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Calacrity's Guide to stupidity: Anti-Mage(Anti-Fun)

December 31, 2014 by calacrity
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Go quit doto

DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

Hero Skills

Mana Break

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Mana Void

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Calacrity's Guide to stupidity: Anti-Mage(Anti-Fun)

December 31, 2014


Before you start swearing at me for following my build and then losing,lets start with what everyone does when they create a guide.An intro to ********ed Anti-Mage.
Anti-fun is an agility hero with really high agility gain and so it is most usually played as a carry.However,in this awesome guide to screw pubs up,or even better,ranked pubs,you're "effective" both early and late.That is,if you follow the build and get the "necessary" items with some decent farm.
Also,don't bother complaining about how ****py my guide is and that my item builds and choices are bad.I know Anti-Mage himself already has a unique-attack modifier,so some of my items don't work,such as Diffusal Blade and Mask of Madness.Just to let you know,its all intentional and I have my own reasons for getting them.Read on if you haven't closed the window yet,or more positively,just saw the item build,launched dota and play my Anti-Mage without even reading about it.


Alright,let's start out by explaining my item build for this hero.Believe it or not,I actually did pretty well when i went this build for the first time,my kd was 6 to 9,if i remember oorectly.ANYWAY,let's get started.

1. Arcane Boots

this magical boots will help you in your quest for no magic,so you fight fire with fire.
It helps sustain your mana for spells and items such as your ult,dagon and Ethereal Blade.


Honestly,this item is bought for a reason as anyone else who buys this for.To get a nice,"kill secure" on an enemy hero for contribution.Also helps solo ganking.

3. Ethereal Blade

This item helps a lot if you want to burst down your opponent.antimage has a really high agility gain and so it will be really useful.just hit until opponent has half his mana gone,use Ethereal Blade, Mana Void and then dagon.

Manta Style

actually a legit core Anti-Mage item,it helps deplete the enemy's mana real quick,so you can get a good Mana Void.Also helps with survivability.

4. Mask of Madness

I KNOW UNIQUE ATTACK MODIFIERS WONT STACK.this is nothing about lifesteal.even if you don't have lifesteal, Mask of Madness gives real good attack speed,which can help improve attack speed,since you're not gonna get much agility items.

5. Armlet of Mordiggian

Usually bought for strength carry heroes,even though you're not,it makes up for your lack of survivability.It also gives attack speed,armor and health regeneration.

6. Blink Dagger

Q:What's better than 1 blink?

7. Assault Cuirass

Survivability.More survivability.Attack speed.Free Desolator.Helps team.What other reason do you need?

8. Mjollnir

Even though when the chain **** occurs and overrides everything,it helps you farm up your items and deals damage to people who deal damage to you,so even if you die you help.

9. Diffusal Blade

DOESN'T give additional mana burn.But that's not what Diffusal Blade is for in this guide.The slow is overwhelming,allowing you to get some hits on running enemies.Also helps purge debuffs.

10. Refresher Orb

First,to make this effective,you need to get a Blink Dagger and one can catch up with you.JUST don't get refresher for triple get it so you can ult 2 guys,or the same guy twice.get this if it goes real late game.

Divine Rapier

Why the heck not???


1. Mana Break

A good skill,its what makes you hated.And because of this skill,a Manta Style would be really effective,so you can deplete your enemy's mana a lot faster.


gives you good mobility,to catch up or escape enemies.

3.spell shield

Gives you a good amount of magic resistance,but maxing it early would be stupid,since added magic resistance goes down the more you have,a level in it would be a lot more efficient.

4. Mana Void

The less mana the enemy has,the more damage it does.Also does damage in an area,but the aoe damage is based on the primary target,not the amount of mana of the rest of the enemies in the radius.

Pros / Cons


Very mobile
Can dish out a single enemy pretty easily if farmed
Snowballs really well
Real burst damage


Hard to farm some items.Follow this guide only if youre in potato bracket
People will hate you
People will think you're some mental scum

Creeping / Jungling

How to Jungle the "Fun" Way

1.get a double Stout Shield and ask your team to pull you two tangoes.Report and leave if they don't.stay in lane until you get a Quelling Blade from the side shop,which you rush first item.

2.Quee up a Morbid Mask.This would be your second but most important item.When you get it,you can finally go and jungle for the whole game and lose with 69322 gold.

3.get some good ol powah treads,which you would like to keep strength and finish your vlads from the morbid mask.And you can get a luxury Hand of Midas or a dagon.No exceptions.

4.lose the game farming.At least you die happy.kind of.

Ranked Play

YOLO RIGHT???No?Well ****

Team Work

You have swag,but you don't have axe,so you still need a team no matter how farmed you are.Just remember,you must have 69 kills and 0 assists at the end of the game or you're a disgrace.


"I got into low prio coz peeps been repertin me,u scrub try2bfunni wannabe"

5 words.I don't give a ****.Actually,it's 8.

Anyway,I hope you enjoy this fancy guide to Anti-Fun,i put a lot of effort into it,about 1 minute on the intro and 30min on the rest.Feel free to comment,but plz dont flame I new to doto.yoke :3

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