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Rock and Roll

February 26, 2015 by mastadoom
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DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7


2 4 8 9

Tree Grab

10 12 13 14

Tree Throw

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18


Tiny is a strenghth based hero that can hit harder than just about any other hero in one hit, and has a combo with Avalanche and Toss that can do around 1,000 damage.

+very stong carry
+even as a meele, very good mid
+high burst damage
+MELTS towers!!!!11!!!1!11!!
+high damage

-low armor
-low agi gain
-low mana early


: This is your bread an butter skill. It is a one second stun, that keeps getting applied through out the spells one second duration, making it a 2 second stun in reality. This spell also does multipul instances of damage making it good for burning through Templar Assassin's Refraction charges. Also keep in mind that this spell has a slight delay from when you cast it, this is both good and bad, you can miss your avalanche with this delay if the hero you are trying to hit is right on the cusp of its range, HOWEVER when there are heros like Bane and Enigma who rely on big chaneled ults to win dota, you can use this right before you get Fiend's Gripped or right as enigma blinks into your team. (the stopping grip i have done before btw)

: Your other bread and butter skill (this one is the butter Avalanche is the bread). This move will take a random unit and throw them to the unit you selected. In the game when you hover over the spell it only shows the throw range, the pick up range is just a little out side of meele. The uses of this skill are to toss in initatiors who don't have blink dagger yet( Tidehunter, Axe,etc...), another use is to toss enemies into your team, one more use is to throw away unwanted enemies. The final 2 uses for this are, the Avalanche + Toss combo(i will explain this later), and getting the last hit on towers. Toss's AoE damage does dmage to towers, so if the other team wants to deny, you have a 100 tower damage spell, just toss a creep to a creep standing near the tower. (Did this to a Troll Warlord once, he as trying to deny his tower, so i got vision of him and threw his own creep at him for the last hit.)

: This is a great move, but we can't take it until our other two moves are maxed out. It will help with your armor problems a little and it makes you every good against other meele carries because they can stun themselves. Keep in mind if there are multipul people in range of the stun (basicly meele) it will stun a random unit, not nessicerily the one that hits you.

Grow!: This is a great ult, it gives you move speed, damage and toss damage. It's only downside is the small atackspeed loss, but it seems big beacuse tiny has almost no attackspeed anyways.
Aghanim's upgrade: It just makes tiny really good... really. +50% cleave, +107 attack range (from 128 to 235), more toss damage, and an insane 75% bonus damage to buildings!

Early game

During the early game you have to get as much far as you can, so you can at least have bottle + treads by 6 (unless mid because you level up so fast). The laneing stage should be pretty easy if you are doing a tri-lane, with a tri-lane also try for 1-2 more stuns at level one, the stuns paired with your high base damage can make for very easy first bloods. However, be carful because you have 0 armor until you have items. This makes is incredably important to stay safe while getting kills or farm, because even creeps do a lot of damage when you have no armor.

Mid game

Other wise know as, Tiny's time to shine.

At some point around the end of the laning stage (10 min maybe before) you want to start being active around the map (if you were in the middle lane, be active with runes). let me explain the Avalanche + Toss combo now. Basicly, when you toss a person who is in avalanch, they take the avalanche damage twice, so at level 9 (both moves maxed + 1 point in grow) you can do (xyrus love me) (300+(300*2)+(300*0.35)+(300*0.2)*0.75=798.75 damage, instantly. During this time you will get about 1-2 hits for 146 damage (with Power Treads. At this stage in the game that will instakill any support hero and most agi carries. The key to the combo is timing though, the moment you cast Avalanche you have about 0.25 of a second to cast Toss for maximum damage.

just run around the map ganking heros with this combo, then pushing towers. if at anypoint there are no gankable heros, just go back to your lane and farm.

By ~15 min you will want your Aghanim's Scepter.

Late game

This is where you have to make your pressence knowm. After every won teamfight, you have take a tower, and with Tiny's incredable tower damage, that should be a brezze. When pushing high ground you can just Toss creeps at them until the tower breaks, meaning they don't want a long drawn out push, and that is good, because of the lead you should have gained early on in the game, you should win the fight and as long as you live, you can take a set of rax in about 20 seconds depending on farm.

If you catch anyone out of position, just combo them, play the late game like the mid game, but with more man fights and confrontations.

I also want to point out that the Avalanche + Toss combo scales into the late game ebcause of grow! giveing toss more damage, so with maxed out grow + Aghanim's Scepter the combo will do; 300*4=1200*0.75=900 damage after magic resist. This is better than a Laguna Blade or Finger of Death with an agh's upgrade.


: basic regen, use it when get harrassed.
: Regen, use it when get hit with a few spells and are down a bit of HP.
: very important for you, the extra stats are nice, but the int... you don't have enough mana for Avalanche + Toss combo until level 4 normally, with these you ahve it 3 and that can be game changing.

: Even if you arn't mid I recomend this item of tiny, because it solves your mana problems so long as you are active and getting runes, which I feel is import for tiny to do.
: These boots give you more attack speed which you need and the power to tread switch to make your man go further.
: Good item to turn your branches into, only get it if there are heros you will be getting charges from.

: absolute core. One of the best agh's upgrades in the game in my opinion. The stats are really good for you, you can utalise all of them, and the extras give more damage to your combo, and more push and hard carry powers.
: Solves your armor issues, solves your attack speed issues, gives a minus armor aura, whats not to love about this item.

: You have really good damage, so being able to crit can be huge, esspecially with your 50% cleave.
: You have such high base damage from your ultimate, that your illusions hit really hard, on top of that, the agi nice to your armor and attack speed.
: Makes you very beefy, give 40 damage, makes illusions better, stay in fights longer.

:I'll be honest, a kind of a strange pickup on a str carry, but it is an extra disable and you can not have mana problems with it. This is a very rare pick up, only get this if you feel you 100% need it, and always have a 7th item so when you win a fight, you can swap this out for another item and push. (The reason you would get this over another hero is beacsue you can farm very fast, very.
: Magic immunity, very strong to have, but only if you need it. Get it if the other team has a lot of stuns/slows.
: very good item on tiny, very good. It lets you close the gap bettween you and the person you want to combo on. get this after your boots but before your Aghanim's Scepter. Because this item give you nothing else in return, it is pertinent that you get kills, alot of them, so you can buy your other items.
:This is a very cost effective item, and very good on tiny, I personally don't get it because i like getting my 15 min agh's, but this should only really delay the timing by about 5 minutes.

Friends and foes

: He loves you, if you stand on the outside of the fight, side by side with noone else around. You can throw him into the middle of your enemies so he can Ravage without a blink dagger.

: You and him are best buds for life. His Overcharge makes you an absolute monster. You and him just stick together pushing towers, when your team needs you just Relocate right into the fight, combo someone off, take the fight, go back to pushing. With him you are a semi-rat, but he can make you go toe-to-toe with some of the hardest carries in the game.

: comes equppied with a stun, a minus armor spell, but most importantly, 36% more damage, by level 16 + items, she gives you about 100 mre damage from her aura.

: You and this guy are pals. Empower makes your crazy damage even crazyer, and makes you get 100% cleave, you become instant kunkka, but better. Also RP and your moves go great together.

: The only thing he provides for you (other than another exelent tower pushing carry) is his ult, Battle Trance. This makes you hit even faster, and that is all we want.


: You have low armor, slardar feasts on low armor heros with amplify damage. He is actually harder for you to man fight than Faceless Void.

: He is one of a few carries you cant really fight, because his Mana Break will destroy your mana through out the whole game, and when he gets his Manta Style the illusions will take the Craggy Exterior stuns for him.

: He has build in magic immunity to stop your combo, and he destroys naturally tanky heros like yourself.

: His Fire Spirits make it so you can't hit anything, and you can't solo take out a Supernova.

Runes and you

Tiny is probably the best hero in the gank to use runes to their fullest effect.

Rune of Haste: When you get this rune, you can close the gap and combo someone very easily, it also makes you unkitable if the combo doesn't kill the person.

Rune of Invisibility: This is the best rune you get can get in the early to mid game. This is about the time carries are transitioning into the jungle... all alone. With this you can surprise them everytime for an easy kill.

Rune of Illusion: This is a great rune for you and your large base damage. I mean the reason you build a Manta Style is to have one of these when ever you need. This increases your DPS by 66% and when you hit for 300+ that is a lot.

Rune of Double Damage: 300+ damage times 2. This is the best rune you can get though out the game because you always have high damage.

Rune of Regeneration: good for the laning stage, lets you combo off, tower dive for the kill then get full HP and Mana.

Things to do as tiny

I will add to this as i find things.


Thank you for reading my guide on [tiny]]. Any and all helpful, specific and kind critque. Basicly not "OMG guide suxs, report n00b tiny", a better way is "this guide isn't very good, i feel that __________ and _____. also______", see what i mean.

thanks for reading

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