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Support PA? B**** please-A guide to hard carry Enchantress

October 11, 2014 by AlpacaMan123
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Support PA? B**** please-A hard carry guide to Enchantress

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Gloves of Haste

Early Game

Boots of Speed
Urn of Shadows
Morbid Mask
Oblivion Staff

Mid Game

Power Treads
Aghanim's Scepter
Mask of Madness

Late Game

Orchid Malevolence
Monkey King Bar

Hero Skills


5 7 9 13


1 3 10 14

Nature's Attendants

2 4 8 12


6 11 16


15 17 18

Support PA? B**** please-A guide to hard carry Enchantress

October 11, 2014


Enchantress(also known as Bambi) is a ranged intelligence hero with high mobility and good range but a very disappointing strength gain. Enchantress is usually played as a support but in this guide she is played as a carry. Bambi can jungle effectively and can deal a lot of damage with the right items. She isn't a traditional carry like Phantom Assassin or Faceless Void but she can carry none the less. You should still buy wards and Dust of Appearance with Bambi but don't go full on support.


-Very squishy
-Mana dependent
-Enemies with Black King Bar make her useless
-Has no stun
-If you are stunned your f***

-Good movement speed
-Insane heal
- Impetus can deal a lot of damage
-Ridiculous slow


Early Game

Enchantress is very strong while in the jungle early game and picks up quite a lot of gold. For early game you should focus on getting Urn of Shadows. Next you can get Boots of Speed and then focus on your core items more ( Morbid Mask and Oblivion Staff lead to core items).

Mid Game

In mid game, Enchantress should get Power Treads for strength or intelligence and focus in on Aghnims Scepter and Mask of Madness which will boost your stats with Scepter and give you life steal as a partial heal and also combining Mask of Madness while Impetus is on auto cast will deal insane damage and melt peoples health.

Late Game

This is when Bambi can become a true hard carry. Orchid Malevolence will allow you to disable high damage spell casters like Lina and stop her from doing her combo that will kill Bambi even at late game: Light Strike Array, Dragon Slave, and then Laguna Blade. Assault Cuirass will give Enchantress great armor and very good attack speed which will allow Bambi to attack very fast.

In the Jungle

A lot of people say you have to lane Enchantress in order to carry! this is incorrect. By being in the lane you have the chance you won't get the last hit, and the fact that enemies can spam spells on your already low health without having to go searching for you. In the jungle you get more gold and about the same amount of experience that a mid lane hero would get. But their are many creeps in the jungle, not all are good. Some are great and some just waste you mana when you Enchant them.

These guys are real good, if you get one of these try and gank the lane and grab a kill. This should be fairly easy because of how strong Bambi is early game and if they are in a hard lane it even better. Their stomp can stun for three seconds which is very long for early game, this should allow you and your lane parter secure a kill. These guys are also very useful, there Tornado is very overpowered in early game and works like the centaur!nifty you can set up a gank especially if they are pushing the tower so that it will make it that much easier. But they don't have a stun and neither do you so rely on your partner to slow them a lot or have a solid stun. This guy can also be a big help not only with the aura where it does insane health regen but also his shockwave. Although you may need a second creep to stun or your partner to help you and your creep get a kill in a gank, but over all a very tanky guy that is a great creep against others in the jungle.


Early Game

Early game is Bambi's time to shine. You are strongest against any other hero especially carries at that time. Gank constantly to ensure that you get some bonus experience and some gold for your larger items like Agnhims Scepter. In early game your creeps can be very useful, especially Centaurs and Widikins. Centaurs Hoof Stomp is decent and if your teammate has a stun you can grab a kill. Widikin has a very OP Tornado spell. It will deal damage overtime while the enemies are in the tornado and slow them. If your partner has a good stun you can also grab a kill if their is a solo enemy in the hard lane.

Mid Game

This is where Enchantress can be very useful. Creeps don't matter as much anymore but still try to gank and push towers. But be weary of heroes like Razor that get Blade Mail. They activate it while your melting their health and then you find your self dead while they heal and go in for the rampage. In mid game your main carry is most likely farmed up a little and you two can push the towers with ease. If it's a carry like Faceless Void he can Chronosphere while you beat the **** out of the enemies that are disabled. You should also be weary of people with stuns and if you sense a stun coming cast Natures Attendents for your hp to regain in a second. It is also important to cast Natures Attendents before a team fight to heal your team and save someone.

Late Game

Enchantress can fall off a bit late game but can still be very strong. With Orchid Malevolence you can deal a lot of damage but the best part is that if they get away after you melted their health while Orchid Malevolence was activated, they will get the bonus damage at the end and die. Assault Cuirass will help your teammates and be annoying to your enemies. This will allow Bambi to pick off people very easily like Crystal Maiden and Ancient Apparition. Still be careful if enemy carries are farmed, REMEMBER:You won't be able to take down a fed Phantom Assassin because of how OP she can get but don't run away from a 1v1 against a nuker like Lion or Lina because you can silence, slow, and then kill them in 7 attacks.


- Lina can totally destroy you if she gets of to a good start. She can kill you in about 3 seconds
- Lion is the same with Lina except that he will drain your mana and then you can heal or anything! after that he fingers your A*** and your done for
- Zeus will spam his nukes until he makes you running, then he uses his ultimate and your road kill
- Anti-Mage will blink to you then melt your health and mana, messing you up completely. Then he mana voids and you die.

- Crystal Maiden will give you great mana regen with Arcane Aura and will allow you to have better mana management
- Sniper you and him can reck havoc on a 2v5, you two can slow and pick each one off one by one
- Omniknight can heal you and make you magic immune in team fights to save your life

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