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The real Tony Stark. THE best skillbuild.

February 5, 2014 by Timminatorr
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Solo Clockwerk

DotA2 Hero: Clockwerk

Hero Skills

Battery Assault

3 4 5 7

Power Cogs

1 12 13 14

Rocket Flare

2 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

The real Tony Stark. THE best skillbuild.

February 5, 2014


Hi, im Tim and this is my first guide. I decided to make a Clockwerk guide becouse he is one of my favorite heroes and lot of other guides seem to use skill and item builds that i dont agree with.
As such this guide will not go into depth on things like basic offlaning.

So lets get underway and ill explain why this build is the way to go in the majority of situations.

What does clockwerk do?

Clockwerk is a hero that is picked for a couple of different reasons:
Getting map control early in the game.
Initiating and distupting teamfights.
Punishing splitpush.

You accomplish this by getting a quick level 6 in the offlane or midlane, and using your signature ultimate Hookshot to pick heroes off, initiating fights, or counter initiating to give your team the upper hand.


Battery Assault is your main damage dealing spell. You start making a funky sound and shooting short range projectiles that will hit a random enemy in its small AOE.
These projectiles do little damage on their own and only ministun, but a full 10 second duration does a whopping 1200 magic damage.
You can get solokills in your lane if you either manage to trap enemies in your next skill, or if your opponent is greedy and wants to deny his own last creep while he is too far up in lane. Just follow him closely and dont attack since that will cause him to walk out of your Battery Assault range.

Though it is not burst damage you can land a very long duration on him with your next skill:

Power Cogs will trap enemies standing close to you inside the cogs for a duration that will increase with levels.
It also functions as a very good escape mechanism that not only allows you but potentially your entire team to escape. The cogs allow you to knock your enemies back and block their path. But beware, you can also block your own team as you are the only one that can destroy the cogs in 1 hit.
Its third use is its ability to burn mana and health. This is especially usefull against enemies that have a very low mana pool or rely on their spells to keep you out of lane or lasthit.
it requires a bit of practice to hit it and avoid trapping him with you, but that should come after a few games.

Rocket Flare is a global scouting tool that does a small amount of damage in a fairly large AOE.
Though it primairy use is scouting ganks or roshan especially in later portions of the game, you can also use it to lasthit, provide a small amount of counterpush wherever you want, or to provide that small amount of extra burst damage needed to kill someone.
Its even possible to make big plays by sniping heroes who think they are safe, and are running back to base.

Hookshot is your ultimate and signature spell. It allows you to initiate from long distances so you can isolate and pickoff heroes.
In the early game especially your potential for solokills is really good becouse almost no one can stand against the damage of Battery Assault. and after picking up a blademail everyone exept lifestealer or a hero with a blink or Leap is screwed.
The stun also goes through BKB so try to save it for that magic immune Bane or Witch Doctor.

Skillbuild explanation.

Now we come at the point where the other guides are wrong. Yes, i dare to say that, i looked at a lot of the guides and most of them ARE. PLAIN. WRONG. Come at me.

Most of them either pick up Rocket Flare at level 1 or max it first. Unless there is no chance in hell you are going to survive against any hero in Power Cogs with Battery Assault on that build is WRONG. But if that is the case you screwed something up really early in the game.

In pretty much every scenario you should max Battery Assault by level 7. If you delay this you are missing the window in which you are able to dominate the map, set up kills and make space for your carriy to farm. This is usually soon after you pick up level 6.
Most heroes wont have force staffs up at this time in the game and are unable to escape you unless they have another form of escape.

Without levels in Battery Assault you can still attempt to set up kills but you cant solo them, and lack a LOT of damage.

My skillbuild will generally look like this.

1: Power Cogs Use them for escape, for isolation or to burn mana and health. It does the same amount of damage as Rocket Flare at level one so there is no reason to skill that spell at level 1.
2: This is usually Rocket Flare for picking up some of that last hits that you otherwise wouldn't get. just like Dragon Knight with breath fire. Be carefull though as this will push the lane.
3-5: From here you must max Battery Assault ASAP. You need the damage as i explained earlier.
6: Ofcourse pick up your ultimate Hookshot you can start ganking now.
7: max Battery Assault
8 and beyond: From this level onwards you will usually want to max Rocket Flare to halp you deal a bit extra burst damage.
Ofcourse skill Hookshot whenever possible.

As always in dota your skillbuild can vary from game to game, sometimes you want that 1 extra level in Power Cogs to burn more mana. Deciding what kind of variations you will make all depend on the pace of the game. But this is the optimal build in most cases, becouse after level 7 or even 6 you will get most of your XP from participating in kills. If not that means that you are still in lane, and although that IS possible in some cases, (again, feel the pace of the game.) you should be ganking and making space.
Just the threat of a level 6 Clockwerk who is off the map should make all of your enemies think twice about farming that creep. If not, more kills for you!

But if you ARE still in lane ALWAYS ALWAYS carry a Town Portal Scroll so you can TP in and turn a gank around.


Starting items:
Get your basic regeneration items with a Stout Shield. Clarity is optional and personal preference.
Going for a bottle rush if you are mid is also possible but it all depends on the autoattack harass your opponent can put out.

My usual boots of choice are Phase Boots. Although some will argue for power threads i prsonally never build them becouse i value positioning over stats.
You also dont really need the attack speed while the Phase Boots higher damage is handy for snagging some last hits in the laning stage.
Arcane Boots are situational. Again, feel the flow of the game maaaaan.

Magic Wand is also a good item especially against heroes like Bristleback, although it can sometimes fill up your inventory too fast if you go for a lot of small items.

If i am playing the offlane i often pick up a Drum of Endurance. When you aren't mid it can result in you having less items and levels, and thus less stats. In that case drum is a great item as it gives you a larger HP as well as mana pool. Plus that speed aura that helps with positioning and chasing.
You dont need regen as much as raw stats, since going back to base a little more often than with other heroes is not that big of a problem, becouse you a lot of your effectiveness when Hookshot is on cooldown.
Sometimes keeping it as a Bracer is fine.

THE ultimate snowballing item for Clockwerk is Aghanim's Scepter.
With this your Hookshot's cooldown gets reduced to just an amazingly 12 short seconds. I often rush it if i was mid and im snowballing, even right after Bottle Phase Boots Abuse this fact in any way you can. Dart around the fight while you keep hooking good targets. Gank non stop. Stop that witch doctor's dreams about how he thinks he is going to destroy your team with Death Ward or just smack people in the face with it from point blank range. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS YOU SON OF A ***** SO BUY IT NOW. FOR ONLY 19,99!!!!!

Blade Mail. There is an Ursa or Troll Warlord who fights you inside Power Cogs? Well not anymore. FOR ONLY 19-- nevermind not doing that joke again.
Usually you should get it very early or it wont be worth it.

In some cases you need a Black King Bar, especially if that Gyrocopter or Luna you are initating on melts your face. The magic immunity can help you survive so you can help your team in the rest of the teamfight.

Force Staff is a great item overall but sometimes you just need to get the **** out of your Power Cogs after you trap the enemy team in them.

Although you are pretty manly, lanching yourself into 5 people and all that jazz, sometimes you need a Ghost Scepter to shield yourself from the rightclicks that their heroes produce later in the game.
And dont fool yourself, this is not an item that you just buy when you are losing, and it gives pretty good stats for the cost.

Heaven's Halberd gives great survivability and a nasty active. You should often consider it.

Sometimes you will be the one to build a Mekansm. This will probably force you into getting Arcane Boots, but its actually not that bad on Clockwerk.

Orchid Malevolence can be considered if you opponents have a hero with an escape mechanism like Blink or a hero who relies on spells like Puck or Storm Spirit.

Pipe of Insight is an underrated item, it is especially usefull going highground against a team with lots of magic spam.

Great late game items:

Assault Cuirass. Its late in the game. No one on you team plans on building one and you have the money for it, why not? It provides a great aura that helps going highground.

Heart of Tarrasque You are the initiator and you want tons of HP. this is the item for you.

Scythe of Vyse A hex is a hex. Hex is great, i dont care if you are planning to get one on Troll Warlord, extra disables are always welcome.

Shiva's Guard Another great luxury item that makes you tankier. With an amazing aura and good active.

Boots of Travel are needed once you cant pick up town portal scrolls anymore. Especially against that Nature's Prophet who keeps splitpushing. Now you can TP back and hookshot him in the face! Feels so good.

Situational items.

A Bottle is obviously great for mid, and you can make use of almost every sort of rune.

Dont be a cheap ******* and buy your own Dust of Appearance. That gank failed becouse YOU didnt get it not becouse the support who was there doesnt have it in his inventory 100% of the time.

Invisibility is getting out of hand? Get a Gem of True Sight.

Smoke of Deceit is not always needed becouse your initiation range is so big, but it might be needed to get from lane to lane undetected.

The items you buy mostly vary depending on what role you play and what heroes the other team has. Are you the sole initiator? Or do you alrealy have another one on the team so you can focus on different types of items?

Wheee you read my guide!

Thanks for reading my first guide! Feedback is welcome and wanted!
Ill probably make this guide prettier or expand it sometime. But for now i think this is enough to make the point i wanted to make.

I hope you liked and learned something from this guide!


PS: Stop calling me timm, why does everybody do that, isnt it obvious that my name is Tim?

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