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Unstoppable Tree

December 22, 2012 by CNP9
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Semi Carry Tree/Ganker/Tank

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

5 12 13 14

Leech Seed

1 3 8 10

Living Armor

2 4 7 9


6 11 16


15 17 18


I'm CNP9 a good player of Dota 1 and 2 . I enjoy Treant Protector a lot and unlike many people i prefer a lot more playing treant as a semi carry owning hero than support, altough e could be a good support hero and mostly cases he finishes the game being support because his abilities are kind of lame at late game and hard carries like Faceless Void and Anti-Mage own at that time, but in the beggining and mid game ur awesome just dont be afraid, but don't think u suck at late, if u get fed or farmed a lot go for it bro!

Enjoyyyyyy ;)


- Good on ganking, escaping and a skill that has a lot of things to know about and hard to master. It has a particularity which makes it incredible which is u can use all your abilities withouth staying visible, but the trees thing *ucks a little that's why it's hard to master, it also needs a little bit of time to disapper maybe 1 sec, half a sec so don't think that ur with 50 hp and ur goind to use it and you'll survive.

- Very good Skill, with good slow and heals you, good on killing, and you have to use it on the right time. Very good ganking skill on lane, and it's good specially if u have invisibility rune combined with ur ult but maybe invisibility's better to waste on a pretty ult used on a team fight

- You won't even need tangos with this. This will help you and you're friends, High Regen good armor, good survability, and global ability.

- Really good Ultimate, can turn up team fights, and allow u to escape sometimes, stuns every character even blinking ones and invisible ones, does moderate damage and combining with leech seed and your items u can get a double kill ;) Can be really ****ed up if u happen to get a blink dagger.


- Good in the beggining and a good player knows it's good in almost every hero, makes treant tankier in the beggining, can be used to make a vanguard but it's not that needed, i rarelly use to make a vanguard but it's good! Health, Health Regen, Tankier ability --> TANK and it's good combined with your 3rd ability

Just because of your MANA HUNGER! With it u can use your skills as much as you want, in late game i suggest to trade for travel only if u have quiet a lot of money and if u have other mana items like Shiva's or Refresher Orb

- Really good item, that goes well on a lot of heroes if not all! can make the difference of escaping and dieing, really good on the beggining, you eventually will sell it in middle game, just like stout shield

Good item, bracer in the beggining for stats, gives a bit of intelligence for mana and it's active can be very helpful.

- I personally love this item on treant! It makes him really tank and the evasion is wonderful! Good Stats for Treant and the active can be really usefull at many times specially on burst guys. I had this item to important/core because it really is, treant is a tank so evasion plus sange =tankier.

- This item is just Health and Regen, tank item, and gives some damage to strenght heroes, in this case. I usually do Radiance first because i have halberd and i dont need that much health and radiance helps a lot killing and becoming unstoppable, but if u happen to be support don't do radience and carry on tarrasque cause radience is when ur owning with kills and radience combined with nature's guise is pretty good.

- As i have already said, i usually do it after heavens halberd, its really good on chasing and even 60+ damage is good because treant is a hero which has a lot of damage on mellee attack. Can be very helpfull combining with the Natures guise!

or - Both give almost the same AS which is really important on a semi carry treant by the time of middle game and late, mjollnir gives active and passive of lighting, good to farm, assault usually is better than mjollnir but u choose it, i prefer assault because of the armor reduction, but mjollnir is easier to make. I suggest doing at least a hyperstone after tarrasque or radience if u don't want to do all the item hyperstone is good.

- This can be the alternative if u chose Assault but it's not easy to make it on treant because it costs a lot and those things only late game, but it's outrageous on treant, the slow WOW, but not recommended.

and - 2 Good items, good on team fights both, Refresher is harder to make and it's less used than shiva's and it gives good stats but uses a lot of mana, but it can be very usefull, altought it's not recommended

is just BKB, Magic Immunity, some tank capacity, not that much need just situational.

- Treant is one of the best pipe's carry, and it's a good item on treant but not needed at all, but it's a situational for the team against nukers

it's usually said it's a must have in initiators but here to me i think it is not a must have in Treant i think, just like in Magnus but it's a great item, combined with ur ultimate and can gather some great kills with it

When To Pick And Runes

When u have a non midder hardcarry like void without a good babysitter ganker.
When you want to play with him xD (most of the cases to me xD) altough dont do that if:
* u have more than 1 support in team
* u dont have carries in the team
* u suck at giving kills and giving creeps to carries
* u dont know how to play with him
When to play semi carry tank:
*When ur with a friend and u may combine your forces to be owning(Best Option)
*When u have a pretty good support in team and yours isnt needed (like omniknight)

INVISIBILITY- Best rune, for sure and you know why---> Land Ultimate perfectly and if u only use it on 1 guy trust me he wont escape ultimate plus leech seed plus your friend not even Anti Mage with blink will escape.

Haste- Almost has good as inv but you are seen by opponents and they can step back from eachother. Good on Killing Single Targets

Illusion- Just for farming or if you wanna trick rushy heroes xD

Regeneration- if u need it, if someone needs it warn him if he's close. if no one needs it just grab it so enemy team wont have it

Double Damage - Not that good on treant, can be to kill lane targets (max 2 ) but kind of useless in teamfights so better leave it to Drow Or Huskar or Spirit Breaker

Pros / Cons

[*] Tanky, Not squishy
[*] Really Good in lanes both on supporting and ganking
[*] Good on teamfights
[*] Good Escape and helps friends
[*] Walking owning tree

[*] Mana Dependent
[*] A bit item dependent
[*] Not that easy to master

Creeping / Jungling

You can farm quite good with treant, radiance helps farming, and the kills will help having gold for items, u can jungle 1 or 2 fields when go nearby it but not necessary.
In a lane with carries such as void and drow... u should really give creeps to him but u can keep 1 or 2 for yourself.

Team Work

REALLY IMPORTANT! IS ULT IS INCREDIBILY IMPORTANT and can really make the difference for example if you're fighting at roshan. At team fights treant doesnt usually get the kills, unless he's lucky and gets them or he steals but in lanes he should get. He's a good hero to combine forces with in lanes.

Friends and Foes

Cristal Maiden
Drow Ranger
Dragon Knight


Drow Ranger can be both xD
Doom Bringer
slow guys like: Viper
Sniper and Venomancer you wont want to have these two as aenemies in a lane with you, you'll be harrassed to death!

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