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Windrunner/Windranger - The Right Way... (I think) Let's Just say "The way to carry the team"

September 23, 2016 by FireGiraffe
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Carry way (Defenitely makes sense)

DotA2 Hero: Windranger

Hero Skills


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Focus Fire

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Windrunner/Windranger - The Right Way... (I think) Let's Just say "The way to carry the team"

September 23, 2016


My name is Ervin. I'm making this guide for my friend. He likes using Windranger/Windrunner, but this is a guide you all can use.I'll just hope this guide actually works. Thank You


Phase Boots
Increased damage and helps you chase enemy heroes down faster and get away quicker. You can use this with Windrun for even more speed.

Magic Wand
Helps you get your mana faster and just in case, also for health. This is a good early game item for enemy heroes uses their abilities a lot(now I just don't make sense).

Aghanim's Scepter
This is a core item.This will lessen your damage decrease on your ultimate. This will help you kill enemy heroes faster or destroy buildings quicker.

Force Staff
This is useful to get away from trouble. You can go through trees and I believe down cliffs. This is also used to chase down enemy heroes. This doesn't take any mana so it's good when you use your abilities.

This is good for farming. That's all I can think of. This is also an easy build. Once you got this into Mjollnir this will wreck your opponent. For me Mjollnir is like Blademail, this will hurt your opponents once they come for you. I feel like this is like Razor's ultimate. You don't have to have Mjollnir, Maelstrom for me is a quicker farming purposes other than Powershot. (This might be wrong, but who cares right?... ummmmm... yeah probably the people that needs this guide)

This is good for killing enemy heroes. This gives you an 2.2x multiplier. For example, you have 77 attack. [77x2=154 154x1.2 which is also 120%=184.8 damage]That's good I meant REALLY GOOD.

Scythe of Vyse
This will turn your enemies into a chicken. That means they can't use any of their abilities and items. They also can't attack and the speed is decreased a lot. This will make them a chicken for 3.5 seconds. For me, I would turn them into a chicken and after they are done being a chicken, I would shackle them into a tree or an enemy hero or creep. This will get me more time to hurt him more or kill him. If he still doesn't die, this is why Powershot is for. I won't explain more of Powershot because that's in the next chapter. NO SPOILERS ALERT!!!

All the other items are situational, depends on how your game is going. If you're doing good, you should get Bloodthorn for increased damage + silence. All the other one's are self-explanatory. If you need help of any items, tell me in the comments. I know for all the guides you shouldn't be lazy, but I am and a lot of people do so don't judge.Thank You


This is very helpful for stopping tp's and in team fights. I will say to just wait on shackling without shackilng in to the teams or to other enemy heroes. If you fail your shackle, the stun will only be 0.75 seconds. If you maxed out your shackle already, successful shackle shot will stun enemy heroes or enemy creeps/neutral for 3.75 seconds.

This skill should be upgraded first because you can farm creeps better. Last hit enemy heroes and also scout places. Powershot can break trees down for escape. Shackleshot will stun the enemy and once the enemy hero get so low and they tried to run away and you can't see them, predict where you think they are going and go for that last hit kill powershot.

This skill gives you 100% evasion. That means you can't be hit by physical attacks, unless they have a Monkey King Bar. You can get hit by nukes which are powerful spells with less cooldowns or just very powerful abilities that will wreck your face. For example, Laguna Blade and Finger of Death Something like that. You can use windrun if you are so close to destroying the tower + the tower is hitting on you (lol hitting on you lol ok I'm kind of childish right now. DEAL WITH IT!). Towers cant hurt you with windrun on because tower's are physical damage. Some people thinks that towers deal like magical damage so this is just to point out on beginners.

Focus Fire
This skill is very good on taking down towers. This is kid of a counter for enemy heroes that has Armlet of Mordiggian and in very low health. This means that they can't toggle their armlet or they are dead. You can also use this on enemy heroes,but warning! your focus fire only gives you attack speed on that certain thing that you pressed on. To be example, If you pressed on an enemy hero, you won't have the same attack speed if you decide to attack another enemy hero or building or whatever that is that you can kill/destroy.

Pros / Cons


  • She has a good escape mechanism which is Windrun.
  • She can farm creeps better once her Powershot is maxed level and last hit heroes and kill steal (lol) or not do that and kill her opponent by herself.
  • She can stun people or disable them I think... with her Shackleshot and for me when I get Shackleshot, I feel liike I'm stunned for billions of years like Mirana's Sacred Arrow.
  • She can push towers fast with her Focus Fire and if she had Aghanim's Scepter she would destroy towers quicker.


Which lane to go?

Safe Lane

At safe lane, you should not have two carries there. You can,but you have to share farming. You should have a support that can harass enemy heroes and deny creeps for you and not take your creeps from you like last hitting them for gold. There if you can farm you can get the items you need and be able to gank mid or tp to off-lane and hide at the jungle then surprise them and beat them up.

Mid lane

At mid lane, you are going to deny creeps and farm as much as possible. For me, denying creeps is much more efficient because they have exp and you get exp if they don't deny your creeps. If you have Focus Fire, you should be able to destroy mid tower before ten minutes. If not, I guess you are fine unless you are more farmed and have more levels than the other enemy hero in that mid lane. You should also harass the enemy hero, but don't harass them too much and forget about your farming.

For me, that's all the lane except for off-lane. off-lane can also be played like safe lane. You shouldn't focus on them too much unless your teammate is going for them and you both know that you can get them. One tip is to not chase. You want to kill them and there is tower in the way, but they are so low. What do you do? This is what Powershot is for.

Last words...

This is the ending of this guide, I am too tired and I have to make another guide for my other friend. The sad part is he doesn't use the keyboard, sadly ;( . He just said "I am not used on the keyboard, I'm not good at it". I hope you like the guide. I think I'm going to make a sniper guide next. That means more research for me. lol. Ask me questions in the comments and hopefully I get to answer it. Please don't hate and say mean things and say bad words at the comments. The comments did nothing to deserve this. You will probably see some grammar that is wrong (probably like this one, the sentence I just did... which is thisone. Now I'm way too repetitive)so pls don't judge. I'm just like every human in the world, we all make mistakes sometimes (some people are all the times, I'm not naming anyone and don't beat me up) so don't judge me of how I type or I just can't see things. My friend will be reading this guide so this is a saying for him.

Your Welcome
Thank You
(no last names were said because people can search it up and see how ugly I look)

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