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..And He Just Keeps Going!(updated with changes of 6.88b!)

August 1, 2016 by KoDyAbAbA
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4
Build 5

Offlane (W.I.P please don't use)

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 3 4 7

Time Dilation

2 12 13 14

Time Lock

5 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18


Hi my name is Carry Your World, i'm 18 years old and have been playing DoTA for 1 year.This is my first guide so be gentle :P

Faceless Void is one of the hardest carries in game, and is famed to,"go on as long as required.".

Responses are welcome,dont shy away from ripping me apart!


Has very high base damage.
Has the best AoE disable in-game.
Nobody goes into late-game like him.
Godlike stuns which can only be attributed to "pure skill" (pun intended)


Very weak in the in early game
Needs too much farm
Has mana problems
Squishy as hell


Goddammit! There was a time when explaining this skill was easy.With the changes of 6.86, Time Walk was changed completely.Now, it is a 550 range blink (well, not technically), which still renders you invincible in the travel time. But here's the catch.Now, it doesn't slow. At this point of time I imagine people going,"damn, there goes my fav slow in the game". But Wait! We know from previous experience that one mustn't underestimate G-god.


Ehm, But seriously, with the new changes, Faceless Void has the power to heal himself for all the damage that has been done to him in the last 2 seconds just by using his blink. Talk about a sweet deal man.

So, now void has :
1. Invulnerability.
2. Biggest heal in game.
3. All of above on a ridiculously low cooldown and 40 ****ing mana.

Mana cost:40
Cool-down: 24/18/12/6

Holy Guacamole. That's that right there.

Replacing the legendary backtrack, I believe that Time Dilation will cause more salty tears to be shed than it's glorious predecessor.

Just imagine, you are just another Lina, nuking your way into the enemy front lines when you suddenly realize that both your nukes are on a 15 second cool-down.You are as good as dead.

The same can be said about every hero in game. Think about it. No blinking for 14 seconds on anti mage.No Timbersaw jukes. no nothing.

It's broken I tell you, and there's not much you can do about it, other than exploit it.

Radius: 725
Move speed slow: 7%/8%/9%/10%
Attack speed slow: 7/8/9/10
Duration: 5.5/7/8.5/10
Cool-down :34/28/22/16

A passive damaging stun which deals DOUBLE DAMAGE in chronosphere. Hell ,when this bash procs in chronosphere,You can see it go to work man.

The fact that this passive goes through BkB is invaluable to you simply because, with your massive attackspeed, there is absolutely no way that anybody can run away once you catch up to them, except maybe Anti Mage and Queen of Pain (maybe).

Proc chance:10%/15%/20%/25%
Bash damage:40/50/60/70

Your ultimate skill,locks every hero in the AoE for 5 seconds.You have 1000 movement speed as well as phase ability when you are in the Chronosphere.Also,timelock does DOUBLE damage (err...i said that before didnt i?) in Chronosphere.
The icing on the cake being that when in chronospehere, the heroes locked in can't evade his attacks.You heard evasion from items. With the new changes of patch 6.82, void no longer disables innate passive skills,so you can't bash that Phantom Assassin open as she will be evading 50 % of your attacks.

Faceless Void is pretty much defined by this skill.Lock 4 people down, team tears 'em apart.Lock 2 people down, their friends tear YOU apart.Since this skill seem pretty easy to land, believe me, its not. One mistake, and you are DONE. It's like landing a thousand Meat Hook's, just to be flamed at one bad hook,other than the fact that this hook has a 90 second cd and the potential to do thousands of points of damage.

Mana Cost:150/175/200



low farm game progression

Alright, lets get down to hard tacks.You are left alone in lane as the Juggernaut and Crystal Maiden are buddies and want to lane together and the last guy very conveniently picks Lifestealer jungle.

The question is what do you do? The answer, nothing and everything at the same time.

There must be no aggression from your part, no risk taking, sit your purple butt near the tower and seep exp. Double pull your creeps like any other support, pull the enemy line towards tower and take last hits.That's about it I guess.

Item progression should be Brown boots> Drum of Endurance> Mask of Madness> Blink Dagger> Maelstrom/ Yasha. Aquila is good as it gives like what, 18 total damage and 9 agility for 985 gold?very solid pickup on Faceless Void.

Do not, I repeat, do not max Time Lock as you wont be hitting fast.Maxing Time Walk and Time Dilation does wonders to your EHP early game and provides uncomparable utility by way of an amazing slow and another mechanic that can be considered to be a silence for all practical purposes.

Split Pusher:

An unusual but effective way of playing Faceless Void.Given your ultimate Chronosphere,you can easily take down towers in it provided you have Armlet of Mordiggian and Manta Style.The tower cannot attack when in Chronosphere, so your illusions can hit in safety.Also, the strength gain from armlet lets them tank for quite a bit,which when combined with backtrack is a very significant boost to your EHP (effective hit points).

please note that this build also has a very good late-game scaling,implying that you won't be left behind if you choose to tread this path.

After 40 minutes,you can also choose to make Diffusal Blade on him,as 3 illusions hitting a person for 6 seconds in the late game is not something to laugh at.


Ahem, sorry for the caps but initiator void does sound badass :D.

Basically you play him like Enigma. Way to reduce the size of this already small guide bro!

Aww pish! No seriously, play him like a ****ing Enigma.

Stay back with your team until they are exposed, and then trap them in a way that they are near the Corners of your Chronosphere, so everyone can attack them and launch their nukes.The problem is, when you try to keep them near the corners of the Chronosphere you might just leave them out, thereby wasting your 5 second stun and increasing the risk of getting stunned.
Farm up for a Refresher and bam! double ulti!A solid 11 second 5-man disable. ez gaem ez life bro.


Since you guys know how the cookie cutter works,I wont be explaining that build.

Early Game

In my build you can see that I have put two [icon-Gloves Of Haste size=60]] in my early game.I've done that because you need one to make your and the second one is there to confuse the other team what you are going to make.If you are getting ample farm in your lane and can farm up a in, lets say 7-8 mins,you are going to need 1550 gold.If not,forget about midas, you can get for 1600, to make into that .Believe me, the amount of times I have fooled people into believing that i'm going Hand of Midas like every other scrub is astounding =D.

I,personally, dont make Hand of Midas, I make Power Treads and Mask of Madness, then pop into jungle and then come out with a ,then make items as the situation demands.If they are trying to push lanes while not paying me any attention,I go Battlefury, if they are trying to rat by solo pushing,hunting and stalling,I go Crystalis then go gank their jungle with my supports.

After the PT and MoM pickups, you usually should buy a Blink Dagger because your Time Walk barely gets you anywhere, and you need to be in perfect position for your Chronosphere.

The decision to go Mjollnir or Crystalis is purely your choice, but I prefer attack speed over critical strike when you are barely critting for 250 while hitting for 130.

is a must-pickup if against evasion heroes like Phantom Assassin or dudes who pickup items like Heaven's Halberd or Solar Crest just to irritate you.Also butterfly :c

is an amazing item on Faceless Void as it gives you everything you need in one item,Attack speed, damage and survivability.Also gives you an active which gives you 20% bonus movespeed for running down the survivors from your Chronosphere.

Gives you unmatched survivability,making you next to unkillable as it can instantly heal you to full health after surviving the enemy's onslaught,forcing them back to their base as they presumably used everything they had on you, to burst you down and you hit at some random creeps and regained all of that lost health.

is an amazing item on any hero.Gives you a ton of stats,very high mana regeneration and a 3.5 second disable.There was a time when it disabled passives, but even after the nerf, SoV is a super solid pickup for void considering that it gives him 3.5 seconds of face-bashing time :D

game progression

Faceless Void is one of the weakest heroes at level 1 (somewhere between Invoker and Sniper).To protect yourself from harras,I would recommend you to start with a Poor Man's Shield and ask for tangoes to your supports.This way,you can last hit with ease while having backup regen just-in-case.after completing your Hand of Midas or Power Treads,whichever you thought best,get a Morbid Mask and start to alternate between the lane and the jungle (doing the hard camp then rushing back to lane just after the creep lines clash).After you finish your Mask of Madness,you can jungle and lane pretty effectively if done well,provided your supports ward for you.

At this point in time, you have to decide between getting Maelstrom first or getting that Blink Dagger up.

After getting Maelstrom you can do Ancient camps with ease.In this phase,timing is crucial.You aren't strong enough to take down stacked ancients,but you need the extra gold without the creep respawn time penalty!So, here's what you do.Start doing the Ancients camp 20 seconds into the minute and go out of the camp sight before the minute ends.By doing this, you are effectively saving one minute of no-ancients-time, considerably reducing farm time!(not applicable for the Battlefury approach though)

After that you can start ganking and participating in fights,landing those huge Chronospheres.But keep in mind that you can only take one hero down so focus the one with the least health or the squishiest of the heroes (mostly paper carries and supports).

Some Tips.

1.Use quelling blade to make escape routes.

2.Use the Power Treads to maximum efficiency.That little bit of mana that you get by swictching the stats can help you get that Blink off which will save your life.Same goes for str and agi gains.

3.If you make Hand of Midas,use it at every cooldown to increase its effectiveness.Remember that you can fully retrieve the cost of your Hand of Midas in 11 uses, or 17 minutes.Implying that you must use it almost 2 times to really earn some(1710 gold) dosh.

3. Maelstrom / Mjollnir is a great team item as it procs Linken's Sphere and gives a ****-tonne of attack-speed.The 160/200 damage is also a welcome addition to damage.

4.Never.I mean NEVER, go into a fight you know you'll lose.Crucial since you need every dime of gold and pinch of experience that you can have.

5.Don't get cocky because you have Time Walk, you can evade the damage of stuns but will still be affected by the secondary effect,that is, the stun duration.

6.Never,NEVER trap friends inside your Chronosphere if you can help it.Consequences of trapping an ally are dire as it means that you just stunned your friend for 5 seconds during which the enemies can attack him :c.

Please Read


The items I make are in no way the only way to build Faceless Void,because, honestly, he is a very versatile hero when it comes to item choices. Don't like the Mask of Madness pickup? make a Helm of the Dominator into Satanic. Don't think you need a Daedlus?(highly unlikely) make a Refresher Orb or Divine Rapier.

Friends and foes

1. : His Cold Snap and Alacrity Allow you to hit like a beast.

2. This guy's aura is a boon and can scout ahead for you.

3. Seriously.This guy is a boon to you.Reduces armor,movement speed,heals you and saves you from dying.what else could you ask?

4. & They pull'em plow 'em down!

5. "Pure Luck".This guy is amazing,gives you movement speed and attack speed,slows the enemies,stuns them and nukes like a Lina.

Basically, anyone who can reduce the effectiveness of your Chronospehere are your counters as they effectively take away the skill that defines you.
1. Nether Swap, Magic Missile Disables you,wasting your time in chrono and screw you up.

2. can do his Decrepify-thingy to screw you up.

3. can do his Disruption-thingy and screw you up,and amps the damage you take with Soul Catcher,making Mask of Madness a risky choice.

4. This guy.Other than looking like Chuck ****in' Norris,he can make your target completely immune to you in Chronosphere(Even the magic damage from the bashes is negated in magic immunity),completely wasting your big dome of death.

5. 5 sec stun and a very potent scaling slow which screws you up.

6. Flashy jerk, screws you up.Burns mana EMP,screws you up.Lifts you up with Tornado,screws you up.disarms you with Deafening Blast,screws you up.your ultimate counter in many terms,but if you can finish him up first,which you normally should do,you won't have a problem.

7. Don't need to say much here.

8.[ 50 % natural evasion and a 4 second cooldown blink? very difficult to deal with without good nukers in your team.

Helpful videos

lets start with some music to put us in the groove shall we?

now for the real deal, i have some good videos for you.

Personal Experiences.

From all the Faceless Void That I have played, i'm ashamed to admit that I am often forced to use the Low-Farm Skill build combined with the items from "My Build".But I play on a completely different (scrub) level so I don't think that is the case.Hell I have played Void OFFLANE countless times because an Enchantress wanted to jungle so bad.

Backtrack is an insanely powerful and underrated skill which I often end up maxing before everything else.

Time Walk's slow is a monster and has helped me kill more farmed up Anti Mage's and Phantom Assasin's than i would care to count.

Keep in mind that if you stubbornly insist on keeping the skill-build inflexible,you are going to have a bad time playing Faceless Void.


Faceless Void is a hero that, Quite honestly,has been an in-and-out hero in the current meta. With the advent of the new patch seeing the return of the farmers, Faceless Void has gotten a fresh lease of life along with some rightly deserved nerfs to keep him in check.

I hope that this guide is to everyone's liking.Please feel free to give suggestions and keep the arguements going!
If you really liked my guide, please check out my other guides


  • Add more videos.
  • listen to people.
  • Change stuff.
  • Argue.

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