid of a teamfight or gank, then quickly stomp the enemy (or enemies) and get them while they're stunned. Your allies can make good use of it, too: ensnare an enemy and let a stunner or an autoattacker finish them.

Raise Dead

Another interesting skill: you can use the skeletons as a target while jungling so that your stronger creeps don't get hit, or you can use them to push towers. If you are controlling two Trolls, they can become very annoying for the enemy.

Don't let the enemies kill them, as they're very fragile and give some gold on death! It's better to send them to push the enemy tower and let it kill them after they deal some damage.

Satyr Hellcaller


This is just a nuke: it has a relatively low mana cost and can hit multiple creeps at once. It really loses its effectiveness in mid-late game, but can surprise an enemy in early ganks.

While going for level 1 ganks, this is extremely good: 125 nuke damage is something you can't overlook.

Unholy Aura

That's why when fighting Roshan you should have at least one Hellcaller: it grants HP regeneration to you, your creeps and your allied Heroes, and with this you could even solo Roshan.

This aura is still useful at late game, because it stacks with the HP regeneration of the other items and keeps regenerating the HP of your other creeps.

Ursa Warrior

Thunder Clap

In the early stages of the game you can use this skill to farm in the small creep camps, dealing a good amount of damage: if you can get this creep, you'd better double stack the small camp.

In teamfights this shouldn't be your first creep skill to use unless you don't have either a Centaur Conqueror or a Troll Summoner. It just isn't as good as war stomp as the slow doesn't seem so powerful.

Still, it deals a pretty good amount of damage and doesn't consume a lot of mana: the slow can be useful too if ganking, especially with you dual safe lane.

Wildkin Warchief


At first I thought this skill was weak, but after a good amount of matches I found its hidden uses: you can obviously use this to farm on stacked creep camps or to harass the enemy mid laner.

Also, you can use it to push the lane creeps or to damage enemies in your lane, but remember: if you use two tornados (from two different Wildkins) together you won't deal double damage or slow. Despite this, people commonly use two of them together because, if doing so, the enemy needs to land two stuns on different enemies to stop them, thus losing a bigger amount of mana and time.

Lastly, its real potential is shown when harassing the mid laner: here is an image showing how.

Toughness Aura

This skill is useful to sustain your creeps, and that's the main reason why prefossional players skip the Ring of Basilius: it gives you +3 armor (which is more than the +2 armor of the Ring) and gets shared with the other creeps.

Toughness Auras don't stack with each other.

Alpha Wolf

Critical Strike

Yep, even the Alpha Wolf could be used as an effective creep though it has a small HP pool: critical strike can combo well with your stuns, dealing double amount of damage every 5 hits.

Packleader's Aura

This is what makes the Alpha Wolf a sort of "late game creep": you can use it between your other creeps to grant more power while ganking or pushing, but in the very late game you can make your Alpha Wolf follow the carry so that he deals more damage.

In teamfights, if your team can't win, this aura can add some power: this aura affects all the enemy units, though it doesn't stack with other critical strike sources ( Daedalus, Blade Dance and so on).

These are the only creeps you should convert, as the other ones are too weak or useless.

In this guide I didn't want to talk about the Ogre Frostmage, but I'll explain its pros and cons in this paragraph: it's a medium creep, some players say that he could be useful to grant armor to your team (just like Lich's Ice Armor), but I think it's just a waste of a slot. That's because he has slow speed and poor HP pool, and you'd have to continuously cast your spell while moving or even fighting (you can't autocast it as with Lich). I'll briefly describe its ability:

Ogre Frostmage

Ice Armor

This is just like Lich's ability, it even has the same name, description and image: it's an useful skill for a weak creep. I don't think it can be that effective while jungling or fighting Roshan, but maybe could add more survivability in teamfights if your Ogre Frostmage can reach the friendly units without being too slow. I don't want to prevent you from converting it, but it's extremely situational.

Skill Builds

First skill set

This is the main skill set used by competitive players: you max out your main skill ( Holy Persuasion) first, followed by Test of Faith which is useful for ganking and teleporting your allies. The usefulness of Penitence is shown in late game, and that's why it's maxed out at level 14.

This first skill build is made for Chen's main playing style: he is a jungler who isn't afraid to gank if an opportunity is shown, and the creeps can block or stun the enemy even in a better way than Penitence. Usually, the nuke is used to last hit the enemy Hero or rarely to make your carry last hit the enemy, although this is difficult because of the random damage dealt.

Personally, I use this skill set way more than the other one.

Second skill set

This skill set is another effective build for Chen: it's best used when your dual lane lacks some disables but has good nukes or when you're facing a trilane.

With this build you can still gank effectively (some people say that's even better, though I disagree), even when the allies in your safe lane can't slow or stun the enemy; mind, anyway, that Test of Faith is more useful in the early game. Also, there is one early level of Test of Faith to teleport your allies back to the base or as a last resort if you can't succesfully land your last hit on an enemy Hero.

Items explanation

Chen is usually picked for two reasons: costant healing and powerful pushing. In order to do this you don't need almost anything, so you can focus on getting supportive items as your poor stats gain prevents you from becoming a ganker or a semi-carry.

This item build, usually ran in competitive games, is viable for beginner players too: you often don't need to ward as you will be focusing on getting the Mekansm, after which you can push and heal very effectively.

Starting items

Choice 1

As you are jungling and don't need any items to do so, you can spend 300 gold for an Animal Courier and an Observer Wards: you might want to give the Wards to your offlane Hero sometimes, so that he can ward the enemy creep pulling camp if facing a trilane.
A Tango is not mandatory but is always useful: you shouldn't lose a lot of health in jungle, but using it to make a shortcut between creep camps can be handy. Plus, if you're on the Radiant side a passage from the creep pulling camp to the other medium camp can let you deny an entire creep wave without double stacking anything, if timed correctly.
Two Iron Branches are there to make a Mekansm later on, and the useful stats can help you a bit in the early game.
You have about 100 spare gold, what can you do with it? The first thought might be to spend them on Branches or consumables, but sometimes your carry might need some more regeneration items (especially if he started with Wraith Band/ Poor Man's Shield and Iron Branches) which you could buy. Or, most of the time, you might want to keep it to get your core items more quickly.

Choice 2

These are the same starting items as before, except for the Sentry Wards: if you're facing a decent team they might have warded the creep pulling camp or even the jungle camps; in this case, a Sentry Ward can really decide how your mid game will be going.
As always, a set of Tangos is useful for healing between ganks or creating shortcuts between creep camps in the jungle. Give them to your lane partners if they're low on health and out of consumables.
Again, two Iron Branches will be turned into a Mekansm and give a bit of sustainability and damage in the early game.

Early game items

The Boots of Speed should be your first priority: if you can get them before the enemies, they can even make the difference between a first blood or a failed gank.
Next, you're going to buy a Flying Courier because your carry will need their items very quickly and you don't want your enemies to kill the slow Animal Courier.
The Arcane Boots are your only "true" early game items, because they will stay in your inventory for the rest of the match: always use the active ability when it's off cooldown, so that you will give some mana to your converted creeps.

Core items

These are your core items: in fact they're only two (the Arcane Boots and the Mekansm), but the order in which you buy the components is fundamental.
First, you want to buy a Headdress because your creeps will need the extra HP regen, especially when jungling early on; also, its aura stacks with Satyr Hellcaller's Unholy Aura. Then, the Buckler will be your next choice for obvious reasons. The Mekansm recipe comes straight after it.

Mid-late game options

If they're winning professional players like to build Aghanim's Scepter first, because it gives you good stats, more health and mana and a really useful improvement to Hand of God, so that you can almost spam it.

Usually, people start from the Point Booster for the HP increase.

This is a nice item for Chen, as it improves his stats and adds a bit of survivability. Also, its aura is definitely helpful: the active makes it a great escape mechanism and teamfight buff for all the team.

If you have bought an early Bracer, you must take it unless two (or more) of your teammates already have one.

A definitely viable item for many supports, this is even better on Chen since the lack of components (which would make it easier to build, especially for hard supports) isn't a real problem: you will be able to get plenty of money by jungling or pushing down towers and creep waves.

Other than stats, the active ability is something really useful: sometimes with all this micromanagement you might find yourself in a bad spot, this is the case when a Ghost Scepter can save your life.

Usually Chen doesn't need any damage increase, but this is very convenient: the Necronomicon increases both your damage and your max HP and you can buy its recipe two or three times to strengthen the effects.

The two Necronomicon warriors can be very easy to manipulate since Chen already requires good micromanagement skills and they don't need to be bound to a hotkey (I generically set them on Ctrl+1 with the other creeps).

This item helps in both pushing and ganking/teamfighting: the little creeps add damage while attacking structures or enemies and can even kill someone careless enough to forget the "Last Will" of the melee warrior.

The Pipe isn't a bad choice: if you're going to buy this as a late game item it means that the enemy team is full of nukes and you need something to cover the damage.

If you feel like you need some protection against nukes, though, you might as well buy the Cloak only instead of spending 3628 gold just because there's a Windrunner in the enemy team.

Luxury items

This is a bit more expensive than Shiva's Guard, but it's really worth it: other than intelligence, strength and armor it gives you a skill that makes one of your enemies useless for 3.5 seconds.

The cooldown is pretty short (35 seconds) and don't forget the 150% increase to your mana regeneration.

This is very expensive: you should almost never need it because with Chen you tend to end the game fastly, but who knows? Anyway, it gives you good stats which increase your intelligence and durability (as the other suggested items), and it comes with an active which can seriously change a teamfight in your favor, especially with your creeps that can freely land their spells.

If you're up against a team that deals a lot of physical damage or simply runs an armor reducing strategy, this is a very useful item.

You should almost never need this as it works as a weaker Penitence, but the HP increase from the Vitality Booster and more intelligence are really appealing.

Consider this a late-game item if you need more presence in teamfights or if you find yourself dying too often.

This is a really nice item, especially because your converted creeps will gain the benefits from the lifesteal aura, too: pick this straight after your Mekansm if your team wants to fight Roshan more than once.

If your team consists of 2 or more melee Heroes you should really think about taking this: the survivability it gives, along with the lifesteal, is something helpful for a squishy support that controls many melee creeps.

Playing Style

This chapter will be divided in the following paragraphs to let you understand better:

Beginning of a match

When playing Chen you don't have to do creep blocking in your lane, instead you should go to the rune spawning place (the bottom one if Radiant, the top one if Dire) to see if the rune spawns at 0:00 and advice your teammates. Then, you should go in the jungle without having vision on any camp, so that creeps get spawned at 0:30.

Now, you should jungle starting from one of the large creep camps, dominating the bigger creep while fighting the others. Here are some quick tips:
  • If you dominate a Wildkin Warchief, you should use the tornado (from the outside, so that the creeps won't hit you) on the smallest creep camp after stacking it.
  • If you dominate an Ursa Warrior, you should use thunder clap on the small creep camp so that you can deal a great amount of damage. Consider stacking it.
  • If you dominate a Troll Summoner, try to tank the hits of the enemy creeps with your skeletons.
  • If you dominate a Satyr Hellcaller, you can use the nuke to farm the small creep camp, even from the outside.
  • If you dominate a Centaur Conqueror, you can normally jungle even using war stomp, if you want.

Keep jungling and place Observer Wards in aggressive spots: be ready to gank, maybe get a Smoke of Deceit.


Now, the most important part of your early game: ganking. I don't know how to emphasize this: it's so impotant that you can become literally fed in public games if you play correctly. While jungling, always take a look at the map and ask to yourself these three simple things:
  1. Where are my teammates?
  2. Can I gank the Hero(es) in my or other lanes?
  3. Has the rune spawned? If so, I should mark it (Alt + Left Click) for the mid laner.

When trying to gank one of the enemies in your lane send your creep(s) first. Also, if you can interact in some manner with your lanemate, tell him to stun or slow one of the enemies so that you can chain-disable them with your creep. If your mate gets the kill, that's better: always try not to steal kills from your carry.


This could happen at any time, maybe before level 7, maybe after: you should try to do so as soon as possible. If you and your lanemates manage to gank the enemy (or enemies) in your lane, you can immediately push to destroy the enemy tower. Chen has great pushing capabilities, as the creeps really help in both tanking and dealing damage.

If you can, try to have a Satyr Hellcaller, so that pushing won't be so deadly to your creeps. Also, you could try to use an Alpha Wolf, though it may be too weak to tank the hits.

As soon as you destroy a tower, you can choose two directions: change lane to gank somewhere else (usually mid, if possible) or go back to farming. If you choose to gank, make sure you have the right creeps and your enemy can't see you on the map (a Smoke of Deceit can really help).


Now, your creep army should be composed by the followings:
  1. Troll Summoner
  2. Centaur Conqueror
  3. Satyr Hellcaller, Ursa Warrior, Wildkin Warchief or another Centaur Conqueror.

That's because you need to combo to effectively be a threat; I'll explain some combos in the next chapter.

In mid game, you should always support your teammates: always try to activate Mekansm (and Arcane Boots if needed) and then Hand of God, because the Meka gives an armor increase and is more efficient in terms of healing-per-mana. If a friendly Hero is in danger, use your ultimate to save them (unless they can't escape at all).

Also, try to keep your creeps alive! You'll spend a lot of time converting neutral creeps to your side, trust me. But if this happens, take your time and get at least a Troll Summoner or a Centaur Conqueror.

Micromanagement and combos

The micromanagement is what makes a Chen player good or bad: while jungling you can even ignore it, but in teamfights the more skilled you are the best results you (and your team) get. Remember to practice against bots first; also, watching tournament games (with either Chen or Enchantress) helps a lot.

Basic micromanagement

If you are familiar with other junglers who use creeps to take down neutrals (Such as Lycanthrope, Nature's Prophet or even Enigma), you should know how to do it: while jungling it's not that useful (as you can easily convert another creep while one of yours dies), but when ganking it's a must.

Basically, the higher your micromanagement skills are, the more possibilities to win you have. For practicing, I suggest to try Enigma as the early-game micromanagement is a big part of his jungling playing style.

Assign groups to your creeps

You have the ability to assign groups, so why Don't you use it? If you don't know how it works, I'll explain you: select a bunch of creeps (or even just one) and press Ctrl+1. Now, whenever you press 1, you will use the creeps you selected before.

That's how I assign the groups:
  • Ctrl+1 for both Chen and all the creeps (or all the creeps except the Alpha Wolf following the carry)
  • Ctrl+2 for the Troll Summner
  • Ctrl+3 for the Centaur Conqueror
  • Ctrl+4 for the other creep
  • Any key you feel comfortable with (I use Spacebar) for Chen

Some people even add a group for all the creeps but without Chen, and I don't understand this: usually, if I want to do something with just the creeps I use 1 and then I direct Chen back using the spacebar.


First, I have to say that in my first matches I kept on pressing one of the number keys instead of Q: the trick here is, if you use the QWER layout, to always have your fingers on the QWE keys so that you won't accidendally press something else.

Anyway, there is normally one main combo I use with Chen's creeps:

Ensnare + War Stomp


That's overall the most used and the most annoying combo (for the enemies): it even works from a distance (ensnare isn't a melee-ranged skill, like war stomp or thunder clap). It's a very convenient combo: easy to pull of and very scary if you use it while smoke-ganking from behind.

Basically, you stop and then stun (and damage, if you have a Ursa Warrior or a Satyr Hellcaller as a third creep) an enemy, making ganks very easy for your team. Use it wisely though, only if you come from behind or you need that kill to push down the enemy tower. Basically, only if you are able/forced to get a kill.

Multiple War Stomp


If you can get close to the enemy, that's what makes Centaur Conquerors so annoying: just keep in mind mind that this is very difficult to pull off (unless you have a Troll Summoner) because your Centaurs have to reach melee range: in fact, this relies entirely on the help of your teammates.

If you chain the stuns of your Centaurs correctly, it's literally impossible for your enemy to escape: get a proper ganking initiator ( Bane, Shadow Demon, Rubick, Nyx Assassin...) and aim for a kill whenever possible.

Penitence + War Stomp


This combo gives you great crowd control capabilities and an opening for smoke ganks: it's best used while ganking from behind, as the slow could be too weak to make your Centaur reach the enemy if they're already running away.

Try to use it in conjuction with your teammate(s) to maximize the damage dealt. Also, in this case you can use Test of Faith to last hit the enemy: consider that Penitence greatly increases its damage.

Penitence + Test of Faith


This is the best way to deal big damage in a teamfight while letting your carry finish the enemy off: it's bit mana expensive, but if used correctly it can leave an enemy potentially unable to escape and weak enough to let your team kill them.

Be sure to have enough mana to use both your Test of Faith on a friendly Hero and your Hand of God after it: they're a lot more useful than a slow and a random-damage nuke.

Friends and foes


First, we have to divide your friends in two categories: ganking/trilane partners and Heroes that benefit from your healing.

In competitive games, you'll always find Chen in a trilane on the safe lane, spending his early game into the jungle until level 5 after which he can dominate two creeps and both push and gank effectively.

Your favourite trilane buddies are those Heroes that can smoke gank with you and either initiate or chainstun, leading to free kills:

As you can see, these are very aggressive support which will make the most out of your smoke ganks:
  • Shadow Demon, Bane and Rubick offer great initiation tools to setup your Centaur stuns: their stun plus your mid laner/carry/off-laner tower diving (while the tower focuses your creeps) always means a sure kill and a potential tower destruction.
  • Leshrac, Nyx Assassin and Lina are all chainstunners: Ensnare + War Stomp + their stuns and nukes = kills. As soon as you get a Dark Troll Summoner the enemies will stat fearing you.
  • Undying is a special mention: he was very popular but, even if now he isn't picked so much anymore, he can provide great utility to your initiation: the Tombstone makes pushing and crowd controlling ridiculously easier even against multiple targets, his Decay spam continuously saps health from the enemy and the Soul Rip comes in handy if your tower-diving friend is taking too much damage.

Your other friends are all those squishy but strong Heroes, both carries and supports: they like your HP boost, and probably you're going to save them from death multiple times. On the other side, they will give you guaranteed assists from their kills:

Also, there is one Hero in particular who will literally love you for saving him: that's Meepo. Always keep an eye on him and his four friends if he (they?) gets caught and be ready to pop your ultimate:


Chen's worst enemies are the ones who can eat or take control of his own creeps; even anyone with a Helm of the Dominator will be a real threat for this Hero (the first line is for creep eaters/converters and the second line is for HotD-carriers):

Doom Bringer

Other foes could be those AoE silencers, because they nullify your combos:

Closing Words

This guide is finished, and I hope you liked it: I tried to write as much as possible about my knowlege of Chen; I made this build mixing competitive game tactics, DotaCinema videos, DotaFire guides and personal experience. If you liked it, you could give a positive feedback.

Update History

03-22-2012: Remade almost all the guide from scratch.
11-04-2012: Added explanations about the late game items.
11-04-2012: Greatly improved the readability of the guide, again.
11-03-2012: Greatly improved the readability of the guide.
10-31-2012: Made minor changes to the "Playing Style chapter.
10-27-2012: Added the "Useful Terms and Links" chapter.
10-27-2012: Greatly improved the "The first levels (1-5)" paragraph in the "Playing Style" chapter.
10-26-2012: Updated some skill descriptions and items explanations.
10-26-2012: Added the skill build lists in the "Skill Builds" chapter.
10-26-2012: Added images to the "Abilities" chapter.
10-21-2012: Added Ogre Frostmage in the "Abilities" section.
10-21-2012: Added Bracer in the "Situational items" chapter.
10-21-2012: Finished to write the guide.
10-20-2012: Wrote the first part of the guide.

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