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Slow down, we want to hug you to death! (WIP)

October 4, 2014 by tuantute2701
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DotA2 Hero: Venomancer

Hero Skills

Venomous Gale

1 3 5 7

Poison Sting

2 12 13 14

Plague Ward

4 8 9 10

Noxious Plague

6 11


15 16 17 18

Slow down, we want to hug you to death! (WIP)

October 4, 2014

Let's Get Intimate!

Hello everyone to my first build in DOTAFire! My IGN is Sun Of The Beach, server SEA. Because this is my first build, so i will put this as Work In Progess, plz tell me what to fix, i am appreciated!
P.S: Sorry if my grammar is wrong in some parts, i'm from Vietnam, English is not my main language.

This is a build about Venomancer - Though he looks ugly but very dangerous at level 1, i made this build to help Veno - Lovers to keep Venomancer alive & maximize the power of Venomous Gale and Poison Nova

Pros / Cons

- VERY EASY to get First Blood
- Great ultimate in combat
- Free Wards!
- Can be played as a Semi-Carry

- Extremely low HP and Mana early game
- You can miss Venomous Gale if not aim carefully
- Wards can give enemies free gold
- Focused first in clashes

Pick him if:
- Enemies have low HP carries to kill.
- You have good partners to First Blood.
- Your team has other initiators to work with your ult.
- Enemies have little or non Disable skills

DONT Pick him if:
- Enemies have counters for your Venomous Gale, example: Blink, Press the Attack, etc.
- Too many stuns, silences.
- Too many tankers
- Enemies have high burst DMG


Q Venomous Gale

This is the MOST HORRIFIC SKILL to get at level 1, 50% slow at level 1, who doesn't love it? And more, the damage is LETHAL
Be careful though, this cost TONS OF MANA (for Veno)at early game, don't spam it unless:
- Ganking
- Saving teammates
Max this first.

W Poison Sting

Good passive, good harass, good for chasing enemies, overall good skill, and it STACKS with other slows.
I put 1 point early game and max this last.

E Plague Ward

These cute lil' wards are a force to be reckoned with in mass numbers, and they save you some $$$ in warding, but remember to deny them as with other creeps, because they give gold and can be easily killed. Oh, 1 more thing: they have 50% of your Poison Sting
Max this second.

R Poison Nova

This is a BEAST in clashes if used correctly, at level 3 and Aghanim-ed, they burn for 108 Magical DMG/sec, that means a LOT. But, here's the thing: It can't kill anyone. So remember to use your Plague Ward in conjunction.
Max this whenever possible.

The battle begins.

Early Game:
- The best lane for Veno to go in this build is offlane (or the long lane) as a support, hope you have jungle creep-pulling skill, because you will need to do that a lot, remember to call missing, and tell others to help you gank
- If you can, try to 5 man gank offlane, give mid or carry the First Blood.
- Items: Grab some Tango, and Sage Mask if you need mana, or u can buy Ring of Protection if u want some toughness, remember to ward.

Mid Game:
- Time to participate in clashes, remember to save mana, because in level 6, u can only use Poison Nova and u won't have mana left enough for Venomous Gale, always remember: Nova - Ward.
- U can solo Roshan at level 7, if your team has Ursa, u don't need to care. But if not, save the Aegis for carries, mids or tankers.
- Item Explanation: U should've had Ring of Basilius and one of the boots above by Mid Game:
+ Tranquil Boots: If u need recover from ganks.
+ Arcane Boots: If u need more mana for long clashes.
+ Power Treads: Need Hp/ DMG & Armor/ Mana and AS? Grab this.
- Your Core Explanation:
+ Mekansm: Grab this if your team has squishy heroes.
+ Sange: Cheapest amongst the three, give more HP than the Vanguard, but trades Hp/sec for slow attacks, if u buy Tranquil Boot, buy this.
+ Vanguard: Buy this to prevent enemies from killing you too fast, and it gives HP regen if u decided to not but Tranquil Boot.

Mid-Late Game:
- This is where your ult becomes ULTRA STRONG, with the Aghanim's Scepter, u burn hard in clashes, combine with good teammates, u win EVERY clash. If u in need of an escape mechanism and initiation tool, buy:
+ Blink Dagger: Though expensive but this gives a suprise element to the fight, giving your team an advantage.
+ Shadow Blade: Gives damage, AS, and invi - better escape then blink, but don't right click anyone when u r invi, watch out for Dust.

Laaaaaaateeeee Game:
- All your skills slowly drops off this time, consider grabbing Disables, an extra initiation tool OR go semi-carry
- Luxuries Explanation:
+ Butterfly: Gives MS to catch up to teammates and evasion, great for semi-carry veno.
+ Shiva's Guard: This is like a second Poison Nova, buy this if u need to counter carries and chase enemies.
+ Sange and Yasha: Buy this ONLY if u buy Sange mid game, gives additional Armor, AS and MS.
+ Crimson Guard: Buy this ONLY if u buy Vanguard mid game, gives Armor and bit of stats
+ Scythe of Vyse Eye of Skadi: need to focus down and enemy? Get this! ( Eye of Skadi is for semi-carry veno)
+ Necronomicon: Adds pushing power, mana burn and RIKI SPOTTER 3.0.


First Blood-ing

Remember: Practice, practice and practice. U don't want to miss Venomous Gale and waste mana, it will leave you with no escape. After time, u can hit 2 with one use

Ok, here're the good partners for First Blood:
Veno and Jugg combo, famous around the world of DOTA. He also has healing Wards to recover from ganks, erasing the needs for Tranquil Boot.
Tusk's snowball works with EVERY HERO, u can roll with him to catch up the prey, use Venomous Gale to slow them and... First Blood!
Smoke bomb slows the enemies inside, and your Venomous Gale slows them even more, panic foes will put their back at Riki's slashing range.
+Any Stunner or Burst.

Easy Prey:
She has ABSOLUTELY no escape but the ****ty blink that depends on allies, her evasion doesn't work with Magical DMG as well, good candidate.
Drow can be killed easily, because she only has a SILENCE to escape, work with Riki is the easiest way to take her down.
Sniper just got nerfed, and he doesn't mini stun anymore, can be killed easily.

Hard Target:
They blink, that's all.
She blows the horn to mock your Venomous Gale's DMG
Speed Boost!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye Veno!
They have free BKB at level 1, nuff said


That is it for my guide, hope u guys will have positive ideas on how to improve the guide. But, for now, bye bye!

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