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Brinlee's Meepo Guide

May 26, 2014 by Brinlee
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Mid Meepo

DotA2 Hero: Meepo

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Brinlee's Meepo Guide

May 26, 2014


So you wanted to see how other people play meepo?
Or you havent fully grasped this character?
Maybe you will enjoy this guide....


Meepo Magic

blink poof: select all other meepos > tab(switch between meepos) > w( Poof) > click next to main meepo (do this as many times as you have other meepos) > select main meepo > Blink Dagger on to target.
this takes practice.

blink net: (do this if target is out of Earthbind range) Blink Dagger > Earthbind

split push: keep atleast one meepo in a safe place while the others push lanes Poof them on the safe one when your spidey senses tingle.

jungleing + hunting: search for a target with the main meepo while the others jungle.
how to shift que (helps with jungleing).
select meepos press shift then a and click inside a neutral camp.

Mid Meepo


Stout Shield - to help with harrass in the mid lane

Ring of Protection - will build into tranquil boots

Tranquil Boots - gives a lot of HP sustain. This item is very good when a meepo that is low goes to roam and gank a lane while the others farm and poof in when there is a target.

Blink Dagger - is an essential item on meepo this item combos well with all meepos moves.
Aghanim's Scepter - read the item :D

after Aghanim's Scepter

you must chose the best item for your current situation.

you dont have to build them into etherial blade and Heart of Tarrasque immediately

Eye of Skadi and Scythe of Vyse - should be build immediately after you get one part.

Skill Build

    waiting a while before putting your first skill point in is recommended.
    if you get ganked you can skill net for protection against ganks or farm with poof.
    the skill build for meepo is very loose but you generally want to max out poof first and how ever the skill build is a decent guide line as to what should be skilled at what levels.

Objectives and how to get there

    Your main objective is to get your carry fed and shut down the enemy carry.
    you need to gank before level 6 so that the enemy mid doesn't have his ultimate.
    counter ganking and roaming is easy and effective with meepo.
    counter ganking: tp on to a tower and poof the other meepos on to main work your meepo magic from there.
    ganking is easy once you get your blink.

Lane/Carry Meepo


Starting items

no regen?
you are aiming for very early Tranquil Boots for regen.


Boots of Travel - gives you nearly global presence allows you to split push and then get to the rteam fight instantly.

Armlet of Mordiggian - the buff is applied to all meepos but the hp removal only applies to the main one.

Manta Style - helps you push good stats more targets for you to poof to.

Necronomicon - pushing power makes for some sexy micro plays but mostly push.

Skill Build

    Loose skill build main tip is to max out poof first.

Objectives and how to get there

    farm as much as possible push when needed and don't forget to hunt with your main meepo

Support Meepo


    don't buy all of them decide what your team needs or if there is a specific strategy that needs to be countered or enhanced by one or more of these items.
Sentry Wards and Observer Wards are meant for the other support but you might have to pick it up.

Mekansm very good item on support meepo.

Vladmir's Offering good if you have a melee carry.

Pipe of Insight another good utility.

Urn of Shadows because meepo can be in so many places at once he could pick up a lot of urn charges. support meepos will be roaming most of the time charging up the urn.


Medallion of Courage good for early and quick roshan.

Veil of Discord helps increase poof damage also useful if you have a lot of magic damage in your team

Skill Build

    the slow and net are good to lock down the enemy heroes to prevent them from escaping.
    early points in poof helps you jungle.

Objectives and how to get there will spend most of your time roaming and turning the enemy team into food for your team.



are very important.

practice with a certain set of binds and then stick to them.

I use:

space = main meepo/meepo 1
f1 = meepo 2
f2 = meepo 3
f3 = meepo 4
f4 = meepo 5
E = all other meepos
R = all meepos

final Word

post any suggestions or problems you have with this guide in the comments.

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