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You'll Get the Hang of it Before it's Ogre

August 10, 2014 by The Mormegil
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Build 1
Build 2

Soft Support

DotA2 Hero: Ogre Magi

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Hello, I decided to make a guide on Ogre Magi since in my experience many feel that he is simply not a good hero believing he revolves only around multicasts, and fail to see the potential he has for a support.

I'm going to try to make this guide a somewhat brief, while still giving you a good feel for the ins and outs of ogre.

Before we start, I'm going to mostly be focusing on Build #1, which is pretty much a 4th position support play. For those of you who do not know, the position 1-5, are simply the gold priority you take on your team, but even with this the same number can vary wildly game-to-game depending upon what your team consists of.

For a quick example, a 3rd position would usually acquire a nice bit of gold and have a decent farm priority, if behind say, a Tiny and a Doombringer, but if you were next in line to a Faceless Void and a Medusa the odds are that you'll never be getting ancients unless the above mentioned are dead or for other similar reasons, and be giving up much of the jungle camps to them as well.

Ogre's Role

Ogre has a very nice arsenal of abilities for a support that in my opinion, is often unrightly overlooked. He has 1-2 guaranteed stuns, via Fireblast and unrefined blast meaning they cannot be disjointed like some other stuns, as well as Ignite which is a fantastic spell to allow your melee heroes to catch up to a target with a small to decent gap, and a possible speed advantage, all while doing some rather nice damage and disabling Blink Dagger usage for up to 10 seconds at rank 4! That's huge for many games, if you're up against heroes that rely on quickly dishing out damage/crippling disables and then blinking out to safety.

Bloodlust is one of the greatest support spells in the game, and now that you can cast it through Black King Bar means you can reliable be giving at rank 4, 2 of your heroes 50 bonus attack speed and +16% movespeed within 5 seconds, and factor in that many carries have passives that heavily benefit from attacking more often such as Timelock, Bash, Mortal Strike and Coup de Grace just to name some of them, you can see how that would make a big impact in a teamfight.

His ultimate Multicast is mostly icing on the cake. Just because you get a single cast or double cast Fireball instead of consistently getting triple or quadcasts, doesn't mean Ogre is a lackluster support, you pick him for his other abilities, and this is just an unexpected benefit, similar to how you wouldn't avoid picking Crystal Maiden because she can't take out half or more of an enemy's health late game.

Skilling Explanation

Some of you might be wondering, "Why is this guide suggesting I don't level Multicast until level 11..."

Well, it's simple, rank 1 mutlicast adds an additional 20 mana cost to your fireball, while only allowing a 25% chance to multicast. 20 mana this early in the game is quite a bit, so I feel like it's unjustified for only a 25% chance to mutlicast, and only for a double cast at that. Spending the additional point in Ignite will allow for you to consitently deal more damage, while slowing them for slightly more and for a longer duration, which is generally much better. Prioritizing Ignite is often the way to go, especially for a dual lane. Even an additinal point in Fireball comparing Having rank 3 and mutlicast vs rank 4 means your Fireblast still costs 10 less mana and you deal a reliable 65 extra magic damage.

Mutlicast can be very good, but I just don't feel like it becomes so until you get to rank 2 of it where you at least be getting a double cast nearly half the time.

For the Build #2, skilling, the priority is on a shift in Ignite and Bloodlust, while keeping only an early 1 point in fireball for the stun, although you can put a second point in it around 5 if you want so it's damage isn't miniscule, but the focus is on having a nice slow/damage with Ignite to set up kills for your lane and the great benefits of Bloodlust to increased damage on your carry (or other suitable hero, such with good rightclick early on like a Windranger) as well as increased ability for them to turn tail if the engagement goes sour.

This is perhaps most devastating if you get early Bloodlust levels while laning with Lone Druid since his bear will tear people apart with it, always be able to stay in range, and between entangle, Ignite and Fireball A LOT has to go wrong for you two not to get kills!

Item Explanation

Hopefully you are not the only support so you can rely on either purchasing the Animal Courier or the Observer Ward. From there on, you work towards completed your choice of boots and a Magic Wand.

Many people think Arcane Boots are the one and only option for Ogre, and this simply isn't the case. For one, if you have even a decent sense of the game you know you should not be throwing out most spells all willy-nilly, the same is true for ogre magi. Even with a sub-par intelligence gain, you can easily manage to have enough mana for when you need it early game without the increase in your mana pool or replenishment from Arcane Boots. That being said, if you are in an aggresive lane and feel you and your teamamtes (inlcuidng those outside your lane for later) will heavily benefit/need the extra mana then by all means buy them, just don't purchase them every game wihtout putting thought if they are a better choice or not then...

Tranquil boots are a nice option for ogre. Since you have one of the highest strength gains in the game, and the nature of your hero being that you won't be buying a lifesteal item of any kind or be able to put it to any good use, you will inevitably find yourself with several hundred health missing throughout the game and either wasting gold/cds on Town of Portal Scrolls or Healing Salves. The extra movespeed is also key, since often as ogre you need to get in range to opposing heroes who wander too far out of their teammates either trying to scout where they don't have wards, or chasing down a fleeing enemy from a teamfight or catching someone in a jungle. And although ogre has a high starting armor, you won't be really increasing it much at all unless you buy either a Shiva's Guard (most games you won't) or a Mekasnm (better things to buy for build #1), so these boots take you from an avergish armor value to a more respectable one throughout the stages of the game.

Here for some burst healing/mana regen for saving you or a teammate. Very useful at all stages of the game, and I would advise you only replace it lategame if you are doing so for a completed, item. Even at 45 minutes into the game this great cost effective item can sometimes be of more use to you than a rather expensive component to a good item.

This is the item the guide is really built around. It solves all of Ogre's needs, movespeed bonus, mana regen, a reilable disable, and some a little to your mana pool. The options are huge with this item with a little careful thinking. Whether it's kiting one enemy with Ignite and Eul'sing the other, or getting off a quick Fireball before they get to you and Eul'sing yourself while your carry manfights them only for you to drop more firey goodness on them afterwards, or chasing down 2 enemy heroes and able to slow/disable them for your teammates to catch up and finish them off, the options it opens up for you are worth every gold and so much more.

This is another great item on ogre, since it helps you either catch up to runaway enemies, flee yourself, or push a facing enemy into your team during a standstill if you catch them too close or save an ally. Although I really love this item, most of the time I would say it's a mistake to get it before Eul's Scepter of Divinity, but it's certainly a very solid pickup for your next item.

Gives you a second stun, which has a variable mana cost depending on how much of your total mana you have remaining, with decreased mana costs as your remaining mana lowers. I'm unsure but it either goes down to a very minute amount such as 1 mana possibly or maybe even a 0 mana cost if you have literally zero mana. Regardless, if you're near full mana it will cost you something around the ballpark of 700 mana, which is obviously bad. So, you want to make sure if you're sitting at a lot of mana that you cast your Fireball first, and your Ignite unless the situation calls for 2 stuns back-to-back. In a nutshell, try to hold off using it as long as you can even if it's 1 or 2 seconds, because dumping out other spells first, could mean for the same or slightly higher (or less!) mana you could be getting off multiple spells instead of just 1.

Pretty nice stats for the price, but when you factor in the active ability it's a bargain for 1600 gold, mind you that can be hard to save up at once on a support. But if the enemy team doens't have a scary amount of magic damage, while having a rather scary right-cliker, then this is a wonderful pickup.

This is a good item on the 5th position ogre, for build #2, unless you are with another support who is making one anyway.

bonus regen, health and the ability to heal your team and throw out a sometimes significant final DoT on an enemy about to fog out at very low health, can be a nice item, especially if your team has no healing ability, and no vladimir's offering holder.

Great item, only problem is that it's very expensive meaning you'll hardly ever be able to get it, but if you happen to find the gold somehow, this is a solid choice for a late game item if the enemy team is heavily right-click damage based.

A 3.5 second disable that takes off all or nearly all buffs from an enemy (including evasion), while providing some stats and huge mana regen, often the best choice if you already have your Eul's Scepter of Divinity and Forcestaff.

Can be a nice pickup if you have other heroes on your team who would heavily benefit from it such as Lina or Nyx Assasin.

Necrocomnicon Nice for pushing and adding some additional strength and intelligence which is never bad. Don't consider buying this if you aren't planning on getting it past level 1 though.

Underappreciated item, with no wasted gold on a recipe, and a nice boost to your health and mana. Whie I like this item, it's not as good on Ogre as on some other heroes, so this is very situational on him imo, but the ultra long range slow could be nice for a very fed razor with Boots of Travel.

If the other team is very magic damage heavy, this is without a doubt a nice pickup, mostly for the build #2 ogre, since hopefully with build #1 the other support would be purchasing this.

Laning and PostLane Explanation

Ogre works fairly well as both a dual lane support or a try lane support, but if running dual lanes, is generally more suited to be in the bottom lane, but can handle the top lane nonetheless.

Due to having a high base attack damage and armor, this means that during the first few levels you can really clobber down on the opposing lane a bit, to draw them back from the lane temporarily to let your carry get the last hits. Due to your lowish intelligence gain, this falls off as the laning phase goes on, but you can still cause quite a bit of harrasment against lanes that don't have the means to heavily punish melee heroes getting close now and again.

For the most part you will just be watching out for your carry, trying to scare off the other heroes if possible, and stacking/pulling camps. Don't miss and opportunity to get off a Fireblast on a hero who is targeted by a tower, before they outrange it or attack one of their creeps. This combined with an Ignite afterwards usually guarantees a kill.

Furthermore, I sometimes choose to pick up an Orb of Venom if my lane has gotten some early kills, to try to further box out the other heroes to so my carry can farm. At times it hasn't led to more kills, but it usually is still worth it, sincei f you've been giving them problems they will further back or play more careful seeing that you have it, and your carry will be able to pick up some last hits he possibly woulnd't have, which makes it a nice situational pickup, which you can always choose to sell at the end of the laning phase if you wish. Usually when I pick this up it's against lanes with a melee hero with little in the way or armor or escape mechanisms.

Especially if in a trilane, it's a good idea many games to try to do a little roaming for a gank, since your abilities easily lend to assisting for certain setups, like helping Mirana get off a long-range Sacred Arrow.

Mid Game

After the laning phase ends, you'll be wanting to be around wherever the action is, whether that's defending towers from early pushes, or participating in pushes yourself. Although after 2 points in mutlicast you can sometimes turn a solo gank horribly wrong, usually it's very dangerous to be out in a lane by yourself, so use the buddy system, and if possible try to get a few last hits here and there so you can get that Eul's.

Late Game

Mostly you'll just be Bloodlusting your teammates whenever possible here for when an engagement looks imminent, and trying to cancel lethal channeled spells with your stun(s) such as Fiend's Grip or Schackle, as well as using them and Ignite to help your team kite around lethal melee heroes, and using your Eul's Scetper of Divinity on the enemy hard carry at an opportune moment to try and pick off some other heroes. You really get shutdown if/when most of the opposing team has Black King Bars, but at the very least you can be providing Bloodlust to whoever benefits from it the most, and Eul's yourself if you get focused for some reason.

Also, if you and a teammate are pushing a lane and have to scram because you think help will be there soon, but they aren't already massacring your creeps, casting a Bloodlust on a siege unit is usually a nice idea if it won't put you desperately low on mana, and can dish out some surprisingly nice damage if not handled with for a bit.

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