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I'm the man who knows everything!

July 1, 2014 by PowerTime
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Build 1
Build 2


DotA2 Hero: Tinker

Purchase Order


Tango (Shared)
Tango (Shared)
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch


Boots of Travel
Soul Ring
Blink Dagger

from now everything is situational

Aghanim's Scepter
Black King Bar
Dagon 1
Ethereal Blade
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Scythe of Vyse
Shiva's Guard
Manta Style

Hero Skills


1 12 13 14

Heat Seeking Missile

4 8 9 10

March of the Machines

2 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

I'm the man who knows everything!

July 1, 2014


Hello everyone! Powertime here for a reason.
I'm getting more nervous everytime when i see someone
Playing Tinker feeding,blaming others, russing dagon
When the enemy has Queen of Pain, Anti-Mage etc
There are so many common mistakes made with tinker
And i wanna help those guys who do them.
So lets start.
(Sorry for bad english :D)

Items(skill build)

-buy 3 Iron Branch and ask for 2 Tango if they didnt give you then RAGE QUIT. no just kidding then buy a set of them.
-Rush Bottle.
Boots of Travel or Soul Ring first?
-If you are playing as a ganker then get Soul Ring first so you will always have mana.
With the march build if you don't die get fast Boots of Travel and scale Rearm at lvl 8.
If you die get Soul Ring and Rearm at level 6. so you can use the extra mana that
you have and catch up.

-Next item Blink Dagger always get this. It gives you:
-safer farm

Scythe of Vyse vs dagon
I usually go for scyhte of vyseit allows me to control fights better but it's situnational.
If the enemy has no escape
if the enemy's carry is not a bkb carry
Get dagon
If the enemy has escape
if their carry is bkb carry cause the Blink Dagger+ Hex initation range is 2100 AoE so he wont have a chance popping his bkb and you can perma Hex him

Then its all depands on the enemys team
-if they have a lot of lock down Black King Bar
-strong single-target ultis Linken's Sphere
- Shiva's Guard this is alaways good
- Bloodstone can also be good

The arsenal

Is a really strong early game nuke with an additional 100%! miss chance
It deals 80/160/240/320 pure damage for 95/120/145/170 mana with a constant 14 sec cd.
On middle lane one point is needed to blind enemys who is trying to attack
For a last hit.this is especially usefull when your enemy has hihger base dmg
Or better attack animation then you.
Maxing this is good when your enemy can dodge your rocket see
Puck Queen of Pain

Good old shiny things.(They never miss!)Unlike tinker's other abilities
It has an insta cast time. Maxing this second on mid its recommended.
Maxing this vs a dual lane (unlikely but can happen) on middle is better than laser.
It deals 100/175/250/3 (75/112.5/187.5/243.75)magic dmg for 120/140/160/180 mana
With a constant 25 cw cooldown

Tinker's farming skill which is a really strong ability dropping down 2 of this
In a teamfight will destroy the enemy team. Upon casting it calls down a ****load
Of robots each one dealing 16/24/32/40 dmg for 145/150/165/190 mana
With a constant 35 sec cw.
Tips it should be always used from side ways it will hit more units.
You can farm multiple jungle camp and ancients because its deals
Universal dmg which goes trhought bkb but it reduced buy magic resistance
If u see they will dive you immiadetly drop march and fight back if you hav
No chance escaping.

Not much to talk about it refreshes your cws for 150/250/350 mana at 3/2/1 sec
Time. exceptions are being linkens bkb midas arcanes helm of dominator refresher orb and necro


tinker jungling/ancients

i do NOT recommend this since this puts your team behind since you will be useless for about 13 minutes which is really bad for your team.
but you can junggle with Tinker.
-ancients stack the ancients
always stack them
so stack at 0:53 then drop march
stack march stack march
get soul ring so you can farm more efectivly than get boots

you can be an offlaner and if u get zoned out you can still stack anicents on the dire side

if you are on the radiant side and you ancients camp is blocked you can move into the jungle and use march in the middle of it(big camp-medium-small imagina a triangle and put march in the middle of it so ittt will hit every creep)stacking the big camp can incraise your farming speed


He is really annoying to play against he can alaways follow you where ever you go.
You can't run

she is much stronger than you in lane
she can dodge your rockets with Blink
and she can follow you with blink

his mana break is a pain in the aaaaaaaa***s.
same as Queen of Pain he has Blink
and his Mana Shield making him really hard to kill

his Lightning Bolt can reveal your position in the trees.
same with Thundergod's Wrath

if this guy can charge on you you will get ****ed really hard theres no espace!!!

good old od who almost counters everyone on mid.
he will drain your intelligence with Astral Imprisonment and mana

she usually gets Radiance.
her ulti Haunt creates illusion who will follow you everywhere with freepathing and cancel your blink.
spectre herself can follow you with Spectral Dagger and it gives vision so everyone will find you

Item counters

Radiance the counter of Blink Dagger.
if you are too close you cant blink out to safety.

if 3 or more guys stands in your march with blade mail activated you can easily die

this item was a counter to tinker(once i killed my entire team with it trolloolo)
because the shield released a lightning near the attacker so if Tinker was close to his teammates he could kill them.
but now the changes made Tinker's life easier since now the shield release lightning around the shield holder

closing words

this is all i wanted to tell you guys how i helped to improve your tinker skills
ps. can anyone in the comments can write down how to insert pictures to the guide that would be really helpfull

Hope you get matches on eu west with people who can speak english-powertime

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