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Spectre 0.5 (7.32b)

October 3, 2022 by Bylial
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Spectre 0.5

DotA2 Hero: Spectre

Hero Skills

Spectral (Innate)

Spectral Dagger

1 3 5 7


8 9 11 13


2 4 14 16

Shadow Step

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+5% Dispersion
+30% Haunt Illusion Damage
+12% Spectral Dagger Slow/Bonus
+350 Health
+80 Spectral Dagger Damage
+12 Desolate Damage
+4 Health Regen
-4s Spectral Dagger Cooldown

Spectre 0.5 (7.32b)

October 3, 2022



The master of late game. Spectre. Can you imagine how this Hero can farm even if it's so behind from enemy to teammates? I love Dota.-Photo is not mine. Credits to the rightful owner. Photo link ==>


Just as higher states of energy seek a lower level, the Spectre known as Mercurial is a being of intense and violent energy who finds herself irresistibly drawn to scenes of strife as they unfold in the physical world. While her normal spectral state transcends sensory limitations, each time she takes on a physical manifestation, she is stricken by a loss of self--though not of purpose. In the clash of combat, her identity shatters and reconfigures, and she begins to regain awareness. She grasps that she is Mercurial the Spectre--and that all of her Haunts are but shadows of the one true Spectre. Focus comes in the struggle for survival; her true mind reasserts itself; until in the final moments of victory or defeat, she transcends matter and is restored once more to her eternal form.


Spectral Dagger
Spectre flings a dagger to draw a Shadow Path, dealing damage and slowing the movement speed of any enemies along the trail. Units hit by the dagger also trail a Shadow Path. While treading the path, Spectre phases through otherwise impassable terrain. Spectral Dagger applies an instance of Desolate to targets with no allied units within 400 radius of them.

Deals bonus damage whenever Spectre attacks an enemy that does not have any allied units within a 400.0 radius around them.

Damage done to Spectre is reflected on her enemies, leaving her unharmed. The effect lessens with distance.

Creates a spectral nemesis to attack each enemy hero. At any moment during the duration, Spectre can use Reality to exchange places of a given haunt.

Haunt illusions are uncontrollable, take extra damage, and deal less damage than Spectre herself. They ignore terrain.

Aghanim's Shard UPGRADE

Every 300.0 damage absorbed will trigger a Spectral Dagger to be launched at the last player-controlled attacker, occuring a max of once every 7.0 seconds.

Aghanim's Scepter UPGRADE

Shadow Step
Allows Spectre to perform a single target unit Haunt. Casts a Spectral Dagger on the target.

This guide is a simple non in-depth guide.




Wraith Band
Yes, get it ASAP. It's better if your support is a very good one to get those first bloods with your Speed and DMG advantage.

Boots of Speed
Ah.. the best choice of after getting Wraith Band since you are a priority of gank. Yes to run away. Also, to get those who run away from their fate.
(Btw, with your speed advantage and slow from Spectral Dagger practice blocking heroes on early games to take the kill for yourself.)

Magic Wand
Get this if you know that you will be against lanes that spam spells. This can save your life and get some life. Get it? nvm

Power Treads
And yes the best early boots there is in Dota 2. Changing from Intelligence whenever mana is low Strenght When you are in a bad position and of course. Agility to get that boost on speed as well as damage. Mostly for killing.


Manta Style

Prolly the best item choice you can use thougout the game. As a Carry you are prolly the first or second target on the game. People will gank, hit, and debuff you. Manta can dispell most debuffs on the game. Just make sure to save Manta Style whenever there is a big clash to come since you woulnd't be aware who'd they go first. Your MVP Support or you or the others. This will come in handy as a escape tool as well.

As you already know that your Manta deals 33% to Melee Heroes and 28% to Ranged Heroes. This will come in handy with your ganks, teamfights, etc. As it will create (2) Afterimages of spectre, while you slow them with Spectral Dagger and confuse them that will result of them going back or confusion. I just said that.

Yes, Spectre is the best there is (As I think. Shut up Naga and PL) when it comes to Illusions. With his Aghanim Scepter upgrade, you can just click on anybody on the map to get to them (Mostly get those squishy supps) And add a spice for another afterimage so that makes you (3) Spectres. Plus with Haunt during clashes, they wouldn't even ****ing see where you are with all that images.

Basic. You can use Spectre's Illu from Manta Style to farm those small farms as you farm yourself with Ancient or other Neuts.

Manta Style's DMG to tower I think is very very strong. With 3 Spec's hitting the tower for pushing it's very fast to take down the tower, and easily escape with Spectral Dagger whenever they jump on you.


Aghanim's Scepter
Yes, Agha's +STATS +MANA +HP, TF what else do you need for a 20-25 min item? And of course the upgrade for Spec's Aghanim's Shadow Step, to easily get those minimal farmed enemies with Spectral Dagger And Manta Style You can get those kills easy. And whenever something bad happens on your initiation for that kill, you can always go back to your previous Body or Illusion where you left of to get back.

Yes I know, Agha Upgrade is nice but it would be best to have it with Skull Basher, Abyssal Blade, Rod of Atos, Bloodthorn, Diffusal Blade to secure those kills. Sometimes, it wont require you to get these items but usually or 70% of the time you need them.

(After Aghanim's Partner build, it's your choice to pick the next item, don't think about it too much it be Defense or Offense.


So usually, this is the EXTENSION part on a build but I'll just jot down these defense items so that whenever facing either Strong PHYS DPS heroes or Magic Type Heroes, you can just choose from one :)

Black King Bar Eternal Shroud Heart of Tarrasque

Butterfly Elven Tunic Assault Cuirass Blade Mail


Moon Moon Shard
Yes Moon Shard for fast atk, eat it you filthy scum if you've no other items to put. For extra gold as well :D

Ofc, it's a sample.. geez...


Thankyou so much! For looking into this guide, might not be the best but only basic insights how items would be made during your game, adjustments and especially what these ***** do.

I love Dota 2 so much..

BTW just a tip? Dota isn't toxic, it's just how we react to things. We get too attached to the game it might get an hour or an hour and half then you lost, yes that sucks normal reaction would be us, raging and trashtalking. But one way to enjoy dota2 is to just enjoy it. You get it? dont think too much about MMR or winning or losing. Thinking that much pressure on your mind put yourself in a "Narrow Mind" Thinking. You're rushing everything, not being too careful. Imagine just enjoying the game, play the next I swear to god, it's one way to win the game. Put your emotional status first before you click "PLAY DOTA" Alright? Ceb, N0tail, those peeople I adore so much on how they understand the game plus how they encourage everyone to just enjoy the game.


Phantom Assassin Arc Warden Queen of Pain Storm Spirit Lina Phantom Lancer Morphling Tinker Void Spirit Invoker Spectre Ember Spirit Juggernaut Medusa Tiny Slardar Dawnbreaker Faceless Void Templar Assassin Bristleback Alchemist Kunkka

(These are the Heroes in my pool :)

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