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Tor'Val by Vindicator_Morty

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By: Vindicator_Morty
Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018
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The Collector


Tor'Val the Collector is melee strength hero that excels at dealing damage and increases his power by destroying enemies who dare to cross his way. Each of his primary abilities is designed around one of the attributes (strength, agility, intelligence) with ultimate serving as a snowballing passive that enhances Tor'Val's attributes as well as his spells depending on enemy composition.


: 22 + 3.1/lv
: 12 + 2.2/lv
: 18 + 1.8/lv
HP Regen
Mana Regen
: 100
: 100
: 100
: 100
Movement Speed
57-64 (32-39)
Primary Attribute
Attack Type

Primary Abilities

Blood Sacrifice
Passive: Damaging an enemy hero with physical attack grants Tor'Val 1 stack of blood that expires after 10 seconds.
Active: Tor'Val sacrifices blood stacks to increase his weapon's damage for next 3 attacks (bonus damage scales with amount of sacrificed blood stacks).

Damage Type : Physical
Max Stacks
Bonus Damage Per Blood Stack
: 5
: 10/20/30/40
: 25/30/35/40
: 4
Flayed Twins love the occasional sacrifice.
Soul Siphon
Tor'Val steals a fraction of the enemy's soul, dealing damage and slowing its movement.

: Target Point
: Magical
: No
Cast Range
Slow Duration
: 500
: 50/100/150/200
: 25%
: 2
: 80
: 11/10/9/8
Once your in his reach it's already too late.
Orb of Darkness
Tor'Val sends out (in a line) a ball of dark energy that drains mana from nearby enemies. If drained mana reaches (or exceedes) half of maximum capacity, Tor'Val can recast this ability to detonate the orb, dealing damage equal to siphoned mana in area around it. Otherwise, after reaching maximum range, the ball returns to Tor'Val restoring mana equal to siphoned mana. If Tor'Val reaches full mana it restores health instead.

: Target Area
: Magical
: No
Maximum Range
Mana Drain Radius
Movement Speed
Mana Drain Per Second (from 1 target)
Maximum Capacity
Detonation Radius
: 1000
: 500
: 300
: 20/35/50/70
: 120/210/300/420
: 700
: 70/100/130/160
: 16/14/12/10
You don't want to play with this ball.

Ultimate Abilities

The Collection
When Tor'Val kills an enemy hero or it dies in his vicinity Tor'Val gains 1 orb of that hero's primary attribute (maximum 1 orb per enemy hero). Attribute orbs enhance Tor'Val's stats and abilities. Orbs are added retroactively, meaning they can be gained before this ability is skilled, which then become active.

Attribute Per Orb
Ability Bonus
: Passive
: 5/10/15
(from 1 orb of that attribute)
: +5 Bonus Damage Per Blood Stack (Blood Sacrifice)
: +5% Slow (Soul Siphon)
: +50 Maximum Capacity (Orb of Darkness)
Before becoming Demon Overlord Tor'Val owned an impressive stamp collection.

Hero Talents

+5 Attribute Per Orb
+200 Orb Of Darkness Detonation Radius

Soul Siphon Slow Duration +2
+50 Attack Speed

Orb of Darkness Mana Drain +20
+30 Movement Speed

Blood Sacrifice Max Stacks +2
+100 Cast Range

Abilities & Playstyle


Blood Sacrifice allows him to become a great threat in prolonged engagements. This ability is based around strength which is also his primary attribute. This ability gains power while Tor'Val is in combat (getting hits on enemy heroes) giving him physical damage increase for next 3 attacks after being activated.

-Blood Sacrifice damage has no time limit (only lose the bonus damage after attacking).

-Blood Sacrifice stacks are gained even while ability is on cool down.

-If Tor'Val successfully damages an enemy with maximum number of Blood Sacrifice stacks the oldest stack refreshes its expiration timer (or get replaced with a new one - whichever you prefer).

Soul Siphon allows Tor'Val to finish off or chase fleeing targets. Agility heroes usually require mobility to quickly enter or leave skirmishes. This significantly increases his strength against enemies with no escapes. It can also be used as a finisher on low health enemies fleeing for their life.

Orb of Darkness is most versatile and powerful ability Tor'Val possesses. It works in a similar way as Fissure where you pick a target and the orb travels from Tor'Val in selected direction. Then the ball travels and steals mana from nearby enemies (especially good against heroes with smaller mana pools or those who rely on expensive abilities) and afterwards deals damage or restores mana (and health if mana is full).

-Orb is always shot from Tor'Val's front side (meaning you need to take turn rate into account when you want to shoot it in the direction he isn't facing).

-Just like first and second ability focus on Strength and Agility this one is based around Intelligence. Because many Intelligence heroes rely on their big mana pools to cast abilities in team fights ( Skywrath Mage, Leshrac) while also being relatively weak because they rarely purchase defensive items this ability works well if you manage to reach the detonation threshold (also works great in combination with area-of-effect disables such as Black Hole or Earth Splitter.

The Collection tries to vary his play style from game to game. Since you rarely encounter the same enemy team composition his ending attributes (and passive ability buffs ) tend to vary on how successful he is in getting kills/assists on enemy heroes as well as their overall composition (because you can only get one stack per unique hero).

-Tor'Val should ideally decide his play style (if he wants to be a carry, nuker or tank) depending on enemy team composition (can he get many Agility stacks for bigger slow, or more Intelligence for more powerful nuke) as well as his own.

-This ability guarantees Tor'Val's relevance in late game if he manages to get the attribute stacks (which can be amplified with lv.25 talent).


Lore & Other Info


Tor'Val never really liked his peers. Even in his youth his mind was preoccupied with shiny objects, hidden treasures or other artifacts of collectible nature. That's why he got a reputation of a "demon magpie" when growing up.

But through time as his power and knowledge grew so did his ambition to create the most magnificent collection any realm had ever seen. As his collection of weapons, relics and other valuables expanded, so did his need of collecting even more powerful objects for his collection.

Sadly there were forces that even mighty Demon Overlord couldn't overcome with brute force. His strategy needed some adaptation. Therefore he offered his services as a mercenary in exchange for the object(s) he desired.

This led him to cross swords with Juggernaut after helping thieves to steal the Defender from Ivory Isles, leading the charge in Fields of Endless Carnage and riding along Chaos Knight's side in many battles.


-First item in his collection was taken as a trophy after ambushing a small group of Keen adventurers.
-Tor'Val's blade carries a powerful enchantment that allows him to sacrifice blood of his fallen enemies in exchange for increased combat power.
-Tor'Val admires Shadow Demon's collection of souls but prefers material treasures.
-Tor'Val met Gondar (Bounty Hunter) when both responded for the same "job".

: Shadow Fiend, Chaos Knight
: Juggernaut, Bounty Hunter

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