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A step in time revisited

December 3, 2015 by Poor Leno
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Hard game build

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

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Time Dilation

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Time Lock

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A step in time revisited

Poor Leno
December 3, 2015


Hi guys, my name is Leno and I'm currently 4.5k MMR. I like to make new builds as much as possible especially when you're in those hard games where farm is rare to come by, you have a lot of pressure on your lane and you need to survive to get your dollah to make it to late game.

Void is undoubtedly a beast of a late game hero but is also relatively useful throughout the game granted you get the farm. With the current meta revolving around heroes like Doom, Winter Wyvern and Ember Spirit, Void is a gem to have on your team. He punishes mobile heroes and his two passive skills are actually quite nice if you get doomed up all the time because they won't disable until Doom gets aghs.

You're probably wondering, what? Void? This is 6.85! This is 2015 you must be mad! Wrong. I believe he is still one of the strongest carries and I believe a lot of people just play him with the wrong playstyle in mind.

Ideally this build is for when you're up against a tricky aggro duo lane when you as Void are in your safe lane or possibly even if you've gone to the offlane and both teams have run dual lanes where you and your team have struggled in the laning phase to snowball.

Farming items

Now there are a bunch of items in the game to further build on your farming efficiency.

You've got:

A few more but for this build I will focus on:

Depending on your hero of course you'll opt for different farming items.

Why am I mentioning this?

Well someone mentioned it in a guide previous about general carries and it got me thinking why do people build specific farming items on certain carries and not others. For example if you were playing Spectre you'd probably go for a quick Radiance or if you were Anti-Mage you'd hit up the Battle Fury rush in the majority of those games. Obviously there are other ways to play those heroes but they tend to be the most popular builds.

And it's the same for Void.

Now don't get me wrong, Hand of Midas or Mask of Madness and Battle Fury are great farming items for Void... however it leaves him pretty weak for the mid game. This is because all 3 of these farming items give Void basically no protection from any form of damage meaning you're going to have to fully rely on your Backtrack from proccing to survive a lot of the time which sadly is pretty risky especially as the position 1 of your team.

Let's take a closer look at the 3 most popular farming items for Void:

1. I see a lot of people get an early Hand of Midas on him as it synergises with his timelock allowing him to proc it more. However apart from the extra attack speed and big influx of gold and xp it gives him nothing, no armour, no stats, no HP regen... when you see a midas on the enemy carry you know that they are a good target to gank.

2. Now I see quite a lot of Voids go for the Mask of Madness and it's not bad. It gives you the extra attack speed, lifesteal and movement speed for escapes and farming and is also pretty cheap. However, it makes you very susceptable to any forms of damage and as I describe previously in the early to mid portions of the game you will have to rely on your Backtrack. At Level 15 with a Mask of Madness, Power Treads and a Maelstrom you only have 1100 hp which is absolutely nothing - especially when you have the damage amplification on you.

3. Battle Fury is an incredibly expensive itme for what you actually get, which is basically just a farming item. It doesn't give you massive teamfight or pickoff potential but the best thing it does do is work very nicely with Crits so if you're going a Daedalus build then I think Battle Fury is much better than the Maelstrom build because Maelstrom won't cleave the critical damage to the AOE around Void.

Friends and Foes


Any decent support will be your favourite ally but some special mentions go out to:

His ultimate synergises very well with your Chronosphere especially if you catch a few by surprise.

Granted the other team don't cancel his Blink Dagger this combo is savage.

A godly hero right now but her ultimate really helps Void post- Chronosphere/post-bad- Chronosphere allowing him to freely hit people without being worried about being stunned up or focussed.


In general beware heroes who are good at long range and Silver Edge. The item is good against you but the debuff only lasts 5 seconds.

This guy is renowned for hooking Faceless Void from his Chronosphere but his Dismember is very annoying for Faceless Void too because it pierces Black King Bar.

As with Pudge this guy can stay well away from the fights and still be a pain in the ***. Furthermore his ultimate pierces Black King Bar too.

This dude is annoying throughout the game as a Faceless Void especially if he lanes against you. You won't be able to farm at all if Bane spams his Enfeeble and if you misplace your Chronosphere you'll meet a sharp end with Fiend's Grip.

My build

However. Say you've been smacked into a safe lane with a Spirit Breaker as your support and your Crystal Maiden went full jungle just to annoy you and typically she'll complain you have no farm later into the game. Just say you're in that situation. You're also against a bit of a nasty lane combo, let's say a Techies and a Windranger.

Not too bad. It could be a lot worse but at the same time you can't leave your lane very easily, you're not going to receive many ganks because of the Land Mines and you have basically no vision because Crystal Maiden has rushed Tranquil Boots and Spirit Breaker doesn't understand lane equilibrium.

This is why you build Helm of the Dominator. I don't see it on many, if any, Voids apart from me. I see it mainly on Luna and Phantom Assassin. Now that got me thinking why other carries don't get them more often especially in gank heavy/nuke heavy lineups. I mean the best way to avoid the Pudge train is simply by not appearing on the map as much. How do you hide from the enemy whilst getting farm you say? Jungle. And what do most carries need to farm neutrals? You guessed it Lifesteal. Now why not build a Vladimir's Offering that'll help the team more!

Well... let me take you back to that hypothetical game, you're not going to be able to farm the woods much because Crystal Maiden is taking all the farm. One of the best things about Helm of the Dominator is that it can really, and seriously, replace your support. Take control of a creep and simply just stack and pull the camp close to your lane. Your support will more than likely now be free to roam and put pressure elsewhere on the map whilst you are free to farm under the safety of your tower. Furthermore if you don't have a jungler you can freely stack and take camps and with the extra armour bonus and lifesteal from Helm of the Dominator.

Furthermore, an interesting interaction with Chronosphere is that any units you control become phased and can move freely within the sphere too. This highers the skill cieling for Faceless Void because say a Lina is about to Light Strike Array you from outside the sphere and you have a Centaur Conqueror you could stomp and stop her. Not only do the aura's from the creeps actually really help early to mid game but also the actives of the creeps can really help you make some sick plays, not forgetting the ability to block people. Another tip for the creeps you could put them where you think Pudge might hook you or place them right on top of Faceless Void as they are phased inside the Chronosphere and it would totally screw Doom.

Now in the un-revised version of this build I used to buy Yasha however Maelstrom into Mjollnir is just a bit too good to pass up on Faceless Void. It gives you extra protection with the lightning shield and really does make your Chronosphere a force to be reckoned with.

Also for this patch, Void is very underplayed right now however is really effective against Ember Spirit, Queen of Pain and Doom as he locks them in place when they're used to running amock.

If you have any queries or problems with my build please let me know in the comment section and I hope to reply soon. Peace guys. :)

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