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Faceless Void Dumb Hero

August 9, 2014 by obesechicken13
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Dumb Hero

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

2 8 9 10

Time Dilation

3 12 13 14

Time Lock

1 4 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

Faceless Void Dumb Hero

August 9, 2014

Early Game

is for last hitting. While some may view it as a crutch, and pro players don't use it, meaning it is a crutch, 112 gold is a good trade for easy and effective last hitting throughout the game. Rather than sell my quelling blade when I temporarily need the slots, I put it in my stash. Get two last hits you wouldn't have otherwise with it, or use 2 less tango since you're not standing near the creeps as long taking harass, and it breaks even.

You don't need clarities but if you don't think you'll need them but Void's QR takes almost 250 mana at level 6. Your mana pool at 6 is 292. You can also just get a tp and tp back to base for a full heal. It wastes exp but you're likely not in exp range with a clarity anyways unless you're winning lane so hard your opponent doesn't even dare to come in exp range.
Void is not strong early but sometimes you can get a kill using Q to slow and then using autos. Q's area of effect is very forgiving.

He relies on his ult so play passive till you get Ult. Dota isn't all about gold. Get as much as you can but recognize that you'll be stronger late. Alchemist often has the highest gpm on his team and has a 43% win rate. Try to stay in 1300 range of enemy creeps when they die (exp range) if you can and don't get a creep if it means you'll definitely need a tango for it.

I prefer E to Q. It adds 35 damage per attack during his ult since time lock damage doubles during the ult, but more importantly it can stun targets which makes them unable to fight back and easier to chase. W can dodge spells so if you don't intend to go aggressive ever and just want to survive you can skill that. Q range and slow increase and the cooldown decreases so it's defensible to skill that too. I go R>E>Q>W. You should never put your first point in right away unless you like to max BacktrackW. You should get the point when you need it so if you see 3 people ganking you at level 1 quickly take a point in Q.

Don't be afraid to buy salves or tangos as needed.

I don't like since it takes a slot and needs to be sold but it can definitely be good vs someone like windranger in the midgame. I wouldn't upgrade to though. The stats are terrible for teamfighting and for the gold. Also damage block gets applied BEFORE armor.

Most small items tend to take up slots that could better be used on consumables and selling just a (500 gold) means you lost a 250 gold investment. You better on average get a kill with that slot, gold, and attention or that wand isn't worthwhile.

Mid Game

Keep your treads on str early on. 19 health from str is a lot better than 13 mana from int or 1 damage + 1 aspd from agi. Tread swap to int if you're good enough so you use less %mana, then tread swap to agi during ult to increase dps while activating mask. If you don't want to think about this you can just swap treads and activate mask before you ult.

Once you have your ult just ult someone or jump to someone and ult them, and kill them with your ally. At level 6 and for most of the midgame you don't have the damage to gib someone from full to 0 alone, even after you've gotten treads and mask. Be patient and wait for openings. Don't be too afraid to tower dive as the tower can be chrono'd.

You need more damage. Place your ult well so you not only don't freeze your ally, but also place it away from them so they can get close and contribute to the kill. Imo the only reason Void doesn't have the highest winrate in the game, is because people place bad chronos.

Void's ult breaks all stealth including slarks, doubles timelock damage, goes through bkb, stops evasion, crowd controls (cc) an entire team, disables all towers including the fountain, gives Void over max move speed, phase, slaps you in the ***, and sleeps with your girlfriend.

Void unlike is actually a decent midgame team fighter. I'm low elo so my team is always fighting. It doesn't matter if I you get 600 gpm in the jungle if the enemy team is winning teamfights and taking raxes and getting overall 800 gpm more than your team. Go teamfight if you have to or make use of mask of madness being core on you to jungle. Mask is good on void because people can't fight back during your ult so the downside isn't as big. Carry a as it can be used to port back to base quickly or react for a teamfight.

When your ult is down, alt click it to tell your allies when it's coming up and try to persuade them not to fight. You're useless without ult.

Late Game

Don't be afraid to initiate even though you're carry. You can often get an ult that can pick people off if not win a 5v5 through a godlike ult.

Don't chase kills but if your team is going to chase for kills, don't let them go alone unless there's a rax or tower to take. Towers and rax are worth way more than diving towers for kills or padding your kda so your end game stats get overinflated.

When you ult, be aware of targets that have , , , , or several other spells and items that can waste your ult for yourself. and can often blink out before you ult if they've practiced it. can often activate before you ult. Many heroes can also purchase to make them bad targets. Rikimaru and can make your attacks miss. Be aware of targets that can stun you if you don't ult immediately after timewalking into a fight. can mute you forever with aghs. can make you do no damage. 's E can raise his team's armor by 16. can theoretically silence you before you hit ult.

Your core is completed on treads and mask .

I prefer getting 1 more damage item so I can kill people during my ult before considering bkb. Any pure damage item other than battle fury that costs more than 4k gold will let you kill most people during your ult. But if you're getting blown up by magic then get the next.

  • is necessary if your enemy team has evasion. Even though you go through evasion with your ult, your ult isn't always up. It offers like 95% of the dps of Daedalus until you have more attack damage. When two stuns stack, the longer one takes precedence so timelock will still work at full effectiveness. The build path on mkb is just worse than Crystalys -> Daedalus.
  • is good vs Warlock and summonables. It also adds a slow to help chase. It removes Blademail.
  • Manta is best after you've gotten some other damage items as it doesn't add much dps before you get it.
  • is a **** item imo. In pubs there is an infinite amount of farm unlike in pro games and games in pubs are usually not easy to drag out to make midas worthwhile. It forces you to leave pushes to go find stuff to midas and lowers your early game power. I'd never get it. You can get gpm by killing more people and towers and dying less, or you can get gpm through midas and die more and kill less people.
  • is good if you need to dodge attacks from multiple enemy right clickers. Check if they have mkb first or are getting it. It also dodges WD ult.
  • and have good build paths and offers the highest dps increase but is random and offers no utility. Randomness is generally considered a bad thing in games and is given more effectiveness to compensate because you often overkill things (and it messes with your cs). Daedalus gives you much more dps for the gold when your attack damage gets higher from other items.
  • is a silly item that's situational and almost never gotten.
  • is defensible (getting the item can be defended. I don't mean you can't be aggressive with it) as it gives you an escape, good stats, and huge bonus damage in the early game. Many pubs people don't buy dust.
  • falls under the same trap as midas imo except the cleave can be useful in a teamfight if people are bunched up in your ult.
  • , and make you tankier and offer utility to the team. is better on strength heroes and heroes that can't regen from their autoattacks. Bloodstone can easily shave 40+ seconds off your respawn and make you not lose unreliable gold (if you're not dying then you're either not at your correct mmr and you can build dagon faceless to climb the ladder, or you're not having a close game).
  • offers a huge damage spike but is hard to build and doesn't work with lifesteal.
  • is a good item to build when you've gotten to 5 or 6 items and want to sell mask of madness.
  • increases your farming speed and offers some teamfight potential but can make you miss last hits and doesn't provide as much single target damage as the other items. Being able to kill one person is much more important than being able to damage several only for them to mek/pipe. adds a ton of dps, more than mask on just 2 items, but maelstrom costs more and doesn't give lifesteal or movement speed. Maelstrom does not have mask's damage penalty. You should really consider one or the other early but not both (until you have more damage) as both is too much attack speed. Maelstrom is also vulnerable to bkb.
  • , , and are still vital for winning games. In pubs if no one else is buying dust you will have to. You can give wards to allies if you don't have the slots by dragging it to them, or if you only want to give one, ctrl+click then drag to them. Of course ask your supports to buy them but if they won't buy them you have to.
  • is good if you're having a bad game, feeding, and want to just reflect as much damage as possible to let your team carry you. It also reflects with mask of madness. I'd probably never get blademail though because I'd hope to drag the game out until I could contribute with more dps but it's not technically wrong to get it.
  • 's stats are great and the utility is not terrible. I often underrate this item but it helps you get around and chase.
  • is generally ok on heroes who need to chase like Faceless but it prevents you from lifestealing.

is in my opinion better than . It'll let you place 2 5s ults instead of 1 6s one. Though aghs costs less mana, gives more stats, and lowers the cooldown on ult so it's defensible to get aghs. Many voids like to rush aghs after mask and I think this raises your 5v5 teamfight potential but lowers your solo potential and skirmish potential. I don't agree. I think it's best to only get one of these and only as a 6th item if at all.

Just drag all the situational items under a build under library/builds or make the build in game in the shop using the edit button if you're playing as void.


Dur hur, press Q, press R, right click. Collect mmr till people get gud or riot nerfs faceless

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