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Support PA? B**** please-A guide to hard carry Enchantress

October 11, 2014 by AlpacaMan123
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InfuriatedBrute (2) | November 28, 2015 11:39pm
Hamstertamer wrote:
Going Midas is basically saying "my early game is bad anyways so I'll just play passively and dodge fights, and go for the late game". Which is how to NOT play Enchantress.

But the thing is, every small item on enchantress sucks. Urn, basilius, soul ring, all nearly worthless. (The extra tank is nice, but you can manage vs right-clickers with just untouchable+wisps) Enchantress is strong during the early game regardless of anything because of enchant. No early game items will make her much stronger. She doesn't need early regen (beyond maybe a couple clarities) due to wisps healing and enchant costing only 65 mana. She uses her creeps to fight while she attacks from a safe distance, so she doesn't use early health or damage very well. Aghs, Necro, Orchid and other expensive items are pretty good on her though, and by the time you reach those midas should have pretty much payed for itself.

Hamstertamer wrote:
Then, at 32 minutes (!!), you have earned 1K gold for "free".

Plus a ton of experience. Midas is usually used on the large creep in the jungle for the double experience. And if you're a good jungler (which enchantress is), the 90 gold you would have gotten from farming that creep in the normal way won't be "wasted", because you'll just use the time you would spend farming that creep to farm another creep! So on enchantress midas pays off pretty quickly; at least by 20 minutes after purchasing it, but usually sooner.
Sando (118) | October 10, 2014 4:16am
The biggest issue I have with Hand of Midas on Enchantress is not that it's a complete waste of gold (although personally I think you'd be better off maximising your early game) - but the knock on effect it has on their playstyle.

For 90% of players, Hand of Midas = AFK farm. Sit in the jungle or the safelane farming for as long as possible. Don't risk getting involved in fights. Let the rest of your team struggle away on their own while you stroll briskly round the forest hoping you're not in a tier where the enemy will actually push or hunt you down.

Enchantress has an amazing early game presence - she can be ganking either lane almost immediately and with great effect - she gets free stuns, nukes and all sorts of other great stuff from her jungle creeps. She can push towers down quickly in the same way.

Now for me, it's always, always, ALWAYS better to get gold and experience by knocking over the opposition than it is by passively farming - obviously this is if your hero has a choice and the right situation to do so. Not only do you get more farm and experience faster by doing this, but you're also actively taking it away from the opposition.
Hamstertamer (89) | October 10, 2014 1:46am
Okay, so to make things clear about why no Hand of Midas on Enchantress : Midas is an item for heroes who have good late game but bad early game. It's mainly an item for safe lane carries who are freefarming and can get one early, ideally at 6-7 minutes and not later : Faceless Void, Morphling, Phantom Lancer, Medusa, Chaos Knight, etc, these are good Midas heroes, and even then Midas is just *situational*, not core by any means. What getting a Midas does, is that it significantly weakens your early game by *blowing 2K gold on an item that does nothing*, in the hopes that it pays off *as the game goes late*. Going Midas is basically saying "my early game is bad anyways so I'll just play passively and dodge fights, and go for the late game". Which is how to NOT play Enchantress.

Midas takes a ton of time to pay off actually. It takes approximately 24 minutes for Midas to pay for itself. And if you sell Midas then, you have only gained half of the Midas price as "free" gold, which is only 1K gold. Let's assume you get a 8-minute Midas as Ench, which is *extremely* optimistic since you're supposed to buy wards, courier and stuff. Then, at 32 minutes (!!), you have earned 1K gold for "free".
Enchantress is at her best *before* 32 minutes, not after 32 minutes, making Midas a terrible investment on her.
For the price of a Midas, you can get a fast orchid, a fast Aghs, a bottle, an urn, a drum, treads, wards, smoke of deceit, a soul ring, etc. All those items that allow you to dominate the early/mid game by having more HP, sustaining early pushes, getting map control, doing Rosh early with your team, etc.

Oh and in case you're wondering about why 24 minutes, maybe you've heard some people say that Midas takes 17 minutes to pay for itself ; I don't know how these people learned math but I'm glad I didn't have their elementary school teacher. Midas doesn't create 190 gold, it creates 190 gold minus the bounty of the creep that you would have last hit anyways, so Midas-ing a big jungle creep only creates like 190-100 = 90 gold while midasing a lane creep creates like 190 - 50 = 140 gold. If you assume 140 gold/Midas usage supposing you use it only on lane creeps, you get this much more realistic 24 minutes. And even then you're assuming that you use Midas on every cooldown ; which you won't, so it's even longer that that.

Midas is a pretty lackluster item, the only reason why people buy this in competitive is because it exploits long games where nothing ever happens and there are like 10 total kills at 20 minutes - ever seen a pub game like this? So the lesson is, just because you saw Arteezy or something go Midas on Shadow Fiend and have no Blink Dagger OR Black King Bar 30 minutes into the game changes nothing about the fact that this build in a pub is absolute garbage.
srawesomeguy | October 10, 2014 12:58am
Great idea. :D
AlpacaMan123 | October 9, 2014 8:53pm
Thanks a lot for your comments, I'm going to reformat the guide and improve it a little.
KoDyAbAbA (65) | October 9, 2014 8:07pm
and here, people, we see dotafire residents in their natural habitat.
AlpacaMan123 | October 9, 2014 7:57pm
Hey guys thanks a lot, I'm gonna re write this guide sometime and put into account what you said.
Tigerre (4) | October 9, 2014 5:21pm
I keep seeing people dissing Enchantress+ Hand of Midas, which is totally stupid, I see it often in pro games and I also see no problem with it, if people are saying you need attack speed, then are saying that Midas is terrible can read, I would be VERY surprised.

Going Hand of Midas- Power Treads- Aghanim's Scepter- Mask of Madness- Orchid Malevolence/ Bloodstone is possibly the best build on semi-carry Enchantress though, the advantage to this build is the fact that Hand of Midas gives attack speed and more farm, as you are still a semi-carry and should still be buying wards (Here's some math: Observer Wards cost 150 gold, Hand of Midas gives 190 gold per use {And it's reliable, meaning that for every use you will get an asured 190 gold even if you bought back! And even better, you only lose unreliable gold when you die, so a hero with ****tons of kills is more likely to be able to buy **** when they die :D}, so that means that you have an assured stack of wards every 100 second, this means that your team will be like:
FFS, I keep seeing Enchantress players getting Hand of Midas and trying to carry the game with it." and then you're like: STFU, LOOK AT MY STASH, I JUST BOUGHT 3 STACKS OF WARDS BECAUSE OUR IDIOT POSITION 5 DIDN'T GET ANY, SEE, I'M A GOOD BOY! then they'll be like: SWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT, get Aghs then MoM next then we'll be all good!


Getting a Force Staff is really good on this hero, in a similar way it's decent on Bloodseeker or Invoker or Pudge (How is it similar to these heroes you may ask, well, it's very simple, part of the reason you get Force Staff on Invoker, is it lets you land really hilarious Sun Strikes, Pudge can land hilarious Meat Hooks and Bloodseeker's ult benefits from the small nuke, though I don't buy it on any of these heroes :D). Here's why: Impetus deals base damage and extra damage per unit traveled, similar to Rupture, so if you use Impetus then before it hits the target you Force Staff them away you deal more damage, and that damage could secure a kill. In truth, I think Enchantress' ult makes countering hero very similar to Riki, due to the fact that if you try to run from either of them you take more damage, so the best way to counter these heroes is to NOT run, TANK THE **** UP, and DEAL ****TONS OF DAMAGE!

Great Guide! +1 from me (Actually, I'm gonna spam the +1 button until this tab crashes!)
Eon_Theory (2) | October 9, 2014 4:10pm
"Natures Attendants": Simply the most OP heal in the game, Juggernaut's Healing Ward has something to say about that. 2 people move out of a fight half hp? They are a Pudge and a Centaur Warrunner? No problem, it heals a percentage max HP! Someone getting chased down? Just make the extremely mobile ward move next to them! Your team Pushing? HEALING WARD! Whereas Enchantress' heal has a set limit to the amount it heals, if you are healing more people the heal falls off, it also falls of the later the game goes. Whereas Jug's healing ward heals MORE the later the game goes.
Hamstertamer (89) | October 9, 2014 3:34pm
Guys, please stop saying confusing/false stuff about crits on Impetus.

Impetus is a SEPARATE instance of PURE damage in addition to your attack damage, and this instance of damage cannot crit.

Your attack damage can still crit, so you will see a red number on your attack, but only the physical damage part is increased by the crit multiplier ; the pure damage part isn't increased.

Daedalus only increases your physical attack damage which is pretty low so it's a bad item on Enchantress. Build attack speed instead it's way better.
AlpacaMan123 | October 9, 2014 3:29pm
Here pure damage is taken into account with the crit multipliers which will increase that damage multiplied by the critical strike, unique attack modifiers is what won't work with impetus
TheSofa (54) | October 9, 2014 8:05am
ElDiablo wrote:

You should check out This guide here that tells about guide formating.

You stole my line.
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