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The Clinkz Guide

April 23, 2012 by falee
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Building Strong Bones

DotA2 Hero: Clinkz

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The Clinkz Guide

April 23, 2012


Clinkz has been one of my favorite heroes in DOTA simply because of his innate talent to pop out and kill unexpected heroes extremely fast with the help of Searing Arrows, Strafe, and Orchid Malevolence. This build has been working great for me so far and has never seemed to fail me. However, Clinkz is a very situational carry because of his extremely low HP and very item dependent role in the game. With that said, this build provides some counters to the Hero's drawbacks.


Level 1 : Searing Arrows
Level 2 : Wind Walk
Level 3 : Searing Arrows
Level 4 : Strafe
Level 5 : Searing Arrows
Level 6 : Death Pact
Level 7 : Searing Arrows
Level 8 : Strafe
Level 9 : Strafe
Level 10: Strafe
Level 11: Death Pact
Level 12: Wind Walk
Level 13: Wind Walk
Level 14: Wind Walk
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Death Pact
Level 17-25: Stats

Searing Arrows is maxed out first because of its tremendous help for last hitting. Always use this to last hit creeps as well as harass the enemy hero(s) if they get within firing range. Be careful not to over extend this as it can drain your mana pretty quickly early game.

Strafe and Wind Walk are given a level each because they are both useful early game. Wind Walk is used mostly defensively as you are extremely squishy. Unless you are already far away, use Wind Walk at any sign of enemy aggression since you don't want to risk getting killed early game since this will ruin your farm as well as experience. Wind Walk can be used speed up to get low HP heroes as long as you can safely retreat back without getting killed. Strafe is picked up for early aggression since the amount of attack speed it give you is insane in the early game and can help you snag some early kills with Wind Walk.

Strafe is maxed out 2nd because I find the extra seconds of Strafe to be much more useful than the bonus movespeed in Wind Walk. With the help of Strafe and Searing Arrows, Clinkz alone can take out towers pretty quickly as long as the creeps tank the tower damage.

Wind Walk is then maxed out as it is your means of escaping, chasing, or just moving around really fast. The cooldown is rather high so pop out of this wisely since early appearance means a longer wait to go back being invisible. Use this to scout around finding easy kills.

Death Pact is skilled whenever possible as this is your means of HP, HP heals, as well as decent farming potential. Death Pact is the skill that makes Clinkz less squishy and enables the sustain that Clinkz needs to survive during team fights. Use this whenever possible, preferably on high level Neutral Creeps for the gold, HP, and HP heal.

Hero Information

Hero Attributes:
Strength - 15 + 1.6
Agility - 22 + 3.0
Intelligence - 16 + 1.5

Starting Stats
Damage: 37 - 43
Attack Speed: 122 (1.39s per Attack)
Armor: 3
Movespeed: 300
Range: 600 ( Ranged )

From this information, we can see that from the numbers that Clinkz has pretty bad attack damage but is compensated with Searing Arrows. He also is extremely squishy and has the tendency to run out of mana quickly, but those can be fixed later on. He has pretty good movement speed and can increase it later on with Wind Walk. With the help of some items, he can be a potent hero killer along with mastery in his skills.

From here we can assess that:
+ Great Last hits with Searing Arrows
+ Extremely Good assassin
+ Extremely Good Attack Speed Skill
+ Decent Heal early game
+ Pretty easy to master
+ Insane DPS in the late game
+ Incredible escape/chase movespeed with Wind Walk

- Extremely Squishy especially in the early game
- Very Item dependent
- Not much team fight potential without good items
- Wind Walk has high Cooldown
- Death Pact is his only means of HP survivability early


Starting Items:
I usually rush a Wraith Band along with 1 Tango . This is because Wraith Band gives decent amount of stats and Damage early for last hits and with Clinkz's HP pool, one set of tangos is easily enough to heal him back to full hp. The Wraith Band is later converted to a which is amazing for clinkz because it provides the mana regen necessary for the early game last hits and harass with searing arrows. Basically you don't have to worry about spamming searing arrows as much because you have a reliable source of mana regen and damage.

Early Game:
Next items is Treads . Treads should be the only boots clinkz should ever get. It gives the much needed stats, Attack Speed, and movement speed necessary to sustain the entire game. Switch treads is VERY useful throughout the game.

Mid Game:
The item that makes you the assassin as well as a tool in team fights is Orchid Malevolence . This is hands down one of the best items for Clinkz. The mana regen makes it so you never have to worry about mana ever again. It gives amazing attack speed, decent damage, and an amazing active that allows you to not only silence and amplify damage 25% for 5 seconds, but gives you a tool for team fights. With Orchid you can get guaranteed kills mid game if the enemy heroes are alone or off positioned.

Late Game:
MKB Monkey King Bar is the next priority as it gives insane damage, decent attack speed, and True Strike for those pesky evasion heroes. With this item, combined with clinkz's already amazing attack speed, he becomes one of the best DPS heroes in the game. BKB Black King Bar is obtained next for spell immunity and for some survivability. It makes sure you don't get disabled while you destroy the enemy team one by one.

Usually the game ends right about when you get a black king bar, maybe even before that. But if it continues, you could opt to get more dps, tank, or support items depending on the situation. IF you feel you aren't killing people fast enough, I would suggest items such as Daedalus for its amazing critical damage, or Mjollnir for the attack speed and spell damage. If you are constantly dying, I would suggest Manta Style or even a Bloodstone .
Don't be afraid to get some support items as well since by the time you get the MKB, your DPS is already amazing. Even getting a Scythe of Vyse could be a potential game changer since sheeping the enemy carry can enable you to take them down much quicker.


Early Game:
Play extremely defensively. Without the early farm, you won't be able to contribute to the mid/late game team fights or even snag 1v1 kills. Always last hit and harass with Searing Arrows since it does a pretty decent chunk on enemy heroes and creeps. If the opportunity comes, snag a few early kills, but only if you survive. If a support is in your lane, make sure the support is giving you the last hits, harassing and setting up easy kills. If you're solo, make sure to only go in for last hits. If you're against melee heroes, luck is on your side. This means you get free harass and free farm. If you're again ranged heroes, make sure not to get harassed by their spells and auto attacks. Overall, stay alive and farm until you get orchid, and make sure not to attract too much attention to yourself, otherwise they'll probably buy dust or wards and target you first.

Mid Game:
As soon as you get orchid, start roaming around with Wind Walk to find lonely heroes. As soon as you find one, Orchid them, pop strafe and auto attack away with Searing Arrows. If they get too far away, Wind walk until you're in front of them, and continue to attack. Soon enough you'll get the kill. Just rinse and repeat.

There will be times where a team fight will emerge. If the enemy team doesn't have invisible reveal items, pick off the poorly positioned heroes or supports when the team fights are about to start. Stay off to the side so that you don't attract attention while you're picking people off because the enemy will mostly likely be focusing on your other teammates before realizing that their support and squishy heroes have died.

Basically Orchid your targets, or Orchid the main enemy disable contributor.

Late Game:
By this time, you probably have the items and skills to kill heroes in 2-5 seconds with strafe on. Focus down the supports using orchid to silence the main disabler, then focus on the other squishy heroes. Basically take out the other enemies main team fight contributors before the team fight actually happens or during the team fight when they haven't casted any skills. Once you get BKB, you no longer have to worry about staying off to the side and you can just go beast mode with some rationality.

If they have reveal items , stay back until your team has initiated or the other team has initiated and attack the enemy while they are concentrating to kill your team. You can probably trade kills while they are focusing your team.


Your Best friends as are heroes who can help you free farm in lane or get you easy kills and harass. These heroes are generally supports, or tanky supports. Some Honorable mentions include:

: With her abilities to provide incredible mana regen, aoe slow slow, and long disable, she is one of the best supports for Clinkz to have. She can help Clinkz sustain in lane with Arcane Aura as well as get easy kills with her Frostbite and Crystal Nova.

: With his ability Shallow Grave and great attack animation, he can help Clinkz survive in lane as well as give huge harass and heals with Shadow Wave. His Poison Touch can slow enemies down long enough for Clinkz to snag kills with Strafe and Searing Arrows while not having to worry about dying.

: An Omniknight basically means Clinkz never has to worry about stuns or disables due to Omniknight's Repel. Clinkz can freely Wind Walk into the enemy and proceed to harass them with Searing Arrows combined with strafe and not have to worry about being nuked down. Let's not forget about Omniknight's nifty Purification which can not only heal Clinkz, but deal damage to the heroes while Clinkz is invisible, making it easier for Clinkz to kill.

: Shadow Shaman's Shackles is one of the longest disables in the game. If he doesn't get stunned, Clinkz can easily fire down any hero to get kills. Ether Shock Provides harass as a nuke and Hex is just another disable that help Clinkz get more kills. With many disables and harass potential, Shadow Shaman can get Clinkz some much needed kills.

: Provides consistent harass with Frost Blast and Sacrifice while also providing a armor buff with Ice Armor. To top all that, Lich has great team fight ultimate Chain Frost. Easy lane with Lich, Easy kills for Clinkz.


Your Worst Enemies are heroes that can provide consistent disables and high damage nukes. They can also reveal Clinkz with certain skills. Honorable mentions include:

: He has Sprint to catch up to Clinkz's wind walk, he has Slithereen Crush to stun and slow, and worst of all, he has Amplify Damage to reveal and make Clinkz even more squishier with the armor reduction. Not fun.

: She has Dragon Slave and Light Strike Array, which are two high damage nukes (one of them a stune), and the ultimate Laguna Blade that can pretty much one shot Clinkz without his ultimate buff.

: You can probably deal with Axe early, but when he get a Blink Dagger , his Berserker's Call makes Clinkz unable to run away, while Battle Hunger and Counter Helix shreds Clinkz apart. Culling Blade will finish you off if you aren't low enough for Axe to get the Battle Hunger DOT damage kill, which isn't that low.

Doom Bringer: 13 Second Silence with Doom along with a decent LVL? Death nuke = a dead Clinkz.

Outworld Destroyer: His ult Sanity's Eclipse basically one shots Clinkz. He has a super long disable Astral Imprisonment that steals Clinkz's much needed mana and time to kill off heroes during team fights. His Arcane Orb destroys Clinkz with the true damage. Not a fun match.

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