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Spin, Cut, Shred! (Timbersaw Offlane)

December 24, 2014 by Oeghise
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Standard Build

DotA2 Hero: Timbersaw

Hero Skills

Whirling Death

3 5 7 8

Timber Chain

2 4 9 10

Reactive Armor

1 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Spin, Cut, Shred! (Timbersaw Offlane)

December 24, 2014


Hello. I am Oeghise and this is my guide to Timbersaw. This is my first guide on Dotafire so if you have anything that I could add on please comment. Timbersaw is a great hero because he is durable, he can snowball, he can survive tough lanes and reduce the stats of all heroes. Timbersaw is best in the offlane but can be played in mid if needed.

Pros and Cons


+ Durable
+ Nice AOE
+ Mobile(timber chain)
+ High armour with 3rd skill
+ Harassing Tool (whirling death)
+ Stat reductuion
+ Good with Aegis of the Immortal


- Prone to silences
- Relies on trees (Breaking High Ground, Rosh fights)
- Bad right click
- Bad against BKB

Item Summary

Starting Items

Tango's a Healing Salve and two Iron Branches are almost always a good item build. Some add a Clarity to this but that fills your inventory meaning that you have to buy your Magic Wand before Boots of Speed. Boots of Speed can be purchased at the side shop whereas Magic Wand cannot. This is a problem because a fast Bottle in middle lane is common and the mid hero might need to use the Animal Courier before you.

Core Items

Arcane Boots give a lot of mana early in the game. Later you will disassemble them to make the Soul Booster in your Bloodstone. After Bloodstone you will need to craft a mobility item.If you are not doing two well you should upgrade from Boots of Speed to Phase Boots before you move on to the more expensive mobility items. And if you are doing better you should leave upgraded boots for after. Choices for boots are either Phase Boots or Boots of Travel. Your choices for the more expensive items are Blink Dagger or Force Staff. I prefer Blink Dagger because it is easier to go EXACTLY where you want to whereas while using Force Staff you can only guess how far it is going to push you.


After the core items a tank item should be picked up. A Shiva's Guard will protect you from a lot of physical damage as well as giving much needed intelligence. Shiva's Guard will also give you a slow and even more nuke damage. For a less expensive item consider a Ghost Scepter. If the enemy team has lots of silences consider a Black King Bar. If the enemy team has lots of single target stuns and/or silences such as Wraith King, Spirit Breaker, Doom and Orchid Malevolence consider a linkens sphere. After the tank item a Scythe of Vyse is almost always the right choice.

Skill Summary

Whirling Death is your harassment tool in lane (before level six). This skill will also weaken the enemy by reducing their max HP for 7 seconds. If you can cast Whirling Death before using Chakram and Timber Chain. it will slightly increase your damage. Timber Chain is most of our mobility, a bit of damage and your only escape. With a low mana cost and cooldown to not be afraid to use it earlier rather than later. Remember that you can use Whirling Death while pulling yourself towards a tree. Reactive Armor is a lot of your durability. Since Timbersaw's starting armour is non-existent this will help a lot in lane. A good strategy is to tank a creep wave in order to regen health or to rack up 16 armour before a fight. This skill is generally skilled first though Timber Chain can be skilled first if the early escape is needed. Chakram is Timbersaw's ultimate. It is your only slow. It is a lot of your nuke damage and can be used to clear lots of trees.

When to pick Timbersaw

Timbersaw should be considered if you need help bringing down strength or illusion heroes. or if he combos with other heroes on your team such as Faceless Void and Enigma. This hero should be overlooked when there is lots of silences. Heroes that have great silences are Drow Ranger, Death Prophet, Silencer and Doom. Beware of heroes that commonly purchase Orchid Malevolence such as Storm Spirit, Broodmother, Windranger and Queen of Pain.


Timbersaw is very good at farming and pushing. Chakram and Whirling Death should nuke a creep wave and get you all the last hits. Once you have the mana to spare you can push very quickly. Unfortunately you do very little damage to structures so you might want to consider leaving your creeps to hit the tower and fall back to the jungle to farm or you can even creep skip if you your team has enough wards placed. While breaking highground you might want to push a creep wave to the tower than move to the next lane and push the creep wave up. Your team should have finished breaking the barracks by the time yuou have pushed to the tower.


In a hard lane you should be happy to sap XP. Occasionally you might be able to last hit if the creep wave is pushed to your tower. Don't be afraid to use your mana on Timber Chain. Using 70 mana to maybe escape is well worth it. In an easier lane you might be able to weave in and out for last hits. Use Whirling Death to harass when you get opportunity. Remember that Whirling Death deals pure damage if a tree gets cut down. Once you hit level 6 you should harass with Chakram. If two enemies are in the lane try to line it up so Chakram hits both of them. Try to weaken the enemy so a teammate can gank for an easy kill. at the very least the harassment should stop their last hitting. As always carry a TP so you can countergank or teleport to a teamfight. After the laning stage try to participate in every teamfight but don't just stand around. In between fights you can gain farm by pushing. your role in fights is to tear up the strength heroes, Kill all illusion then either focus the carry or pick off the heroes at the back of the fight such as Sniper, Drow Ranger or most supports.


Thank you for viewing my guide. Please comment if you have any feedback or questions. I plan to make more guides so you can tell me what guides you want in the future.


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