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Stormcaller - Because too Many Guides say Disruptor

November 1, 2013 by Tyerker
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3


DotA2 Hero: Disruptor

Hero Skills

Thunder Strike

1 4 5 7


2 8 9 10

Kinetic Field

3 11 12 13

Static Storm

6 16


15 17 18

Why Choose Disruptor?

I don't see the point in posting more lore or going over all of the same things gone over in every other guide. So here's my justification for choosing Disruptor

1.) He is like if Zeus had a dinosaur he rode, and wasn't a cheap jerk.
2.) He has a brief mass silence in Static Storm
3.) He can corral enemies to maximize AOE spells: Kinetic Field with Mystic Flare is an insane team gank
4.) Thunder Strike is a great early game harass.
5.) Glimpse Io and he's pretty much useless (or anyone else with a global relocate, or a blinking Anti-Mage). You can also use to to send people straight back where they came from when they use a Town Portal.

Really I just thought he looked cool, and he ended up being a fun and helpful character to play.

Starting Items Justification

Not really a lot of justifying to do here. Seems pretty standard to me.

Tango and Clarity to stay in your lane longer and be able to spam Thunder Strike a bit more.
Iron Branch x 2 to build into your Mekansm later.
Animal Courier because you're the freaking hard support. It's your job!
Circlet to build into Bracer
You end up with an overall +4 to everything early game. It makes a big difference in those first few levels, and everything builds into your Core.

Early Buy Order

Boots of Speed first, to help you escape / stay in good position.
Then I buy the Ring of Regen because Headdress gives a decent stat boost, and a nice aura for your lane partner.
Next I go Bracer for the added HP, and early game stats.
Chainmail into Buckler gives good armor and another nice aura to help out your lane buddy when necessary. Plus you're one step closer to Mekanism

So probably around 15 minutes into the game, you should have:
Boots of Speed

This gives you +10 Strength, +7 Agility, and +7 Intelligence, plus movement speed, and some good support auras. Pretty good for 15 minutes in, methinks.

Mid Game Purchase Order

First things first: FINISH YOUR Mekansm
It gives you a nice heal, armor buff, and your teammates will recognize that you are a support who pretty much knows what you're doing when you have a Mek this early. Plus when you're pushing their base at the end of the game, you can heal everyone and keep the push going much longer.

Next, I actually buy Robe of the Magi and star saving for the recipe for Drum of Endurance. Between Drum of Endurance and Mekansm you completely change the dynamic of your team fights.

Now that Null Talisman builds into Veil of Discord I have decided to add it to this list. It has good stat boosts for Disruptor and you can use it to help nuke all the bad guys.

Now for the boots.
Almost everyone I see chooses Arcane Boots on Disruptor and I pretty much understand why. It's nice to have the Mana Regen. However, most of his spells aren't really spammable. You could argue that you should spam Thunder Strike but even if you do spam it, you won't probably use it more than 3 or 4 times if you use it in a teamfight alongside all your other abilities.
Because of that, I often choose Power Treads. The Intelligence boost gives you enough Mana in your pool to use Thunder Strike at least once more. Plus, the Attack Speed helps Disruptor to be somewhat more relevant in the teamfight when he is inevitably called upon to right-click for a while. For squishy heroes like Disruptor the added HP from switching your Power Treads to Strength can come in handy while laning, and then you can switch to Intelligence for the team fights.

So by the time the real team fights are starting, I like to have:
Drum of Endurance
Power Treads or Arcane Boots
Urn of Shadows

Your core, even late game, only really needs to be 3 or 4 items. You want to always have room for Observer Ward, Sentry Ward, Gem of True Sight, Town Portal, all that jazz the support is called on to have.

Luxury Disables

One great way to help your team (and yourself) is to have an item for disables. I have these organized from least expensive to most.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity is a good choice because you can do one of two things:
1.) Sweep up an enemy, then cast Kinetic Field while they're stuck in the air, guaranteeing a trap.
2.) Sweep up a teammate, buying them a few seconds of invulnerability if they're in a tight spot.

Next is Rod of Atos, which give a great combination of Intelligence and Health, plus the cripple ability helps with ganks, Field Placement, Storm damage, all that good stuff.

Now my personal favorite, Orchid Malevolence. It gives an awesome combination of stats, and an active disable. The main issue is it's expensive, and takes a ton of components to build. If you ever find yourself with 4500 spare gold, go ahead and buy one. It's pretty nice.

And finally, the infamous Sheep Stick, Scythe of Vyse. Make the other team's Spirit Breaker turn into a chicken.

Luxury Survivablity

Hopefully, you won't have died too much. If you have, you probably won't have the gold for these items. If you just want a little extra boost to not die, these can help. Again, organized from Cheapest to Most Expensive.

Blademail is pretty useful on Disruptor. It improves the usefulness of his right-click, improves Intelligence, and can help scare off attackers.

Vanguard is, in my opinion, very under-used. I'm sure you all have your reasons why. But again, it's not terribly expensive, it gives good regen and a solid HP boost, and it helps with your defense against the right-clickers you face late game.

Pipe of Insight is probably the ideal one, if you can afford it. Good HP Regen and magic resistance, plus a nice buff to your carry if necessary to help keep them alive.

Shiva's Guard is pretty unrealistically expensive for a support, but if you manage to afford it, you can really help your team out both with its debuff aura and its active AOE slow.

So Which Luxury Item?

Honestly, if you get your 4 core items, I would say Pipe of Insight would be my top priority, and then Eul's Scepter of Divinity.

That being said, the best thing about Disruptor is once you have your 4 core items, you can honestly hold your own pretty well. So the ideal luxury item is:

Gem of True Sight if the other team has Riki or multiple Shadow Blade users.
Observer Ward
Drum of Endurance Recipe whenever you run out of charges


You can do a lot more good for your team alive and with your main 4 items than you do dead with Linken's Sphere and Scythe of Vyse

My Personal Play Style

Early Game
Stay safe. Stay close to your tower, and to your lane partner. If someone jumps in too aggressively, either Glimpse them back to where they came from, or wait for them to get low and Glimpse them back into your tower range or to you and your lane partner. Also, if an enemy gets below half health, go ahead and pop Thunder Strike. If nothing else they burn a regen item. And if you're lucky you get a kill. Don't waste abilities on creeps. Your abilities are too valuable against heroes.

Mid Game
Stay close to a strong melee character, but not in their way. They last thing you need is a Bloodseeker or Lifestealer to gank you out of nowhere while you should be close to your team. If at any point 3 or more of your team are below 70% health, pop your Mekansm. It's a lot more confidence-inducing to be buffed back to full health than it is to go from almost dead to still-less-than-half-health.
If an enemy starts to Town Portal to a tower your team is pushing, Glimpse him back from whence he came. And if the whole team starts to Town Portal to a tower, go ahead and set up Kinetic Field around it and pop Static Storm so they can teleport straight into a trap / gank.

Late Game
Drum of Endurance, Thunder Strike the squishiest character, Static Storm, Kinetic Field, Glimpse escapees back into the fence, Mekansm when your team needs it, and generally stay alive and let your carries do their job.

Hard Support Build Stuff

Skill Order
- I chose to start with Thunder Strike for harrassment
- 2 Points in Glimpse to cut down the mana cost early
- 1 point in Kinetic Field because
- Max Glimpse first to minimize the mana cost and increase the range.
- Next Max Kinetic Field so you can control the enemy better for your carry
- I max Thunder Strike last because it's mainly a harrassment and potential farming tool, and the damage doesn't scale all that well. Plus your other abilities are better support

Starting Items:
-I chose to double up on the Clarity and get Wards. This way you can spam your Thunder Strike a bit more for harassment. I usually ward both sides of the river, but you can also ward your side of the river and their jungle if you're hard lane, your jungle if you're easy lane.

Early Game Buy Order
- Urn of Shadows is a relatively cheap item, and it's great early game. The healing doesn't scale all that well late-game, but at the beginning, once your lane partner gets a couple kills, it can be great. Plus the stat boosts are alright.
- If someone hasn't by this point, buy the Flying Courier
- Buy your Boots of Speed next just because you need boots.

Mid Game
- Arcane Boots and Mekansm are pretty much all Disruptor needs, especially if he is supporting. If you are smart, stay close to your carry, and use your mana and health responsibly, you should be safe.
- Your primary job as a hard support is to keep wards up, keep a Town Portal Scroll to move quickly if need be, and buy a Gem of True Sight if necessary, and DON'T DIE

Late Game Dagon
- Now, hear me out on this one. I have played a few games where I bothered to buy a Dagon and upgrade it. The Level 5 Energy Burst actually does a whole lot of damage, and you may be surprised how it can change the way a team gank goes, and the range can reach quite a long way, so between Thunder Strike and Energy Burst you can really make sure a tank hero dies even if he starts to get away.
- This also gives a good Intelligence boost which is great for Disruptor
- Don't waste your Energy Burst on Huskar

That's about it for my Hard Support build. I know some people were saying my initial build wasn't Support-y enough. So here is a true Hard Support, while I labeled the first build as "Semi-Support" which is a more accurate description.

Mid / Semi-Carry Pub Build

I still buy the Animal Courier because Lord Knows no one else will...
Get 4x Clarity so you can spam your Thunder Strike and probably have a decent chance of first blood.
Get a single Tango to stay alive.

Next I save up enough gold for a Bottle. This gives you the regen you need and the ability to Rune-***** if you choose to. I follow this up with Energy Booster for a mana boost and then Arcane Boots. This way by about 10 minutes you have a ton of regen, and a huge mana pool.

I like to build Oblivion Staff next for the attack speed, damage, Mana regen... it's just an awesome item for an Intelligence semi-carry to have. Next I build it into Orchid Malevolence for an additional silence. This way if someone dodges Static Storm you can still silence them, or you can silence them before they are in range to use an ability on you.

Next is Maelstrom into Mjollnir because you get more lightning, better farm, attack speed, and damage. You can choose to get the Hyperstone first if you want, since the chain lightning, by this point in the game, isn't all that useful. However, the lightning shield on Mjollnir is very useful when you're amking late pushes. Put it on your carry and watch the other team kill themselves trying.

If the game goes this long I pick up a Mystic Staff for more Intelligence, and thus more mana and damage. Then I build a Shiva's Guard for the aura and a decent active.

honestly, Disruptor has a high enough damage output that he can really do some damage as a semi-carry. If you get landed with mid, just make sure you keep on harassing with Thunder Strike. If they get close to your tower, trap them with Kinetic Field and let the tower do its thing. Disruptor is by no means a competitive mid. (maybe he is, I'm not super-pro) but in a pub he can do pretty well at mid. I know I stomped an admittedly bad Outworld Devourer with this build, and have done decently against Drow Ranger and even Pudge.


So there's my first guide to my very favorite support character, Stormcaller, or Disruptor. He can really succeed without spending a ton of gold, and is one of the more item-independent heroes in the game. He is most successful when he buffs his teammates, stays alive, and picks his shots.

Plus, he's a pretty cool guy.

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