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Tricks for Pros ! Juggy Style.

August 11, 2015 by Fatt Catt
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The Exiled Ronin (( Tricks for pros ! ))

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Purchase Order

1. You're starting items must be these

2. early game items. Get from left to right.

3. In the next stage your items must look like these.

Now it IS the being pro time. ( the mid game's mid )

5. These are your core. fill the other slots with items from the 6th section

6. All about being Lux.

Hero Skills

Blade Fury

1 3 5 7

Healing Ward

2 8 9 10

Blade Dance

4 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Introduction to this guide

Hello guys,
First of all do not panic if you see this guide is different from all those juggy guides you see. ( which some of them is really good and some silly). THIS IS A FUN BUILD .
Before you read all the guide I must say you must Know how to play with Yun and by knowing I mean being good with him.
This guide changes your good Yun to the COOLEST almost perfect juggernaut that can ever play in public matches.
It's not for the captains mode 5v5 though. Those matches have no guides. The strategy must be what your team decides.
And in advance I apologize if this guide seems like a wall of text to you.
This is my first guide here and I'm not good with taking and uploading pix so sorry for that.

The Emphasize

On this chapter I want to say that this guide emphasizes on the prefect use of Omnislash .
As you all already know Yun is not a good late-game carry. Yes he has a high chance critic but hes low on impact damage.
I know that can be fixed with expensive lux Items but what's the point of getting out of role for all the extra money ?
All this lone Samurai has is his unmatched sword skill Omnislash .
( except for his early game Blade Fury which I assume you all already know how to use ).
I'm skipping the Q then teleport part and etc. and assume I'm writing this for pro players.
So by doing the best Slash you can distribute the most damage in team fights and be very effective.
All this guide is based on that you know YOU CAN USE ITEMS WHEN DOING Omnislash and that you do.
So even if you don't want to use this fun build you will still benefit from this guide by learning what each item does on your ult and use one or two of them in your play style.

Skill Build

How to lvlup depends on the gamestyle but I put the most used best general lvlup system here. a single point in Blade Dance is a good 20% Critic but a 5% raise for a whole lvlup seems unfair in early game and a 25% more of the max hp regen to all the teammates is a far better deal with a single point in Healing Ward.

When to Slash'em

On when to use the Omnislash I must first say that since Yun is not such a brilliant hero you usually have MANA problems.
These situations are the best use Omnislash :
1_ Finding a hero alone in early & mid game.
2_ Finding a pack of 2 heroes together away from creeps in mid and late game.
3_Using it on 3 heroes requires Aghanim's Scepter.
4_Using it on more than 3 heroes is a rare situation and is considered only with a Refresher Orb at hand.

The way of the sword

This is the main part of the guide.
Here I explain the usage of the each item I recommended and illustrate the actions that can be done. later I may even add some replay or pictures of that too. You will decide which late game item goes best with both your play style and in game conditions.

Blink Dagger :
Using this is too COOL. It gives you the ability to control your Omnislash .
When you blink if ,on the right time which is just after slashing (just use it you must have a bad lock to use it while it breaks the slashing), you can change your target, You can escape from a bad slash or get back to the hero you were slashing before the annoying creeps came.
You can also use it to maximize the effect of Blade Fury or even escape while donig it.

Purging Slashes

Purge :

It's so FUN it burns your mana ! Purge'em and then catch up with them or First use Omnislah then Purge the **** out of them. It's a good start to build up attack speed + it can completely unable them to run back to their teammates and you can even purge some other hero who's trying to get close to minimize your damage.
So Ulti then Start purging the evil !
This item smashes heroes like Omniknight and Sven and it's not even an orb effect [ attack modifier ] anymore !

Slash'm Twice

Butterfly , Mask of Madness , Yasha, Assault Cuirass :
You should know that the Ronin also attacks the target while slashing him.
So for the duration of the Omnislash you are also auto attacking.
A higher attack speed means more auto attacks and thats what the items above give you.
Yasha how ever gives you a little extra mobility too.
Assault Cuirass's armor reduction will be discussed later.

Slash'em Harder and Deeper

Assault Cuirass , Medallion of Courage :

As you know Omnislash is physical, and less armor means a higher damage.
And you'll know what joy is right after Slashing a hero till his hp is low then using medallion on another hero and blink on him to do the rest of the slashes there.
Desolator is a good item and a high addition to your damage and give all the enemy teammates a -7 armor. Medallion of Courage however can be considered a low price early game Desolator which is what you need.
Also Desolator is no fun at all !
Medallion of Courage is not a late game item tough and shouldn't be bought if it's already late game or the carries are over farmed.

Cold Slash

Eye of Skadi :

This is too expensive but when Omnislashing It slows all the targets.
Cool eh ?
But again it's too expensive !

Shiva's Gaurd is not recommended but good if mobility is important for the enemy team.
Slash then use it !

Slash Dance

Force Staff :

This one is extremely situational and good if you're dominating the mid-game.
Use the slashing on the Initiators like Vengeful Spirit after she swaps then FORCE them back to their team. this is better than walking to them. Alot better !
Use it one and you'll know what I mean !
Force Staff is not a late game item tough and shouldn't be bought if it's already late game or the carries are over farmed so you can save a slot for a late game item.

Chosen Slash

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
I just bought this once and it really helped me dominate the three gankers always roaming together , used Omnislash then Cycloned one of them. the other would die by me slashing, and I could deal with the other one when he hit the ground.
So I decided to add Eul's Scepter of Divinity to this chapter.

The Obvious

Refresher Orb , Boots of Travel , Abyssal Blade, Orchid Malevolence :

It's obvious what these items do !

About the Refresher Orb, Use it when slashing then by using Shift you can start slashing again right after you're done with the Omnislash !
Recommended only if you're obsessed with getting a rampage !
Orchid Malevolence is extremly good killing heroes like Storm Spirit and other blinkers.

The End

First of all thanks for reading this guide.

Please comment if you've found any other cool tricks and I'll add it with your own name here.
and please tell which of those above you liked most !
I'll try to add some replays and Pictures here later.

please care to vote. Either you like it or not vote it up or down and let me know how I'm doing.
And don't hesitate to ask for tricks and pros on another hero if you want.
I'll add it up.
Be Safe , Be Cool !

6.84 update !

In this chapter I'll tell you what is good to do in the new update.

First Of all know that You must always have an Enchanted Mango in hand until you no longer have mana problems.

Lotus Orb and Glimmer Cape are not good Items for you really, use your first skill to dodge spells. You don't need to orb to return them nor the cape to dodge them.

Guardian Greaves are worth considering. Since they refill everything and purge bad buffs off you. This is very effective but you can live without it. Let someone else buy it if you can. Remember you don't need the regen buff that much because you have your own built in fountain : Healing Ward .

Moon Shard : If you don't know what to do with your money, Buy this, Use this !

Silver Edge : This is the only new Item that is really great for you. Buy that and you'll eat passive based heroes like Phantom Assassin. Go invisible, do a single attack then use your Omnislash and she can not miss. you can use this to stop skeleton king from rising from the dead again, or Sven from splashing It's a real good item for you BUT THINK AGAIN BEFORE BUYING and only get it if your opponents have great passives. IF YOU WANT TO BUY THIS DO NOT BUY BLINK !

Solar Crest : Not a bad idea but not a good one either ! you want to make them lose armor ? get a medallion and/or a desolator ! not worth it for jugg !

Octarine Core : Do not even consider buying it !

About the hero changes you should know these:
Omnislash no longer mini stuns the target so for example you can't use it to stop witch doctor's ultimate voodoo !
Item using in Omnislash has become instant and your hero doesnt turn before doing it. this saves you about half a second.
your Blade Fury's early game cool down has been increased so you must be more careful when to use it.
Blade Fury no longer removes positive buffs.
Healing Ward's moving speed has been decreased but is still great.

Faq : 1- How to slash the Blinkers

When Omnislashing a blinker, ( you can not counter some one who has a Eul's Scepter of Divinity) two things may happen.
1- the blinker's not a pro and blinks while being slashed :
this way you'll go with him. If the problem is he taking you to his teammates and reducing the damage output you must get a Omnislash focusing item like Eul's Scepter of Divinity which let's you attack fewer persons or Force Staff the one you don't want to slash out of reach.
2-He or she is a pro player or is very lucky and blinks between your Omnislashes thus breaking your chain.
This itself has two distinct possible outcomes : ( By parting this I'm trying not to be confusing so sorry if I am :) )
2-a- the hero blinks away leaving you Omnislashing another hero or creep. in that case save your blink, do not blink and then Omnislash, do it vice versa ! Omnislash then blink to slash back to him.
2-b- the hero ( and more than once ) blinks away and leaves you crying on the ground. In this case if it's really important to kill that blinker, the only thing you can do is to have A silence ( I'm not saying Omnislash when the blink is on cool down cause I know you've already figured that out. ).

It can be a silencing hero (whom you must ask to silence or start Omnislashing when he does so) or a Orchid Malevolence Only if it's extremely needed.
If the hero buys a Black King Bar ? Start spaming CYKA !
There is another way thou, It's not recommended, try it in bot matches first and IT'S THE COOL WAY AROUND . I've done it my self less than 5 times and I used my luck too for doing that ! :)
Try to guess when the hero is going to blink, and blink with him. They usually blink after the second slash the direction is always either toward the base or to go high ground or behind the closest trees.
the End.

Faq : 2- The Madness returns ( Why not mask of madness ? )

First let's take a moment and thank NUBTRAIN for putting this image on his great juggy guide (which I recommend you all to read it's also a guide on how to write a guide :D ) :
Which is the best way to play the standard Yurnero BUT I myself don't think that's FUN to paly him like that (just kidding) !
Now to the image :
AS you can see ( or should be able to see ! ) a 100% attack speed increase gives you nothing in the first level of your ultimate.
at the second stage of your Omnislash it gives you 1 extra attack ! which is at the best case scenario a 150 physical attack !
so DO NOT RUSH FOR MOM ! or convince me before doing it at least !
GET YOUR Aghanim's Scepter it gives you a lot more damage.
you can rush for Medallion of Courage thou cause it reduces armor and increases your damage output ! end of this section ! thank you NubTrain
and so on !

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