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Imma Firing mah LAZER BEAM!

December 4, 2015 by Angelonth
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Sun Ray Balancing

DotA2 Hero: Phoenix

Hero Skills

Icarus Dive

1 4 8 9

Fire Spirits

17 18

Sun Ray

2 3 5 7


6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15


So Hi, this is my first guide and english is not my native language so yeahh,,
It is rare for me to see a player who's using Sun Ray skill to it's full potential and that is why I am creating this guide

AND I know you'll ask "why you didn't take Fire Spirits skill"
to answer that, Phoenix's skills can make him a squishy hero in early-mid game because almost all of his skills are using his own HP to activated, so the best choice is to pick Stats and it will help your phoenix HP regen as well your Mana regen

I've tried experimenting picking Fire Spirits Skill in early game and the result is, I sacrificed a lots of HP to use all his skill including Sun Ray in mid game and another reason is I like the sun ray more lol, later explained in this guide

Basic Overview

If you're new to this hero and don't know what items to pick or using Phoenix skills, you may read this:

  • Needs lots, lots of regen because all of his skills is HP consuming except the ultimate
  • That is why you need Regen items
  • Has 2 main weapons: Fire Spirits for Short/Mid Range and Sun Ray for Long Range
  • To maximize your Skills, choose/focus only 1 of the both main weapons until it maxed
  • Has 1 chasing skill: Icarus Dive
  • Has Ultimate Supernova that will restore your HP&MP, Refresh all of your skills and also enemy heroes magnet
  • Always pay attention to your HP when you casting your skills

Skill Builds

each build has pros and cons, but I'm recommending Build 1. why? I'll explain it in below

Before I begin, know this that you have to take Icarus Dive skill in every build because

  1. it's your Escaping and Chasing Skill
  2. If you Take Sun Ray and Fire Spirits at early game your phoenix will wasting too much of your HP
so you can only choose 1 skill as your main weapon in the early game whether it's Sun Ray or Fire Spirits

Build 1

in this build you can take Fire Spirits after your Supernova has been upgraded to lv.3. Why? your Sun Ray will consumes a lots of HP to deal a Big amount of damage to enemies + heal allies that come in contact and in mid you'll find yourself that your MP is not enough if you spam Sun Ray. that's why you should not spam too much that laser

Build 2

this build that I usually use because the Stats Bonus Points give me an additional MP and HP. That way I can Spam as many Sun Ray as I like after I got Lv.6 and I don't have to worry to sacrificing additional HP to casting Fire Spirits

Build 3

this build will give you a good killing skills in early game but in mid-late game you'll find yourself lacking of HP regen or MP regen if you want to use Sun Ray and Fire Spirits at the same time, in other words you cannot spam Sun Ray, that's why you need to buy Octarine Core ASAP in mid game

\ [ ] /

so that's it, choose which built is best for you.
whether is to investing for mid-late game
or get a good killing skills at early game but you'll have to get a lots of gold for regen in mid-late game

but hey I didn't say that you can't kill with Sun Ray in early game. Later explained in this guide how you kill with that badass lazer

Why Phoenix and when you should pick him/her?


  1. Juke Skills
  2. Chasing while inflicting damages to enemy
  3. Has an Egg skill that can make you fully recover from low HP/Mana
  4. Can heals your allies while damaging your enemies

  1. Skills use your own HP
  2. your Ultimate can be easily counter if enemies focusing on you
  3. You need a lot of HP regen

When to Pick:
  • If your teammates can cover you while you using your ult

When not to Pick:
  • Enemies that have High Speed attack


Have HP Regen Problem? this will save you in early game when you spam your skills which consuming your HP

This will helps you with your Mana problem and can heal your HP too!

Will provide you with more regen and can heal your allies too!

More HP Regen it's good for you and it grants you 30% Magic Resistance which is good if enemies target you with nuke spells. Can Later be upgraded too Pipe of Insight

This will pretty much solve your HP problem

Enemies are running away from you? this can help you, and can be use as a combo with your ultimate!

Targeted by enemies nukes and disable? this is your best choice. Why not Black King Bar ? your role is not as a tank, your objective is to deals as much as DPS as possible from far away. so if enemies try to gank on you, run away!

I'm not sure about this item because you'll have to really work together with your teammates if you want to pull it off because if in the middle of battle, you put your allies into your supernova, the enemies will be more focus on hitting your egg/supernova unless they're all stunned.


Icarus Dive

Phoenix will dive to chosen direction and then goes back to your casting location. Keep in mind that you can cancel the dive halfway by casting this skill twice and your dive can be interrupted by stun
  • This is your Chasing/Escaping skill
  • Will slow your enemies movement speed and deals DPS
  • Never use this skill as initiator unless you want to dive and cast your ultimate in the way or you're sure you will kill that opponent
  • has 36 Cooldown so use it wisely

Fire Spirits

  • Throw your spirits one for every 2-3 seconds to your enemies to prolong the Damage
  • will deal pretty big DPS in early game, also slow your enemies Attack Speed which help you if someone hitting your Supernova

Sun Ray

Your Main Weapon to deal DPS and heal your allies.
  • Deals DPS 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 + 1.25 / 2.5 / 3.75 / 5% Max HP per second (Allies are healed for half the amount)
  • You can move while casting Sun Ray with Toggle Movement (keep in mind that it will go forward automatically and you'll have to click the ground to turn it)
  • You will gain a small vision across your laser beam
  • while activated, can move through cliff
  • while activated, it will drains your HP but you still can use items like mekans but not the one that require a target point
Now how to use it? it is pretty simple, the trick is :
  1. keep your enemies far away from you (if they're moving away)
  2. try to keep your enemies just close (but not to close) to your tip of your laser beam. That way you can turn left and right more faster with your laser activated
  3. In the early game, if you already have Tranquil Boots make sure it's activated (not on cd) so when you cast Sun Ray you can reduce the HP draining effect and don't worry about getting hitted by creep because Sun Ray won't attract creep's aggro


ah,, the egg, or sun. This skill Party pooper for enemies if you use it correctly, here's the Tips & tricks:
  • If it's used correctly at the right time, your enemies will goes "oh noes, should I hit that Supernova and not get stunned or attack these opponents which will kill me if I hit that supernova"
  • Never ever use this skill as initiator, because your enemies will be more prepared and focus on attacking your Egg/sun. or just run away from it
  • Don't cast your Supernova too late or too early.
    • If it's too early, there's a big chance your egg/sun will be targeted
    • If it's too late and your allies getting killed, no one's will cover your Supernova because they will probably run away
  • This skill will stun enemies even if they has BKB activated
  • Don't cast it in middle of battlefield, cast it in their escape route or anywhere else where your allies can cover you but don't get to far from battlefield

Gameplay Tips

At the start of the game, if you're Radiant choose bottom line, if you're Dire choose Top line, it's more easy to aim your Sun Ray in the safe lane because the straight enemy escape routes

When you casting Sun Ray, try not to go forward first, try to aim then predict their next movement and don't use/spam it until Sun Ray reaches lv 2 because it's not worth for damages and HP drains. when you reach lv 6 and get Supernova you're safe to spam Lazer Beam or goes aggresive.

When your team will going to war or at war, cast Sun Ray first (and watch out not too overextended because you'll get kidnap) to inflict damages and heal your allies and then if you're sure your enemies has cast their key skills/spells and your allies can protect you, you can cast Icarus Dive and then cast Supernova that way their team will have to choose between finishing their opponent in front of him or hit your Sun right away to avoid stun

The most common mistake for using Sun Ray is a player still move forward while activating Sun Ray even though the enemy is close or not running away from you anymore. The closer your enemy, The more easier for them to dodge it by turning left or right. so when the enemy stop trying to running away from you by turning left or right, stop your phoenix and try to keep them close at the tip of your laser beam.

But what if they manages to run away from my laser beam? that is why you save Icarus Dive in this situation to chase your enemy


That's pretty much it for the basic
hey I can't give you a detailed gameplay tips because improvisation is the key of victory man!
and remember

always pay attention to your HP when you casting your skills

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