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It's time to find worthy foes...

December 13, 2018 by NapoleanBornToParty
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Physical Build Jugg

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Hero Skills

Duelist (Innate)

Blade Fury

1 3 5 7

Healing Ward

4 8 9 11

Blade Dance

2 13 14 16


6 12 18


Hero Talents

+1s Omnislash Duration
+2 Healing Wards Hits to Kill
-3s Blade Fury Cooldown
+50% Blade Dance lifesteal
+30 Movement Speed During Blade Fury
-20s Healing Ward Cooldown
+150 Healing Ward Radius
+10% Blade Dance Crit Damage

It's time to find worthy foes...

December 13, 2018


Welcome to my first Guide-I'm NapoleanBornToParty.Please post a comment on how you feel about this guide.So let's get started

Juggernaut-A very versatile hero for me.He has the second lowest base attact time in the game,along with his blade dance which gives him crit damage.He may seem like a normal auto attack hero cause of his damage but it's really difficult to catch his ult Omnislash.If you use it on a hero among creeps it will bounce off the creeps and reduce it's damage output on the target hero.

He can get varied items depending on the opponents he's facing.A very farm dependent but an extremely strong late game hero.

Start & Laning

Always recommend your team to pick an aggressive support like Lion or Shadow Shaman who have lockdowns on their skills which allow you to do damage.
Even a Winter Wyvern can be useful,especially with his Cold Embrace used to heal you.

Start by getting a Wraith Band,as it gives decent stats for laning.Then get Phase Boots for movement speed and some decent damage.Get another Wraith Band as the Ring of Aquila no longer exists sadly.
You need a good laning phase to set you up for your farming phase.I usually farm after getting 2 Wraith Bands and Phase Boots.You should get these items in 10 mins max.

Farm & Mid-Game

After getting my 2 Wraith Bands and Phase Boots, I usually start farming.

You can use your Blade Fury to clear out neutral creeps faster.

You can use your Healing Ward to heal yourself while farming.

Buy a Clarity to replenish your mana.

Jugg is a speedy hero and relies more on his speed to catch up with his foes. So the first item I get is Yasha.It gives you movement speed and agility which in turn gives you attack speed and armor.

I usually don't go for a Battlefury unless I'm facing Chaos Knight cause it's a waste since Battlefury does not prove useful in the late game and people build just to farm jungle creeps faster but it's more efficient to utilize the gold spent on it, on some other item.

After getting Yasha I go for Shadow Blade.Gives you decent damage and attack speed.

Jugg does not have an in built passive stun like Troll Warlord or Slardar to stop enemies fleeing,for that you make Skull Basher.

Sell off 1 Wraith Band at this point.

You now have 6 items so far
1) Wraith Band
2) Yasha
3) Phase Boots
4) Stout Shield
5) Shadow Blade
6) Skull Basher

Late Game

If you're facing heroes with passive skills which makes them difficult to kill like Bristleback or Phantom Assassin,upgrade your Shadow Blade to Silver Edge,it also gives you decent stats.

If there are disablers in the enemy team,upgrade your Yasha to Manta Style.It removes basic debuffs like silence or root.It is also useful in pushing lanes or farming in jungle.This is one of the core and must have items on Jugg.

Depending on the enemy line-up prioritize between Silver Edge or Manta Style as the both cost the same.

The next item you need is Abyssal Blade.It gives you good HP and Damage and the active stun for 2 seconds gives a lockdown on the target along with the passive stun from Skull Basher.It also has a 50% chance to block 70 damage.

Now comes the best item,which according to me is the best item in all of Dota 2.The Eye of Skadi.This item is so good I would get it on any support hero as well in the late game. It will give you amazing stats and it's passive slow can slow down the movement speed and attack speed of enemy heroes.

A Moon Shard will give you good attack speed to keep auto-attacking stacking with the bash coming from the Abyssal Blade

Situational Items

You can consider selling Wraith Band and getting another item to boost your stats.

My personal favourite is the Nullifier.It mutes a target and you can unleash your Omnislash on them before they can use items to break your Omnislash.Items like Shadow Blade, Eul's Scepter of Divinity or Silver Edge break Omnislash and leave Jugg vulnerable so get a nullifier if enemy team has ways to break Omnislash.

The Battlefury is core item in other guides,however in the late game people sell it off .Buy this only if you are facing Chaos Knight cause it's not efficient to invest so much time and gold on an item which you'll sell off in the late game.

Also if you are against Chaos Knight a Battlefury is not enough,You can buy a Mjollnir to clear out illusions.

If an enemy hero does huge damage on his auto attacks,buy a Butterfly to make him miss.It is also used to avoid Troll Warlord's passive bash.Also gives you good agility resulting in good attack speed and armor.

If you want more time while using your Omnislash , then Aghanim's Scepter is useful.However i rarely pick this because to invest 4K+ gold just for just a couple of extra seconds is not efficient.However you can buy it and use it when you unleash Omnislash and then swap with another item in your backpack when Omnislash is on CD.

Blade Fury does give you spell immnunity for 5 seconds,but if the enemy team is full of heroes who do burst magic damage,consider buying a Black King Bar.

Juggernaut has the best in-built tool for health regen,his Healing Ward.But if you still need lifesteal to survive in teamfights,make a Satanic.It gives good strength and damage output and can heal jugg in seconds due to his high damage and attack speed.

If you face an enemy depending heavily on his mana pool,make a Diffusal Blade.This will take him out of the fight.Eg: Medusa relies on her mana for her Mana Shield.If you burn her mana she will be more vulnerable to you.

Bloodthorn can help to silence a hero relying hugely on his skills.It will also give you True Strike against the silenced hero along with the critical strike stacking with your Blade Dance.

If the enemy team has heroes with evasion and a Silver Edgeis not enough to break them or Bloodthorn is not enough to kill them off,make a Monkey King Bar.

Important Stuff

Never Pick Juggernaut if the enemy team has drafted the following heroes:
1) Anti-Mage
2) Axe
3) Phantom Lancer

1) Anti-Mage : This guy will eff you up in the late game.If he's fully farmed he will jump on you and burn your mana before you can flee or even use Omnislash.

2) Axe : If Axe jumps on you with Blink Dagger and uses Berserker's Call along with Blade Mail, you are in trouble.You will receive more punishment due to your high damage.

3) Phantom Lancer : I mentioned in the guide to counter Chaos Knight but not Phantom Lancer.Here's the reason why, Chaos Knight's Phantasm is a one off,once used the illusions don't multiply,hence he's a bit easier to deal with but Phantom Lancer uses Juxtapose which is passive and if he has a Diffusal Blade he can eff you up just like Anti-Mage.

**7.20 Omnislash**
Since 7.20 Omnislash works depending on your attack speed and also the damage is based on your current attack damage.So, try to max out your attack speed as much as possible.

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